Cuckold in Milwaukee Has Fun


Cuckold in Milwaukee Has FunAfter I exploded, Judy and her ther****t used their fingers to make me clean up all my cum. Judy then looked at her ther****t and said, “you really think it would humiliate him if I took him to get fitted for a bra?” Kris laughed and said, “he may cum on the spot.” Judy said that would be a great idea but not sure if I could walk in and do that to a store.Kris said, “hang on a second, let me call Mary in and ask her where to go.” I laughed and said, you are going to call someone in and I am laying here naked?” Neither responded and Kris went to phone and asked Mary to come in. Mary came in and saw me laying there and kind of snickered and said, “wow he really is small.” Kris said, “Maybe you can see some more sometime but right now we some help. Where can Judy take her husband to get fitted for a custom bra to cover those man titties?” Mary gave us a list of a couple of places to go and even some names of people to see. Mary pointed to one in particular and said you may want to try this one, they deal with some of your other cross dressing patients.”Judy said, “great now just to plan out when to do it.” Kris laughed and said, “let’s do it this Friday, in the mean time we still have some time.” For the next two hours Kris and Judy went at it again. They even threatened to use the strap ons on me but instead concentrated on each other.As melikgazi escort we walked out Kris and Judy said goodbye and that they couldn’t wait until Friday. As we drove home Judy said, “I can’t believe how wet I still am.” I laughed and said “you are probably still horny”. She reached over an pinched my nipple and said, “I meant what I said about loving being married to the dickless wonder. Let’s get on the freeway and drive for a bit.” I wasn’t sure why she wanted to do that but all of a sudden her she unbuttoned her shirt and took off her skirt. She put her heals up on the dash and started playing with herself. For the next two hours she just had me drive and she kept playing. We kept getting beeps and thumbs up from truck drivers. I wasn’t sure how many times she came but she was having fun.I finally asked how long she had been having a relationship with Kris, Judy smiled and said “why do you think I have been going in twice a week for the last 10 years?” She then turned to me and smiled and said, “pull into the truck stop ahead and let’s see what happens.”I pulled off and went over to a quieter side of the parking lot and sure enough a semi and a van pulled over by us. A trucker got out of the semi and walked over to us and Judy got out of our SUV and got on her knees and gave him a blow job. The guy took about 3 minutes to get off, sputtered a thank you and got back in his truck and took off. At that point a couple got out of the van and walked over, Judy was standing in her unbuttoned shirt and naked from the waste down and the female says, “thanks for the show, want to play some more?” Judy looked at me and smiled and turned to them and said, “back of the van?” She went with them and left me sitting in the car.All of a sudden my phone rings and I answer and I hear Judy saying, “my husband likes to listen in so I am going to let him listen.” For the next two hours they went at it. I could hear moans and the two women begging for more and a bunch of screaming as they came. The whole situation gave new meaning to the term, when the van’s a rocking don’t come a knocking. When they got done they exchanged phone numbers and Judy headed back over to my car.When she got in she took my hand and put it down by her pussy which was soaking wet and said, “do you want to clean now or later?” I said, “let’s get home so we can do it.” We got home and Judy was still mostly undressed waddled into the bedroom and had me follow her she had me get undressed and lay down. She squatted over me and lowered her pussy onto my face and had me start flicking my tongue at her clit. She had already started pinching my nipples and was starting to moan harder as my tongue was finding the inside of her soaking pussy. She started telling me some of what went on in the van and my cock started to get hard and she said your cock will have to wait until you get your bra. She came another 3 or four times with my tonguing her cum filled box. We turned over and slept like babies my face still full of the cum she had collected. In the morning she told me to leave the cum on my face. She had me wear sweat pants and a t-shirt. I asked why? She said, “because today we go get my cum soaked slut a bra.” I didn’t think she would go through with it.About 10 o’clock we met Kris outside the fancy lingerie shop. She looked at my face and said, “Judy you must have had more fun last night.” Judy just smiled. We walked up to the door and rang the buzzer. A sexy woman dressed a little like a goth cam to the door and saw Kris and smiled and said, “what brings you her doc?” She smiled and said, “We are having a girls day out” and the goth woman looked at me and Kris continued and said, “we need to get Judy’s cum filled slut fitted for a bra.” Goth woman smiled and said, “of course we can help of you.”We went in and goth woman said, “what would you like your little sissy to wear?” Judy said, “I would like for him to have something for support for during the day where others may not notice and something sexy for when I’m horny.” Goth lady said, “sounds good, let’s have him come up by the mirrors and get undressed.” I looked with wide eyes and Judy said, “you heard her, get naked.”……….

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