Cupid Almost Misses


He had been on track of her for days. She was an elusive target. His mission had sounded simple like all the others. Matter of fact the boss had been pretty off hand about the whole thing to begin with.

“Look…this is your next objective. She was burned on Valentines Day three years ago. Her lover took her out to dinner then broke up with her. He had already found another woman. She was devastated. Usual target. This is her likely mate. I would suggest shooting him first…then shoot her. It will be a piece of cake.”

The boss had sounded so matter-of-fact about this case. “A piece of cake” still resounded in his head. The male had been difficult. It had taken four days before he had the perfect clear shot with nobody around to witness it. Even then he had almost been caught shooting the guy.

Loading his arrow with the potion he waited. She should be coming along pretty soon now. She always walked this way after work. Nobody was around…everything was going his way for once.

Suddenly, he saw her. She was walking briskly down the sidewalk. On the wrong side of the street. Cupid knew that time was running out. He had to get her tonight or possibly not at all. His boss would be furious if he failed.

Flying carefully across the street he got behind her. Aiming quickly he hesitated a second then released the arrow. It flew unerringly directly to her. Stopping her walk she looked around.

“Hello? Is someone there?”

Nobody answered her call. Cupid congratulated himself. He had completed his mission. The arrows had gone true. This couple would soon be together. He was so proud as he left to go back and report to the boss.

If he had stuck around for a bit he would have seen his arrow falling to the ground. Unspent. It had tangled in her coat and never penetrated her. A complete miss!

Jim was new in town. He had been working hard for months now and felt he needed a break. He felt a strange compulsion to go to a certain restaurant this night. It was on the other side of town. Way out of his way, but he felt a need to go there.

Since his breakup with his former girlfriend a couple of years ago he had thrown himself into his work. He now was far from where he had been. Financially and emotionally, his concentrated efforts had paid off leaving him able to retire at the ripe old age of thirty-five.

Lately though, Jim had felt…empty. Like he was missing something, a vague feeling of want. He had shrugged it off, since he had everything he could think of and more. But still that feeling persisted. The dreams he had were bothering him too. A certain woman dominated them. Haunted him.

Entering the restaurant he chose a table and sat down. It was a small and cozy little place. One that made him think of a time long ago. When he had been in love and wanting a certain someone to share his life with him. She had shocked him in her refusal of his marriage proposal.

“Jim, surely you are joking. You don’t expect me to marry you. You do not meet my requirements. As a lover I could ask for no better, but your job, your finances, and your apartment. They lack what I expect to have and where I want to be.”

With that she had gotten up and walked out of his life. He had been on his knee in the restaurant and she had almost knocked him over as she got up. Looking around in embarrassment he saw some of the other people there looking at him with pity.

He had left that place that night with his heart torn and bleeding. Anger soon overcame his shock. He vowed to never place his heart in another’s hands ever again. It had been a tonic for his work life. But his private life was one of drudgery and boredom.

Sitting down to eat he saw her come in. His interest in her surprised him. Why would he be interested so much in that particular woman? He didn’t know her, never seen her before. Still…something about her made his heart quicken. Her hair, the way it cascaded down her back, her eyes sparkling in the light. He found himself staring at her in wonder.

She glanced at him for a second as she sat down. He suddenly realized that she was looking at him with that look women have for men who stare rudely. He felt so foolish. He must have looked like an idiot, or a woman-hungry male. Cheeks burning in self-ridicule, he forced his eyes to stay on the menu for what seemed like hours.

As he ate he kept stealing glances in her direction. Her poise was one of form and beauty. She looked like she belonged in a fashion magazine, yet had a down-to-earth kind of look about her too. She also looked very familiar for some reason.

He felt his heart racing. He was upset with himself. He was no schoolboy, to be getting a crush on a girl he didn’t even know. What was wrong with him? He had never had these feelings before. What was it about her that made him feel so strange?

He saw that she kept looking his way. When the waiter came to her table she spoke quietly for a minute then looked away as the waiter straightened and then headed over to his table.

“The lady esenyurt ucuz escort would like it if you would not look at her like you have been. It is upsetting her, sir. Can I find you another table, perhaps over there, near the front?”

Stunned, Jim just sat there a moment. Never had a person asked for him to be moved away before. He was incredulous.

“No, that will not be necessary. I was just leaving. Thank you anyway.”

“Sir, please understand. The lady comes here quite often. You evidently were staring at her enough to bother her. I am sorry. I acted in her behalf since she is so obviously a lady and a known customer of our eatery.”

“I am not so sure about the ‘lady’ part. I will just leave. I wouldn’t want to be where I was not welcomed.”

Saying those last words a bit loudly, Jim stood and grabbed his coat from the adjoining chair. He turned, and as he started to walk away he nodded at her. She looked up at him with a bit of a fear in her eyes. Fear laced with a firestorm of anger.

‘How dare he!’ She thought. ‘Staring at me like I was a piece of meat. Then to infer that I was not a lady!’

Deep down Kathryn knew that he hadn’t been looking at her like a piece of meat. She had even been a bit intrigued by his interest. It had been so long since she had allowed herself to think about any man. He had been quite good-looking. Tall, with dark hair and startling blue eyes.

Blushing, she paid attention to her meal for the moment. She was trying to gather her thoughts when the waiter came up.

“Would you like anything else Miss?”

“Oh no, thank you. I hope that I didn’t cause you trouble with that man.”

“No, it was not a problem at all. He did seem to be a good sort of fellow, but he shouldn’t have been staring at you like he was. Even I noticed it. Shameful, just shameful.”

As Kathryn paid for her meal she saw that man standing at the taxi stand. He was standing straight and not leaning, his shoulders were wide and it appeared that he was in great shape. Even wearing the coat like he was, his body looked lean and muscular.

She felt a twinge down low. Her thighs tightened as she had a nasty thought about a man with a hard body. She needed to get home and take a hot shower. She was a bit uptight at the moment and needed to relax.

Walking out of the restaurant she saw the man still waiting for a cab. He turned and in a few quick steps was in front of her. She stopped and stepped back in fear, and then looking up at his face, she calmed herself.

“Look, I was wrong to stare at you in there. I am sorry. I am not sure why I stared so, it has never happened before. I never meant to upset you in anyway. I also apologize for my comment about you too. You are obviously a lady, I was a bit upset at the moment.”

Turning, he walked back over to the cabstand. He hadn’t even waited for her to accept his apology. She was put out by that fact. He was evidently a strong willed person. His manner was abrupt, almost rude.

She found her eyes staring at him now. She broke away and began to walk past him. As she came near she spoke over her shoulder.

“I am sorry. I ruined your meal for something so stupid. I just felt that you were staring a bit too much.”

Getting home, Kathryn shook off her coat, and stripped on her way to the bathroom. Taking a long hot shower she found her hand lingering down near her over heated trimmed patch.

Sighing, she let her mind wander and her fingers began to rub her sensitive clit. She was thinking of his strong shoulders and voice. He had looked so sexy as he stood waiting for the cab. Her other hand found her breasts and began to knead and then fingers rolled her nipples.

What did he look like naked? Did he have tight buns? His stomach was probably rippled with muscle. He hadn’t appeared to have much fat on him. She could feel his strong arms going around her. Holding her against his body, warm and safe.

Her fingers were strumming away and she found her thoughts on that stranger. That man who had made her feel like a goddess. His stares had actually brought out feelings in her that she had quelled for so long. Her orgasm washed over her as hot water ran down her back.

As she dressed she found her thoughts on that man. Would she ever see him again? What did he think of her now? She had been such a bitch! She was a bit sorry that she had made such a big deal out of his looking at her like she had.

At work the next day, her coworkers noticed that she seemed preoccupied. They all talked about her behind her back, referring to her as the ice princess. She was known for being a bit cold and standoffish. Never went to the office parties, never dating.

She went through the day on autopilot, her thoughts still on that man from the night before. He had looked at her like he wanted to get to know her. He had looked like he was going to get up and come over to her table and sit down.

She realized at that moment that if he had she would have esenyurt üniversiteli escort not been surprised. She would have in fact, welcomed him. When that moment of realization swam over her, her breath caught. Was she so desperate that she would have thoughts about strangers like this?

Thinking about it some more she knew that she had wanted him to sit down and begin a conversation with her. She even had wanted him to put his arm around her and hug her. She could feel his lips on hers. God! What was wrong with her? Why did this man cause her to feel this way?

Enough! She got angry at her thoughts. Enough of this. I cannot let some thoughts get in the way of my job or my life. He would just hurt me like all men will. Just like Sam did. Leaving me for that two-bit tramp. That little blonde bitch with the huge tits.

Her thoughts went back to that day when she had discovered her fiancé in bed with the blonde whore. That little bitch had wormed her way into his arms and then stolen him from her. She came to believe that all men were weak and would cheat on women. Never again, she told herself, never again.

Cupid had shown up at his office to an angry boss.

“Look at this. I will have your wings for this. You’ve really messed up this time. Your arrow missed. She never got hit. What are we going to do now? Time is running out for this couple and the big boss was pretty big on this one pair.”

“I hit her, that arrow went true!”

“It didn’t penetrate, it fell out. You hit her all right, in her coat. Her coat may have a thing for that guy, but she sure doesn’t.”

“What do we do now?”

“You are going to try one more time to get her and if you don’t, we are going to be wingless. Get after her and get her got. Understand?”

“Yes sir! I will get her right away.”

“Oh yeah, while I remember it…get that arrow back too. Can’t let it fall into the wrong hands now can we?”

Jim went into work and just sat around. He couldn’t concentrate and he didn’t feel like doing anything but just think. Think about that hair, those lips, that voice, her eyes. Daydreaming Jim missed his secretary calling to him.

“Um…Jim? Are you okay? Not feeling well?”

‘No, no, I am fine. Just thinking Sue. Sorry. What were you wanting now?”

Sue had some papers for him to sign and then she was gone. He felt like a fool. He had been caught daydreaming like some kid. Furiously he tore into his daily work and even managed to finish it up a bit early. Leaving, he asked Sue to lock up.

Cupid was sneaking up on her slowly. Disliking doing this in a building like this. He knew that it would be easy to get caught. He got Kathryn in his sights. Aiming carefully he pulled back the arrow. He let fly. Kathryn looked up right at him just as the arrow hit her dead center in the heart.

Sprinkling the emergency hazing dust Cupid fled the building. He knew that the arrow had gone true this time for sure. But she had seen him, and that had never happened before. He reported to his boss, who was not very happy about Cupid being seen, but at least the job was done now.

Kathryn was looking up from her desk at a creature floating in front of her. It was a male, a small little person with wings. He was aiming a bow at her! What happened next she was not sure about. Suddenly she was alone in her office. She had a feeling of having seen something but could not remember what exactly it was.

Walking out that night, she looked at her watch. It was a bit later than usual, so she would just go right to her favorite restaurant to eat right now. Walking in, the waiter had her seat ready. She put her briefcase down and took off her coat.

Looking around she realized that she was looking for that man. That handsome stranger that had got her so worked up last night. Blushing, she looked at her menu. Feeling her ears burning she kept busy until the waiter showed back up.

“Ma’am, if that man should show up again, I will place him in the back over there. He won’t be able to see you or bother you.”

“Oh, no. Please, just put him wherever you would normally put him. We talked a bit last night. He apologized and I misunderstood his intentions. It is all right, really.”

“Well, if you are sure. I don’t think he will be here again though. He was a bit upset last night when he left.”

Startled, Kathryn realized that she would miss him if he didn’t show up. She was looking forward to seeing him again, and because of her attitude last night she may never see him again. She felt lost and confused. She really wanted to see him, and talk to him again.

Kathryn ordered and while waiting, decided to go to the bathroom to freshen up. Coming back she saw him. He was sitting up front and talking to the waiter. Her heart beating wildly she sat down, before she fell or did something even more stupid.

As she at there her hand idly went to her blouse front. It undid two buttons, showing cleavage. Her ample chest was pressing etiler escort against her bra, her nipples hardening. She felt moisture leaking out of her. What was happening to her? She didn’t even know this man and he was making her so hot to trot she was almost orgasming on the spot.

Jim sat and after ordering his meal he looked around. He saw her, that lady, sitting there at the same table as last night. His heart started to beat harder. She did things to him. Just her presence made him warm all over. He could feel his penis slowly getting harder and harder.

He sat there, afraid to move from his chair. She would see his hardness and think he was some kind of pervert or something. Damnit, why was this happening to him now of all times? This woman caused him to be like a bumbling idiot. He couldn’t think straight at all.

Sitting apart from each other one could see the tension between them. Each stealing furvitive glances at the other. Each getting more and more nervous as their meals went on. Each sitting stiffly and moving around to try and ease themselves.

Going up to pay for their meals they met at the counter. He was getting out his wallet as she walked up. He fumbled, dropping his credit card to the floor. Kathryn bent for it just as he did too. Banging heads together as they both reached down they fell apart.

“Sorry…my fault. I should have looked at what I was doing. I am so sorry. Are you ok Miss?”

“No, it was my fault. I should have seen that you were getting it…um, sorry, I don’t know your name. Mine is Kathryn.”

Nobody was more surprised than Kathryn. Introducing herself to a total stranger like she was. She had never done something even remotely like this. He smiled and took her proffered hand. Shaking it firmly but very gently.

“Jim. My name is Jim. Look, after this and then last night, the least I can do is buy your dinner for you. I mean…uh…well, I feel I owe it to you at the very least.”

“Oh, no. I mean, well, that will be fine. Um, thank you…Jim. How’s your head?”

Walking out of the eatery they were close and talking to one another. Coming up to the cabstand Jim stopped.

“Well, it was nice to meet you Kathryn. I have to grab a cab from here. See you around sometime? Tomorrow perhaps?”

“Oh, you need to take a cab home? Where do you live?”

“Um, across town. I like to go around to different places to eat, so to break the monotony of single life.”

“Well, I know this sounds a bit brash, but would you like some coffee? My place is just around the corner.”

“Coffee? Yeah, sure, coffee would be great. I mean, if you really mean it. Will your husband mind? I mean…”

“Oh, I am not married. And no, I usually do not invite strangers into my apartment. You are, well, I feel safe with you. I don’t know why, but I feel safe with you.”

Later, after several cups of coffee Jim went home. They had hit it off so well. He was surprised. She was a nice lady. Funny, and great looking too. Her personality was warm and inviting. He hoped to see more of her. He thought of her and knew that she would not toss him aside like his former girlfriend. Kathryn had much more style and grace than that.

Kathryn sat at home. Her shower running and her fingers busy yet again. Her thoughts were of him and his touch. His hands were strong, his laugh infectious. He had been comfortable in her home and not tried to push her into anything. He had been respectful of her too.

She worked herself up with Jim in her mind. She imagined him touching her, holding her, kissing her, his tongue on her body, moving all around, exploring all that she had to offer him. Her fingers were stroking her sensitive lips, her clit was on fire. She came in hard rolling orgasms. Several of them as a matter of fact, something that she had never had before.

Jim went to sleep. He dreamt of her. Kathryn, touching him, holding him. Her mouth on his, then moving down his body. Her breasts in his mouth as she fondled his erection. Her tongue on his chest, moving downwards, toward his painfully hard cock. Soon her lips were engulfing him. Taking him all the way as her tongue slipped around him.

Waking up, Jim found his bed wet. A big puddle in the middle of it. He had a wet dream over Kathryn! Shocked, he got up and tiredly tore up his bed and remade it with fresh sheets. He hadn’t had a wet dream since being in High School.

Several days later Jim and Kathryn met for dinner. As they ate they laughed and talked, getting to know one another better. After dinner Jim took her to his place for coffee. Kathryn was impressed with Jim’s taste in décor.

Talking some more, they found quite a few things in common. Showing her around the house They found themselves at his bedroom door. Jim nervously opened it and was just going to stand in the hallway. Kathryn had a nasty thought and a thrill coursed through her body at the thought of it.

“Jim, what is that, over there?”

Jim, standing in the hallway, couldn’t see what she was pointing at. Stepping into the room he saw her pointing at his dresser top.

“Um, what is it you were wondering about Kathryn?”

Stepping in close to him, Kathryn forgot all modesty and kissed him. Her lips were sweet and hot. Jim’s heart leapt and he found his arms encircling her body. Breathing hard they broke away from each other and just stared.

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