Craigslist Ad Ch. 02

Big Tits

After posting my first craigslist ad everything changed for me. I found myself watching more transsexual and mmf porn. I couldn’t help but to want to suck the cock of guys in the movie and the only way to ease this urge was to suck one myself. I knew the holidays were coming up and that my family would be going out of town so that would be the perfect time to feed my craving.

A couple of days after my family left I went back on Craigslist to post another ad but this time I wanted to find someone to exchange a hand job and blow job with. So I post the ad and then I stroked my cock so that it would be semi hard and took a pic of it and added it to my post. The excitement of writing the post and the potential cock I might receive gave me a hard on that throbbed in my boxers. I pulled out my seven inch cock and began stoking my it to the last cock I had stroked months before until I shot my hot load on my own chest.

I received a few post but there was one that was close to my job that Ankara escort I replied too. He gave me his address and as soon as I was off I headed toward his house. He had a nice size house which was in what appeared to be a great neighborhood. Seeing the neighborhood made me a little less nervous. It was one thing having someone come to my hotel room but this was different. When I pulled up on front of the house I really want sure what would happen on the other side of that door. But I sucked it up and made my way to the door.

He answered the door and lead me into his den and when we sat down he unbuttoned his pants and pushed then to the floor. He sat there stroking his hairy thick cock until I reached over and started rubbing his balls. Soon he released his cock and I started stroking it for him. After a few minutes I got on my knees and moved in front of him. I lower my head and I started just licking the tip listening to his moans of approval before taking him in my mouth. I loved having Ankara escort bayan his warm stiff meat sliding in and out of my hot moist mouth.

I was so taken by having his cock in my mouth I never noticed the other guy that walked up behind me, all I felt was a hand stroking my ass. It scared me to the point that the cock dropped out of my mouth and I looked behind me to see what was going on. Then I heard a voice saying I hope you don’t mind my friend joining us. Before a could answer I felt my head being pushed back down and the cock shoved back in my mouth. At this point I was getting face fucked and the other guy was going after my pants. He pulled them down and I stood up as much as I could without letting the cock drop from my mouth. I was told to stay that way with my ass in the air when I felt two hand owning my ass and feeling a tongue on my hole. It was amazing having a cock in my mouth and a tongue in my ass.

He licked my ass for seemed like hours. My own cock was Escort Ankara hard and thrombin and begged to be sucked or stroked. All of a sudden I felt something dripping down my ass and I felt the guy behind me insert something slim in my ass and then it started vibrating. My legs buckled a bit and I dropped the cock or of my mouth. I say there for a moment enjoying the sensation I felt a dick being rubbed across my lips. I went back to sucking the cock when I felt the vibratory bring pulled from my ass and replaced with something much bigger. I was stinging as he pushed it in but I know what it was when I felt his balls rest against mine.

He sat there for a moment before he started to just pound away at my ass. And for the first time my face and ass were both getting fucked. Suddenly I felt my own cock starting to twitch and then I felt cum shooting all over the floor. As I continued to shoot cum on the floor the guy fucking my face yelled, “I’m about to cum! “Next thing I knew my mouth was being flooded worth thick ropes of cum. The guy behind me pounded my virgin add for a few more minutes before he pulled out and cum all over my ass. Once I got cleaned up I grabbed my keys thanked the guys for the evening and went home.

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