Couples Chamber


Authors note: I’m not sure if I wrote this or not, it bears all my trademarks; horrible exposition, cliche porn star bodies, and a one sided beatdown with light cuckoldry. Either way, once you get past the clunky rules it’s still a short, fun read.

It was Saturday night at 8 o’clock and the first two matches were mixed couples tag team.

Greg and Daisy vs Pam and Terry

Pam Vickers: 37 years old, 5’5″ 129 pounds, 34D, shoulder length dark brown hair with bangs wrestling in a metallic blue string bikini.

Terry Vickers: 38 years old, 6’0″ 181 pounds, 8 inch cock, short light brown hair, military-style cut wrestles in metallica blue speedos (their team colors).

They’ve been members for one year with a record of 12 wins and 4 losses

Greg Leeting: 33 years old, 5’10” 176 pounds, 5 and a half inch thick cock, black boxer brief style speedos with a white spider design just above his left thigh.

Daisy Leeting: 28 years old, 4’11” 98 pounds 32B, long light brown hair (kinda blondish) down to her mid-back. Wrestles in black bikini with white trim and boyshort bottoms with a spider design on her left ass cheek.

This is their first couples tag match; Greg has wrestled men one on one before but this is Daisy’s first match ever. Greg thinks he could be more help to Daisy in a tag format rather than leave her on her own in a singles setup.

All wrestlers are barefoot and compete with the standard penalty rules. If you can pin your opponent for ten seconds you win the fall and there is a sixty second rest period.

There is a ten second double team allowed upon tagging, women start first and have to wrestle thirty seconds before being able to tag in their partners. Men can’t punch women but the women can hit anywhere they’d like. If a wrestler submits, he or she is subject to two minutes of double teaming by the other couple. If they force an orgasm out of the loser, that wrestler is eliminated and their partner must compete by him/herself until the match is over.

After the two minute phase there is a one minute recovery time but if one wrestler isn’t on his or her feet by the time the bell rings, he or she is disqualified. The losing couple must spend thirty minutes in the private chamber after receiving medical attention, if necessary, as the winners sex slaves. Any interference during the two minute penalty is automatic disqualification for the losing team. bahçelievler escort Winning team also receives ten thousand dollars as a prize but losing couple gets the standard one thousand dollars consolation check.

The women pair off once the bell rings, going to lock up but Pam rams her knee into Daisy’s flat tummy. Catching her off guard, she hunches over, holding her tummy letting Pam slam two or three forearms into Daisy’s back, bringing her down to her knees. She locks her fingers together and brings a double axehandle down on the back on Daisy’s head. She lies on the mat as Pam begins stomping the petite girl. Pam picks Daisy up by her long hair and, grabbing a handful of her small breast, suplexes her as easily as if the younger woman were a child. Daisy groans, lying on the mat, holding her titty as she was flipped over by her boob. Pam goes over to stomp Daisy some more, her foot coming hard on the petite blonde’s flat stomach, driving the air out Daisy with a coughing woosh. A chime goes off signaling that tagging is legal and as she knows her positioning, Pam is only an arms length away from reaching out to slap her husbands hand. Greg fumes on the apron in impotent fury as he watches Pam lift his own wife up by her hair as the duo work Daisy over.

She was choked across the middle rope by Terry as Pam stripped off Daisy’s top and wiggled her bottoms down around her knees. The ref signaled the double team was over as Terry let Daisy drop to the mat, her face covered in sweat as she lie gasping for air.

Terry lifted her to the feet with two handfuls of Daisy’s long hair, causing her scream as Terry made the task seem as easy as lifting a small bag of trash. He walked a few steps to the middle of the ring, so he could look at Greg, and locked in an abdominal stretch that had Daisy in tears. After the beating her tummy had taken this felt like she was being ripped in half. Terry made a show of rubbing his hands all over Greg’s wifes small breasts.

“Not much here, honey,” Terry laughed, looking over his shoulder at his big chested wife. He pinched Daisy’s stiff nipple making the blonde scream. Bending her back even further with his left arm, stretching the younger woman’s stomach muscles, Terry seemed to enjoy her anguished grunts and small gasps of pain. He traced the index finger of his right hand down the small triangle patch of Daisy’s pubic hair–of bakırköy escort course she wasn’t a natural blonde–and felt how wet she was.

“Hey Greggie, I think she likes it,” Terry laughed obnoxiously as Greg looked as if he was a caged lion ready to break out of his cell, shaking the ropes as he swore at Terry who enjoyed every second of the show.

Terry let go and lifted Daisy onto his shoulder then powerslammed her to the mat. Greg was hoping Terry would pin Daisy so he could get his shot next round but Terry made a show of slowly sliding up Daisy’s chest. After pausing to lick her nipples then doing a schoolgirl pin so the bulge in his speedo was pressed against Daisy’s lips.

At the count of seven, he stood up. Some of the crowd booed but Terry looked over at Greg who was trying his best to keep from jumping in the ring with every fiber of his being.

Terry pulled Daisy over on all fours by the hair and tagged in his wife. He lifted Daisy up and slammed her down in a backbreaker, holding her there as his wife slammed fist after fist onto Daisy’s breasts and tummy. Daisy was crying out in pain with each blow and was in tears when the ref finally counted to ten.

Terry left the ring as Pam used Daisy’s top to tie the blonde’s hands behind her back. She rolled the younger woman onto her stomach than used Daisy’s long hair to pull back hard in a nasty looking camel clutch. Daisy was screaming but wouldn’t submit even with tears running down her face. Pam then switched to digging her claws into Daisy’s small tits and locking in what looked like a Steiner Recliner; her knees locked on either side of her petite opponent like she was in a Lay-Z-boy chair as she ripped at the woman’s small, pear shaped breasts. Daisy finally bawled her submission after ten seconds and the ref rang the bell.

Greg couldn’t take anymore and ran into the ring, he was able to shove Pam away, who was holding his wife up by her hair. The ref pulled Greg away, tackling him like a secret service agent, as other security guards came into the ring to restrain Daisy’s husband. He was put in ziptie handcuffs and carried into the back.

After speaking with the ref, the ring announcer said, “Greg Leeting has been disqualified for interference,” some people clapped but it was a general groan consensus; most wanted to see Greg earn some payback for his wife.

“Daisy balgat escort Leetings will now undergo

the two minute double team, if she outlasts she will continue. If she loses then their team will be locked in the Private Chamber to suffer the will of the winners,” the ring announcer boasted like a town crier.

Daisy was still in too much pain but felt alone as she had watched her husband get carried off after being tazered. She was laid on her back, nude as both Terry and Pam began using their tongues all over her body.

Terry himself was preoccupied licking Daisy’s thick short nipples, this made her moan despite trying to block everything out. She wasn’t sure she could handle another round with the Vickers but she didn’t want to just give up. She gasped when she felt Pam begin assaulting her clit, her tonuge flicking over it at what felt like a hundred miles an minute.

Daisy was writhing on the mat and the referee had to help hold her wrists down as another guard pinned her slender ankles under his strong black hands. She was spread eagle as Pam shoved her finger in Daisy’s pussy as she licked her clit in circles. Daisy was moaning and involuntarily arching her hips up as she tried to bite her lip to keep from cumming.

“That girl knows how to eat pussy!” she thought.

Terry then left her nipples alone and straddled her chest to point his rather long cock at Daisy’s mouth. He pinched her nose and when she opened up to gasp, he stuffed himself inside. He only gave her a third to suck on as he fucked her face than she was rolled onto over all fours as she was face to face with Pam’s bikini covered pussy in a sixty-nine position. She felt Terry’s long cock, wet with Daisy’s own saliva, enter her and she let out a long moan as she slowly got accumstomed to having a dick so far inside her. Daisy dug her nails into her palm as she felt her legs tensing up. Pam was sucking on her clit as her husband fucked the petite woman’s cunt.

“Yea, cum for me bitch,” Terry grunting, slapping Daisy hard on her tight ass. She couldn’t stop it and the combination of Pam’s tongue and Terry’s long cock penetrating her deep was too much and Daisy let loose a loud, shrill cry, as she buried her face in Pam’s metallic blue covered crotch, continuing to howl a shuddering orgasm that had the ref ringing the bell a moment later.

Daisy was rolled onto her back as the ref held the Vickers’ hands in the air; Pam putting her foot on Daisy’s chest to pose for the official photographs. The security staffer, the big black guy who held Daisy’s legs down, picked her up as if she were a piece of luggage and carried her on his shoulder into the Chamber where she and Greg would await their night of pleasure and punishment.

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