Cuckquean Fantasy Short Story Part 1


Cuckquean Fantasy Short Story Part 1I have been writing this on Fetlife and thought I’d share it here. It’s different for me, but one of the FL members totally inspired me and I could relate to how she feels from my own perspective.[I have written and read mostly cuckold fantasies in the past, but here is a brief cuckquean fantasy, that was inspired by the passionate interest of DarkElegance90. I hope she, and others, will enjoy it. I’m not a great writer, not by any means, but I’ll give this a go.]She hurried to finish straightening the cleaning the apartment. The upstairs bedroom was nearly set, but she returned to it now in order to set the proper mood for His return. Lighting candles, straightening the bed, lighting some incense, dimming the lights, and placing some chocolates on the pillows, just as though it were a fancy hotel. She watched the clock, and noticed that they were probably on their way back soon.She couldn’t help but think of her Master, her one true love, out with another woman, dining at a nice restaurant. She had saved some money from her job in order to help her Master pay for it, and he was out with that…that…other woman! The tuzla escort one who they med online while advertising for someone to cuck her. Mary was her name, and she could tell that her Master found her quite attractive. Mary shared some photos, and when they were alone, she had to sit and watch while her Master jerked off to them…or listen to Master call out Mary’s name whilst making love to her, and as he came inside of her.She was so jealous of it all, but her heart beat with excited anticipation. Master had not allowed her to orgasm for a week leading up to this “date”. Her mind raced through the week of tense denial, pent-up frustration, as she was forced to wear this chastity and tonight she added a large butt plug to keep her two bottom holes filled. One more hole to fill but not just yet…she thought as she scurried to complete the romantic setting in the bedroom, champagne on ice and two glasses. Only two….one for her Master…and one for…Mary. She could barely think the word without fires of jealousy filling her heart and her soul…and yet those fires made her wetter than she’d ever been in her entire life. She was drenching the chastity ataşehir escort even now, and her nipples were hard as pebbles, as she thought of her Master out with…”her”! How they are enjoying some nice food, a nice meal in a fine dining establishment, on money that she worked hard for. Laughing, chatting, probably flirting and touching each other’s hands, other people looking at them, and thinking “what a nice couple”. She wondered if they might run into anyone they knew, and shuddered at the thought of it.Just as she had shuddered with latent pleasure mixed with intense hurt as she helped dress her Master for this date earlier in the evening. Helping Him bathe, laying out His clothes, and ensuring that it would be a night of romance for He and Mary. Her mind was filled with these recollections, as she received the text simply saying “on way home”. She knew it wouldn’t be long now. She wondered if she would be able to stand this, the reality of it, right here in their home, right there in THEIR bed, the one she and Master make love in…tonight it would be for her Master…and…Mary! Part of her wanted to stop it, wanted to stop it before it started, pendik escort but her fantasies, her desires, her lusts had kept her going with it, had not stopped her Master, and in fact had encouraged him all along the way. Now…it was too late. Well, not really. She probably could still stop it. Could be standing there waiting, arms folded, toes tapping, when they arrived and created a huge scene, making every one uncomfortable, and Mary having to leave, her Master disappointed, and probably angry, but He would forgive her. He would understand in the long run, though she might be punished for it, for cock-teasing him that way, but it would be worth it, she thought! But as she thought that, she found herself doing none of those things. She found herself putting the cock-gag in her mouth, filling her final hole, and crawling into her cage, set in the living room for this evening, just as her Master had commanded. Found herself helpless before her lusts and before her desires to make her Master happy in all things, including this. And waited, with incredible anticipation, for their arrival. Her heart was beating faster than it had ever been in her entire life, her pussy was wetter than it had ever been in her entire life, and silently, she cursed the fact that she was helpless to bring herself off, she wanted to cum SO bad. But she knew it would be better…to wait….

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