couples sexual exploration

couples sexual explorationSo here we are at our hotel room, on vacation for a week in Hawaii. This is our second night and we decided to bar hop. We had fun at the first bar, we stayed for three or four drinks (wife drink faster than i do), we were supposed to stay for one. We decided to hop to the next, this one bar was jumping! And not a line outside so we went in and head to the bar. This one girl started conversation with my wife as we wait for our drinks. She was petite a couple inches shorter then my wife with nice c cups tits, long silky brown hair looked mixed or Latina, pretty but didn’t think much of it. I was enjoying the music but something was not right to many flamboyant characters and it hit me that we were in a gay bar. I Sayed something to wife and she said really Hun you just noticed. The drinks came and my wife asked if I’m not ok we can just leave, then the girl talking to my wife Mia said something about being insecure about my manhood because I was in a gay bar. I said no I am very secure just never been in a gay bar. She said her name was Mia and turned to my wife and said your husband is sexy, then she grab my wife to dance, and I was thinking is that a trans, and then I was alone so played on my phone didn’t want any eye contact.My wife came back with this look in her eyes, and kissed me and said she wants to go smoke a joint with her new friend. We went back to the hotel, and during the ride I was quiet but kept looking at this Mia out the corner of my eye thinking that is a very passable trans and pretty. Her and my wife kept laughing and acting like best friends. We smoked put some canlı bahis şirketleri tunes on and wife dancing with Mia and having fun. I play it cool but it was sexy and turning me on. Then she went to use the bathroom, and my wife said to me that she was turned on by Mia and I said yeah …I want to see you go further but I’ll just watch. Note; We talked about pretty big dick trans turning her on and now seeing her with a tgirl turns me on, but also I love watching her suck on me so it would be great to see her sucking someone else but not disgusted at the fact it is another guy. So Mia was perfect for what we wanted.She came out and my wife just kissed her while squeezing her little ass and said my husband don’t mind in order to get the shock look off her face. Then they got into it, sucking each other’s face and rubbing each other. Undressing each other, undoing there bra as they play with each other’s breast and kissing. They were very passionate and slow. I’m sitting on the couch, shifting in my seat trying to play it cool. Then something happened that I wasn’t prepared for, this little cute thing had this huge thick cock flopped out. That’s when I knew “this shit just got real”. I have a big dick but this was a monster, wife looked at me with eyes and mouth wide open. I gave her the smile and nod that it was ok, as she grab his dick and stroke it I notice Mia looking at me and licking her lips. I didn’t know what to do so I took out my dick and slowly start to stroke its hard warm shaft. She closed her eyes, then and sighs as my wife takes the monster head on. Watching her lips sucking canlı kaçak iddaa this hot girl cock hard (my dick was so hard, it would have set a metal detector off) As she slob and suck on that dick, she started looking at me enjoying the show, she stopped and looked up then they both aim right for my dick. Now I have two set of hands on my dick and balls then my wife started sucking and making sounds, I laid back and let my toes curl. Mia was sucking my balls and rubbing my thigh and chest is getting rubbed and nipples sucked on, ohhh what a feeling. and my wife went to town on Mia’s cock, while she works my dick in her mouth, cuffing my balls making slobbering sound. At one point it seems like a competition, It was weird to look down and see what I saw, but I didn’t care. Then I pushed Mia off of me and want to see these two go at it. I ordered them to move to the bed and play, now they r 69ing each other for a few min then I told my wife to ride her face. I could see my wife’s juice all over Mia’s face as she worked her tounge around her clit and deep inside. Then my wife said I want to ride this huge dick, she straddle Mia and slid that fat head deep inside of her wet pussy. I said with a deep voice ride that dick baby!She got turned on to my order, as she slide up and down that throbbing monster with her pussy juice shining as it swallow it deep inside. I decided to join took my close off walk to the bed and I put my dick in Mia’s mouth and kissed my wife as she moans with pleasure and having both our hand running over her body. I was squeezing her tits, then sucking her neck. Then I take my canlı kaçak bahis dick and smack Mia face with it then stood on the bed and smacked my wife too! They laugh. Then I went got some lube and played with my wife’s ass, as she ride that, I slide my fingers in her ass to get her ready with the lube. I slid my hard throbbing head slowly entering and tell her to relax (even though a huge dick was in her.) I finally got it in all the way going deep and building a rhythm. I looked at the dresser mirror seeing my wife in so much pleasure getting fucked by two BBC in a double penetration was such a turn on for me. Now I’m grinding her ass deep with a good rhythm and Mia going fast in her pussy as she moans to multiple orgasms. I’m pulling her hair and smacking her butt and squeezing, telling her how much of a freak she is, asking her do you like this shit! Two dicks in you, She said she loved it and was Cuming. So I started stroking and grinding on her ass harder and faster, I felt closer to my wife but yet dirty.I was ready to blow so I was focused, and putting in hard work with a smile on my face…ohh yeah, Mia is pumping like crazy then I hear I’m going to cum and next thing I know I feel this hot wet thing on my ass and was in shock to what happened then all of the sudden I bust a huge load in my wife’s ass. Mia cum shot was so hard it got me. I forgot for a second that I had another man’s cum on my back and going down my ass crack after I came it was so intense . Then my ego and male pride took place, I was about to snap and go crazy then my wife just kissed me and said “how hot it was to experience something different with you.” She quickly clean the cum off me and told me to roll a joint as she and Mia sat and talked on the bed. As I break the flowers down I want to fuck Mia but I didn’t because I wanted my wife to initiate it, so that was our session for that night!

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