Cul-De-Sac Ladder I


Number Seven

I had been hired by another family on the Cul-de-sac to do a few chores around their house. This time it was two doors down at number seven. Jean and Mike had a ranch very similar to mine. They had one daughter, Fran, who was a sophomore in High School. The house was very nice but seemed a little small for them.

Jean had converted the back bedroom into an office. She used that office to run a small business. She did medical and legal transcription. All it took was a few tape players, and a good computer. The Doctors, Lawyers and other professionals would messenger over the tapes that they had dictated. Jean would type them up and then e-mail the product back to the offices. She would eventually mail the tapes back to the offices too.

Apparently she made a decent buck doing this. Mike worked at a Stock Brokers office a few towns away. He left each morning, wearing a suit and tie, and returned every night after seven o’clock looking like he had lost a footrace to a camel. I’m glad I never went into that sort of thing. I don’t think Mike gets paid anywhere like he should by the looks of him when he comes home. Anyway, between the two of them they have a nice house, two cars and a pretty daughter who is dressed well.

Jean is a pretty woman and is probably pushing forty, from one side or the other. She has shoulder length red hair, and a fair complexion. She must be Irish by the looks of her. She stands about five foot six and has a nice slender build. She is amply endowed in the boob department but doesn’t really show them off too much. She looks good in slacks, I’ve seen her in her bikini, but most days she wears a mini-skirt. It is very pleasant to see her, and her nice long legs, walking around the neighborhood. She usually has a loose blouse or something that doesn’t really accentuate her tits. I think she doesn’t want to take any attention away from her legs. She looks good.

I had been hired to fix the kitchen door and to make the sliding glass door slide easier. After that I was to put another entry into the attic and put a floor down up there. They wanted to use the attic for storage and needed to have access and a way to walk around without ruining the ceiling. There wasn’t room for a stairway. There wasn’t really enough room for one of those pull down attic stairs. We settled on a new opening in the hallway with a push up cover. A stepladder would be needed to get up and down. This was the easiest and least expensive option.

I arrived for work at about nine one Tuesday morning. Jean was just finishing up the breakfast dishes and greeted me at the front door. I asker her, “Where should I start?”

“Well, the kitchen door is right there,” she said.

“OK, I’ll bring my tools into the garage and work there first,” I replied.

I couldn’t help but notice the nice short skirt that she was wearing this morning. It was one of those pleated red plaid patterns that remind you of schoolgirl uniforms. But it was really short. She had a white button down the front shirt on top. It was a regular shirt and I couldn’t see though it, damn.

I went out through the kitchen door and pushed the button to open the garage door. I had put my toolbox on the ground just in front of the door. It only took a couple of minutes for me to get my tools and bring them back to the kitchen door. I opened the door and started to examine the lock. Jean was still working at the sink and stood there with her back to me. Damn. She really looked good from the back. She was working in the sink and her skirt was swaying back and forth as she moved around. Her pouty little butt pushed the back of that mini-skirt out just enough so that I could tell where the crack in her ass was. Concentrate, concentrate!

I found what was wrong with the door. It took a little adjusting and a little additional cutting on the doorframe. I reset the strike and the door worked like new. Actually it now worked better than new since the strike had never been set right. Jean had gone somewhere else in the house by this time. I called out to her, “Jean, can you come here for a minute?”

“Be right there,” I heard. Jean walked into the kitchen presently and looked at me.

I said, “try the door, see if it’s OK.”

She walked over to the door, opened it and closed it. It closed and latched properly. “That’s the way I wanted it,” she said.

Jean smiled and asked, “What’s next, the family room door?”

“That’s the next thing on my list,” I answered as I picked up my toolbox.

I followed her into the family room and up to the sliding glass door. She began to tug on it to open it. It was really sliding hard. The exertion made her skirt swing and I got a few good peeks at her upper thighs while she struggled with the door. “OK,” I said. “Let me try to find out what’s wrong.”

I kneeled down and looked at the bottom track. Jean taksim escort stood nearby and watched me. She was standing very close and I was very much aware of her nice long legs. It was very difficult to stay a gentleman in this situation but I tried. Eventually jean turned and went towards the back of the house leaving me kneeling there with half a woody.

I sprayed a little WD-40 on the track and under the door as far as I could reach. I closed and opened the door a few times and looked at the track again. I could see something fuzzy and green just under the door. I managed to pull it out with my pliers. It was a long piece of what appeared to be some carpet yarn. The color matched the carpet in the family room. Apparently this had come off the carpet and gone under the door getting snarled in the wheel. After I pulled it out, the door worked like a charm. Lucky!

“OK, this is fixed,” I yelled. “I’m going to get the material to start on the attic now.”

Jean came back into the family room and tried the door. “Wonderful,” she said. “What did you do to fix it so fast?”

“Trade secret,” I replied. “It should work OK now.”

I went out through he kitchen door and garage and walked back to my house. I had purchased some molding and 1 X 8 lumber for this job, four sheets of half-inch plywood along with a small square of quarter inch plywood. I carried these back to number seven and made another trip for my stepladder. I staged all the material in the garage and took the stepladder into the house. I took it down the hall to where the hallway formed a tee. To the left was the office, straight ahead was the girl’s room and to the right was the master bedroom. Yeah, this model put the master bedroom at the front of the house. Seemed ass backwards to me.

Jean came out of the office as I was setting up the ladder. “This is where you wanted the opening, right?” I asked.

“Yes, somewhere in this area. I think Mike wanted it centered here, if that’s OK.” She replied.

“I’ll have to measure and it will all depend on where the rafters are located.”

Jean went back into the office and I went up the ladder. The hallway was not very wide and I hoped that the rafters were on both sides. I used my awl to probe through the sheetrock and found that the wood was right where I had hoped it would be. I marked out a square on the ceiling between the rafters. I cut it out using my keyhole saw. I now had a new opening into the attic.

Jean came out of the office just as I was coming down from the ladder. “Wow, that’s going to make a difference,” she said.

“You wont notice it after I’m though with it,” I assured her.

She stayed in her office while I framed it out and put up the molding. I fitted the plywood cover and it came out pretty well. I took all the wood and the cover back down and carried them out into the garage. I painted them with white spray paint and left them on the floor to dry. I went back to my house and started carrying the half-inch plywood sections back to number seven. I had ripped the four sheets of plywood lengthwise into two-foot wide sections. I was going to pass these up through the new hole and make them into the new floor in the attic. This would give a little over a hundred twenty square feet of storage space up there. Pretty smart, huh?

I put the plywood up into the attic and stacked the sections next to the hole. I plugged in my droplight and went up into the attic to fasten the wood down to the rafters with nails. I used roofing nails because they’re easier to hit. Jean poked her head up into the attic once while I was fitting the plywood. She asked, “How’s it going?”

“OK,” I said. “This isn’t too much noise for you, is it?”

“No, it’s OK. I’m wearing earphones to work anyway, so it doesn’t really bother me.”

I went back to work and she disappeared back down the ladder. I was done with the floor in about a half hour. Using the droplight I looked around the attic. Nothing there out of the ordinary. The usual pipes, wires and insulation. I could see all the way down to the garage where the only other opening was located. There were a few boxes stored there. I turned off the light and checked the roof, no light coming through. This was good, I don’t do roofs anyway.

I went back downstairs and looked to see if the paint was dry. It was so I retrieved the wood and took it back into the house. I put the molding back up and fitted the cover into place. It looked good. I cleaned up the mess on the floor and put my tools into my toolbox. Then I went into the office to let jean know that I was done. She was sitting at the computer typing away. She noticed me come in and pushed a button on a tape recorder on the desk. She took off the earphones and I said, “I think it’s about done, want to have a look?”

She got up and came out topkapı escort into the hall. When she looked up, she said, “Yes, this looks great. Can I see what you did up in the attic?”

“Sure,” I said. I plugged the droplight back in and handed it to her. I expected to go up the ladder and open the lid but she walked over and put her foot on the bottom step and said, “You’re going to have to tell me how to work this door.”

I couldn’t believe it, she was going to climb that ladder in that skirt with me standing there on the floor. Well OK by me! I said, “All you have to do is push up on it. When it is above the rafters, just slide it over out of your way.”

She started up the ladder and my heart started to race. It’s only a six-step ladder, but each step was exciting as she went up. She stopped when her hemline was about even with my nose. “Push up here?” she said as she put her hand on the lid.

“Yes, that’s it,” I replied.

She began to push and the lid went up. She took another step up the ladder and my dick went up. Well, she was wearing a nice pair of white bikini panties and they really looked great from this angle. She continued to climb and was standing on the top of the ladder looking around the attic. She was holding the droplight up like she was the statue of liberty. She turned all the way around looking in all directions. This gave me a three sixty look up her skirt. Wow, what a sight.

“Where’s the light,” she asked.

“What light? I questioned back.

“There’s no light up here. How am I supposed to see anything when I come up here?”

“Well, you can get a droplight like mine or use a flashlight,” I responded.

“Can’t you put in a regular electric light?” This sounded a little like a plea.

“I don’t know if there is any electric nearby this hole. I’ll have to look.” I responded.

Jean stepped off the ladder onto the new floor and said, “Please look.”

If she only knew what she had just said. I climbed up the ladder and kept my eyes above me. I had a clear view up her skirt and enjoyed every minute until I was too high to see up there anymore. I stepped onto the plywood next to her and started to look around.

There was a junction box not too far away. It looked like I could tie in there and run a quick light for her. “I should be able to do it,” I said. “I’ll need to go get some material.”

She agreed and thanked me. “When can you do it?” she asked.

What a straight line! “How about after lunch?” I suggested.

“OK, do you need any money for the material?” she offered.

“No, I’ve got it covered,” I responded. “I’ll go now and get the stuff, see you after lunch.”

I made sure that I got down the ladder first. Then I stood nearby while she tried to figure out how to get from the attic to the ladder. She eventually sat down, with her legs through the hole and put her feet on the ladder. She climbed on down, giving me another wonderful view up her skirt.

“You like that?” She said, as she was walking into her office.

She turned toward me, I nodded and just said, “Yes I do, I’ve always liked that.”

I took the stepladder out to the garage, went home and told my wife, Mary, that I was going down to the Home Depot to get some stuff. I would be back for lunch.

I hustled on down to the store and purchased what I would need for the job. A little wire, a couple of clamps, a few wire nuts, and porcelain pull chain light fixture and a three-inch round box. I had cable staples at home.

I went on back home. Mary had a sandwich waiting for me that I stuffed down my neck pretty quickly. I told her that the job down the street got a little bigger, but it should be done before dinner. With that, I went back down to number seven, went into the garage and knocked on the kitchen door. Jean let me in, she was just finishing up her lunch, also.

I brought the stepladder back in and carted the stuff back up into the attic. I opened the cover on the junction box and started to follow the circuits to figure out what they fed. Looked like they fed the girls room and the office outlets. I came back down and told jean that I had to shut off the power to her office. She would need a couple of minutes to turn the computer off.

Jean came out of the office and told me that everything was shut down. I asked her to stand by the door and watch the lights. I went out to the garage and tried to figure out which circuit breaker was the right one. After my third try, jean yelled “That’s it.”

I went back in and relocated my drop light to the bathroom outlet. Good, that one still worked. I went back up into the attic and started running the wire. I put the box for the new light on a roof rafter right above the hole. I let the pull chain hang down so that you could find it as you climbed up. The job tesettürlü escort was pretty easy and I had it done in about a half hour.

I went back down and out to the garage. I flipped the circuit breaker back on and it didn’t trip. So far so good. I went back into the house and up the ladder until I could reach the pull cord. I tried it and everything worked OK. Success again. I didn’t know where Jean was so I called out, “OK, the light’s in”.

Jean came out of the master bedroom and looked up at the light. “How do you turn it on and off?” she asked.

“There’s a pull chain right there,” I said pointing up through the hole.

With that, she again started to climb up the ladder. She found the string and pulled the light on and off a couple of times. She then went all the way to the top of the ladder, and looked around the attic. She wasn’t wearing any panties! Honest to fucking goodness, she was bare ass under the skirt. What a view!

I guess that I was standing there with my mouth open in disbelief when she looked down at me and asked, “Hey, are you looking up my dress from down there?”

What else could I say? “Of course I am, what would you expect?”

“Well, you really have a good place to look from, don’t you?” she responded smiling coyly.

I didn’t say anything but I didn’t look away either.

“Between you and me,” she continued. “It gets me a little hot when I think that someone is looking up my dress.”

“Well. It looks very nice from where I’m standing.” I said.

“The trouble is, I get hot this way and then there isn’t much I can do about it.” She hinted.

“Maybe there’s something I could do to help?” I said, hopefully.

“There sure seems to be some advantages with this ladder and hole that we could explore,” she said. “Why don’t you come up here, a ways.”

I took a couple of steps up the ladder and she sat down on the edge of the opening. I stopped when I was looking directly at her sweet pussy. She was sitting there with her legs spread out for me. She had lifted the front of her skirt and had put her arms back behind her with her hands on the new floor. I took the hint and started to nuzzle my face between her creamy white thighs.

This was a new one for me, I grabbed the sides of the opening to keep from falling off the ladder. Meanwhile, jean had closed her legs around my head and was slowly grinding her pussy against my face. I had a quick image of a rather bizarre hanging go through my head. I hoped the ladder wouldn’t slip.

I kept at it until she quickened the pace of her movements. She was getting to the short strokes. I started sucking on her clit and that was all it took. Jean started to shake and she squeezed the hell out of my head with her legs. I held on and rode it out. This woman could really come. Her orgasm soon ended and she just sat there for a few seconds.

“Wow, you really are a handy man,” she said.

“I do my best,” I managed to reply.

“Come on up here,” she said. “Lets trade places.”

This was an offer I wasn’t about to refuse. I climbed up the rest of the way and she went down onto the ladder. I had my pants down in a flash and I sat right down where she had been. Jean reached out and grasped my swollen dick with her hand while keeping the other one on the side of the opening. She took it into her mouth and gave it a good long suck. Then she began to lick it on the sides and around under the head. She soon put it back into her mouth and began the nod and suck movement that some women do so well.

It didn’t take me very long. I said “I’m going to come.” But she kept right at it. She didn’t take her mouth away and I shot a big load right against her tonsils. She never missed a stroke but kept right on sucking until I was through. Now, that was a blowjob!

When I was done, Jean let my cock drop out of her mouth and looked up at me and smiled. “Are we all even?” she asked.

“Couldn’t be more fair to me,” I replied.

I stood up and pulled my pants back up. Jean went on down the ladder and back into her office. I collected my tools and went back down. I pulled the light to off and put the lid back into place as I went down the ladder. I folded up the ladder and took it and my tools back to the garage. I went back into the house and to the office.

Jean was sitting at her desk, typing on the computer again. She looked like nothing had happened. I said, “I think the jobs are all done.”

With that, she got up from the desk and handed me a check for the work. It didn’t include the extra for the electrical work, but what the hell. I hadn’t given her an estimate for the light, but I hadn’t expected the blowjob either. I figured it was a wash. I remembered what she had said before, and asked: “Are we all even?”

“Until I think up some more chores for you,” she replied.

“Thanks, I’ll find my way out.” I said.

I left her there in her office. I took my tools and went home. When I got there, Mary was starting to fix dinner. “Are you alright?” she asked.

“Couldn’t be better,” I replied. “But I think I’ll take a little nap before dinner.

I can’t wait for the next time Jean has a few chores for me.

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