Crossdresser Fantasy part 2


Crossdresser Fantasy part 2the bar”So what’s your name?” She asked taking a sip of he straw.”Maxwell” he said smiling “what’s yours?””Maricela” she said presenting her hand.He took her hand and kissed it. She let out a sweet giggle. They both enjoyed a few more drinks and flirting. Maricela couldn’t help but stare in Maxwells green eyes.”Wow” she thought, “he’s so handsome he could have any girl but he wants me!” This excited her greatly and before she knew it she had reached her limit.”I think I’ve had enough I’m getting tipsy!” She said.”Okay darlin’ let me get the tab, do you live around here?” He asked”Yes I do” she smiled. “right across the street in fact””Would you like an escort?” He asked with a sly look.”Hmmm, sure” she said.She canlı bahis grabbed his hand and led him out of the bar. They walked across the street and took an elevator to the 4th floor. As the got to the apartment door she turned to him with a wild look. She looked down at his crotch and up to his eyes, she leaned in close and said…Maricela’s Place”I hope you know what you’re in for””I don’t think you know who I am” He smirkedThey burst through the door, a blur of hands. He was gripping her ass and perfect feminine back. He held her neck lightly with both his hands and kissed maricela deeper than she had ever been kissed! “Wow” maricela thought, “I’m turning him on! Me! I tried my best to look pretty tonight, straightened my hair, bahis siteleri took hours on my makeup, all that time at the gym doing squats to get a plump round ass, these hormones for my breasts!” Maxwell picked her up and swung her over his shoulder. She screamed and giggled and laughed. Then he threw her down onto her bed. She looked up at him standing there, six feet tall, tan, brown hair, green eyes, some muscles coming out under his sleeve. He looked down at her. She was perfect. Short, around 5 feet tall, in shape with a plump fat ass, beautiful brown Latina eyes, and an unbelievably perfect back that flowed smoothly into her curvy hips and butt. He couldn’t stop him self, he got onto the bed, reached under her dress and pulled güvenilir bahis he panties down. He was bless with a view of a gorgeous thick 7 inch cock. She stood up and took off her dress and bra revealing her beautiful petite yet curvy body.”Wow! You are the sexiest creature I have ever seen!””Oh ha….thanks” she said acting shy.”Here Mari, let me help you relax” Maxwell took his shirt off and got on his knees in front of Maricela. He took her cock into his mouth.”I’m finally doing it!” Maxwell thought. “I’m sucking a gorgeous girls cock!” He slid the head into his mouth. It was warm and tasted sweet! He twirled his tongue around the head and slowly worked his way down the shaft. He took it out at regular intervals to breath and to lick Maricela’s beautiful balls. “Oh” she cooed. “Mmmnah!”….”Hmmmm oh my god!” He took her cock out of his mouth with a “Pop!” And said “Don’t cum yet, it’s Daddy’s turn now. Get on your knees and open wide Mari”

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