Cruz Gets Trumped


Cruz Gets TrumpedNervously, Texas Senator Ted Cruz sat outside of the Oval Office. He stared at his shoes, tried to clear his mind, but was unable. From inside, he could hear the sounds of President Donald Trump yelling and cursing, having a terrible fit, though the exact content was lost other than the occasional, “…you fucking loser..!” “…a goddamned imbecile is what you are! Get out! You’re finished..!”Finally, the door to the Oval Office opened, and out ran an aide – an ex-aide by the look of it – sniffling and red in the face, clearly holding back tears.Senator Cruz heard some laughter coming from his left. There sat President Trump’s personal secretary, a young, beautiful woman who couldn’t have been more than twenty. She was smiling widely and recrossing her legs from behind her desk. She clearly enjoyed watching the aide’s anguish as he had strode past.”Missy, baby, who’s next on my schedule?” came Trump’s voice from her phone.She flashed Ted Cruz another smile, “That would be Senator Cruz, Don- I mean, Mister President.””Great! I’m on fire this morning! Send that loser in!”Missy giggled and hung up the phone. “The president will see you now, Senator.”Ted Cruz gulped and stood. Summoning all of his confidence, he walked into the Oval Office and shut the door behind him.Inside, he found the President leaning back in his chair, feet up on his desk, smoking a cigar. “Ted, buddy, have a seat, please!” beckoned the president.”Th-thank bornova escort you.””Now, no need to be nervous! I know you and I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye on everything, but I want America to see that we have a unified front!””Yes, sir!” said Cruz, perking up a bit.”Now, during the campaign I may have said a few things about that wife of yours… let’s see…” He had taken out his phone and was scrolling through his twitter feed. “That’s right! I called her a fat cow that even a drunk Mexican wouldn’t fuck. Ha, that was a good one! People loved that one! They even started putting pictures of your wife’s face onto a cow and started a whole meme around that! Haha! Boy, no wonder you lost, huh? And to think you have to go home to that cow, god, that must be torture, am I right?”Ted grew redder and redder in the face. “Mister President…. I would appreciate it if you didn’t talk about my wife…””Or what?!” Donald Trump suddenly stood up and marched around the desk, came straight up to Ted Cruz with stunning forcefulness, “What are you going to do abut it, you little bitch? Are you gonna cry, like that aide I just fired? The fact is, I call the shots around here now, and if I say your wife is a fat cow, she is, you understand me?”Now it was Ted’s turn to stand up. “Mister President, you don’t seem to…””Shut the fuck up, Ted, or you’re finished in Washington! Here’s what you’re going to do. You’re escort bornova going to publicly state that I was right all along, that your wife is fat, and ugly and worthless, and that you would give anything for one feel of Melania’s tits. And if you don’t, not only are you finished, but your whole family is finished. We’ll rake you through the mud so bad you won’t be able to see straight!””B-but…””Let me give you a little demonstration since you don’t seem to be getting it.” Trump pressed a button on his phone. “Missy, get your ass in here now!”The doors to the office opened, and his secretary stood there, looking absolutely stunning. She had long, bare legs… her black skirt barely came down past her ass. She had large breasts spilling out from her blouse. “Yes, sir?””Come over here, Missy, baby. Stand beside me. I think our friend the Senator isn’t quite understanding me.”She giggled and came over next to the Trump, so that they both stood facing poor Ted Cruz. Trump’s hands immediately began fondling Missy’s chest and ass.”Missy here is a 10. An absolute 10. Her tits are sensational, she’s thin, she gives head like you wouldn’t believe. She’s a 10. Say that with me. Missy is a 10.”Gritting his teeth, Ted Cruz said, “Missy. Is. A. 10.””…and my wife is a fat cow.”But Ted Cruz said nothing.Sighing, Donald Trump brought up a picture on his phone and showed it to Missy. “Missy, what do you see here?””Oh bornova escort bayan my god, she’s so ugly! Yuck!””Exactly, that ugly woman is this man’s wife. But he seems to be confused about that.”She giggled some more and Donald’s strong hands massaged her massive tits. “…I want you right now….” she moaned in his ear.Donald Trump smiled, returned to his chair behind his desk. Missy got down beneath his desk, unzipped his pants and got to work sucking him off.”You see, in this presidency, we only work with the finest looking people, and failing that, people who do as they’re told. Missy here does as she’s told. And you do, too, Ted. I want you to make that tweet and I want you to make it before I blow my fat load in Missy’s 19 year old mouth. If you don’t, you’re out, and I’ll to it that your wife gets a very nasty surprise in the near future, heh heh heh.” He picked up his cigar and began puffing at it.”Better hurry, Teddy Bear. Missy’s got some wicked lips, I can’t hold out forever…”Perspiring, and holding back teas, Ted Cruz brought out his phone and sen tout the tweet, just as Trump had commanded. Yes, his wife would be upset, but he would just have to explain to her that he had no choice… Trump was the boss now. And what Trump wanted, Trump got.”Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah!” yelled Trump.Missy stood up from behind the desk. Her blouse was undone and her large tits hung out. Gobs of thick cum dribbled down the corners of her mouth, dripped on her bouncy tits.She smiled at Cruz as she buttoned up. “Too bad you didn’t win,” she said to him as she walked past him and out the door.”Get lost, Ted. I’ll call you when I need you.” Trump breathed heavy, reached for his cigar. My, it was good to be president.

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