Cuckoled Couple


Cuckoled CoupleThis is a story I wanted to share… I got this note from a guy that wanted to be controled and humiliated with his wife…Dear Tom, my master! My bitch ass is so hungry, craving for you beautiful big cock! Please don’t let your bitch wither. Please Master, please destroy my ass with a hard fucking. See, I’m naked, ready to serve you. I go down all fours and poke my ass out to offer you my bitch hole. I want your cock so bad, please fuck me, fuck my ass!!! I wanna feel your cock inside my ass. Oh yes, you’re so good, you’re fucking so good. I want you to shoot your load deep inside my rectum, I wanna feel your hot juice inside me. I want you to mark your territory and I will know that I am your bitch. Please don’t pull out your cock after cuming, oh yes, piss in my ass, oh it’s good, warm, oh my god, so good. You make me feel like a dirty bitch. When you’re done, I wanna suck your cock clean and thank you for fucking me so good!!!Please write how you would do that to my wife!Oh, this kind of thing always brings out the worst in me (or best- you be the judge)I wrote him back telling him how I thought the afternoon would go…~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~haha… you fucking fag-whore… you sure fucking know how to play me…what I would do to your wife…well I am kinda spent cuz I just shot a huge angry load up your ass, then pissed in you…but you are on your knees, I am sitting in a chair and you are performing your faggot duties of licking my ass, balls and cock clean of all the disgusting juices I have fucked out of you and in to you…but you are such a desperate fag, that you start trying to get me off again, sucking my cock deeply into your mouth, süpertotobet yeni giriş getting me hard again…I cannot allow you that pleasure… I slap you… HARD. your left cheek stings… and starts to glow pink, I push you back, you land on your back, I tell you to lie there on the ground… prone… helpless, hopeless and useless…I command your wife over to me, she comes. she has watched you degrade yourself before me… a REAL man… and it turns her on… she is practically dripping from her excitement, I have made her wear some very sexy black lacy panties, sheer bra.. her taut erect nipples showing through…she approaches timidly, it has been so long since she has been fucked hard and long by a MAN that knows how to please a woman… and that knows how to take control of a situation, that she is practically quivering with anticipation…I guide her over to your pudgy body, make her kneel at your head… so that she is on her knees just above your head, and you catch the occasional wafting whiff of her maiden scent…she is essentially squatting over just above your head… if she leans forward she can spit in your face.and thats what I have her do.I walk over to her…I am now standing… straddling your prone, pathetic body facing your wife, my cock a foot from her mouth… and I let a mouthful of spit go… on to your face as well…I want you to picture this… her spit and mine, warm fresh spit mingling on your face.I grab her pretty face… I squeeze her chin and lift her face to look at me. I tell her to open her mouth… and I spit in her mouth.And then I force my cock in her face deeply, and she chokes on my hard süpertotobet giriş man cock…she is struggling to catch her breath, to force my cock out of her esophagus so she can breath, but I do not let her go… on the contrary, I grab the back of her head with both hands and skull fuck the bitch with way too much force, and I can see you are deeply concerned but also… more turned on that you can ever remember…I jab my cock deep into her throat several times before I let her go, she falls backward, hacking and coughing and gasping for breath, and I kick you, right in the side… the upper ribs, near your left flabby man-boob.”YOU FAGGOT, YOU ARE ENJOYING SEEING YOUR SIFE GET ABUSED AREN’T YOU?”I whimper, and your wife looks… scared and hurt…and the look on your face is such a mixture, that it is really indescribable… but… you know what you are feeling, I won’t bother trying…I tell your bitch wife to get back on my cock, and she does, I throat fuck her some more, and it is causeing her to work up a mouthy froth of spit and cock slime and mucus and disgust… and I hold her head as I fuck it… right above your face, so that all the shit that her mouth is producing… drips right on to your face…and soon you are a disgusting frothy mess of another mans precum, and the amazing amount of your wifes facefuck slime…you are glazed with it… you can not see clearly, because it is in your eyes, and it is in your mouth and flows up your nose…and finally after I have abused your lovely wifes throat for longer than you (or her) ever t she could hold her breath… I pull her face away from my cock… and I demand that she süpertotobet güvenilirmi look down at your face…and through the glazey haze of all the spit in your eye you look up at your wifes beautiful abused face, her mascara is running from the tears, there is snot coming out of her nose, and her spity froth glazing her face… and she looks down at you and she sees the pathetic “thing” you are…she can never see you as a man again.why would you let this “stranger” do these things to her?She feels, and you see it… All sense of respect for you completely draining from her…and then… she is still gasping to catch her breath, and she is struggling to not lose it… and quietly, tenderly, I lean down and whisper to her… in a voice that you can easily hear… “tell this pansy-ass faggot what you think of him right now””I… I…” she struggles.”Tell him how worthless, how disgusting, how much of a sissy you think he is” I demand, still whispering.and then she lets go…”You are such a disgusting pig! I never wanted this, and you insisted, and now look at you! I have NO respect for you at all, you are a disgusting blubbering mess! You are not a man! You are a fucking SISSY! A BITCH! A CUNT! You took this mans Cum And his Piss and His COCK in your mouth and your ass, Like you are some horny faggot bitch!!” and then through clenched teeth she says…”You completely disgust me!!”I laugh…And say… “Well, Now I am going to fuck you so hard, that it will feel like ****, and I will last and last and last a long, long time, and I will fuck your cunt, and your ass, and your mouth, and there is nothing you can do about that, and there is no-one here that will even lift a finger to stop it…on the contrary, your faggoty, sissy, pussy, “nancy” of a husband is just gonna get more and more turned on as I fuck you till you are as whimpering, simpering and pitiful as he is…”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I can contiue the story… if I get some good comments

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