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cuckold lifestyle 41Well this pasted weekend my wife came up with a plain that included me for a change. She told me she wanted a small gang bang . Knowing my place in these matters I didn’t say anything at first. She said well ? what do you think? Who me I pointed at myself…She had a slight pissed look about her when she said Hell Yes you, Dickhead. I don’t know what to say I told her. She then informed me that she would tell me what to say and to who. She carried on by telling me I would be calling a few of her men and asking them to come to our home to fuck my wife. Me ? why me? I said. She said because I said so , and if you want to be here to watch you will do it. I can watch ? I said with a big smile on my face….She said yes I have an idea and I want you to be part of it. OK then who am I calling? I said …OH wait I butted in before she spoke. You only have one guy that knows I know. Tim. She said yeah that’s part of my plain , you are going to ask guys that don’t know you are being Cuckolded. They just think I’m cheating on you. She handed me a “little black book” of her side meat , I had never seen it before. She said go through and pick me out five . Five? you can handle five in one night I said with a slight cocky voice. She said OH OK smart ass make it six then. When is this orgy taking place ? I need to tell them, I said. She started down the hall toward our bed room and said well make it tomorrow night. I opened the book and there was page after page of names all with little dots out beside them. I hollored back to her and asked what are these dots for? She said thats how she “rates” them. She said if you’ll notice some dots are bigger than others and some have more dots. I said well the bigger dots I can figure out but what about the guys with lots of dots. She said the lots of dots means they fuck for a long time without cumming. Oh I see , I said. Ummm well if it’s up to me to pick the nasty half dozen then I don’t want any all night fuckers, I want her pussy sore I’m picking only big dot boys for this afair. The first name was Adam , umm Adam ? never heard of him , I wonder what color he is I thought. I’ll call and listen to see if I can figure it out. He does have a rather large dot side his name. I sat down and as I was dialing I had a mean thought…I’ll make them all black if I can. Well I dailed what had to be a cell number and a guy answered it on the first ring. Whats up babydoll he said. Oh shit he is black, I froze , Hey are you there he said . Oh hey Adam I said rather quietly , This isn’t babydoll, this is her husband. Oh OK what do you want he said. I froze once more. I had never asked a guy to fuck my wife…Oh umm my wife wanted me to invite you over tomorrow night , OK , but why didn’t she call he said. Well you see I’m a Cuckold Husband and she fucks who and when she wants. This time it was he that froze, you shitting me dude he said. I said no sir , she wants a small gang bang tomorrow night and I have to call and invite all the guys I told him. Who all are you inviting he asked . I told him he was the first name in her address book with a big dot so i started with him. Big Dot he said ? Oh you must be well hung I said. He said well yeah, so can you make it I asked ? What time is this thing he asked me, I said OH about seven would be OK. He asked me how many more are you going to call? I said she wants six , I’ll have to keep looking to pick out the biggest dicks in her book. Did she say she wanted only big cocks he asked? I said well no…but she said for me to pick out six, and I want her happy and sore tomorrow night. He said dud tell her you got her six of the best cocks in her book, I’ll take care to getting the other five. Oh well that would be a big help, but can I ask a favor of you? He said what is it? I said can you make all of them black . You are a sick fucker aren’t you he said with a laugh. I said I guess I am. He said we’ll be there at seven tomorrow night.When I hung up the phone and I could hear the shower running in the main bathroom. I laid the phone down and turned on the TV. I was watching an old AMC movie when my wife came down the hall butt assed naked with her hair all up in a towel. I didn’t look at her at first , out of the corner of my eye I saw her hands go to her beautiful naked hips. WELL she spouted at me. OH , I looked over to her I didn’t see you come in the room…She said Bullshit, you perv, you never miss and naked body. Well that’s right I smiled , I went right back to looking at the TV just to piss her off. Hey “micro cock” asyabahis yeni giriş , did you do what i told you to do? Oh that ..umm yeah I handled it, I said like it wasn’t a big deal. You fucking handled it she repeted ? Yeah I got you six nice hard cocks coming over tomorrow night to beat the shit out of your sexy little body. My mouth talked faster than my brain worked just then, I freeked out inside. I just stared at her , a big smile came over her face and she almost got giddy. Really? who did you invite? Well I want it to be a suprise I told her. Oh fuck you she said tell me. Nope I held fast ( shit I didn’t know who was coming over). OK just one name she said will you give me one name? Umm I was thinking, I feel as if I have the upper hand here, that’s a feeling I haven’t had in years. OK Just one name I said and that’s all. Who who is it she said as she kind of stomped her feet , her little titties bounced. I said wel, Adam is one of the guys. Oooo Adam she said, you know he’s black don’t you? Oh really umm that’s cool I said, OH she added he has the fatest cock I’ve ever gotten in my pussy. I remember the first time it hurt like Hell, and for days after we fucked my pussy throbed. Well you had beeter get that pussy loosened up I have a feeling it’s going to get turned inside out tomorrow night I told her. She held out her hand and said here take this and come to bed . It was a Viagra. OK I said I took the tablet and tossed it in my mouth I got a big swallow of water to wash it down. She had gone into our room as i turned off the Tv and all the lights. When I got into our room she was laying on top of all the covers with her legs wide open and her most powerful vibrator working on her clit. She had her eyes closed but she heard me come in the room. Stay right there for a few minutes she said Don’t move! I watched her work her love botton over for almost ten minutes , in that time I saw her cum four times. I’m so jealous at how many times this woman can come. Finally she switched off her plug in lover and tossed it on the floor on her side of the bed. OH damn it she said…my heart is racing a million miles an hour. She ipened her eyes and said if you some of this pussy you had best get at it, well my Viagra hadn’t failed me I had a dick so hard it was shiney. I jumped on the bed and sunk into her in one thrust. Her cunt was HOT as was also very very wet and loose. It felt just like it does we I get sloppy seconds. Usally when her cunt is that messy my mind makes me come real quick and I loose me hardon. But not tonight ! I fucked her for a half hour without stopping the first time. She made me get up so she could roll over onto her belly. When she did she held her legs crossed together real tight and said if you can get it in you can keep on fucking. My cock could have poked holes in the wall it was still hard. Something she hadn’t counted on is my cock is skinny and I slid it all the way back into that warm soup bowl of a cunt of her’s. The added friction of her legs together like that made me come. I blew a weeks worth of sperm as far in as i could. I feel over about to have a heart attack…she uncrossed her legs and without rolling onto her back said eat me clean you motherfucker. How dare you put your worthless seed in my vagina. The boys tomorrow night will take care of you for that. Oooo I like it when she all bitchy and mean. I put my nose right on her rosebud of a butthole while my tongue dug out the cum i had just put in there. I was real east due to the fact her ass cheeks used up most of my cock , my cum was just bearley inside her. The next day was saturday I woke up feeling wonderful. I had gotten pussy the night before. I went out side and while doing my yard work I saw my wife’s car backing out of the garage. I walked over to ask where she was going. She rolled down her window far enough so i could see she had on a white sun dress that comes about four inches above her knees . No bra I could see her nipples poking out, and the slit of the dress was opned all the way to her upper tight. Her dark taned legs looked so hot next to all that white. Where are you going I asked. She said I need some female things if I’m going to get fucked in all my holes tonight. I hadn’t even thought of that. Oh so you are going to have anal sex too I said. She said well yeah, you didn’t think my pussy could stand all that fucking by itself did you? To be honest I hadn’t even thought of it I told her I kissed her on the forehead and said good by. She started to back up asyabahis giriş when I said wait! She slamed on her brakes and asked what do you want. I reached in the car and flipped her dress open to expose her naked cunt. What are you doing she said. I just wanted to see if you had panties on…OK now you know. Oh I’m going by the shoe store too I need some new pumps. Well show off that pussy I said as I waved bye to her. That evening I had to run to the grocery store for some last minute things. last minute my ass, she just wanted me out of the house while she got everything set up. I returned with all the beer and wine she had told me to get I packed a cooler per her request and carried it into our room. I saw it was all made up with candles ever where and one of our kitchen chairs setting about ten feet from the bed. I sat the cooler on it. Why not? She was in the bathroom getting ready. At seven on the nose the doorbell rang. Go get the door she yelled from the closed bathroom. I opened it to find all six guys there at once. All black and all well over six foot tall. I almost wigged out for a second. Adam was the one that rang the bell and I think he could see the shock on my face. Relax dude he spoke in a clam smooth deep voice, we are only here to fuck your wife , not to mess with you. He had a smile on his face. I know my face was redhot..I stepped aside and allowed all six of them into our home. I walked in and started to tell them where the den was when all of them said almost at the same time , we know where it is. Oh yeah I said in a low voice. well she’ll be out in a few minutes I saif , anyone want a drink? Yeah that would be nice they all asked for water…water I questioned them I have beer and wine. No water is all the fuel we need to keep up with that hot little wife of your’s. Beer slows us down. Water it is then…I went into the kitchen to get six bottled waters and just as I stared back into the den I heard whistles. She must be in there I thought. I walked in and there was my wife standing in the center of six huge black guys . She was wearing a new all black lingere set , the bra of it left her nipples bare , the waist clincher laced up tight made her figure even more sexy, gaters held up a pair of black lacetop stockings and she had on the new black high stacked pumps she bought today . Her toenails shown through the sheer stockings with bright red polish on them, as was here fingernails. Her eye makeup was a bit over done just for the night, but her blue eyes looked to be the sexiest part on her whole body to me. Her bleached blonde hair was straight and she had trimed her hair so she had bangs. I’m telling you her look was screaming fuck me and fuck me hard and fast. I spoke up ,Hey honey I was getting the guys something to drink, you care for anything? She said yes I’ll have some wine and you’ll have to serve it in out bedroom. She turned on those four inch stacked shoes and with a finger over her right shoulder motioned for all of us to follow her. I was dead last to enter the room. When I got in there I saw she had taken the cooler off that kitchen chair and it was behind it. She told all her guys to move around to form a semi circle facing me. Then she walked up to me and in a sturn voice said get naked right now! Ummm I didn’t move right away. One of the guys spoke up and said do as the lady said . My hands where alomost shaking as I got undressed in front of all those eyes. When I stool up straight that same guy said look fellows that’s why her pussy is so good, pencil dick can’t do it any harm. They all laughed ..My face turned red. My wife handed me and Viagra and said take it. I did , now set down she said. I sat in the chair and she told one of her guys to handcuff me to the chair so I couldn’t bother them once they got started. My feet where tied to the legs of the chair and my hands behind my back had cuffs on them. When she saw that I was tied up real tight she walked over and frenched kissed me ….then she stepped back and dropped the panties to her outfit. Her pussy was freashly shaven and totaly sexy. she stepped back and leaned on the foot board of our bed. Adam was looking at her sweet pussy and her rubbed his hand across the area above the slit. Now that my boys is a slick cunt…no razor stubble at all! You know what that needs right here don’t you ? as he pointed just above her slit. It needs a tattoo that says ” BLACK COCK ONLY”….ohhh my wife cooed at that thought. She looked at all her men and asked who’s paying for the artwork? They asyabahis güvenilirmi all said i will at once. OH no I’m thinking to my self , she can’t get her cunt tattooed with that message on it….what if ..what would her doctor say? I spoke up ,You can’t do that what would your doctor say? They all turned and looked at me at once….shut the fuck up one of the guys said. You want me to beat his ass sweetheart another one said? Oh my God I was totaly freeking out. She looked at the fear on my face and said well first of all “Mr Know nothing” my OBGYN is a black man. He has had my pussy in his office I’d think he would like it. The tension was reall bad …then she said don’t fuck with him..instead fuck me and she fell back on the bed. Cloths where flying all over the place , one guy spun her around and started eatting her and another lifted up a cock that had to be seven or eight inches long SOFT! He laid it on her lips and she sucked it right into her mouth. She had a cock in each hand jacking those guys off , the guy eatting her got up and shoved his hard cock into her in one hard stroke…she grunted he pulled it out and slammed it back in. He fucked her for at least ten minutes the other guys where ragging on him to either get a nut or get out. He pulled out and the angle she was laying was so that I could see right up her cunt when he moved. Her vigina was gapped open bigger than my cock is around. The next guy took the first guys place and he was a wide open fucker. He hammered her cunt till he tensed up and came in her. As soon as he pulled out a trail of seman followed onto the bed spread. He said I need to refresh , that most have been code because the guy getting head moved and he put his messy cum covered cock into my wife’s mouth. The third guy that fucked her was an easy going kind of guy. his cock had to be ten inches but not as big around as the last two guys. He’d pull out to where I could see the head and then slowly slide it to where he was balls deep in her. My cock got hard when the first guy was eatting her, they kept swaping places this way they fucked her for a full four hours with out getting a break at all. Just as the four hour mark came my wife said stop..I need to do something. they all pulled back and she walked over to me. She turned around and bent over so that her pussy and ass where right in my face. Eat me out she said make my pussy clean for my guys. I eat her as best as i could . then she turned around and looking at my cum soked face she kissed me again and grabbed ahold of my leaking hardon. She started pumping it with her hand I was so worked up I started to cum right away, she bent over and I came a huge load in her mouth. She stood up and leaned into me to kiss me again, this time she passed that load I just came right into my mouth. I swallowed it as all those guys where watching. She said OK now guys turn him around facing the other way. I said wait I can’t see anything thing, they all laughted and spun me facing the wall…for the next couple hours all I heard was her moaning the bed squeeking and a guy every so often grunt as he came. I feel asleep with my cock still hard. I woke up the next moring when the sun shined in the window right into my eyes. I opened my eyes and it took a few seconds to remember where I was and what was going on. I listened and I could hear a faint moan and the bed squeeking. They are still at it I thought. In less than a minute I heard my wife say bye thanks for coming and coming and coming..I heard a snicker…then the door close in the den. A few seconds later my wife walked around in front of me butt assed naked, hickies all over her her neck had a full circle of pashion bites..her tits where red and sore looking and she walked as if she was sore. She opened the hand cuffs and untired my feet, she helped me stand and walked me to our bed. It was wrecked, the mattress had nothing on it but wet spots all the covers where in the floor. She said lay down here , I did and she climbed up and sat on my face. Her pussy was so tired and loose I think with a little help I could have gotten my head in it..Hell I had my whole face in her pussy. It smelled like sweat and a man…. After I finished her she went to shower and so did I . I went into the spare bath room and she got the main one. I was finished and in the den when she walked in wearing a very short terrycloth bathrobe. she sat across from me and let her legs fall open enough so I could see her pussy. It was red looking. I asked if it worked? Did what work she answered back. I said I invited all big cocks so you would be sore and wore out. She said oh well yes then it worked, my pussy is numb on the outside sore on the inside and I’m in love with black cock. I just might get that tattoo after all. I’m hopping that will pass… is good

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