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The night was “electric,” possessed with an atmosphere of anticipation and longing. A new club called “Le Freak” had just opened, the hottest club in town and people were lining up around the blocks for hours on in, fawning, groveling, and practically begging the doorman to let them in. Some even went as far as bribing him hundreds of dollars and young women would sell their self respect and be willing to “prostitute” themselves out just for a chance to get into the club, but to no avail. Unless you were one of the “hip” and “chic,” you couldn’t get in.

As the crowd swelled, along came such a person, a member of the “in-crowd,” a handsome self made billionaire named Ralph Tanner. Ralph was 34 years old, 6’4″ tall with sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes, built like a line backer but with very little body fat. He weighed about 210 pounds had, large rugged hands, well developed muscular arms, broad shoulders, and a barren muscular chest(no chest hair) along with hard, tough, solid “six-pack” abs.

Ralph was the fellow every guy would sell their soul to be like. He was rich, owned a large well known publishing firm as well as a highly successful and sought after national and international shipping firm. He made Fed Ex UPS and the other “big boys” in the shipping industry take lessons from him. Ralph also had several “smaller” business ventures including a quite lucrative adult entertainment empire(clubs, publishing and films).

The women fawned over Ralph and went out of their way to get him to notice him. Ralph was the epitome of the “ladies man.” He gave lessons to the Gentleman who stars in the Dos Equis, “Most interesting man in the World” Commercial.

Ralph was not without his “Entourage” of sexy well dressed well developed women of all ages from 21 to some in their 50’s. He would make women leave their husbands for him. He had that certain

“je ne sais quoi” that drew people to him in droves.

This particular night was no exception and Ralph was with his “entourage” of not one, two, but count them Five women. The first two were a mother daughter pair named Stella and Cheyenne. Stella was a Smoking HOT 46 year old MILF standing 5’8″ tall a little on the “curvaceous” side measuring 42DD-34-40 with well toned legs and a smoking hot figure that kept any man wanting more.

On the side of Irony, Stella was the wife of Ralph’s largest business competitors and she and her sumptuous 24 year old 5’10” honey gold blonde haired 38DD-28-37 daughter Cheyenne were the “headliners” as well as co-managers of one of Ralph’s hottest new strip joints.

The other three women who came out of the limo were of International flavor. The first was Roxanne, Ralph’s “main” woman. She was a tall slender 26 year old Red haired(copper colored) Irish lass standing 5’11” tall, measuring 36D-24-34 with creamy skin and emerald green eyes. Her hair was naturally curly(frizzy) and came down to between her shoulder blades.

Roxanne’s girl lover was Annika, a slender Nordic(Swedish) 24 year old vixen. Annika measured 34C-24-34 had crystal ice blue eyes and hair down to her shoulders that was straight.

Lastly was Isabella a Mediterranean beauty of Spanish-Italian descent. Isabella was soft spoken in public but a “firecracker” in the bedroom. Isabella stood Annika’s height and had her measurements but her hair was curly(frizzy) and dark brown with brown eyes.

Anyhow, Ralph steps out of the Limo dressed in an Olive colored double breasted suit with a light blue Oxford dress shirt and red paisley tie. Ralph also had on “ox blood” colored dress shoes and had a cane he was sporting.

“Mr. Tanner,” Leon the doorman said with glee as he opened the rope that had people blocked off and lined up so that Ralph and his entourage could enter his club. “I have your usual table waiting for you and Amber is waiting to serve you

“Very well, Ralph said and “Thanks for the good work you do.”

“Pick me, oh please, oh please pick me,” were some of the screams of the young girls in line and Leon said to Ralph which will it be tonight.

“Who shall it be Mr. Tanner,” Leon said.

“Let’s see, hmmm, Ralph said as he pondered who to include. Tell me Stella, and Cheyenne, who do you like?”

“We like her,” and they pointed to a hot looking 23 year old Asian American beauty standing 5’6″ tall with long flowing jet black hair measuring 34B-24-34.”

“Very well,” Ralph said “we will take her” and just as they were about to go in out of the corner of his eye he sees a young woman who steals his soul. “I’ll take her” and he pointed at the young lady.

Ralph could tell Leon thought this was “below” his normal choice but kept quiet and said “The customer is always right,” and motioned for her to come in and she and Ralph walked in together.

Once inside the club the joint was hopping. People were dancing fully clothed scantily clad and some not wearing any clothes at all.

Stella and Cheyenne go off dancing with their new “treat” and soon all three of them are engaged in a hot heavy lesbian 3-some. Roxanne and beylikdüzü escort Annika are doing their “thing” with Isabella and that leaves Ralph with his new girl who introduced herself as Autumn.

Autumn is a “rare” beauty in that her beauty is not as striking from the outside but comes from within. She has a rare mystical charm that has somehow ensnared Ralph and he cant seem to shake her.

Physically speaking Autumn is not “butt-ugly” but she is also not a “Goddess” either. She is a fairly attractive woman any red-blooded American guy wouldn’t mind having sex with but she is not one that would be considered one of the “beautiful people.”

She stands about 5’6″ tall, is quite buxom, measuring 36D-28-36 slightly over weight(around 140 pounds) but carries it well, has long naturally curly chestnut brown hair that comes down to between her shoulders blades and crystal ice blue eyes.

Autumn is not one who would normally be found in Ralph’s entourage but tonight she has stolen his soul and they are now upstairs making hot sweet passionate monkey love.

Autumn is riding Ralph’s pulsating 8 inch cock as she has sat in his lap facing him as Ralph is sitting on a leather sofa. It is the best sex Ralph has ever had, even better than with Roxanne. Autumn and Ralph are “linked.” They feel their souls connected and soon they are at the heights of their passions.

Just when Ralph is totally in his element and everything that can go right is, to his astonishment Ralph hears a faint “buzzing” sound, similar to that of an alarm clock but what would that be doing here.

The sound gets louder and louder and as it does, Ralph realizes that his “world” is slipping away and soon he sees nothing but darkness and hears only the buzzing and then all is black.

Ralph sits upright in his bed not in his palatial palace surrounded by his “concubines” but in his modest small two bedroom apartment. His body and sheets are covered in sweat and soaked in cum. He still feels the pulsating of his cock as it still dribbles what little cum is left.

” Mother fucking son of a Bitch,” Ralph exclaims, frustrated again when he realizes that what he had experienced was not only a dream but a so called “wet dream”. He is no longer Mr. Ralph Tanner the internationally known and famed billionaire and playboy, but just plain ole Ralph Tanner, a meager account manager from a medium sized town in the Midwest stuck with countless others in what has become to be known as the “Middle Management Blues.”

Ralph is mortified when he finally gets up and like it or not he must face his reality that he is just another “average white guy” who would have a better chance at getting date off the grocery shelf than with a actual woman. The closest thing Ralph actually got to sex was going to strip clubs.

In reality, Ralph is a slightly pudgy, maybe 10 pounds over his ideal weight,(184 pounds) slightly balding(receding hair line), standing 5’9″ tall with brown hair and hazel eyes. He is in his early 30’s and has just managed to make account manager but that was after years of what seemed like endless, grueling and thankless hard work.

Ralph works at a large corporation and feels like he is just “another cog in the giant industrial machine.” His best friend Dave tries to encourage him and together they have fun but what Ralph really wants is what is in his dreams and he has even considered going as so far as “selling his soul” to get it although, he never really seriously considered doing that. To him it was just a “fleeting thought.”

Anyhow, Ralph goes into work that Wednesday morning and Dave his best friend can tell already that Ralph is “out of sorts” so to speak.

“What’s wrong buddy,” Dave says in a nice polite tone.

“What makes you think anything is wrong,” Ralph replies, trying his best to cover up the emptiness inside the dream left him with.

“Come on Ralphie ole boy, this is ME you’re talking to,” Dave said knowing he had pegged Ralph. “You had that dream again last night didn’t you?”

“How the hell did you know,” Ralph exclaimed with surprise in his voice.

“Ralphie, you forget son that we go way back,” Dave said confidently leaning back into his chair. “If anyone can read you like a book I sure can,” and it was true. Ralph and Dave had been friends since kindergarten and were “thick as thieves.” They were “average” people in Jr. High and High school so they stuck together and they know things about the other that a normal man wouldn’t tell his bartender.

“It was so incredibly real,” Ralph said with a sigh in his voice. I felt the pleasure and smelled her perfume and I could feel her taste her. It was so fucking real but like before, it was nothing but a dream, and a wet one at that,” and that little phrase at the end Ralph whispered so no one would hear him.

Ralph went on with his day and he had almost forgotten about his “troubles” that is until his arch nemesis showed up, the one man who loved to make his life a living hell, Brad Johnson beylikdüzü eve gelen escort or “The Bradster” as he likes to refer to himself as.

“Oh shit, here comes trouble,” Ralph said as soon as he heard that “laugh” that made him cringe.

Brad was one of this “Pretty-boy preppie types” that thought he was “God’s gift to the world” and to women in particular. Brad knew Ralph couldn’t stand him and went out of his way to make Ralph miserable.

The Buzz going around the office was that Brad made Salesman of the Quarter for the fifth straight time and that just made Ralph eaten up with jealousy. Dave knew it bugged Ralph and tried to get him not to worry about it.

“Don’t let it bother ya man,” Dave told Ralph in an encouraging voice. “So the asshole got Salesman of the Quarter again, its no big deal. I have heard that Brad has made lots of mistakes and enemies and Mr. Franklin has to send out ‘damage control’ to clean up the mess”

“I Hear The Bradster has become more of a liability than an asset and Mr. Franklin wants to can his ass and the only reason he hangs on to Brad is out of some misguided loyalty since Old Man Johnson is Brad’s uncle and only gave him a job out of family loyalty.

“Old man Johnson has retired and is leaving Friday so there’s nothing stopping Mr. Franklin in doing what he wants to do, transfer his ass somewhere desolate and give him the worse sales territory he can find, like maybe selling ice cubes in to Eskimos or something like that.”

Ralph chuckled as he thought about that and was happy and also happy that Brad was on his way out of the office to who knows where just as long as it wasn’t around him.

“Made ya feel better didn’t I,” Dave said clasping Ralph on the back. “Cheer up, your ship will come in. In fact I have on great authority that,” and just then he stopped himself when he realized he was going to spoil the big surprise.

Mr. Franklin had called Dave and some other sales people into his office and Ralph wasn’t one of them. Ralph being paranoid like he sometimes was thought they were talking about him and they were, but it wasn’t bad, it was good.

Mr. Franklin had noticed Ralph’s hard work and was preparing to promote him to VP of Information Services, a computer related job overseeing the accounts as they are put into the system and tracked by computer.

So how does a sales manager get promoted to a computer related job, well Ralph’s undergrad was in Accounting/Finance and he doubled majored in Computer Information Services. The Sale’s job was Ralph’s foot in the door and for the last ten years it seemed like that was all Ralph could expect. Mr. Franklin wanted to surprise Ralph with the promotion at lunch today and Dave almost blew the surprise.

“You have it on good authority that what,” Ralph said with a serious look on his face.

“Oh nothing, never mind,” Dave said flush faced trying to change the subject

“You know something and your not telling me, why,” Ralph said almost incredulously.

“My name is pudding-thane, ask me again and I’ll tell you the same,” Dave said in nonchalant “sing-song” tone.

Ralph pressed Dave again and Dave repeated himself and Ralph had known Dave long enough that when Dave started saying this, there was no way you were going to get anything out of him.

“All I’m going to say is that one day your ship will come in,” Dave said smiling “and when it does it will be worth the wait.”

“Well let’s just hope I am not in a wheelchair and dentures when I arrives,” Ralph says and nothing more was said about that.

The day went on as normal then about 10:45 Ralph hears the elevator door “ding” and out steps the woman that will forever alter his life and for the better.

“Holy shit it’s her” Ralph said as he watched the lady step off the elevator.

“It’s who,” Dave inquired.

“The girl of, I mean in my dreams” Ralph replied realizing that it must have sounded funny.

Dave took a gander at her and said “Yeah you’re right she could be the girl of your dreams. I know I wouldn’t mind if I wasn’t already married.

“You know what I mean doofus,” Ralph said, this time saying it incredulously.

“Yeah, yeah,” Dave replied. “I know what you mean. Relax, her name is Maggie but I heard she goes by a name her friends call her but I can’t remember it off the top of my head right now.. She is a transfer in from back east, works in Information services I think.”

“Well she is a dead ringer for the girl I was dreaming about last night,” Ralph replied.

“Lucky imagination,” Dave replied. “I could have a wet dream or two about her myself.”

Anyhow Dave and Ralph were talking when up walks Brad and Ralph is devastated when Brad begins talking to Maggie.

“Wel hell, there goes another one down the drain stolen by the self appointed love god himself.”

“Hang on man all’s not lost,” Dave replied. “Look” and sure enough Maggie had walked away Brad was “flush-faced” and both the women and beylikdüzü masöz escort men that had been standing around the office were laughing.

“Hey Ralphie boy guess what,” Frank one of Ralph’s co-workers said. “That girl really gave it to the old Bradster.”

“What happened? What did she tell him,” Ralph did his best to inquire as Frank couldn’t stop laughing.

“Well,” Frank said as he regained his composure, “Brad was waxing eloquently about how good of a catch he was and that she should have dinner with him sometime. The girl just smiled and said confidently and calmly ‘With guys like you I would normally squeeze their balls off, but in your case I’ll have to make an exception seeing that they don’t make a microscope that powerful.”

“Oh my God that’s so freaking funny,” Ralph said and with that Brandi, Mr. Franklin’s secretary come over to where Ralph’s cubicle was and told him to report to Mr. Franklin’s office.

“Don’t worry, it’s not like when you went to the Principal’s office as a kid,” Dave said encouragingly, knowing what was about to happen. “Just because you go to the bosses office doesn’t always make it bad. Keep a good thought.”

Ralph walked into Mr. Franklin’s office and there was “old man Johnson” as everyone called him and Maggie. She looked just like she did in the dream.

Ralph, sit down,” Mr. Franklin said smiling. “I am sure you are wondering why we all called you up here, well it’s your work.”

Ralph went in to silent panic mode when he heard that but did his best not to let it show and before he could begin to explain, Mr. Franklin would put his mind to rest.

“Ralph my boy, I’ve tried to come up with an eloquent way to break this to you but I cant think of one so I am just going to come right out and say it. How would you like a promotion?”

Ralph had been dreading what was going to be said and he had to do a “double take” to make sure he heard what he thought he just heard.

“How would I like a what sir?” Ralph said. “Forgive me sir,” Ralph added, “I am sorry but I thought I heard you say how would I like a promotion?”

“You did son,” Mr. Franklin said beaming “you did. Your work over the last Ten years has been exemplarily and it is high time you receive recognition for it. I want to promote you to VP of Information Services.”

“Vice President, me” Ralph said not believing what he heard. “Why, not that I mind.”

“You deserve it,” Johnson said. “Having to put up with my nephew all these years has been hell on you, I know. “I have seen how you cringe when he is around when you thought no one was looking and how he makes the others feel. I tell you if it weren’t for my sister, I would have put him out to pasture a long time ago. I told Franklin here since he is taking my Job as CEO, that he can do what ever he wants with him. I think they are going to send him to Alaska to sell ice cubs to the Eskimos or some silly job like that. Anyway, he will be a bother to us no longer.”

“I’m surprised that Dave kept it a secret this long,” Mr. Franklin said. “I told him about it last week and he said he would try to keep it to himself, but sometimes well, you know how it is,” Mr. Franklin added.

“Oh yes where are my manners let me introduce you to your newest co-worker and “right hand man or woman I should say,” Mr. Franklin added. “This is Maggie, she is from Pittsburg and will be Chief Director of Information Systems. She reports to you and you report to me and no one else.”

Ralph was awestruck at Maggie’s simple and charming beauty. Yes she was pretty on the outside but her beauty was more from within. Maggie was dressed in a white cotton blouse with a collar and the blouse was causal but “dressy” in a way. The top two buttons were open but in good taste

Maggie also had on a blue skirt that was dressy and came to above her knees. It showed off her well toned legs. She was also wearing cream colored “thigh highs” and blue pumps with a half-inch heel. Lastly, she had on a nice pearl necklace with matching earrings and bracelet and another necklace which was under her blouse. He could make out the gold chain but not what was on the end. That he would find out later.

“Nice to meet you Maggie” Ralph said pleasantly and somewhat nervously as he put his hand out to shake hers.

“Nice to meet you too hun,” Maggie said shaking his hand. Suddenly a “spark” was there and they both felt it and Maggie just smiled. “My good friends call me Autumn and since we are going to be working so closely together, I thought it would be nice you call me Autumn as well,” Maggie added with a smile.

Autumn’s voice resounded like the chorus of countless angels in the Heavens above. Her voice was melodious, soft, sweet and as gently refreshing as a spring rain. Autumn seemed like she was raised outside of the US. She had a slight accent but he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

“Well Autumn it shall be,” Ralph said smiling trying to keep from gawking at her.

There was the woman he had dreamed about last night, same body, same looks, same perfume everything and she even was called Autumn. The resemblance was too uncanny to leave just to random chance. Something else, Fate, providence, divine appointment, call it what you will, but something definitely was going on orchestrating what was occurring. Just what that something was, Ralph did not yet know, but he soon would.

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