Courtship Ch. 3

Big Tits

The evening following my night with Marc, Sylvie and I found ourselves once again in my bed. She insisted that I relate everything that had occurred down to the last detail, and in the course of telling we succumbed to our own passion. After two particularly satisfying orgasms each, we were cuddled together under the sheets listening to a Mozart piano concerto and sipping wine.

“So you let him fuck you in the ass?” Sylvie asked. “Do you like that?”

What a strange question, I thought. “I don’t dislike it. If I can have my pussy and clit stroked at the same time then it can be quite stimulating. Since he had already cum twice earlier, that third time took him quite a while, and I’ve been a little sore today.”

“I let him once in a while, but not that often. The first time we did it he wanted me to suck him afterwards. There was no way I would do that, and now I make him wear a préservatif.”

“He put one on for me too. Normally I like to have an enema before anal, but there wasn’t the occasion last night. The man who first fucked me there always insisted that I have one, and afterwards he would eat his own sperm from my ass. It was so erotic.”

Sylvie was taken aback at this. “That sounds disgusting!” Then after some reflection she added, “But the way you tell it seems so delightful. I wonder if Marc would do that for me.”

“I will if he won’t.”

“Sonia! I can’t believe what you say. But it sounds deliciously wicked. When we all get together we’ll have to try some new things like this.”

“Have you ever been with more than one person?”

“Yes and no. I used to live with a man in Lyon, and there was one couple with whom we partied and went out. Sometimes we fucked in each other’s presence, but we never swapped partners. I loved it when they watched us though, and would have liked to try something with them, but my friend never would. How about you?”

“No, I have never done anything like that.”

“Sonia, can I trust you with a secret?”

“Of course you can.”

“I have never told this to anyone, even Marc. But I need to tell you. I hope you won’t be upset with me.”

Don’t tell me we’re in confession now. “I can’t promise beforehand, but I’ll try to understand, whatever it is.”

“Remember I told you earlier that I lost my virginity at age fifteen?”

“Yes, but that’s a quite normal age. For me eighteen was very late.”

“That’s not the problem. It was with my brother Phillipe.”

“Phillipe? He’s so much older than you. Did he rape you?”

“No! I seduced him. I had always been in love with him since I was a little girl. He was living in Paris then, and I went up to stay with him on vacation from the lycée. He was between girlfriends, and I could be very persuasive.”

Yes you can be very persuasive. “How long did this go on?”

“For two years, every chance we got. Then he broke it off and soon after got married. Now he is divorced, just last month.”

“That was a long time ago. Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I love you, and I don’t want you to find out later and despise me.”

“I could never despise you.” We cuddled quietly for some time.

Sylvie broke the silence saying, “Phillipe is coming to visit us. Next week. On the boat.”

“Oh! Is that why you told me about you and him?”

“Partly. He lives in New York. We haven’t been alone together since we stopped having sex, and I don’t know what to do. Having him and Marc on the boat together may be very stressful. I was thinking…”

“Yes? What?”

“Perhaps Marc can stay with you for the week Phillipe is here. I know he wants an encore performance from last night, so he shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Do you want to have sex with Phillipe again?”

“No! Maybe. I don’t know what I want. Or what he wants. He says he just needs a vacation after his divorce.”

Never having had siblings, I must admit that the thought of Sylvie’s and Phillipe’s secret incestuous fucking was a turn-on, once my initial reaction had passed.

“I’ll do whatever I can to help.”


As it turned out there Sylvie had no difficulties at all, but Phillipe’s visit did put off any consideration of our ménage with Marc. Marc spent the first two nights of Phillipe’s visit with me, but afterwards moved back to Mouette, pretending to Phillipe that he had been away on a business trip. bakırköy üniversiteli escort Sylvie explained to me that Phillipe and she had ‘sorted out’ their past without any sexual activity, and that she had told him about her relationship with Marc. However, she did not tell Phillipe about their relationship with me, and I was called on to be his companion on the two nights that we all went to dinner in town.

Marc and I took advantage of our two nights together to further explore each other sexually. When he arrived at my door the first evening, we kissed passionately. “I don’t understand why I’m banished from the boat, but I can’t think of many places I’d rather spend my exile,” he said when we broke apart.

“I assume she’s shy about having her brother and her lover together so closely,” I said disingenuously.

“It’s OK if I can make love to you again.”

“Again? We haven’t made love yet; we’ve only fucked. There’s a big difference.”

He paused to digest this. “D’accord. Agreed. Would you prefer that we fuck tonight, or make love, or nothing?”

“Faire l’amour mon cher. I much prefer that. Remember what I said earlier about courtship. You are a good lover, and now I want you to be a good friend too.”

We had broken the ice, and things really started to click between us from that moment. Rather than falling into bed immediately, we drank wine and talked for several hours. I told him all about my past, and he related his. Then we went into our sailing experiences, about which I won’t bore my readers. Finally the wine bottle was empty, and I was feeling an all-over warmth. I said, “I think we are good enough friends to make love now, don’t you?”

“More than good enough, ma chère.” We moved to the bedroom. “This time I’ll make love to you. Just relax.” He proceeded to undress me, kissing each part as he worked from top to bottom. By the time I was completely bare, I was burning with lust and needing to touch myself. Marc pushed me gently onto my back on the bed. “Let me!” He quickly stripped and climbed onto the bed with me, and moved between my legs, spreading them gently and putting them over his shoulders.

As his expert tongue worked between my legs, I could only stroke his thick black hair, pulling his head into me as I moaned. In our previous encounters he hadn’t eaten me, but now I experienced the full treatment. It was as if my entire pussy was in his mouth, his tongue everywhere at the same time, teasing my engorged clit and exploring my depths. I spread my legs wider to give him more room. His hands moved from my thighs up to cup my breasts, squeezing them and rolling the nipples around his palms.

My orgasm built strongly from somewhere inside. Screaming those words that seem so inane in recollection, I pushed my hips up into his face. “Yes! Oh Yes! Fuck! So Good! Yes! Yes!” With my eyes squeezed shut from the strength of the sensations to which he was treating me, little stars and pinwheels of light played out on the insides of my eyelids. I have read of those whose eyes roll up in their sockets from intense experiences. I don’t know if I am one of them, but when my orgasm burst upon me like water breaking free of a dam, I felt as if a sky full of fireworks were playing in my head.

When I had gone limp beneath his mouth, Marc crawled forward to cradle me with his arms and kiss me gently on the face and lips. I opened my eyes to see his face above mine, and stroked his cheeks. “Ah! C’etait merveilleux, mon cher.” I could feel his erection pressed up between his belly and mine, and I reached down to grasp it. “This little man hasn’t had his fun yet.”

“Are you ready for him now, Sonia?”

I nodded, and he raised up and backwards to free his cock from its prison between us. With my hand guiding it to the proper spot, Marc’s cock slid easily into my sopping pussy, until I felt his belly pressed firmly against mine. I whispered, “Mmm! He just fits!”

“He feels very comfortable in there. And he’d like to move around to get more comfortable.”

“Oh yes, he’s welcome,” I breathed, pushing my belly up.

I have heard sophisticates deride the missionary position, but that evening I couldn’t have imagined one better for loving. With my back cradled in one of Marc’s arms, his lips pressed to mine, and our hips thrusting rhythmically together, bakırköy bdsm escort I sailed away toward the land of O a second time. It wasn’t long before he increased the pace of his thrusts, and I knew he would cum soon. I pushed my hips up to meet him while my tongue sought his. Feeling my climax arrive, I reached between our legs to gently caress his tight balls. My touch brought about a quick result, and as he pumped his sperm into me in four strong thrusts, I came strongly as well.

After some moments of mutual silence and catching of breaths, I could only just get out, “Marc, that was indescribable.” He rolled off of me, and I lay in the crook of his arm, my body stretched at length against his.

“You were magnificent ma chère,” he said. “I think we can call that ‘making love,’ n’est-ce pas?”

Two nights later I accompanied my two lovers and Phillipe at dinner as the latter’s date. In later years Phillipe would play a larger role in my life, but for now he was just another man whose only recommendation was as Sylvie’s brother. He was in his middle forties, stocky but not fat, with thinning brown hair and surprising blue eyes. He was rather quiet all through dinner, speaking only to pay me the minimum number of compliments or to respond to direct questions. Despite his rather taciturn air, he spoke well and gave the impression that he could be quite charming when he chose to make an effort.

Marc, having been publicly accepted as Sylvie’s live-in lover, was free to make the little displays of public affection expected of young couples. I myself was restricted to the Siberia of first dates. Nevertheless, both Marc and Sylvie were bold enough to press my legs with theirs under the table. I wonder what would happen if Sylvie made a mistake and rubbed Phillipe’s leg instead.

During the dinner, Sylvie remarked that she and Phillipe would be flying to Miami to visit their sister at the end of his visit and that they would be gone for a week. She suggested that perhaps I might like to join Marc for a sail on Mouette during their absence. As it happened, the spring school vacation fell during that week, and I would be completely free.


The following weekend therefore found Marc and me on board sailing towards the small neighboring island of Saba. We were both anticipating a week of lovemaking and sailing, mixing two of life’s greatest pleasures. Once we had cleared St. Martin and were well into the seaway, Marc said, “You know, I really like sailing so much more now that you are here.”

“Why more?”

“Well Sylvie is not very experienced. She mostly got this boat to please me, and I end up yelling at her when there’s just the two of us. This is pretty big for a couple, and not all that easy to manage. But with you, I hardly have to say anything. It’s like we’re reading each other’s minds.”

“That’s true. But I’ve done so much more than Sylvie. She just needs time to learn. You really shouldn’t get frustrated with her.”

“I know, but it’s hard not to yell when things are tight. It would be great if you were around all the time.”

“You know I’m happy to go out anytime you two want to.”

“Yes, but aside from the sailing, there are things that a boat needs for upkeep, and Sylvie won’t or can’t do these either.”

“So you want free maintenance help? Maybe I could be your maid too.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Well if it’s not to put me to work, you’re trying to get me into your ménage again.”

“The thought had occurred to me. But you know, if you were to move in with us, you could rent your villa to tourists and save a lot of money as well.”

Not a bad idea. The thought had occurred to me as well. “We’ll have to wait and see what Sylvie thinks.”

The rest of that marvelous week was a mixture of sailing, sun, sand, and sex. I won’t try to describe everything we tried, but suffice it to say that we filled every hole and were in as many positions as seemed safe.

It surprised me to learn that Marc liked to be stimulated in his ass. The first time for that with him was when we were hove-to in the middle of the sea. After a swim, we lay on the afterdeck. We didn’t have a strap-on for me to use on him, but he brought out a dildo he said was Sylvie’s. I lay beside him holding his cock in one hand while plunging the dildo into him. bakırköy elit escort This was something completely new for me, and I was afraid of causing him damage. However, he enjoyed being pumped hard. He could cum volumes from that, even without my stroking him very much. When his spasms began, I put my mouth around the swollen cockhead and collected every drop.

This anal episode brought the subject around to his previous visit to my own rear on our first night together. “I wondered if you really liked anal, Sonia,” Marc said. “I had the feeling it wasn’t doing much for you.”

“You liked it, didn’t you?”

“Of course. I wondered why you wanted me to wear a condom though.”

“I’m sure you remember my cleaning off your cock after you came in my pussy. I don’t do that after anal unless I have cleaned myself out first. I don’t even like to touch a cock that has been in me otherwise.”

“Really? Why don’t we give you an enema then?”

I laughed. “You want some more of my little cul, do you? I didn’t bring my enema bag, so too bad for you.”

Marc grinned slyly at me. “What do you use in it?”

“Usually just some soap and warm water.”

“I have an idea. Wait here!” He got up and went below, leaving me to soak up the sunshine. A few minutes later he came back with a wine bottle filled with soapy water. “I bet this would work.” The bottle was from Bordeaux, hence the type with a tubular neck flaring into shoulders.

“What do you mean, work?”

“The neck of the bottle is pretty small, so it should go into you easily and I’ll just pour the water.”

The idea seemed preposterous, but I couldn’t see any reason for it not to work. I got onto my knees with my rear poking in the air, and Marc applied the bottle opening to my anus. It slid in with no real difficulty, feeling cool, hard, and slick. However, after a short while Marc said, “Merde. It’s not working,” and pulled it out. I saw that only a small amount of the water had gotten in.

“What’s the matter?”

“There’s no way to vent the air in the bottle, so it won’t flow.”

“Too bad, I was getting to like bottle sex. I have an idea though. Get the funnel you use for oil changes and clean it off well. I bet you can pour it in through that. And bring up the tube of KY as well.”

“Sonia! You have a most fertile imagination. Let me go look.”

The funnel is of red plastic, with a long narrow tube and a wide body at the top. The filler tube entered me easily, and as Marc poured from the wine bottle I felt the warm water flow into me. By the time he removed the funnel from my rear, I had that familiar pleasantly full feeling. Moving to Mouette’s rear swim ladder, I loosened my sphincter emptying my bowels into the sea.

Marc was now erect, stroking himself lightly. “I never thought watching a woman empty herself would be as sexy as that. And that doesn’t compare with filling you up.”

“I bet you’ll enjoy filling me up with that as well.” I took the tube of KY and spread a generous amount onto his swollen cock. “Use your fingers to put some of this inside me too.”

Marc was only too happy to oblige, and soon he was behind me fucking my ass in smooth deep strokes, while I, on my knees, reached back between my legs to finger my clit. Having cum from our previous play, he lasted a long time, and I myself reached two orgasms before he finally signaled that he was close. “Shall I cum in your ass, Sonia? I want to fill you up there.”

“Yes, yes! I like it there.”

With some guttural grunts, he buried himself fully as he spurted his cum into my back passage. When he pulled out, I turned around to him and took his semi-soft cock in my hand and brought it to my lips. The enema had done its work, and as I licked away the mixture of KY and semen from it, Marc smiled down at me. “Trés sexy Sonia. I must teach Sylvie that trick.”

“I already have, my dear. I told her what I like to do, and she seems ready to oblige you. But are you prepared to reciprocate?” I turned my back again to him, showing him my rear, still seeping semen. “Your turn to clean me.”

“Avec plaisir ma chère.” He dropped to his knees and licked both my ass and pussy so well that I had my third orgasm of the afternoon.

You can easily imagine that with days passed in this manner, we were two satisfied, if not satiated lovers who were there to meet Sylvie’s plane a week later. As Marc was fetching her bags, Sylvie whispered to me, “You look like a woman who has been well-fucked, and Marc looks pretty self-satisfied too.”

“Don’t be jealous my dear. It was your idea for us to have the week together. But we did have a lot of fun.”

“Can I come to your place tomorrow evening? I want to hear everything.”

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