Cruise Capers Ch. 04


Ch. 4 – Puerto Vallarta

I woke at seven in the morning the day we pulled into our first port of call. Puerto Vallarta holds special memories for me. Never one for the excursions, I took a taxi to the shopping district to pick up some jewelry for my girlfriends. Then lunch at the Hard Rock Café and a stroll on the beach.

Late in the afternoon I flagged another taxi and went to my special spot. Anyone who didn’t know about this place would think it is just a very elegant house in a very rich district. But those of us who are regulars know it is the classiest whorehouse in town.

I was greeted at the door by Raoul, the doorman. I slipped him a twenty, as was the custom of the house. He took me into the bar and I ordered a beer.

One of the great appeals of the house was its elegant ambiance. It has the look and feel of a high-society affair, rather than a flesh market. There are no hawkers, no pimps, and no half-dressed girls making crude comments. The girls, all pretty and well educated, are dressed in evening gowns. None of them have tattoos, piercing, fake boobs, or shaved pussies. If you met one on the street, you would think they were the daughters of bankers or politicians.

There were a dozen customers in the bar, watching a soccer match and sipping their drinks. Gradually the girls would drift through, striking up conversations. The dress code for the gentlemen was just as strict as for the girls. No one wore t-shirts or jeans, most wore ties even with the summer heat.

I talked with one of the girls who came up to me, buying her a drink. I enquired about Maria Elena, the girl I had spent time with on my last visit. Rosa, my companion, told me that Maria had left the house, marrying a local bizimkent escort jeweler and moved to the United States. After a few minutes Rosa moved on with a smile, seeing that I wasn’t interested in her. Within minutes she left with the man sitting next to me, departing for the bedrooms upstairs.

I ordered another beer, still not seeing a girl that appealed to me. I was in the mood for a very small girl, not the usual buxom model that is my normal taste. Being a big man (over six feet and 225) I sometimes get turned on by physically dominating a smaller girl by my sheer size.

Mexico scored a goal in the game and the room erupted in cheers. Before my third Corona arrived, the girl I was looking for walked into the room. She was about five feet tall, very skinny, and except for the long black hair and the small bumps on her chest, looked like a boy. Her dress was a very tight, green satin sheath. Two perfect pearls adorned her ears and her black heels completed the package.

“Hello,” she said in a high-pitched, girlish voice. “I am Carlotta.”

“Joe. Nice to meet you.”

“You are from America?”


“My sisters live in Los Angeles. I want to go there some day.”

“Fun town, but I prefer Northern California myself. How old are you?”

“Twenty. Is not too old, I hope?”

I laughed. “No, just fine. Have you worked here long?”

“No, just a month. You have been here before?”

“Many times. Shall we go upstairs?”


She took my hand and led me to the huge staircase. I nodded to Donna Ygnacia, who ran the house. I took the older woman’s hand and kissed it, slipping a hundred dollar bill into it. She thanked me and pointed bostancı escort the way upstairs. Carlotta took me to a room at the far end of the upstairs hall and closed the door behind us.

I took her in my arms and kissed her neck, though I had to bend down a ways to do it. I ground my hardening cock into her so she could feel my desire. She broke away from me and went to the bed. Slowly she removed her shoes and her dress, revealing her small tits, topped with small brown nipples. She wore a very skimpy pair of black panties and a smile.

I undid my shirt and pants and stepped out of my socks and boxers. Once on the bed I took her breast in my mouth while rubbing her pussy through the sheer silk of her underwear. She moaned at the stimulation, a genuine moan of the truly turned-on.

She shifted me back and brought her mouth to my cock. With a smile she started licking around the head and grasping the shaft with her tiny hand. She tried hard to get as much of my cock into her mouth but it was too small so she settled for sucking on the head a bit.

Next I turned her over on her back and reached for her panties. She lifted her butt so I could slide them off, revealing a wild thatch of black curls. Her lips were already wet and I licked her juices, paying particular attention to her clit. There is something especially satisfying about bringing a whore to orgasm and I wasn’t going to miss that pleasure.

“Ahhh!!” she cried out. Her pussy was gushing with cunt oil as I lapped at her like her folds were my favorite flavor of ice cream cone. She clamped her thighs around my head as I orally assaulted her womanhood.

“Are you ready, Carlotta? Are you ready for me to shove this büyükçekmece escort bruiser into your little pussy?”

“Yes. Please.” She reached over to the table and got out a condom, which she rolled onto my penis. I really love it when my lover puts it on me!

I lifted her legs onto my shoulder and guided my tool to the opening of her slit. I eased myself into her until all nine inches were in. Then I thrust like there was no tomorrow, slamming my cock into her, with passion and violence and desire.

I looked down to see our wild bushes mingling. Carlotta screamed as I penetrated her, over and over again. My hands went from her ass to her clit to her small cones, all the while I thrusted into her. Fucking her hard and without mercy. I could feel the head of my cock penetrate her cervix that is how small her cunt was.

“Ride me, Carlotta. Sit on my cock and ride me like a horse!” She readily complied, squatting over me and inserting my cock into herself. I grasped her tiny ass as she bounced up and down on me. Her muscles milked my cock, trying to draw out my sperm.

I felt the familiar stirrings inside, signaling I was about to blow. I quickly turned her over, tore off the condom and stroked my cock. Carlotta reached up and played with my balls as I jerked my self off, shooting a torrent of my cream all over her stomach and tits.

As soon as I was finished, Carlotta got up and went to the washroom. She returned with a warm washcloth and proceeded to clean me up. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and got dressed. I reached for my wallet and pulled out eight one hundred dollar bills and put them on the dresser. Then I took another one out and handed it to Carlotta, as a thank you for our time together. She waved to me as I left the room and went back downstairs.

Donna Ygnacia showed me to the door and thanked me for my visit. I kissed her on the hand again and thanked her for the nice afternoon. A waiting cab took me back to the ship where I took a quick nap before dinner.

Tomorrow, Mazatlan!

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