Curiosity and a Glory Hole


I don’t go out a lot, I can’t even remember the last time I did. My girlfriend Jess and I had decided to go to a lesbian night downtown. She said it would do us good to go out and have some fun, and maybe it’ll kick the passion up a step or two because we’ve been lacking in that department lately. I stupidly took her word for it, and halfway through the night, she was spending more attention on making new friends and seeing old ones that I had just floated to the background.

After a couple of hours of seething and hounding her to leave, she finally agreed and walked out with me. I held it in as long as I could, and that was about four paces out the door. “Well I hope you had a great romantic night out with your friends.” I said without even looking over at her.

“Don’t start, Sara. I had a good night.” She responded. Her lack of empathy really pissed me off, I veered away from her toward a straight bar, a place she would never want to be seen near, and she surprisingly noticed my direction and asked, “Where are you going?”

“I have to pee.”

“So we can go back.”

“Or you can just wait two minutes for me to go to the toilet.” I said loudly as I pushed through the door and wandered into the busy bar. I saw a few guys turning to look at us, but the amount of women made me feel safer, so I made my bee line for the bathroom sign and left Jess out there so she can know how it feels for a few minutes.

I went into the bathroom, and the only stall that was unlocked was the furthest away. I locked myself in and started doing my business. It took me until the end of my pee stream to notice the fist sized hole in the wall a couple of feet in front of my damn face. I had no idea how I didn’t see it, but I kept myself well hidden after I did. No one was peering through, but someone could at any second.

After I had my underwear back up, I stared down at the big hole and started bending down to be the weirdo who looks through it, it was an empty toilet stall which must be from the men’s side.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when the door to the stall I was peering through swung open, I jumped up and my back was against the opposite wall in a split second. I kept staring down at the hole and saw the man walk by and I heard him peeing after a moment, then while the flushing noises were shared, I thought I saw him bending to look but I never saw his face, eve gelen escort he obviously saw me standing there and got the wrong idea.

There was a long few moments that passed before I saw movement again, he must have been talking himself into taking a bold chance. I knew what it was the second I saw it. A penis. I had never actually seen one in real life before, so I just stared.

It didn’t look big, it was soft and draped over a pair of Balls. It didn’t look appealing in the slightest, but curiosity struck and after a short hesitation, I took two steps forward and put my hand against it. I figured it worked the same as it did with women, I only had a brief idea of what to do with men.

I started moving my hand up until my fingertips were near the base of the soft penis, then I moved them back down again, it just felt warm and a little bit squishy. I didn’t really know what I expected.

I heard an approving groan through the wall, so it obviously wasn’t a horrible feeling. I looked down at it under my hand and decided to go with what I know. I picked the soft dick up and wrapped my fingers around it. As soon as I started stroking, he gave another groan. I was doing that, it gave me this really hot feeling, especially since Jess was out there waiting for me.

It started to grow in my hand, I didn’t realise it would feel as hard as it did, nor did I think it would be able to get so much bigger. I wasn’t even sure if it was finished getting bigger until he started slowly gyrating his hips and moving it in my hand, maybe I was jerking it too slowly for his tastes, I should have told him through the wall that I had no idea what the hell I was doing, physically and mentally. Not that it stopped me, though.

After a short while I had this urge tugging at me to move down. I kept trying to convince myself to take it slow, just jerk him off and it’ll be enough. I wasn’t even turned on by having a dick in my hand, but for some odd reason, having that urge to put it in my mouth seemed to be causing a little heat down below.

My annoying curiosity got the better of me eventually. I started bending my knees and watching the hard dick getting closer and closer until I was kneeling down and staring straight at it, my hand was still around it but all movement seemed to stop because he must have noticed what was fatih escort happening.

I sat and stared for so long that the man on the other side pulled back a touch and tried to get my hand moving again, so I started jerking it right in front of my face and that led quickly to me leaning forward and letting the tip of it brush my lips just lightly. I was getting there.

My tongue darted out for a quick single lick and I reeled back a little because it came with a weird taste. It definitely didn’t taste like a girl, I don’t know what I expected. I rocked forward again right after and parted my lips like he was going to be able to just push it in and go for it, I seemed to forget he had restricted movement through the hole.

My hand stopped at the base and I finally moved my head forward and ended up wide eyed because I had the tip of a penis sitting between my lips now. I heard a long groan, so obviously I was on the right track. I started to suck the air out of my mouth and tasted a little more of him, whether that was good or not I didn’t even know.

The head fit in my mouth easily, I started rocking back and forth and the ridges around the head found my tongue, I actually liked the way I could feel it that pronounced, so I kept rocking and sucking, and staring at the hole because I was expecting him to just start thrusting out of nowhere but he wasn’t.

Listening to his groans, I was kind of unsure how I felt, it was different to hear a man’s voice but it was still a sexual act and it did seem to turn me on. I didn’t know how much it turned me on but it did nevertheless. I think I liked hearing it though, it was good feedback and it kept reminding me to actually suck and not just let it move in my mouth.

I started jerking near the base while my blowjob confidence was getting stronger. I was moving a little faster, trying to get my tongue to make some moves, which I never could tell if it felt good. I was just trying to explore.

It all seemed to come to a screeching halt when I heard him grunt, I would have ignored it if something didn’t spray into the back of my throat. I gagged pretty violently and threw my head back and started spitting and coughing, and funnily enough, I was still jerking him off while I was dying.

When I came to my senses he was getting soft in my hand, and I heard him chuckling halkalı anal yapan escort at me and he asked, “Are you okay in there? I’m sorry if you wanted me to warn you.”

I didn’t know what to say, I was hoping for no interaction at all. “I’m fine. I’m just new to this.” I responded. It was then that I noticed something was on my cheek, I reached up and it was wet so I wiped it off and looked down at it, and all I could wonder was how the hell he fired cum that far.

“Well if you want a review, I’ll leave you a glowing one. You were pretty great.” His voice distracted me from looking at my hand, but then I saw some more on my dress, so I grabbed some toilet paper and started wiping.

“Thanks, I guess that’s good to know.”

“Same time next week?” He asked. I stopped moving and looked up at the hole.

I should have said no, I still had no idea what level of turned on I even was, so it didn’t seem like something I should be doing, so I said, “Maybe.”

“Hopefully.” He said, then he added quickly, “Enjoy the clean up.”

“Oh I’ll just send you a dry clean bill. I can push it through the hole next time.” I laughed softly and I heard him do the same. At least that made me a little less stressed out about him being a creep.

“That’s fine with me. I’m just glad you admitted to the next time. I’ll see you in a week.”

I hesitated on replying, and then I heard and saw him leaving the stall, so I started standing up and like the best timed person in the world, the main door to the bathroom swung open and my girlfriend started calling my name. I checked my dress, and there were still wet stains, but I figured I could just get away with calling it a drink stain or something.

I walked out of the stall and went to the sink to start washing my hands, and I looked at myself in the mirror while she started being the one to hound me about leaving her alone out there. That’s when my body decided to get turned on, and I still have no idea why.

I gave her a smile and pushed by her to dry my hands. She won’t ever find out about what I did and that was a rush, maybe I was turning into a horrible person, it was the number one rule in lesbianland, no men allowed. Some lesbians are more than willing to cut you out if you’ve ever even been with a man, and sometimes I get that feeling from my girlfriend, that she’s judgey.

That night in bed was a confusing one though, I had her head between my legs and the image of that dick in my mind. It worked to get me off, I was worried about that but I couldn’t seem to help myself, it was such a rush to feel like I was cheating. I was kind of excited for next week to feel it again. If I do.

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