Ctuise Adventure 4


Ctuise Adventure 4Disclaimer – If any real lesbians are offended by this stoty, I apologize. I like lesbian sex because I am turned on by real orgasms and in most male-female porn, only the male has a real orgasm.Chapter 4 (Re-reading Chapter 2 would make this more meaningful)Shirley was still horny. She had had two fantastic orgasms but still hadn’t been fucked. Also, she thought of Paul and Louise, both unselfishly forgoing their orgasms to work her to a peak of frenzy. This had to be rectified so she said, “Fuck me, Paul! Fuck me. I want you to cum inside me.” As Paul moved over to hug Sheila, Louise discreetly volunteered to give them some privacy by going to an all night piano bar on the main deck. Sheila said, “Don’t you dare leave me! I want your orgasm to be at my hands and tongue and anything else I can use, not from some girl you pick up at a bar.” Paul added, “Why don’t you stay and watch. You may pick up some of my finer points. Also, I want you to join in. I may need your help to satisfy this tireless tigress!” Shirley sat on Paul’s lap with his hands fondling her breasts, his tongue and teeth playing with her ears and his penis lodged between her ass cheeks. Louise, sitting opposite, watched and she began to squirm with excitement and began pinching her nipples and squeezing her breasts. As she reached down to toy with her clit, Sheila said, “Come over here! I want to do that.” Louise then stood in front of Shirley with her legs straddling two pairs of legs in front of the bed. She continued to work on her nipples as Shirley licked her fingers and rolled her clit between them. With her other hand, she teased the opening of her new friend’s pussy. After a while, she bent down to let her tongue take over. “This is not comfortable. Let’s change positions.” Shirley demanded. Somehow, Shirley was now in charge. She had Louise lie on her back and knelt between her splayed legs and kissed and tongued her clit and pussy with her tongue with her own ass sticking up in the air. Paul knelt behind Shirley with his prick nestled up against her crotch rubbing her clit with it, teasing her clit and labia but stopping short of entering her treasure trove. “I need you inside me. Put it in!” Shirley gasped. Instead, Paul started sliding it up and down between her ass cheeks to see her reaction. “I meant my pussy, not my ass hole, you stinker! Co-operate or Louise and I will leave you out altogether.” That was not the response that Paul was after.At last Paul gave in and started to slide his cock asyabahis yeni giriş into Shirley’s pussy. It was a tight fit but very wet. Shirley could hardly concentrate on Louise and her pussy as she felt Paul’s giant shaft stretching her wet canal. “Oh! It’s so big. Maybe too big! Be careful!” Meanwhile, Louise was moaning and sighing. She cautioned Shirley to take it easy so she could cum when she did. When Paul had slid his cock in almost all the way, he stopped and slowly retracted until only the head was in and slowly plunged back in. This he repeated five or six times, picking up the pace each time, never fully inserting and never fully retracting. Shirley was beside herself with pleasure. It was all she could do to kneel on all fours, rocking back and forth to meet Paul’s thrusts, moaning and uttering encouragement to Paul, “It’s so good! It is so big! It’s so deep! More! More! More!” that she had abandoned Louise altogether. As Louise watched helpless and frustrated, Shirley screamed and Paul bellowed as they both orgasmed simultaneously. When she was able to speak coherently, Shirley apologized to Louise for abandoning her. She proclaimed that that was absolutely the best orgasm she had ever had and emphatically encouraged Louise to try it. Louise refused. Shirley said, “If you let Paul try fucking you, I will let you guys try fucking my ass. That was an offer Louise couldn’t refuse. However, Louise needed immediate satisfaction and Paul could not re-load his weapon by snapping in a fresh clip of ammunition.Shirley was lying on her back on the bed. Louise put her knees at Shirley’s shoulders and crouched over her so her pussy was over Shirley’s mouth. Exhausted, Shirley started licking Louise’ clit and pussy. To encourage her, Louise bent down to lick Shirley’s pussy. “This tastes different.” Louise remarked and then she realized that she had Paul’s sperm on her tongue. “Let me help.” Said Paul as he crouched behind Louise and raised her ass so he could get his big tongue at her pussy. Louise reluctantly purred ad a sign that she liked it. Shirley, not really wanting her pussy licked at this time, slid down toward Paul and started stroking his limp cock back to life. However, she wasn’t nearly quick enough as Louise hollered out her orgasm at last. But Paul relentlessly kept licking Louise’ smasming pussy while Shirley continued to stroke his prick. She then slithered around until she was in position to get her mouth around his growing member. Louise continued asyabahis giriş rocking back and forth to increase the effect of Paul’s big tongue. Eventually, Paul said that he was ready. Louise said that she had not stopped being ready and that was the signal for Paul to crouch behind Louise, ready to take her in doggy position. He proceeded to tease her by rubbing his cock against her labia and clitoris. When she said, “Put it in – put it in!” that was her final surrender. Figuring that she might still be a virgin, he entered her slowly. She was tight and very wet, He warned her that it might hurt a little but she kept repeating, “Do it” He felt the membrane give way and she grunted from the pain but she thrust back at him so he continued. “Faster – faster – harder – harder” she urged and he did. As both were on the rebound from their first orgasm, they had the stamina to keep going for several minutes. As Louise was cumming she said, “Cum inside me – I want to get pregnant.” Paul waited until Louise’ spasm stopped and pulled out without cumming. He was not prepared to release inside her on the sperm of the moment. He needed to discuss it in advance. Fathering a c***d was not to be taken lightly. He and Sheila had deferred parenthood but were planning on starting a family soon. How would she feel about this? What would his responsibilities be toward the c***d? Would he be able to participate in the experience of fatherhood? As Louise gradually composed herself, they came to an agreement. If Sheila consented, Paul would try to impregnate Louise. Paul and Sheila would be considered godparents and have some relationship with the c***d. Any contributions to the c***d’s needs and schooling would be voluntary. Louise had a good job and could easily support the c***d by herself. All other decisions were put off until a later date. Louise had finally had sex with a man. Now it was time for Shirley to complete her end of the bargain.Paul lay on his back and Shirley got into the sixty-nine position. Paul was licking her pussy and clit and as Shirley put her mouth over his still rigid cock, she couldn’t help but remark how he tasted like Louise. Then Louise knelt behind Shirley and began massaging her ass cheeks. She felt Shirley tense and shudder in nervous anticipation. When Louise flicked out her tongue at her puckered target, there was a muffled grunt from Shirley. It was hard to tell what kind of reaction Shirley was expressing with a mouth stuffed full of cock. However, Louise noticed asyabahis güvenilirmi that Shirley’s ass was squirming but not retreating so she flicked her ass hole again. Shirley clearly liked the sensation as she rocked back toward Louise’s tongue. Louise rimmed around a few times and then jutted her tongue forward at her puckered target. They all heard a muffled squeal of pleasure indicating that Louise had hit the bull’s eye. Although Louise had earned entry into Shirley’s ass, Paul was hoping that she would share her prize with him. However, until that time came, he would have to be content licking Shirley’s pussy and having Shirley sucking him off.After several more minutes, Louise replaced her tongue inside Shirley’s ass with first one finger and then two. Shirley was rocking back onto Louise’ fingers and issuing muffled purrs and squeals around Paul’s enormous cock. Eventually, Shirley came up for air. She said to Paul, “I need you inside me. Fuck me now!” Paul asked her which hole but Louise interrupted by saying, “Fuck her Pussy because her ass belongs to me!” As Shirley reversed her position over Paul and lowered her pussy over Paul’s cock. Louise moved around behind Shirley and continued with a third, lubricated finger in her ass. Shirley was humping noisily on Paul’s cock when Louise withdrew her fingers from Shirley’s ass. “Please don’t stop” she pleaded but as Louise reached into a drawer for her strap on, she said that she needed a drink. This ruse gave her enough time to assemble the strap on and lubricate it without Shirley’s knowledge. “Okay, I’m back” she said as she nestled the tip of the dildo against Shirley’s open asshole. “You two hold still while I slide it in.” she said. Shirley jerked her head around to see what Louise was talking about but she couldn’t quite see what Louise had attached to the harness. “Will it hurt?” Shirley asked. “I think you are ready for it. Just relax a bit.” was Louise’ reply.Paul held Shirley’s ass open as Louise pushed her hips forward slowly. Bit by bit the dildo entered Shirley’s ass. Paul was first to respond, “Ooh I can feel it. It is making your pussy tight on my penis. I don’t think I can hold out much longer.” Shirley started moaning, “deeper, harder, do it – do it – do it!” She then pushed back as both dildo and cock were forced in deeper. As Shirley and Paul both trumpeted their orgasms with sounds of pleasure, Louise basked in the feeling of the power to give such pleasure to her two new friends. As a thank you to Louise, Paul and Shirley licked and fondled Louise to one final exhausted orgasm as the three playmates fell asleep in each other’s embrace. They would have to wait until morning to find out how Rosalind and Sheila had fared. If I ever get around to writing it, that will be Chapter 5.

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