Crown Freakin Royal


Friday started like any other. The boss called to see if I was on my way to the site yet. While he was giving me a rundown on the days job and telling me not to fuck up anything at this rich pricks house, my mind wasn’t on carpentry work, it was off thinking about Friday night and the fact that I really needed to get laid. It had been a long time since I had had sex with anything that I didn’t also use to type, write, or swing a hammer.

I pulled into the neighborhood at 8:00 am on the dot. Monstrous houses with golf course lawns, Beamers and Mercedes Benzes in every driveway. “Rich fuckers!” is all I could think as I drove my beat up old work truck along while I looked for the address.

As I pulled up to the house I thought to myself, “I hope this isn’t going to be one of those jobs that takes twice as long as it should because some ass hole insists that they know a better way to do the job that they hired ME to do. That would be my usual luck on a Friday. I need to put up crown molding in two rooms, then I am outa here to catch a buzz and find a naughty girl who wants to make sure I still need a hammer to pound nails come Monday.

My last thought put a grin on my face as I walked to the door and rang the bell. After a minute I heard approaching feet on the other side of the door. The knob turned and the door swung open to reveal a woman about 28 to 30, 5’10”, with long curly red hair that fell just over her shoulders. She was barefoot, wearing a black sports bra and dark green spandex shorts that showed off an awesome looking ass. Her eyes were this jade kind of green and seeing her was like a total brain wash.

I had to concentrate. “who am I? Why am I here?…” Before I could get my brain back on-line enough to form a sentence she said, “Hi, are you the carpenter?” I managed to spit out the words yes ma’am as the wheels slowly started turning again. “Well, come on in and I’ll show you where I need work done.” She turned and walked inside leaving the door open for me to follow. My eyes were fixed to that glorious butt in her tight shorts. I couldn’t look at anything else, try as I might.

“Guest room first, then…” trailing off, she turned and gave me an eye full again as she walked on to the master bedroom. As we walked through the door my imagination was running away with thoughts of her fucking me, and my throbbing cock was on the verge of making a tent out of my wranglers. . “I’ll let you get started. Let me know if you need me for anything.” I was thinking of a few things I could mention but she didn’t strike me as the kind of girl to do those things with a working class man. “Look at this place,” I thought, “that’s some high dollar coochie walking down that hall, you better just get to work now. She can be your fantasy tonight while you’re banging some bar skank.”

Returning to reality it dawned on me that I had been so fixated on her ass that I had no idea how to get outside again. As she made the opposite end of the hall I called out, “Whoa! This is such a big place that I got all turned around in here. How do I get to the door again?” She laughed at me and motioned for me to follow her. I wondered if she knew that I had been watching her tight ass so intently that I really had no clue where I’d been, or if she just thought I just was normally clueless. Who cares, it was a sexy laugh.

She guided me back to the door and I proceeded to setup my saws outside and get to work. The guest room was going quickly. I noticed she was in a study that I passed each time that I had to make a cut. Through the French doors I could see that she was typing away on a computer, occasionally I thought I saw her watching me out of the corner of my eye. I figured it was my sex starved imagination still screwing with my brain and my poor swollen cock.

An hour later I was done with the guest room when I noticed she wasn’t at her computer any more. I hadn’t actually seen her in quite a while. Where had my red haired goddess gone?

I went on to the master bedroom and when I walked through the door I heard the unmistakable trickling sound of a shower. The door to the bathroom was ajar about six inches and I was instantly rock hard from the thought of her wet naked body just on the other side of that partly open door. My heart pounded like a basketball on pavement at the thought of risking a peek around the door. If she sees me I’m definitely fired, the cops will probably get called, and in this town I’d probably get hauled to jail because you don’t get to screw with the good people and get away with it.

I stood there for a minute, heart pounding, listening, wishing I could be the drops of water that were cascading over every inch of her. I found myself rubbing my massive hard on through my jeans. I had to get a look. She knew I was working in here next. My God she had to realize that the door wasn’t closed! Does she want me; is she rushing to get a shower before I start in here; or is she trying to fuck with my head? I could always play it off if she caught me… Right?

I walked to the door and peeked past it. My cock tightened and bizimkent escort for a second I thought I might just cum in my jeans. She was bent over ass facing the shower door getting herself off with the shower massager. I started stoking my cock through my jeans as I watched her. I wanted to push the door open and go help her finish the job right. Just then she started to straiten up and I must have jumped half way across the room to keep her from spotting me. Now I was so horny I had to get off. She was eventually coming through that door and my hard on was not going away with out some help.

I walked out of the room down the hall to a bathroom, rubbing my swollen cock the whole way. I swung the door with my knee as I ran down my zipper with my free hand. I pulled my throbbing cock out of my pants and franticly jacked myself off. In a mater of minutes I shot my load all over the sink. Quickly I cleaned up. Then I flushed the toilet incase she was out of the shower and had noticed I was in there. Then I saw it. Shit! The door had been opened a crack the whole time! I’m sure I would have heard her if she had come down the hall.

I went back to the master bedroom still tingling from the adrenaline and testosterone that were coursing through my veins. Humidity and the sexy smell of girly shampoo and body wash filled the air in the room. It was silent. She was gone.

Oh shit. If she caught me I am so ruined… cops, newspapers, sex offenders lists… I’ll never work again! I need to get done and get the fuck out of here now! I flew through the rest of the job, all the while my imagination incessantly repeating, “SIR, step down from the ladder and face the wall…”

Outside, I packed my tools back in the truck and jumped in. The key was in the ignition when in the back of my mind, I heard my boss yelling about how callbacks ruin efficiency and that he wouldn’t pay us for them unless the customer signed a walk through list when we were done. Well, this policy has bitten me in the ass a time or two and a guy can’t afford to work for free, so I bit the bullet and went back to the door.

I rang the bell. God, I was so nervous that my hands were sweating. She answered the door, this time in a little pleated tennis skirt and a tank top of sorts. “I think I’m all done. I just need you to take a look at my work and sign off on the work order if everything is satisfactory.”

We walked to the guest room. She followed me this time so I didn’t have that sexy ass to watch. “Looks good”, she said. She followed me to the master bedroom next. “Looks good Too”, she said. “Great, I’ll get out of your hair then. Have a nice day.” With that I turned and headed for the door. I passed the bathroom where I had blown my load and was almost to the end of the hall when her voice stopped me in my tracks.

“Hold on a minute. There’s one more thing.” Oh shit is all I could think. Did she know? What was going to happen if she did? She walked towards me and stopped at the bathroom door. “Come here.” She said. My heart started pounding as I walked back to her. She stepped through the door and hopped up next to the sink where I had been pounding my cock earlier. I just wanted to bolt now but I knew it was to late.

“Did you like it?” “Like what?” I said, all the blood in my body running to my head. My face felt hot and my ears started ringing. I was so completely at the mercy of this woman and that reality was terrifying. “I knew you were going to watch me in the shower…” she paused and watched my face. I’m not one to be scared but I must have looked like a kid caught stealing. She continued, “…and I wanted to say thanks for returning the favor. I really liked watching you jerk off. Even though my head was still swimming in adrenaline my cock was already making a bulge in my Wranglers.

When I looked up her eyes were no longer on mine and she already had one hand stroking the bulge in my pants as she came down off her perch. Our lips came together in a torrent of ravenous predatory kisses that made me feel like wild dogs must as they rip the flesh from their kill.

She tugged on my zipper until it came down and pulled the length of me from my jeans. My hands roamed over her. Her breasts were full and round with little nipples at top dead center and her pussy, her pussy was ready to be fucked. My fingers glided by her drenched thong panties finding a neat patch atop perfectly bald pussy. I rolled her juicy clit between my thumb and forefinger. She moaned, her knees buckled and we tumbled into the hall way. On the floor we struggled trying to liberate our writhing bodies from the things that were keeping skin from skin.

She jumped atop me and her dripping pussy was there for the taking. I ran my tongue the length of her slit then began licking circles and lightly sucking her clit. She responded by running her tongue from the tip of my dick down the shaft and across my bare scrotum. Her tongue was making my cock and balls dance as she worked back and fourth, neglecting nothing.

I thrust my tongue into her and her teeth bostancı escort caught hard around the head of my penis for a moment. Then she started feverishly milking my cock with her lips, tongue, and hands. The sounds she made as I sucked and fucked her sweet pussy with my mouth were driving me wild. She had to stop before I came, but I wanted to keep eating her like a juicy ripe peach until I had my fill. I put my hands on her ass, giving her clit one firm long suck then shoved her off. Her lips made a loud pop as they came over the head of my cock. My cock twitched and I had to fight to keep from cumming.

She jumped up giggling and ran down the hall. I heard her laughing as she ran down stairs to the main level. My cock got a much needed rest as I chased down the stairs to find her. At the bottom of the stairs I stopped to listen. I could hear her hard breathing in the kitchen. I quietly snuck to the door and there she was. She was laying face down bent over the butchers block panting and whispering “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” I walked over and said, “I’d love to fuck your sexy ass.” She was getting louder now. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME NOW!”

I grabbed her ass with both hands and shoved her forward into the butchers block. Her ass and pussy spread from the pressure. I buried my full length in her and she cried out as my cock bottomed out in her pussy. Instantly she was gushing her juices and trembling as I thrust again and again. As her orgasm subsided I pulled out and rolled her over on the block. “I want to see your eyes when I fill you with my cum.” Then with her pussy juices lubricating the way I slowly pushed into her tight little ass. She groaned and arched as I started to penetrate her. My cock felt like steel! She began to rub her clit while I finger fucked her. As my cock finally buried to the hilt in her ass she was so wet that I knew she was loving her ass fuck. We fucked slow then faster and faster until I shot my load deep inside her. She shuddered and came. Her pussy spasming uncontrollably around my fingers. We collapsed together panting, breathing, and wildly kissing. She shoved my face from between her breasts and said, “Get up.” I want to show you something upstairs.”

I got up and followed her. The whole time I was thinking, “I can’t believe this. Did I just do that? Guys that work for their money don’t get this kind of pussy. We can’t afford the kind of habitat that it is native to. If she wants to go again already I’m in deep shit.”

We walked to her study where she had been typing away on her computer earlier and she pointed at the chair in front of the monitor. “Have a seat “, she said. When I did she came and sat astride one of my legs. The feel of her hot wet snatch on my leg was putting a charge back in my power tool, but nothing like I was about to get.

She clicked the mouse, typed a password, and hit enter, and we were on-line. She went to an erotic stories site and then to a story that was posted there earlier that morning. She clicked the title “Working Stiff”, turned and smiled at me. “Start reading and I’ll be right back.” Before I knew it she was back on my knee again and from what I had read so far I knew it was the author who’s wet pussy was slowly starting to grind on my leg.

She wrote about fucking me and how she had planned this whole seduction since long before I got here today. The realization of what had happened, combined with her pussy grinding away on me and her hot story made me so hard that it hurt. My balls were so tight that it felt like they were in a vice and my dick was as hard as a piece of re-bar.

I felt something cold on my cock and that brought me back to this warped reality again. I smelled strawberries. She smiled and said, “Thought I’d clean and oil the tool while you read. I don’t want it to get rusty.” “What an evil little grin you have”, I said and I thought to myself, “If heaven is like this I want to die just as soon as this little devil is through with me.” I said, “That smells so good I’d have a lick or two if I could reach.” She grinned again and ran a finger across my lower lip.

Do you like my story she said with some apprehension in her voice. Her green eyes flashed up at me from where she knelt by the chair. I said, “It definitely does not suck!” hoping she would act on that enormous hint. My dick was doing a wonderful job of indicating my opinion of her writing ability. Why elaborate beyond that.

My rambling mind halted when I felt her engulf my whole cock in her mouth and slowly pull back up to the tip. Her eyes were fixed on mine. I started to roll the chair back but she pulled me back by my cock and said, “read! I can keep myself entertained while you get off.” I thought to myself, “I am in heaven”, as she went to work on my unit.

I started reading again… “From my bedroom window I’ve been watching him working on my neighbors house. It’s so hot out I should invite him in to cool off. God knows I want to. His shirt came off when he got here. He has a muscular chest and back, thick arms, and he is so tanned. The büyükçekmece escort mid morning sun and sweat have his body glossed up like a page out of Play Girl.

He has on nothing on but sheer red surfer shorts, work boots, and a big black tool belt. He keeps going to the back of his truck and drenching himself with ice cold water as he drinks from a large orange water cooler. The water gushing over his chest has those thin shorts stuck to his wet body making a spectacle of his ample looking package.

I wanted to call him over and mercilessly ravage his body. My neighbors might notice their worker had gone missing though and I can’t afford to get caught. Still, I had to have him. I was a tingle, longing to be stuffed with his big prick. All I could think about was running my nails down that muscular back as he filled my cunt with his hot cum. I began rubbing my clit while I…”

That was it! With her sucking and swallowing my cock, and what I was reading, I arched up in the chair. My eyes were rolling. I was going to cum hard. She went down hard as my ass lifted off the chair again and I erupted like I never had before. I just kept cumming, pumping round after round of cum down her throat. Finally I fell back to the chair. When my eyes opened again we were across the small room from the computer where the wall had stopped the run away chair as she finished me off..

She leaned back from my sweaty body, looking up again with those eyes, said, “Wow!” and stood up bending forward over me. Her breasts looked so good as she leaned in and kissed me, her tongue tangling with mine. A sweet salty taste lingered after her kiss and she was grinning at me. “Did you ever taste your own cum before?”

My fading erection shot back to life. Who is this red haired fox? Some dumb ass has the most incredible fuck in the world and they obviously aren’t spending enough time with her. She is the kind of woman that I would fuck until I was unemployed and poor. I’d die with nothing but a broken bed, an aching schlong, and a smile that God couldn’t get off my face.

We slid back to the computer and she tongued my undying erection around like a cat playing with a mouse, wanting to make the kill, but not so quickly that it wasn’t totally gratifying to the hunter.

I finished her story. It was hot. I couldn’t do it justice trying to retell it now so I won’t. Let’s just say she sneakily got my name out of her neighbors after I had finished their job. Then she called my boss to schedule the work on her place. She insisted that I had been referred by her neighbors whom she trusted so I had to be the one to do her work. She had waited and planed our day for a month before it happened. In her story she gave me far to much credit for being bold though. Her shower had not been nearly as steamy as the one in her story. While the limitations of real life never quite allow us to measure up to fantasy I now felt obliged to make up for what inhibition and ignorance had caused me to omit.

She was done playing with the mouse now. She leaned forward putting her breasts in my lap. My slobbery wet cock was between them as she squeezed nipple to nipple around me. Some thing about the feel of titties on my cock has always driven me wild. Soft but firm and smooth as silk. She will finish me off for good in no time if I let her. If I could turn back the clock a round or two I would sit back and enjoy this all the way through.

My eyes were searching the room for an idea, hell a diversion, anything to make this escapade last, then I saw it. Up atop her monitor was a web-cam. Would she go for an idea like I was having or was I giving her shower scene to much credit as an act of pure exhibition? I was supposed to be the bold one, right? I had yet to do something nearly as brazen as she had. “Oh what the hell!”, I thought.

“Let’s make a souvenir”, I said gesturing to the web-cam. She stopped moving and looked up at me. I could feel her heart pounding in unison with my throbbing member. Her eyes had a sort of surprised look. She said “…We can’t.” But the pause before her answer told me that she had thought about it. “No one needs to know who we are. We’d be the only ones who saw anything more than strangers fucking. Besides, I think you like to be watched. Just imagine all the people who will get off watching us.”

She looked truly excited, then with nothing further said she got up and started clicking away with the mouse. A second later there I was on the screen. She focused down and in on my cock and balls then clicked again. She returned to me and said, “Action”, as she stepped astride me and impaled herself on my semi hard cock. She brought her knees up on the chair on either side of me. My cock stiffened as I saw the computer screen. There we were fucking right in front of me.

On the screen my balls started rolling as I watched her ass rising and falling on me. My cock appeared and disappeared in her pussy over and over again. The shine of her juices glinted on my shaft and balls. “Oh God… I’m so close”, I said and immediately she lifted off of me. “I want to watch too!” she said as she turned around and sat back on my swollen prick again. She spread her legs outside mine and on the screen I saw my cock disappearing into her perfectly shaven slit. The small patch of red pubes above her pussy made me think of a cherry on some Freudian Picasso type of sundae.

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