Mature White

I drove down a country road, daydreaming about the woman at the loch. Wondering if I could come across her again. Daydreaming, I suddenly realized someone was standing in the road. I braked and slid a little to the side of the road.

‘Oh sir, I am so sorry. I didn’t think you were going to see me.’ As a young woman came running up to the car.

‘No, no. I mean no I didn’t see you. Are you alright?’ I was all confused. And felt so guilty that I could have hurt her.

‘You’re out here a ways,’ I commented trying to sound normal.

‘Actually I am on my way home. I came from the village, and I usually make it home before dark. But when I saw you, I was hoping for a ride,’ she said sheepishly.

‘Oh! Yes, of course, please get in. How far are you?’

‘Not far. Maybe five more miles. I was just so tired today. Thank you for giving me the ride.’

‘No problem. It’s the least I could do after almost running you over.’

We talked pleasantly for awhile. Nothing of consequence.

‘There on your right.’ She pointed to a narrow dirt road. I turned and continued on.

I couldn’t help but notice that, her thin dress had parted showing me a beautiful leg. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were standing up against the thin cloth. I tried not to ogle. She looked at me demurely and smiled. I just about came in my pants. Her red hair and freckles, were so becoming. And those dimples. Of course, since I am always thinking of sex. She was not helping.

We came up to the top of the rise. There nestled in some tree was a small cottage.

‘It’s just there.’ She pointed to the cottage.

I pulled the car up to the front. She hopped out and came around to the drivers side. When she leaned over, and gave pendik escort me a full view of her tits.

‘Thank you again for the lift. It’s a long drive back! Can I offer you a refreshment?’

Now how exactly was I going to turn this down? I know silly question.

‘Yes, that would be nice, if it’s no problem.’

‘None whatsoever.’ She smiled and turned.

The breeze came up just then, lifting her skirt to show me a cute, tight bare ass. She was naked under her very thin dress. My cock jumped. ‘I must be a gentleman.’ I kept repeating in my head as I walked behind her, into the cottage.

‘So,’ I tried to sound normal ‘you live her by yourself?’

‘Yes, Grandma died about three months ago. She left me this. I have no where else to go, so I sell wares in the village. It’s enough. But I do get lonely way out here.’ As she said this, she slowly turned around and dropped her dress. I think my jaw dropped at the same time. Her perfect tits, with rose colored nipples, and her beautifully shaved pussy, beckoned me. I tentatively reached up and stroked a thumb across her nipple. It became harder as she moaned and leaned a little into my hand.

I lost it.

She turned and started up the stairs. I could not take off my clothes fast enough. Watching her ass sway back and forth, made my cock swell, instantly. She made it to the landing and turned. I could not be a gentleman any longer. She was a step higher, so I took a nipple into my mouth and stroked her pussy with my fingers. She was already wet and waiting for my cock. I stepped up to kiss her; she grabbed my cock and stroked it as I stroked her. I pushed her up against the wall and kissed her. Breaking our embrace, she stood at the rus escort top railing and looked down. I moved quickly up behind her, and gently bent her over. In one swift move, my cock entered her tight, hot and very wet pussy.

‘Oh my God.’ I breathed heavily as I began rubbing in and out of her. She arched her back and pushed from the railing into me, drawing me deeper. I entwined my hands in her hair as she reached under her and caressed my balls as I pushed faster and deeper into her. Crying out as she orgasmed made me pound her even harder.

‘Yes, I knew you would fuck me hard. Do you have to be somewhere?’ She moaned as I pounded her.

The comment caught me off guard. I stopped, ‘No, nowhere important, or it can wait.’ I replied, as I started just thrusting deep and holding it. I sure didn’t want to cum now with this new invitation.

‘Good,’ was all she said as I felt her pussy clamp to my cock. She pushed back against me hard and caused me to step back as well, coming out of her.

She turned abruptly. ‘So fuck me, if you can catch me. You have to fuck me in every room.’ She took off down the hall. Watching for me over her shoulder. Laughing as she ran. I picked up the pace right after her. She made a hard left. I didn’t. I ran past and came back into the room, slightly panting.

Sitting on the bed, legs spread with one leg up showing me her pussy. I stood enraptured by her. Hair falling to the front over one tit caressing it as she thrust her finger into her pussy, then brought it to her lips and smeared the juice around her lips, like lipstick. I licked my lips as I walked forward and kissed her deeply, tasting her sweet juices, moaning into her, kissing her harder. She seized my sancaktepe escort cock and tenderly touched it, stroking lightly, making me swell more. Falling back, she moved to the edge of the bed and brought her knees to the side of her chest. Opening her pussy up for me, holding her knees as she caressed and pinched her own tits.

I bent down and kissed the top of her pussy, then delved my tongue to her clit. She gasped as I moved further and licked from her ass to her clit. Harder each time, sucking in her juices as she poured more out. I stood up, lined up my cock and put just the tip in, rubbing on her, rubbing on her ridge. Moving quickly in and out, just barely as I watched more juice flow out. I watched her. Eyes closed, she licked her lips, deeply moaning. I slid my cock into her, inch by slow inch, feeling every inch of her pussy.

‘Fuck me honey, fuck me hard. Bang me, I want you deep, NOW!’ She screamed.

I couldn’t refuse, even if I tried. I reared back and slammed into her as she exploded all over my cock. Then I could not stop. I grabbed her ankles and put them on my shoulders as my cock bore down into her, deeper with each thrust. She screamed out again. I reached down and massaged her clit. She began squirming.

‘No, you mustn’t, I can’t take this. Ohhhhhhhh! Yes, fuck me, fuck me,’ she cried out.

I continued to slam my cock into her. I could feel myself building, holding back as much as possible. Soon she grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed hard, almost painfully. My cock suddenly engorged and burst into her pussy, filling her with my juices. I kept moving as her pussy clasped on my cock and my seed poured into her. She squirmed more and tried to disengage my cock from her, but I held her in place, listening to her pant and cry out more. I slowed my rhythm down, but the pleasure enveloped us both. Finally my cock relaxed and removed itself, as I lay down next to her. Gathering her in my arms, I held her until her breathing evened out.

She sat up to her elbow, looking at me. ‘Next room.’ As she jumped up and ran.

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