Cuckolded at the Club

Big Tits

I’m not an overly social guy. I’m pretty average looking, not a bad body — but not great either — and definitely don’t like going out to clubs. However my girlfriend does. She loves dancing, and socializing — she’s one of those individuals that people flock to — she’s a major social butterfly. It doesn’t hurt that she’s very attractive — tall (5ft 8inch), long dark hair that hangs down one side of her face, petite yet round ass, and C-cup tits. She’s also extremely confident in herself — unlike me — and when she walks into a room, people notice.

She convinced me to go to this club in the city. It’s not my scene — loud music, an hour long wait at the bar for drinks, and people sloppily making out with each other on the dance floor.

I’ll be the first to admit that my girlfriend looked incredible this night. Slim fit tight black dress that had a low cut so you could see her magnificent cleavage, the hem line sat three inches below her pelvis, and strappy black high heel shoes.

As soon as we walked into the club I was annoyed. It was packed to the rafters; the line to the bar was huge. I also had to pay $20 for entry fee for the both of us. That didn’t sway my girlfriend though. As soon as we walked in she gives a loud, “Wooh!” noise, and heads straight to the bar. It almost seemed like the crowd parted for her, because it only took her 5 minutes to get a drink, and she had two shots of something. By the time I made it to the bar through the crowd, she had downed her drinks, turns to me and says, “I’m going to go for a dance. Meet you out there.”

Clearly because of her hotness, she was served immediately. It took me a further 15 minutes to get a drink. Clearly both male and female bartenders didn’t care for my business — there were too many hot people to be served.

I got two drinks and made my way through the crowd. I stood at the back of the club, scoping the dance floor for my girlfriend. After 10 minutes of looking I see her dancing with a group of strangers — both male and female. I decided to finish my drinks then head out to her.

As the songs kept changing, my girlfriend was getting more and more into it – Girls and guys around her, bumping and grinding – She was having an amazing time. As I finished both drinks I started to make the trek out to the dance floor. Suddenly I noticed she was heading toward me where the bar was with four other people — two guys and two girls. As I stood in front of her she suddenly noticed me. She told me, “We’re batman escort going to get more drinks at the bar.” I thought, “Fuck, I just came from there.” But alas, I nodded my head and said, “Okay.”

So the five of them headed straight for the bar and this time I hung back. I saw they all lined up a bunch of shots and down they went. As my girlfriend through her head back to down her shot, she stumbled slightly, and one of the guys who were having shots with her caught her from falling by putting his arm around her waist. My heart skipped a beat, and felt a lump in my throat. He straightened her up and they both laughed about it. I didn’t like the look of this scene in front of me.

The five of them then headed back out to the dance floor, but via my way. Now I was really annoyed.

I needed a drink! So I headed back to the bar, trying to keep a close eye on the group with my girlfriend. After making my way through the crowd, I again waited 15 minutes for a drink.

As I waited, I searched the dance floor with eyes for my girlfriend. Then I saw it. She was dancing suggestively with the guy who caught her from falling over. My heart sank. He was a very tall 6ft man with broad shouldered, fit, and extremely handsome. My girlfriend was dancing with her back up against his chest. I could see his pelvis slowly grinding her ass. I thought, “That’s it! I’ve got to get out there!”

I began to make my way through the crowd, and was getting bumped around. When I finally made it to the dance floor, I couldn’t see my girlfriend anywhere. I shuffled around, searching in a panic. My heart was racing!

I decided to go and check the remainder of the club — it was clear they were not on the dance floor.

For whatever reason, I thought I would go into the Male toilets. I walked in, and there were only three cubical stalls and a troff. The toilets were empty except for the last stall on the far right hand wall. Before I turned around to walk out of the toilet, I heard a slight giggle coming from the stall. My heart sank! I peeked under the door slightly and there I saw two pairs of feet. One pair of Men’s shoes, the second, my girlfriend’s strappy high heels. A sick feeling burst in my stomach.

I snuck into the cubical next to theirs, locked the door, and held my ear up against the cubical wall. I couldn’t hear much. They were obviously trying to keep quiet.

I heard another quiet giggle come from my girlfriend. I got on my knees and looked under bayburt escort the cubical, and could see the Mans shoes facing the toilet bowl, and my girlfriend’s shoes facing the door toward him. What the fuck were they doing?! I couldn’t properly see. I peaked under a little more trying not to be discovered, and could just make out that my girlfriend was sitting on the toilet facing the guy. I then heard a slight sucking sound — the kind a girl makes as a Mans cock falls a little too far out of her mouth. HOLY FUCK! She was sucking his cock — surely! I heard a very quiet moan come out of his mouth. I didn’t know what to do. I felt a cold sweat flood over me. As I was shocked at what I was seeing and hearing. Suddenly my girlfriends feel shuffled. She was moving.

I backed a little away from under the cubical, and saw her shift her weight to the front of her feet for what looked like her standing up off the toilet. She moved her feet to face away from the guy toward the toilet bowl. Some more shuffling as her legs moved around slightly, and then her stance became a little wider. Her legs further apart? ‘Oh fuck NO!’ I thought.

I saw the guy go slightly up on to his tip toes for a second, then a quiet groan from him. I then heard the softest moan from my girlfriend. It was happening! He was inside her! I began to see both their legs move almost in unison back and forth. I could hear her breathing heavily. I then dared myself to peak under the cubical wall a little more, and as my head went further under the wall, I could see my girlfriends black lacy panties down around just above her knees. Both of their legs still moving back and forth in unison.

I peeked under a little more, and before my head was completely under the cubical wall I could see my girlfriend leaning up against the cubical wall over the toilet. And I saw it was the same guy who saved her from falling over at the bar and grinding on her on the dance floor. He had his hands grasping my girlfriend’s ass squeezing, as her slim black dress was pulled up to her waist. I saw his pelvis thrusting against her ass, and a slight slapping sound as his pelvis hit her ass cheeks repeatedly. I saw my girlfriends head tilt back — obviously feeling the pleasure of this guys cock inside her. I then briefly saw his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. My god! He was huge! Big thick throbbing vainy 8 inch cock. I also noticed his shaft glistening with my girlfriend’s pussy juices as it slid in and out of her. She bebek escort was clearly turned on by him. Her body language showed that she was in ecstasy acting like a filthy slut being fucked in a toilet cubical in a club by a stranger. I’m certain she wasn’t even thinking about me as this guy was fucking her with his huge cock.

I noticed the guys pacing began to quicken. He clawed her ass cheeks tighter. As he thrusted quicker, he then suddenly pulled his huge cock out of my girlfriend’s pussy and jerked off. I saw him shoot a thick white hot load of cum onto my girlfriends the ass cheeks. There was heaps! He seemed to be Cumming forever. It not only shot on her ass, but a few rogue drops spat out to the sides – one small drop hitting my cheek.

I was dumbfounded. I retreated my head further back into my cubical and continued to watch their feel. I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped the drop of this guys cum off my check.

Their feet shuffled – my girlfriend obviously wiping the guys cum off her ass — and pulling up her panties, and lowering her dress. I heard her giggle a little more, and heard a few kissing noises.

They both sneakily exited the cubical, as I pulled myself up to sit on the toilet. I noticed I had a throbbing boner. What was this?! I felt physically sick. Betrayed, jealous, yet turned on?

I then stood over the toilet and jerked my cock. It only took roughly 4 or 5 strokes before I shot my load.

I gave myself a few minutes of reflection, and then headed out to the club. I couldn’t see my girlfriend anywhere.

I then received a text message from her saying, “Hey. Couldn’t find you. Caught a taxi and heading home.”

I thought I would try to get a revenge fuck by picking up a stranger. I gave up after 30 minutes though as every girl gave me the pathetic look of either disgust or they laughed.

I decided to get a taxi and head home. Should I bring it up with her? We’ll see when I get there.

I waited an HOUR for a goddamn taxi! This night was fucked.

When I got home, my girlfriend wasn’t there. Oh GOD! What is she doing now? I laid in bed with a stressed sick feeling. And hate to admit it, but I jerked off two more times to the image burned in my brain of what I saw – as well as the thought of what she was doing at that very moment and with who.

I must have drifted off, because I felt my girlfriend hop in to bed next to me much later. Looking at the clock, it was three hours after I had gotten home. She went straight to sleep. I asked her the next day where she was and what happened, but she just said she went to grab food and lined up for a taxi. I KNOW she’s lying. I still haven’t brought it up with her what I heard and saw, but it only happened a day ago.

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