Coworker’s and I ditch double date for gay se


Coworker’s and I ditch double date for gay seThere we were planning to go on a double date with our gfs but after two weeks of not fucking we decided we needed to do it. We needed to fuck. He went ahead and told his gf that he had to work late and I would do the same. Our gfs were disappointed as they had been waiting for this night all week, but they didn’t make a big deal out of it. We told them they could just go out by themselves and do whatever they wanted. Of course we tried to sound like we were really bummed out. After they told us just what they’d do and they gave us an idea of how long they would take we planned our little fuck session accordingly. It got late and they had gone out for dinner, and then a movie. While they were enjoying themselves, so were we. Me and my coworker ended up on the couch at his place, making out and stroking eachothers cocks. “We’re so bad…” he said kissing me. “You’re so bad….” I replied slapping his cock and making him moan. He gave my cock a squeeze as he licked my lips. I went ahead and got up as I stripped off my clothes. I stood there as he sat up and took my cock in his mouth, sucking me while I pulled off my shirt. “oh fuck yeah…. suck my fucking cock…” I let out moaning as I watched him work me with his mouth. My cock so hard in his mouth as he stroked himself while sucking me. He looked up , mouth open and kurtköy escort tongue out as I slapped my cock all over his tongue and then I bent down and slid my tongue in his mouth, kissing him before we licked eacohthers lips. “you’re so fucking good…. ” I told him as he smiled. He went ahead and turned around. His pants showing half of his ass as I went ahead and pulled it off of him. Getting him half naked as he only wore his shirt. I got on my knees, both hands spreading his ass apart as I licked his asshole up and down. Sucking and eating him as if I were eating a pussy. I was pretty much making out with his asshole at this point as he moaned. After making him nice and wet I got up as I slapped my cock all over his ass. teasing him and making him beg me to fuck him. I went ahead and sat down next to him as he leaned over to kiss me. so rough as he smothered his lips all over mine. He then climbed over as he took my cock and begin sliding it in his ass. I reached up both hands gently holding onto his ass as I watched him sit down on my cock. “Yes… yes yes…. just like that.. just like that.. put it in that ass… come on…” I encouraged him. He got me in him no problem as he let out a loud satisfied moan. he started to ride me as his ass bounced up and down on my raw cock. I slapped his ass and grabbed on, watching him fuck maltepe escort himself. I sat up higher as I lifted his shirt and started sucking his chest. licking him all over while he grabbed his own cock and started stroking. The sound of my lips sucking on his nipples as he stroked and fucked his ass with my cock. I then grabbed his ass tighter as I started to thrust and fuck his ass. He leaned forward, arching his ass , taking me so good inside him as he moaned louder than before. “oh fuck.. oh fuck… fuck my ass.. fuck my asshole! it’s so good… it feels so fucking good in my ass!” still sucking his nipples I looked up at him as he leaned down and started to kiss me. Face to face, looking in eachothers eyes, fucking like crazy as I pounded him. “That’s so good… you’re so good… your ass is so good…” I whispered. “yeah.. fuck me… fuck me … fuck my asshole..” he said back. My raw cock sliding in and out of him so fast as he stroked his cock. Picking up the pace as I started kissing him again. It didn’t take much as he pushed me back and sat up , his ass pressing down on my cock. “Fuck! fuck! im going to cum! omg im going to cum!!” he let out. I watched as he shot cum all over me, all over my chest and stomach. He held onto his cock shivering when he came as I watched him in awe… he looked so good coming while sitting on kartal escort my cock. I let him enjoy it as I remained still, my cock all the way in him, his ass gripping on to my cock while his cock throbbed and cum oozed all over the head. He was breathless as he leaned into me and kissed me. My hands grabbing on his ass again and giving him loud slaps. “oh fuck… that was so good…. fuck I came so hard..” he said out of breath. We kissed eachother and made out for a good minute, letting him rest before I started thrusting again. Nice , slow, and deep. “Cum for me…. oh fuck my ass and cum for me….” he moaned. I wrapped my arms around him and started pounding him. Thinking about how I was fucking him like how I fuck pussy. But this was better.. so much better. Fucking his nice tight ass with no condom made me so horny that I came almost instantly after only fucking him for a short period. My cock sliding between his ass cheeks, fucking his wet ass. My hands grabbing him all over as I was cumming. “Fuck! my turn! it’s my turn! im going to….” just like that. My cock pumping cum inside of him once , twice, and then it slipped out and I shot cum all over his ass. and then my cum dripped down my cock and balls and onto the couch. “oh shit…. fuck….. I love that ass … it’s so fucking good…” I told him. He leaned back down and kissed me. “You love this ass more than pussy?” he asked teasing me. “Your ass is my fucking pussy….” I replied back sticking out my tongue as he smiled and took it in his mouth and then we flicked our tongues all over eachother as he got off and walked away to wipe my cum off of his nice smooth ass.

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