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Till the next Time Van T Z Boi) Dan sighed almost silently as his cock penetrated the saliva moist lips of Davey’s virginal boypussy, the pucker opening up too easily as his cocktip entered the warm entrance of Davey’s bumhole. Davey tensed as the strange sensation between his legs gave him an unknown concern. Dan felt the tension in Davey’s body become a harder resistance, he paused and kept his needy cock under control. “Shhhh now,” he whispered in Davey’s ear, “relax now or this could hurt,” he looked directly into David’s eyes, seeing the worry, “just say if it gets too painful, okay,” his tone was reassuring, this was not his first virgin and certainly not his first boy virgin. David bit his lower lip with his teeth and nodded his head. Whispering muttered words of assurance and comfort Dan pushed forwards once again, the resistance around his cockhead was spongy tight, “Relax, relax,” he persisted, his tone still confident and sincere, “I don’t want to hurt you,” he added and bent down to kiss the boy softly on the lips. He felt the resistance soften, a slight lessening of the tightness on his glans, he pushed forward, a micro millimetre movement, his cock moved inwards, stretching the virginal boy pussy lips wider. David’s eyes and his mouth opened as the slight push brought a pressing ache between his legs. “Nearly there now,” Dan smiled and tried to smile with his eyes, this was the moment, the micro moment of success or failure. He bent his head close to David’s ear, “Just a small sharp pain David, you can do it,” his tone still encouraging and confidentially insistent. He thrust forwards, his cockhead expanding David’s entrance to its utmost as the hard ridge entered the warm moist tunnel. David grunted and his pussy lips contracted tight, his resistance returned, a small tear dribbled from the edge of David’s left eye. “Shhush now, shhhuuush,” Dan cooed, his warm breath wafting across David’s face, “I know you can do it,” his final gentle push met with damp moistness, the tightening just being a momentary reaction. “That’s it little one,” Dan sighed, he was in, his cock ridge was an inch inside David’s boycunt, it was just a matter of getting the boy used to the sensation. “Deep breaths now David, follow me,” he instructed and took several extra-long breaths, David joining him on his second inhalation. David could feel the largeness inside him and being so close to Dan he could smell Dan’s musky aroma, the hunky smell pervaded his nostrils and as he inhaled the strange odour it did something to his senses. He could feel his body relaxing even more and Dan sensing the change allowed natural progression to take place as his cock slid fully inside David’s boy pussy claiming the virginal haven for his own. Dan felt his own exhilaration at the conquest of yet another boy pussy, another notch on his belt and fought to control his desire to crow his roostering to the sky and fuck the boy mercilessly; he had only ever done that once and the boy had screamed in fright, it had made him think more carefully about deflowering boys especially as it had then taken him much more time to comfort the boy and re-seduce him. Following that experience he had learned to restrain himself after that; his seduction of young boys had proved ever more successful following the learning curve of gentle persuasion and penetration. David took another deep breath, he could feel the hugeness inside him and there was a slight ache from his bumhole where his opening had been stretched and kept open, usually it closed but now the width of Akela’s cock kept the muscles straining and as such they ached with the continued effort; the slow deep breaths however were calming, the ache finally died down and he was able to sense the pulsing motions of the object inside him. Akela’s musky scent was also having further disturbing calming effects on his senses whilst it excited his mind, the salty spiced odour filled his nostrils and sent further thrills around his body. Such was the heat of Akela’s desire, the hormone enriched aroma sinking deep inside David’s psyche allowing him to relax and accept what was happening to him, what was happening inside him. Dan sighed as the tight velvetness consumed his cock, the satiny sensation of the inner lining almost caressing his exposed glans. He bent his head to look down at David, the boy’s eyes looked up at him; he could see the initial worry look had been replaced with one of open eyed wonder. Slowly he flexed his rod inside David’s pussy, the jerking motion causing his cock to be stroked by the tight tunnel and the widening and slight tremor of David’s body told him that it had not been a totally painful experience. “Good boy,” he whispered and bent down to kiss David’s nose tip, any further bending and he might hurt the boy as it would mean his embedded cock would have to move, possibly more than David could cope with at that moment. He flexed his cock again, rubbing against the softness of David’s inner tube and this time pushed gently forward. David’s eyes opened wider and he moaned; it was a good moan, Dan knew, not one of pain. “Okay little one?” he whispered. “Uh huh,” David’s reply was very quiet but his eyes blazed as the second movement had sent a strange extra thrill inside him. “Okay then, we’ll continue,” Dan bent and kissed the top of David’s head, “now if it hurts just say so,” he said as comfortingly as he could. He moved his hips for a another thrust, his cock sliding easily forward and then backwards, Dan sighed as he felt the slight touch of David’s boy bulge; he recognised he was already within easy reach of the boy’s passion button. David moaned and whimpered and his hands clutched Dan’s arms. Dan thrust again, just a little more strongly, David again moaned and his fingertips gripped tightly at Dan’s arms. Dan repeated the thrusting motions, going faster and harder as he did so. David bucked and whimpered beneath him, the fingers clutching tighter and tighter but no cries or demands to stop what was happening. David sighed and moaned as new unexpected waves of tickling tingles ran up and down his body, the warm itching he felt was insistent that it be scratched and the only way it seemed it could be scratched was by the large thing moving inside him, he could feel it move, feel it pulse and it was touching him somewhere inside and it was this that wanted the touching to continue but quicker. “Faster, faster,” David muttered and Dan grinned başakşehir escort knowingly, he responded and began sliding his cock back and forth, bringing it almost out, stretching the pussy lips wide before plunging back inside and rubbing up against the swelling bulge that was David’s boy passion nub, his glans bumped against the slight lump, backward and forward, squeezing the bulge and caressing it as he did so. “Ohhhh, ooohhhhh,” David whimpered as yet another rushes of hot tingles shot through him, centred on the fatness invading him. Dan put his weight on his elbows and raised himself up, he could look down his body watching his cock shaft sliding back and forth, he felt David’s love glove close tighter around him, instinctively David’s boypussy reacting to the thrusting cock. Dan checked David’s face, the boys eyes were closed but there was a calmness about his visage and the clutching fingers were contracting in a particular rhythm on his forearms; the sensual beat one he knew very well indeed. Gently he timed his thrusts with the clutching fingers, speeding up as the fingertips told him, David writhing and whimpering and moaning and groaning beneath him. His cock demanded that he go faster, satisfy its dominating need to breed the virginal pussy but Dan knew it was vital to ensure that David enjoyed his first fuck to the full, it meant there would be many more such fucks in future and having a beautiful boy to fuck was Dan’s lifelong passion and objective. Boys who liked being fucked don’t tell their parents, it’s a secret they will happily keep and it means he could keep on fucking them without nasty problems like parental or police interventions. David was twitching now, he could sense that something was happening inside him, his body seemed to have taken on a will of its own, his jangling inner tingle was increasing in warmth and frequency, it was like he was trying to climb a mountain and having to do it at a run. The tickling tingles along his legs and arms and inside him grew stronger and stronger and he was instinctively moving his hips underneath Akela so that the tiny itch inside him could be massaged and massaged quickly, his drumming fingers beat out a riff on Akela’s arms, somehow David knew this would tell Akela what to do, how fast to move, when to slow down, when to just thrust. He noticed Aklea was grunting now, the harder pounding his boy pussy was taking making him take deeper breaths and David could feel Akela’s lungs and chest moving as they panted, it was hard against his own body but he was panting just as hard. A white light seemed to flash off and on and it was as though he was a moth to the internal flame, his body wriggled in timeless intimate knowledge and then the tingle ballooned, the itching, stinging, heated tingle soaring and sweeping like an internal tsunami reaching to overpower him in a glorious sea of enchanting delights. David shouted, a crow of delighted delirious gratification and the white light exploded inside his mind, sending more wavelets of ebbing delirium coursing down his nerve endings. “That’s it, David, that’s it, my boy,” Akela encouraged him as David rode the magnificent stallion of man cock induced boy orgasm on its racing journey, his own cock thrusting rapidly inside the tightening grips of orgasmic boypussy sending sweet pleasurable waves of manly joy along his shaft. Dan felt the gripping undulations caressing his cockhead, the exquisite massaging enriched by the fact that this was David’s first time, he was once more in conquering mode and happy to claim another available boy pussy for his expanding harem. He rabbit fucked the tight bud, making sure that David’s first fuck would be memorable and something the boy would be happy to repeat again and again. David wriggled and writhed, the strange sensations inside him making him move his body in a strange kind of dance and as he squirmed about his mind was once more subjected to the whirling flashing images as the strange itching tingle inside him rose up once more, stronger than the first time, the flashing lights flickered quicker and quicker and then that hot warmth exploded inside him and he thrashed against the pounding body on top of him. Akela was grunting heavily now, his body hard and insistent, the forceful thrusts inside him increasing and his internal itch was stroked repeatedly, he felt it as from a distance as the effects of his extraordinary explosion faded but then Akela’s body suddenly tensed, the final deep thrust forcing him down into the trampled grass. Akela gasped and David felt the something inside him pulse, there were several wet sensations, cooling blasts inside his inner heat. “Oh yeah, that’s it, fuck that is sooo, sooo good,” Akela moaned above David and he felt the something inside him shrink slightly, it was still there, it was still moving but slower and not as big and there was a mushy feeling and his funny tickle was still itching but not a needful to be scratched itching as it had been. Dan sighed as he felt his orgasm subside, the tight no longer virginal boy pussy was awash now with his spunk, the boy had been bred and bred good, now he hoped to reap the benefits by fucking David as often as possible. `The boy is a natural, his pussy really worked my cock’ he thought as he relaxed on top of his latest conquest. His ragged breathing slowed and he put his weight on his forearms as he looked down at the puzzled but happy face below him. “You did well David,” Akela bent his head to kiss David’s sweet pinky lips. David moved slightly, stretching his body, the movement making Dan’s cock rub against David’s sperm moist pussy walls, the sensation causing another peak in his cock which pulsed. “Wh, wh, what happened?” David was agog, “it was like when you rubbed my willie or sucked it, but,” he sighed heavily, “but it was so much bigger.” He stopped unsure if he had used the right words to explain how he felt. “It’s alright David, when we do it this way it can be much, `bigger,’ and therefore much more nicer for both of us,” Dan used the same word David had, it showed he understood what he meant. “It was nicer wasn’t it?” he kissed the tip of David’s nose. “Uh-huh,” David was glad Akela understood, he looked down his body, his willie was till hard and pointing and beyond that he could see part of Akela’s willie. `Is that what was, is inside me?’ he wondered. “Did you put your willie inside me?” he asked, his honest interest clear in his tone. “Yes, well yes I did,” Dan moved his hips, his cock slid slowly back and forth, the sensation an indication of delights to come and he watched as David’s eye’s showed the glimmer of renewed delight too. “That’s what made those nice things so good for us,” he nuzzled David’s ear, licking the folds of skin and sucking gently at the earlobe. David involuntarily moaned and his pussy lips tightened around the swelling mandick. A tickling wavelet washed up his thighs and David trembled. “Are we going to do it again?” his voice was tremulous and hopeful, already he was instinctively moving his hips, sucking the invading cock further back inside him. A warm sensation floated through him. “If you want,” Dan flexed his cock inside the tightening tunnel, “do you want to do it again?” he whispered, his mouth close to David’s ear. “Ohh yes Akela, yes,” David replied almost yelping. “The thing is David I’m tired after the long drive so I’m going to need your help,” Dan smiled watching the reaction. “Sure, okay Akela,” David’s head rose up from the grass, he struggled to move with Dan’s weight holding him down, “what do I have to do?” he asked earnestly. “Hey, slow down just let me sort things out,” Dan grinned, `the boy was definitely a natural,’ “Now I have to get my cock out of your pussy,” he said nonchalantly. David’s eye’s widened, “What’s my pussy?” he started to ask but then as Akela moved and his willie slipped out of him David felt a sudden sadness, halkalı escort an hurtful emptiness, “Oh Akela put it back in, please put it back in,” he sobbed at the unexpected misery. Dan expecting this slid his cock back inside the warmth of David’s boy cunt, he could almost feel his dick smile as it slid back into the wet spermy fuck tunnel. “Okay now?” David nodded and grabbed at Dan’s body holding him tight, it felt better now, so much better having that fat swelling back inside him, his body squeezed the invading pole and he felt the tickle itch once more. “Now I’m going to have to take my cock out,” David’s protests were thwarted as Dan spoke again, “but it will only be for a moment, okay. Once I’m lying flat then you can get on top and we can do it again. Okay David?” David really only heard, `we can do it again,’ and this is what he craved; `It was like when he was first swung high in the air by his father, that flying feeling which he had demanded his father repeat and repeat until both were worn out only this was much grander, yes grander, he liked that word to describe his feelings at that moment.’ “Okay Akela” he replied. Dan slid his cock out of the hot funnel, this time the sense of loss was expected and David took in a deep breath, the extra oxygen helping his disconsolate feelings. He watched as Akela lay on the grass beside him, he could see Akela’s willie, it was stiff and it pulsed, it was wet looking and there were some streaks of glistening stuff on it that glittered slightly in the sun, he watched it fascinated, `I wonder if my daddy’s willie ever gets as big as Akela’s,’ he thought as he lay there. “Come along David, time for your to do your bit,” Akela’s command brought him back to earth and he shook his head and sat up. The sun felt good on his back where it warmed the damper grass stained cool areas. “Now hop onto my belly, that’s it,” Akela helped David get into position. Dan held David’s face with his hand and spoke to him directly, looking straight into David’s eyes. “Now I want you to straddle me on your knees and above my cock,” he said smilingly, “right that’s good,” he added as David knelt upwards balanced on his knees, his legs either side of Dan’s torso, “Now this is the difficult part so listen carefully so neither of us gets hurt.” David was all ears at this instruction and he listened carefully as Akela explained what he wanted him to do. David blinked as he looked at Akela’s willie pulsing in the sun, it looked sticky now, the funny streaks were drying. Obediently he bent down and taking the hard and spongy pole in his hand he began licking and sucking it, his saliva leaving wet trails as he licked up and down and all around. He noticed that Akela’s willie had a different taste this time, it was salty and hot on his tastebuds but the aroma coming off it filled his nostrils with a rich musky essence and he sniffed it wholeheartedly, the scent invading his nostrils sending lovely thrills coursing inside him. “Good boy,” Akela sighed and David beamed inside, “I’m ready now so I want you to sit up above me and put my cock inside you.” David held the slimy shaft in his hand and placed it underneath him, Dan carefully guided the head to David’ pussy lips, the boy twitched as his cock made contact with the sensitive opening and he sensed the rush inside David as the boy’s hand twitched, his mouth fell agape and there was a sudden glint in his eyes. “That’s it my boy. Slide it in slowly, enjoy the feeling,” Dan encouraged David who was trembling now as his young body adapted to the intrusion. Both felt his muscles grab at the fleshy tube, sucking it further in, David automatically sinking down on his knees to allow full and complete access to his boy treasure. As the satiny skin made contact with his inner bud, David jerked and moving his hips repeated the same motions to produce the same ticking itching feelings. “Good that’s so good David, you are getting so good at this already,” sighed Dan as he felt the pleasant rubbing pressure against his cockhead and the squeezing around his ridge, his cock surged forward and he grasped David by the hips and forced him down the last few inches. “There, that’s right, all the way in,” Dan moaned happily. “Now just stay still for a moment, we need to feel ready again,” his instruction seemed to make sense to David who stayed in position, half bent forwards, weight on his knees and legs as his bumhole got once again used to being expanded to take the swelling tube. David could feel Akela’s willie as before pulse and throb inside him, at times it touched him, that something inside him that itched powerfully when it did so. He was getting used once again to the spearing sensation and he placed his hands on his knees and waited with baited anticipation. “Now I want you to move up and down, but slowly,” Akela grabbed him before his cock slid back out completely from the hot tunnel. “Slowly, slowly move your hips,” David did so and then he felt that sudden sharp itch tingle again. “There, stay there, do it again just like that,” David needed no further urging, that tingling tickle was what he wanted and he twitched his hips in just the same way, a ripple of warmth waved inside him, before Akela could ask him to do it again, he did it himself and again and again. David bounced gently on Akela’s cock enjoying the experience of pleasuring himself, he experimented, sometimes with Akela’s suggestions; arching his back, or rotating his torso or bouncing hard both up and down, squishing Akela’s furry balls between his open legs when he leaned back. Dan watched lasciviously as his new prot�g�e learned how to fuck himself against Dan’s throbbing cock, he could see the growing pleasure as David sought to bounce faster and higher, the boy’s slim pencil boyrod was stiff, the foreskin peeled back down the ivory pink shaft, the almost crimson pink cocklet glans glowing in the rays from the sun. He steeled himself for the bouncing onslaught as David fucked himself to his dry climax. At times he was out of rhythm with David’s race and the inexperienced boy hurt him by bouncing too hard down on his groin, the muscles not always geared to the sudden drop but he held his drive in focus, this was to be David’s moment and if the boy completed it to his pure joy then he would want to repeat it again and again. David sensed his inner tingling increasing, he moved faster and harder, thrusting his body hard down on Akela’s thighs, the itching inside him growing and growing and demanding more and more. Harder, fiercer, almost ferocious in his haste David moved his body, the fleshy manmeat inside him rubbing him incessantly directly at his pleasure point, the itch grew stronger and warmer, the bright lights beckoned once more and then the volcano erupted and Davis squealed as the warmth washed and waved through him, the spreading tingle itch now rampaging through his entire system as he went into sexual orgasmic delight, his dry orgasm pulsing repeatedly for some moments before it ebbed away and David sank down momentarily sated. Dan seized his chance, as David went limp, he took over and began to fuck the tight pulsing arsehole. David groaned and then the flame of passion slightly dampened by his dry cum broke out again, this time his pleasure was at Akela’s instigation and soon they were bouncing and writhing together in sexual synch as yet another delightful wave of boyjoy floated through David’s encompassing body followed by yet another and another and then Akela grunted and thrust upwards. David felt the swelling inside him expand again, the thrusting spike blooming and spraying its liquid blossom inside him, his heated bud cooling slightly as the spermwash flooded it. Akela moaned and grabbed David tight ramming him against his stomach, his cock spewing furiously its man seed inside the tight boy tunnel, the undulating membrane massaging the last jets of seed out of his tubes. Fucked he sank back on the grass, David still in the throes of şirinevler escort his own boyjoy vibrating on the slowly subsiding rod squirming around until he too went limp, the last joys ebbing slowly through his body and his mind. Sitting on Akela’s cock which was somewhat squidgedly still encased inside him he grinned at the cubmaster and smiled. “Oh Akela that was so much fun,” he beamed and squeezed his muscles, sending a pleasurable sensation waft through Dan’s shrinking cock, just enough to halt the subsidence and possibly renew its interest. Dan sighed and stroked his limp hand across David’s cheek, “I thought you might like that, but David, for a first time, wow you were so good, Oh wow, what a good cub you are,” he took David’s hand in his and kissed the slim fingertips. “Is there a badge for it?” David’s innocence blazed in his eyes and Dan managed to stop himself laughing. “Well yes there is a badge you can get,” he grinned, “but you have to prove you can do it more than just the once,” he teased, his cock was already stiffening and his balls twinged reminding him that they really needed time to refuel. “Well we did it twice,” David looked at him, “don’t they count?” “Ah but it was once on top of me and once on your back, there are a number of different positions,” Dan sighed and blinked his eyes, carefully, “you’ll need to practise every one of those as well,” he said meaningfully. “Oh,” David’s mouth fell open and his eyes widened. “Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of time over the weekend to train you up,” Dan smiled, “but at the moment you need to practise the clean-up part.” “Clean-up?” David’s face wore a puzzled look. Da gently eased the boy off his still fat if not stiff knob, his cock make a splattering sound as it slumped flatly on his stomach. He explained the need to clean his cock, “so that it is ready for the next time and to show how much you appreciate the way it made you feel,” he stroked David’s head as the boy sucked and licked his cock clean, the rasping tongue exciting him but not enough to full erection as he needed more time to recover from the very heavy sucking and fucking deflowering session. Dan stood up and pulled David to his feet, “Time to set up our tent,” he said, “and start on the rest of the site.” He kept the boy busy as both naked they unloaded the van and located their tent. David coped with banging in the tentpegs as Akela kept the tent upright. He crawled into the small space and sat on the groundsheet, this was going to be his home for the next few days and he was looking forward to really camping out properly. Dan handed him the sleeping bags which he placed in the centre of the tent, Dan grinned as he knew that only his slightly larger one would be used, `we can use his one for a pillow,’ he thought; in his mind he pictured the naked boy lying across his rolled sleeping bag, his legs akimbo and his pussy open for inspection and fucking. His cock twitched and grew. David looking up through the tent flap saw the swelling. “Is time to do it again?” he asked his had reaching out to stroke the fat pink sausage like lump, “and what position this time?” he could not begin to imagine any himself but he trusted Akela. Dan moaned as the touch excited him yet again, his balls ached and yet his cock continued to expand and reach upwards. `Perhaps just a little fuck,’ he thought to himself, `christen the tent so to speak.’ “You need to lick it, get my cock good and wet so it will slide in easily without hurting you,” he grinned at David who was already on his knees his lips around the pudgy swelling; the usual sensations of pleasure and anticipation commenced their journey up his cock and into his balls and his body. David knelt sucking and licking the hardening shaft and the large mushroom heart-shaped protuberance, he tasted the sweetness and the spicy salty liquid that quickly drooled from the engorging cockhead and as his nostrils one again flares as they inhaled the strange exciting musky aroma that emanated with growing strength from Akela’s body; he felt a return of the strange but wonderful inner itch, only this time he knew how to scratch it. He knelt back as Akela eased the pulsing manrod from his mouth. “What position do we try now?” he asked eagerly. End Of Part Three… To be continued…????????????? (Oh how I wish Dan had been my Akela, what about you did you get set up at camp? So David has started learning the groundwork for his badge, I’m sure he will pass with distinction, are you ready to give him his marks out of ten? Okay Well if you want more and want me to continue this story why not write and tell me and don’t forget if you like this one then I have plenty more stories to whet your appetite, just look up V for Van T Z Boi on ‘s prolific authors listing. Please, please also make a different deposit in ‘s coffers for without them you would not be able to enjoy this further chapter. All the best, Van T Z Boi) (In response to all those who are interested; the Lost/Rejected stories are still undergoing editing and once they have been posted I will announce the link. The good news is that good ole’ have provided copies of `Detained at Daddies’ and `Mummy Said’ from their records so now I have recovered all the missing stories, so mucho thanks . Sorry I can’t be more forthcoming at this time as to when I will be able to post them but please watch this space. 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