Subject: CRASHING WITH MY BROTHER (INCEST) — CHAPTER 3 CRASHING WITH MY BROTHER This is a work of fiction. No resemblance to any person, living or dead, is intended. Copyright reserved by author, 2019 _______________________________________________ CHAPTER 3 — THE GUYS ACROSS THE STREET _______________________________________________ RYAN: After work on Wednesday, I stopped by the apartment to change and headed downtown to meet the the Regazzis, except for Jon’s 16 year old sister, Charlotte, who was in Europe on some kind of teen tour. Of course I’d already introduced myself to Jon’s dad, Tom. Jon’s mother, Anne, turned out to be exactly the kind of good looking, well dressed, woman I’d expected a man like Tom to have married. What I hadn’t counted on was that she was also smart, funny, and a psychotherapist. Tom poured us all drinks, something that my mom and dad would never have done even one day before my 21st birthday, as Anne started to get acquainted with this new college friend of her son’s of whom she’d been hearing a lot lately. I liked her immediately. All through dinner at a really nice Italian restaurant a few blocks away, Tom glanced over at me whenever he thought that his wife and son wouldn’t notice. It felt like a flirtation and this time I discreetly flirted back. I was starting to enjoy being catnip to a powerful, handsome, older man. I’d never had THAT happen before, with men or women. Later, as Tom and I were waiting outside the restaurant while Anne and Jon went back to look for something Anne thought she’d left inside, Tom put his hand on my shoulder, then let it slide down my back to my tailbone, where it lingered for a few long seconds. When he withdrew the hand, he turned toward me, smirked, and told me to be sure to drop by his office now and then to let him know how I was doing. I looked him straight in the eye as assured him that I absolutely would. Conor wasn’t in when I got home, so I took out the last of my reading assignment and plopped myself on the couch with it. Ten seconds later, I noticed that the neighbors across the street, two fairly young, well built, and very naked, guys, were taking turns blowing each other in the low light of the living room, just as Conor had told me they did. One of them had medium length hair, a short beard, and was tall. The other was a little above medium height, clean shaven, and his hair was tight on the sides and long on top, in an undercut style. Both had dicks that were at least big enough to see clearly from across the street. “SHIT! “Everybody’s getting some around here but ME,” I yelled loudly enough to be heard in some quiet suburban town in New Jersey. Of course I couldn’t focus on my reading any longer, so I sat there watching them. A minute or two later, I dimmed the lights to reduce the reflection off the window, moved right up to it, and stood there rubbing my cock through my briefs as I gazed longingly across the street. That’s when the guys in the opposite apartment noticed me and smiled. Glancing around, I could see that the apartments on either side of those guys, as well as above and below them, either had curtains drawn or were dark. I looked straight at them, shucked off my underwear and my tee shirt, and started pumping my cock for real in front of Conor’s window. Across the street, the guys were taking a short break from sucking to work their own dicks while watching me, and give me two thumbs-up signs and two big grins. After a minute or so, they moved a little closer to the window where no-beard guy bent over and rested his hands on his knees, while bearded guy got behind him. For an instant, the two of them and I locked eyes across the silent darkness and we read each other perfectly. Then it started. To judge by the taut look on bearded guy’s face and the grimaces and silent yells coming from no-beard guy, bearded guy had begun to push his hard, fat, purple, cock into the unyielding entrance to his boyfriend’s rectum, and he wasn’t taking “no” for an answer. Despite the painful entry, it wasn’t long before he was in all the way and no-beard’s grimaces and shouts subsided into a look that was quieter and less dramatic, but more intense and maybe even happy. I was totally captivated by bearded guy”s insistent entry into that hard tight ass. I stared wide-eyed as he paused for a few seconds when he hit bottom, looked at me as though he wanted to tell me something, then began to move smoothly and gently inside his lover. Soon enough, he was varying the speed and force of his thrusts, slapping his lover’s cheeks or pulling up his head by the hair, as they both kept their eyes on me while I fisted my own dick with only spit and precum for lube. The anonymity, the darkness, the unbridgeable distance between us; all these intensified the fierce intimacy of our connection. I went into a trance that only amplified the already-powerful energy surging from my toes to my fingertips to the top of my head, and made time stand still. Everything began to happen in slow motion. My mind and my body drifted apart. From a few feet away, my mind watched my naked body slide its fist slowly up and down its cock while it gazed at the fuckers across the street. But even hough my mind and my body were in different places, my mind could also see what my body’s eyes were focused on. I realized that I could now see my body as other people see it and I liked what I saw. “No wonder Jamie said I was hot,” I thought, and there was no vanity or boastfulness in that thought; just a statement of observable fact. Usually when I jerk off I have to be careful not to cum too soon, but not this time. Now, I was only aware of all that energy flowing everywhere inside me and my connection/disconnection with two unknown guys across the street. I felt like I could go on all night like this. That, however, was not going to happen. After I don’t know how long, the bottom (no-beard guy) across the street closed his eyes, scrunched up his face, and came, followed in a couple of minutes by bearded guy, who looked straight at me as his face and chest grew redder and he opened his mouth in a long, silent yell. Then bearded guy went limp and rested his weight onto his boyfriend’s back while wrapping his arms around his chest and burying his face in the hollow at the back of his arched neck, while he caught his breath. When they got up, they held and kissed each other for a couple of minutes before looking one last time at me, smiling, and waving goodbye. Then they disappeared. My mind snapped back into my body and I returned to earth. Suddenly I was shaking uncontrollably and painful spasms were convulsing my dick before four or five ropes of cum flew in high arcs onto the window and then slowly dripped down it as I dropped to my knees and struggled to keep from passing out from hyperventilation. Spatters and trails of cum were still on the window and the floor a few minutes later when Conor walked in. Seeing me standing naked a few feet from the cum-streaked window, he looked at me and smiled. “Didn’t I promise you a good show? Don’t worry. This isn’t the first time there’s been cum running down that window.” “You did,” I answered, “but I had no idea how fucking amazing sex could be when there’s a street between you and the other guys.” “I just had a pretty good time, myself,” Conor said, without telling izmit escort me anything more about it. “I’m gonna go in the bedroom and watch some Netflix. Wanna join me?” “Sure.” I quickly cleaned the window and followed him into the bedroom without bothering to put even my underwear back on. Seeing me like that, Conor got rid of his own clothes and soon the two of us were sitting naked on the front edge of his bed, enjoying some good weed, and watching The Great British Baking Show. By the time we had killed a couple of joints, we were pretty loose, and since there was no further risk of setting the bed on fire, we lay back to finish watching the show. When I was little, I used to like to watch TV with Conor all snuggled up to him and resting my head on his chest. We hadn’t done that in a very long time, but instinctively I moved closer to him now and he stretched out his arm to hold me. I felt like that little boy again, all warm and safe as Conor held me close. As for the show, it was surprisingly interesting. I actually rooted for some of the contestants. When it ended, I didn’t move and neither did Conor. Still nestled up against my big brother, I told him how amazing it felt to jerk off in front of the window while watching the guys fuck across the street. As he listened, I noticed Conor’s dick jerk and chub up some but he didn’t touch it. We talked about that for a few minutes and then I began to tell him about my dinner with the Regazzis; especially about Tom’s behavior. I began innocently enough, describing Tom and Anne Regazzi, although I’d already told Conor a little about Tom; how Tom poured drinks for Jon and me even though we’re underage, and how good dinner was. Then I said: “I told you that I suspected when I first met Tom that he was looking me over with a lot more interest than you’d expect him to show in a new intern, even if I was a friend of his son’s. Well, tonight, he couldn’t have been clearer if he’d grabbed me and ripped my clothes off in the street outside the restaurant.” “With his wife and son around?! What happened?” “Several times when he thought that Jon and Anne weren’t looking, he’d shoot me a quick look, sort of a winking smile. And here’s the weird thing: I shot one back at him. I wouldn’t even have known how to flirt before this evening, but Tom taught me fast. Wait till you say anything, though, because I haven’t gotten to the best part. “When we were back out on the sidewalk after dinner, Anne couldn’t find something and thought she’d left it somewhere inside, so she and Jon went back to look for it. While they were gone, Tom put his hand on my shoulder for a few seconds before he slid it down my back till his hand almost covered my ass. Then he said that he was enjoying getting to know me and that I should drop by his office sometimes to let him know how I’m doing. He kept his hand close to my ass for a few more seconds till he realized that Anne and Jon would be back any second, and he let go of me.” “What did you do? Did you say anything?” “That’s the funny thing. I just gave him my sexiest smile and said that I’d be glad to drop by his office now and then. I was almost going to tell you that I have no idea what made me do that, but now that I’m telling you the story, I’m beginning to guess.” “Tell me! What do you think might be going on here?” “What I think, is that I LIKE having that kind of sexual power over Tom. If I haven’t told you before, he’s really good looking and he dresses like he’s got his own stylist. You don’t have to be gay to see how hot he is, and to be catnip for somebody like him is, I have to admit, kind of exciting. And really, how much trouble could I get into letting him have a little fun? “But here’s the catch,” I added. Jon and I are good friends and I think he wishes we were more than that; I think he’s into me but doesn’t dare tell me so. There’s a certain sexual tension in the air that way, though it doesn’t bother me any. What is starting to make me a little crazy though, is having both my friend AND his father wanting to get me naked. What the fuck do I do about that? “Poor baby!” Conor said with a smile. “Five days in New York and every guy in the city already wants a piece of your ass!” Then the smile disappeared and he got serious. “Be careful here,” he continued, slowly and with emphasis. As for Tom, you don’t want to fuck up this internship as well as any future chance at a good job you might have with that company. Be nice to him, but don’t bat your eyelashes and go all flirty on him again. “And as for Jon,” he continued, “you don’t want to lose a friend over something stupid like catching you and his dad flirting, let alone finding out that his dad sucked you off. Jon would get hurt far more than you if anything like that were to happen, and I know that you’d never want to do that to him.” “Thanks, Conor,” I answered quietly. “I told you I needed a sanity check right now. I’ll do my best not to fuck everything up and still keep both of them reasonably happy.” Conor and I were quiet for a while after that as we lay there snuggled together, feeling the heat of our bodies against our bare skins. Then Conor turned on his side facing me, and slowly, softly, ran the tip of one finger in circles around my chest and belly while I lay back with my eyes closed, breathing deeply and evenly. For the second time that evening, time stood still. I didn’t return to full consciousness until I heard Conor tell me that I was welcome to stay and sleep with him, if I wanted to. Since there was nothing I wanted more, I did. We got up to brush out teeth, returned to bed and cuddled until I fell asleep. I didn’t wake up once during the night, and when morning came and the alarm went off, Conor and I were still cuddled together. CONOR: The evening that Ryan was having dinner with Jon’s family, I was at Alex and Michael’s apartment for drinks and play time. Alex had made a small pitcher of Manhattans for us and you could say we were having small kiki before moving on to something more active. Alex is a 27 and was my college mentor for a year in all things gay. He’s big and has good bones, as they say. His jaw is solid; his nose, mouth and cheekbones, are well-defined. His body is hard and tight, his eyes are the sexiest I’ve ever seen on anyone, and a closely-trimmed beard adds a bad boy tweak to all that hotness. Women and men both, check him out all the time when he walks down a street. Michael is almost Alex’s physical opposite. He’s about 22, short and, like Alex, he’s muscular, but his muscles are long rather than thick, from doing a lot of yoga. Fortunately, yoga also gave him an ass like two scoops of ice cream that you just want to bury your face in for weeks. I’m not always a fan of shaved pubes and chests, but on a guy like Michael they give his body a classically sculpted look that gets me hard, fast. Michael always has a great haircut and nice clothes that are meant to attract attention, and they do. Alex, on the other hand, prefers to let his body do the talking rather than his clothes. After a couple of drinks, I told the guys what had happened with Ryan and me in the gym sauna. Alex was definitely interested, though he didn’t say much, but Michael’s smirk grew bigger as the story continued. “I KNEW your brother was trade!” he gloated. “You think every straight guy yahya kaptan escort is trade,” Alex reminded him. “And most of the time, I’m right! Just because your gaydar has been jammed since birth, you don’t even know that it exists at all, let alone that mine is especially sharp.” “I don’t need no gaydar to completely destroy that perky little ass of yours, so don’t make me do it in front of Conor, cuz then he’d have to report me to Child Protective Services on account of you bein’ so little and cute, nobody’d ever believe you’re legal. If my ass ever gets hauled off to jail cuzza you, you’re gonna suffer a lot more than I will. Your miserable ass will be beggin’ you to go to CPS and confess it was all a lie so you can get fucked right again.” “Yes, Daddy,” Michael answered softly, but with an impish look on his face. On that note, we quickly undressed, threw our clothes all over the living room and moved into the bedroom where Michael went down on his knees and looked up at us like an eager puppy as Alex and I moved in close. While Michael was sucking me, Alex kissed me and played with my nips or ass, and I reciprocated while Michael was doing him. If Michael was put on this earth for just one reason, it was to teach the rest of humanity how to suck a dick. He and Jamie are the two best cocksuckers I and not-quite-everyone I know have ever met. Michael (and Jamie) could raise wood on some poor guy who’s been in a coma on life support for the past five years and make that guy rise from his bed, shove Michael down on it, and give that kid the fuck of his young life. There’s a good reason why I’ve never wondered how he and Alex ever became a couple. Apart from a well-controlled gag reflex, knowing just what to do with his tongue, and whatever else he does that you can’t even begin to identify; apart from all that, what makes Michael so good is that he NEEDS to suck cock; he needs to see “that look” on your face and see you squirm on the bed or struggle to keep your shaking legs from giving way. Some guys just lazily move their mouths up and down on you, some scrape their teeth on your cock; not Michael. He’s an artist, and artists pay careful attention to their work. Michael isn’t only talented with his mouth, he’s a great bottom. If he likes the way you’re eating him out, or fucking him, his moans and cries of “Yes!!” or “Fuck me harder!” or “Hurt me!” and the look on his face (when you can see it) will make you believe that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him. After we’d let our boy work on our dicks for as long as we dared without cumming too soon, Alex ordered him to lie flat on the bed, face down, ass up, and spread his cheeks so we could bury our faces and tongues in his butt crack and hole. My stubble and Alex’s beard rubbing the most sensitive part of his cheeks, around his hole, were the cherry on top of the sundae for Michael and he made sure that we knew it. By the time we got around to fucking him, Alex and I were getting close so we took turns lying on top of Michael and covering him with our bodies as we fucked him slowly at first. While one of us fucked, the other played with the fucker’s balls or licked his ass out; or at least we ate ass as much as you can with a moving target. The breaks from fucking gave us a chance to delay our orgasms, but not for long. Michael is into bukkake, and he wanted one now. He got back on his knees as we stood on either side of him and pointed our rigid cocks straight at his face. In under a minute, volleys of cum shot into his hair and all over his face. Alex and I needed a few seconds to catch our breath before we scooped up as much cum as we could with our fingers and brought them to Michael’s mouth for him to lick clean. When he couldn’t find another drop to lick up, Michael jumped back on the bed, face up this time, pumped his uncut cock, and quickly sprayed a load all over his belly. Now it was Alex’s turn and mine to lick it up. Thoroughly spent, the three of us snuggled up in a puppy pile for ten or fifteen minutes before getting up, sorting out the pile of clothes in the living room, and putting them back on; or at least I put mine back on. Alex and Michael stood in the open doorway naked as we hugged and said goodnight. * * * When I got home and saw my naked brother standing in front of a window full of dripping cum, he didn’t have to tell me what happened. I’ve done the same thing myself. What I wasn’t expecting him to tell me, though, was how trance-like, intense, and spiritual, the experience of sex was with two guys whom he couldn’t touch and with whom he couldn’t speak. As he described this feelings, I felt my dick jerk around and start to strain against my briefs, but in that moment I really didn’t want to abandon Ryan and run into the bedroom to get myself off, so I ignored my dick as best I could. Then Ryan told me about getting together with Jon and his parents. I’ve said before that as close as I am to my brother, I don’t know everything about him and sometimes he completely surprises me. This was definitely one of those times. Not because he thinks that Jon is hot for him, but because Ryan was flirting with Tom while Jon and his mother were there! I get it that older men find my brother hot. So do I. So does damn near everybody. NASA can tell from space that Ryan is hot. But I never expected that he’d lap up that kind of attention to the point of his and Tom’s cooing and batting their eyelashes at each other over the dinner table. And not only was Ryan telling me this; he didn’t sound even one little bit concerned about what that might say about him.. When Ryan got off that train from Albany, as far as he, I, or anyone else knew, he was completely straight. Now, only four days later, I think that even he doesn’t know how to describe his sexuality, and it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. He’s just decided to take things as they come, I suppose, and good for him. I’ve always loved my brother more than I know how to tell, and we’ve always been especially close, but now, his confident and unafraid openness to new sexual possibilities made me love him more than ever. Thoughts along those lines had already crept into my brain before I found Ryan standing dazed and naked in the living room looking at the empty living room across the street through a cum-streaked window. That’s probably why, when I invited him to watch some Netflix with me, and he responded by quickly cleaning up the window and walking into the bedroom without stopping to put his underwear back on, I decided to be naked too. After we’d watched TV and smoked some weed for a while, I lay back on the bed and so did Ryan, but instead of lying next to me, he moved in close. That’s when I remembered for the first time in a long time how, when he was little, he’d watch TV in bed with me with his head resting on my chest. We both loved to do that and suddenly I felt an urge to do it again, even if Ryan is a lot bigger than he used to be. He must have remembered those cuddles just as I did, because when I reached out to pull him in, he didn’t hesitate. He pressed his bare skin up against mine and buried his head in the fur on my chest. It was just like we were kids again, except now we were both older, naked, and far from the home we grew up in, cuddling in a bed in the middle of Manhattan and gebze escort watching The Great British Baking Show. I felt as calm and peaceful as I’ve ever been in my life. We kept cuddling after the show ended, while Ryan told me more about his complicated relationship with Jon, and now Tom, Regazzi. At first I was amused at his having to deal with two generations of men in the same family both after a piece of his ass. Pretty soon, though, I began to see how this supposedly harmless flirtation could turn into a real shit storm, and fast. I explained my concerns to Ryan, he listened, promised to be careful not to mess things up, and I dropped the subject. We were quiet after that, and soon the feeling of peace and calm returned. I slid my arm out from under Ryan’s neck, turned on my side facing him, and began to trace lazy circles around his naked chest and belly with one finger. I wasn’t trying to arouse him, just make him feel as loved and at peace as I did. I wasn’t only doing that to please Ryan. As my finger moved ever so lightly over his skin, I became conscious only of Ryan, lying there with his eyes closed and a child-like smile on his face, drawing deep, even, breaths. My arm began to hurt after maybe ten minutes of this, but I didn’t want Ryan to go away, so I asked him if he’d spend the night with me. Ryan opened his eyes, smiled, and said, very softly, “Yes.” After brushing our teeth, we turned out the light, got back into bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms. We were still cuddled up against each other when we woke up the next morning. After rubbing the sleep from our eyes and stretching, we turned to face each other and pulled in for one last snuggle. Even before our arms were around each other, I could feel Ryan’s hard-on stab me in the thigh and mine jabbing him. We smiled, and I said, “Wanna go for it?” “Yup!” I rolled over for a sec to grab the lube out of the nightstand, and told Ryan to lie back and enjoy the ride. He gazed into my eyes and smiled for a couple of seconds, before moving his hands to the pillow and cradling his head in them. As I pushed down the covers, his rigid cock sprang up and came back down with a sharp slap against his belly before rebounding just enough to hover almost horizontally over his abs with the big flared head pointing toward his face. I wished we had all morning to enjoy this, but since we didn’t, I got right down to business. I once went to a gay men’s retreat where there was a session devoted to advanced masturbatory techniques. Now I wanted to show some of them to my little brother. I began by holding his dick in my left hand while letting the well-lubed palm of my right drift, slowly and as lightly as a small, downy, feather, over the tip of his dick. As I did this, Ryan began to writhe uncontrollably and shout a torrent of “Shit!”, “Fuck!”, “GodDAMN!”, before he lapsed into a babble of moans, cries, groans, and a few more shouts of “Fuck!” By then, his ass was bucking up and down on the bed so violently it was impossible to go on torturing him like that, much as I’d have liked to. I pulled his balls and teased his nipples for a while to give his ass at least a chance to stop bucking so hard, and then returned to his dick. This time, I took his dickhead, by now almost as purple as a bruise, in my left hand and slowly slid my fist down the shaft. As my left hand neared the bottom, I gripped the head of Ryan’s cock in my right, and let it slide down the shaft just above the left hand. Lather, rinse, repeat: left over right, right over left, so there were always two fists sliding down simultaneously and stretching out the skin of his pulsing shaft. It didn’t take long before Ryan’s body went as rigid as his cock, his toes curled, his hands clenched, and he let out a howl of FUUUUUCK!!, before firing a rope of cum that hit him in the eye, with the rest spattering his torso from his belly to his neck. A moment later, he lay limp on the bed with his eyes closed, breathing loudly and heavily. It was a good minute or two before his breathing quieted some and he opened his eyes again. “Where the FUCK did you learn how to do that?” he asked weakly, between still-heavy breaths. “I’ll tell you later. Meanwhile, it’s getting late and it’s my turn. Just do me the way you do yourself, for now. I need to come and we need to get the fuck out of here.” I am not a fussy hand-job bottom and Ryan’s masturbatory skills were more than enough to give me a powerful orgasm within a couple of minutes. Then it was my turn to come back to earth. A glance at the clock told us that we’d spent more time in bed than we’d realized, so we jumped into the shower together and soaped each other up as a sort of coda to the morning’s fun. As rushed as we were, though, I couldn’t resist taking a bit longer than necessary to soap up Ryan’s cakes and especially the deep cleft between them. A moment later, he did the same to me. RYAN: As I walked to work just after I’d gotten the most intense hand job of my life from Conor, I began to wonder, for the first time, how exactly to describe my evolving sexuality. After the past five days in new York, I couldn’t call myself completely straight anymore, but that wasn’t what I wanted to know. I was looking for an affirmation of what I was, not a statement of what I was not. I wasn’t anxious or upset, because I knew that I could live happily with the answer, no matter what it turned out to be. I just wondered how to describe myself. Freshman year had been an eye-opener for a kid like me from suburban Albany. I met not just lesbian, bi or gay people, like my buddy Jon, but also transgendered, non-binary, and pansexual, people, too. The only thing that shocked me about any of this, no matter how out-there some of those kids were, was how not-shocked I was. Behind all those labels, they sounded (mostly) and behaved (mostly) like most of the kids I’d known all my life. I also saw that all of those people’s lives were more like mine than they were different. They had papers to write and exams to take, they ran out of clean laundry like me, and they liked pizzas, burgers with fries, and beers, just like me and my friends. I was almost disappointed to see how mostly ordinary their lives were, just like my own. If I’d moved in with Conor straight out of high school and had the experiences I’ve been having now, I’d probably have freaked out and gotten on the first train back to Albany. After only one year of college, the world now looked like a very different, and much more interesting, place. As for how to describe my own sexuality, I decided that I didn’t need to know the answer now, and maybe not ever. I decided instead that this was going to be my time to experiment with all kinds of sex. If there’d been a thought bubble over my head just then, it would have said, “Straight, gay, trans, maybe even bondage and S&M, Imma try it all!” AUTHOR’S NOTES: Please join me in supporting Nifty in recognition of the unique role they play in bringing readers and writers together. Even a small donation helps. To contribute, go to fty/donate.html _________________________________ I welcome readers’ comments, for better or for worse. Please send them ail . As before, I want to acknowledge the invaluable inspiration and encouragement I’ve received from Alex, who writes as Lex, and Phoenix, and the editorial help I’ve gotten from Phoenix. I couldn’t have done this without you, Phoenix. Both Alex and Phoenix are outstanding writers whose Nifty stories are deservedly popular. You can find their titles at the end of Chapter 1 of this story. Have fun! Wilde

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