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I answered a craigslist add titled “Attractive blond from out of town,” she is an east coast girl visiting the west coast. Being a west coast guy, I have to say east coast girls are wild in bed and I must say I do enjoy an east coast girl. After a couple days of some back and forth email exchange she envied me to her room.

When I entered the room we greater each other with a hug and she offered me some wine, we sat on the bed talking and drinking wine. I then got behind her and started to rub her shoulders and neck, giving her a nice gentle massage. She removed her sweater and I was able to rub more of her shoulders as I slid her spaghetti straps off of her shoulders. Her body felt really nice in my hands.

I repositioned myself so that my legs were on each side of her, then I rubbed her back and kissed her neck as I slid my arms around her and felt her nice big breasts. As I slid my hands into her top to feel her nice firm breasts with great nipples she turned her head and we kissed.

Kissing each other passionately, her tongue probing my mouth as my tongue feels hers as we position to lay on the bed. She takes off her top and I take my shirt off. She lays back on the bed as I lay next to her and we kiss passionately some more then I kiss her breasts and suck and bite gently on her nipples.

Next, I reach down between her legs and rub her pussy through her pants as we lay there making out. She reaches down to remove her pants as I get up and take my pants off also then lay back next to her kissing each other. As we kiss my hand goes back down to her pussy and starts to gently explore and rub her pussy lips. Her pussy starts to get wetter and wetter as I rub. She begins to moan and her pussy is so wet it is turning me on tremendously, then unexpectedly to me but not to her a flood of juices emerge from her pussy. I have never felt a girl squirt before and when it happened it was such a turn on for me that if she was stroking my cock I would have cum right then. Instead I moved my face down to her pussy and tasted her sweet warm juices and it was wonderful. I kept rubbing her pussy just over her clit and she just kept squirting like a fountain soaking my face and chest.

It was a great experience to make a women squirt and after doing that sarıyer escort I wanted to fuck her so bad. After being down by her pussy and what felt like watching old faithful go off, I worked my way back up her body kissing her. When I got to her mouth we kissed deeply like there was no tomorrow. Then I reached down and grabbed hold of my cock and lined it up with her pussy and side myself right inside her. My cock slide right inside her wet pussy spreading her lips open nicely because of how wet she was. It felt great having my cock inside of her as her pussy squeezed my cock massaging it wanting it to explode inside her. Kissing her and fucking her felt great and also felt like we had know each other for years even though we had only met in person a half hour earlier. My hands grabbed hers and held her hands over her head as my cock thrust deeper and deeper inside of her. A few more pumps of my cock inside her and I can’t hold hack any more. My cock starts to pulsate then jets of cum squirt out of my cock and coat the inside of her pussy. I keep fucking her until my cock is drained then we kiss some more and I slide my cock out of her and lay on my side next to her.

Afterwards we just lay there together and talk a little about what just happened. Since this was our first time together we both were very horny. I was feeling her body as we talked and massaging her breasts. Then I moved down and positioned myself between her legs with my nose just above her pussy taking in the very nice scent it was putting out. The smell of her pussy was intoxicating and started to make me hard again. I moved my lips down to her pussy and gently started to kiss her sweet pussy lips. Then my tongue started to explore her pussy as I french kissed her pussy. My lips pressed against her labia as my tongue spread open the lips and gently slide inside her pussy. Then I moved my tongue up and down the opening and pressed it against her clit. Listening to her moan as I licked and sucked her juices from her pussy was making my want to eat her out more and more. I was flicking my tongue over her clit and between her opening as she was moaning and getting wetter and wetter, then it happened. A flood of warm sweet juices started to erupt into my mouth. sefaköy escort It was more than I could handle at that moment so I gently moved my head back and the fluid just shot straight up into the air, it was a beautiful sight to behold. I reached down and placed my finger over her clit and rubbed them back and forth as fast as I could which made her continue to erupt. I swear it was over a gallon of sweet fluid that come out of that beautiful pussy, it was great!

Afterwards I layer next to her again kissing each other. This time she maneuvered herself down between my legs and started to kiss my cock and rub my balls with her hands. She moved her lips to the tip of my cock and sucked my cock into her mouth, it felt great. She stated to suck on my cock and give me a great feeling blow job, one I have not had in a long time. I knew if she continued I would not last much longer and I had the feeling she wanted to ride me and I wanted back inside her tight pussy, so I asked her to stop.

She then slid her body up on top of mine as kissed me passionately, then she raised up and took hold of my cock and lined it up with her pussy. She rubbed my cock between her pussy lips and slid down on my cock. Her pussy felt amazing around my cock and I reached up and grabbed hold of her nice firm round breasts. She started to ride my cock and fuck me. As we fucked I felt a nice warm wet puddle form between us as and heard the nice wet slapping sound. As we fucked she kept squirting and coating my cock, balls, and stomach with her juices and feeling that made me explode my cum out of my cock and shoot jets of cum deep inside her pussy, then we collapsed together on the bed.

We cuddled up together in bed trying to find the dry spot, her body next to mine with her back to my chest. My arm was wrapped around her with my right hand cupping her breast with her nipple between my fingertips. Her ass was pressed against my crotch and she would wiggle her ass a little and I told her if she keeps doing that it will make me hard. She said that was the point. I wanted to be hard and slide in her from behind and fall asleep with my cock inside her, but I was too tired and fell asleep soon after.

In the morning we woke up still şerifali escort in each others arms. Of course I woke up with the normal male hard on even after all the orgasms we both had the night before. We started to kiss each other and since I know how much she likes me kissing her pussy I worked my way down her body and between her legs. I started to kiss her clit as my finger was exploring her pussy opening. Then I moved my finger between her pussy and asshole and rubbed that area while I licked her clit. While she was moaning I moved my finger lower and rubbed her asshole while I licked her and her moaning got louder. So I figured she liked it, I pushed the tip of my finger inside her ass and I can tell she liked it a lot. I pushed the tip of my finger in and out of her asshole just to the first knuckle as my thumb rubbed he pussy opening and my tongue licked her clit. The sensation was too much for her and she exploded with a very wet orgasm that coated my face and hands that just kept flowing as long as I licked and rubbed her pussy. After she settled down from her orgasm I moved my body between her legs and felt my cock against her wet pussy. Feeling her wet pussy next to my cock made it hard as steel so I slide my cock right inside her pussy. I started to slide my cock inside her pussy as I lay on top of her holding her hands in mine over her head.

After fucking her missionary for a couple of hours (I mean minutes) I slide out of her and had her get on her hands and knees, doggies stile. She was on her knees with her ass and pussy up in the air and her head and shoulders on the bed. I slide in her pussy and grabbed hold of her ass and hips and started to fuck her from behind. Her nice looking asshole was just looking at me with an inviting look for me to slide my cock in it. So I pulled out of her pussy and tried to push the tip of my cock inside her asshole, but her asshole was too tight to let my cock inside. So I slide my cock back into her pussy. She said something about her asshole but I was too focus ton getting ready to cum in her pussy I did not quite here what she said. As I was fucking her pussy from behind I used my thumb to rub her asshole in a nice circle like I would rub her clit. Her moaning got louder and I felt my balls get ready to release and shoot my cum out of my cock and coat the insides of her pussy. A few more pumps later I was cumin inside her and feeling my cock squirt deep inside her pussy. After cumin we collapsed on the bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms again.

Until we meet again we will have this memory of our first encounter together.

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