Abigail (Abby) Fontaine was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. She was a true southern belle in every sense; including her soft southern drawl. She had long blonde wavy hair and electrifying blue eyes set against a clear milky white complexion. Her full pale pink lips invited kisses. She was a fashionista who always wore the latest fashions that accented her slender five foot seven frame. She turned heads everywhere she went.

In high school she was the girl every boy dreamed of dating, but didn’t because they were intimidated by her beauty. She had no steady boyfriends, but was always voted Home Coming Queen every year. Some boys actually paid for and or coerced votes to be elected Home Coming King just for the honor of escorting her to the dance that followed the Home Coming football game. Her four years in college pretty much followed the same pattern. She was always the Belle of the Ball. She eventually met and married a man of equal good looks. He had the confidence it took to be with someone as beautiful as Abby.

Abby has been happily married now for twenty years. She is married to the Police Lieutenant in charge of the Memphis Vice Squad. They have beautiful twin daughters (Nicole and Natalie) who are in their freshmen year at neighboring Mississippi State University. Abby and her husband are not wealthy; but she still manages to dress like a fashion model. Life couldn’t be better. That’s why it makes no sense she is about to do what she has planned. She doesn’t even understand why she feels compelled to follow through on her plan. It’s just something she has been curious about her whole life.

Growing up in the South Abby had heard tales about what great lovers black men were in the bedroom. She often found herself fantasizing about having sex with a black man. She had never acted on her taboo urges to fuck a black man, but never the less the thoughts were still occasionally on her mind. She had grown up hearing the expression that once you go BLACK you never go BACK. It was first presented to her as a myth that dated back to the Civil War. The story goes that while southern men were away from the Plantations fighting the war their women turned to black slaves for sexual relief. They supposedly found that sex with black slaves was so raw and satisfying it was hard for them to give it up when their men returned from war. Many women continued the illicit sex behind their husband’s back. This often led to a burning cross and a lynching of the offending black man. No one ever admitted that it was the white women who welcomed the black cocks into their bedroom. Certainly no white southern gentleman would ever admit that his woman preferred black cock more than his cock.

It’s ten o’clock on a Friday night and Memphis night life was coming alive. Abby’s husband is working the 10 PM to 6 AM shift and she is supposedly enjoying a night out with the girls. She is dressed in a beige linen dress with a scooped neckline and brown high heel shoes. Her apparel is accented by a string of white cultured South Sea pearls that once belonged to her great-grandmother. The pearls are nestled on top of her 36C breast. She is dressed as though she were going to a party at the luxurious Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis. She’s not. She is driving east on Lamar Avenue in East Memphis searching for Club de l’ amour; an exclusive black nightclub that catered to wealthy black professionals and black executives. She had heard her husband speak of the club quite often. It was one of those places that the police had to handle with discretion because of the well connected clientele; Captains of industry so to speak.

Abby had grown up in a time when it was strictly taboo for a white woman to be seen in the company of a black man. It was absolute suicide for her to entertain the thoughts of having sex with him. But tonight at the exclusive Club de l’ amour, Abby fully intended to find out if it was true about the love making skills of the black man. She was wet with anticipation when she pulled into the circle drive of Club de l’ amour and waited for the valet to open her car door. When she swung her legs around to exit the vehicle the valet was treated to a brief glimpse of her lacey white panties. The valet handed her a claim check and quickly spun away with her vehicle. She added a dab of pink lip-gloss and then checked her appearance in the glass door one last time before entering the Club. A short stocky black man in a tuxedo met her at the door and escorted her to the bar. She could feel everyone’s eyes on her as she gave the bartender her drink order. She was the only white person in the Club.

Within minutes, a tall handsome black man approached her and introduced himself as Tyrell Johnson; the owner of Club de l’ amour. He wanted to welcome her to his nightclub and invited her to join him at his private booth just off the dance floor. He was well dressed and well mannered so she graciously accepted his invitation. She told him her name türbanlı escort was Abby. Tyrell was six foot two, slender build and medium brown complexion. When he smiled he looked a lot like Denzel Washington. They chatted quietly in his private booth for about thirty minutes and nursed their drinks. She was treated like royalty by the club’s staff.

The black man in the tuxedo approached their booth and handed Tyrell a note. He read it and then stuffed in his pocket. After the second drink Abby had a slight buzz. Tyrell took her hand and led her to the dance floor. The band was playing a slow romantic song from the 60s and he held her close. Several times she felt his semi-hard cock press against her thigh. She pretended to not notice, but her panties became very moist.

When they returned to the booth Tyrell slid into the booth next to her. His sweet smelling cologne caused her heart to race. He ordered another round of drinks then put his arm around her and pulled her close enough she could feel his heart beating. He leaned in and nibbled on her earlobe. She let out a low sigh. Tyrell put his hand on her face and tenderly drew her close. Right before their lips touched, she inhaled his masculine scent. Every synapse in her brain lit up as she felt his lips cover hers. Their lips moved over each other and then her tongue pushed its way into his mouth. His tongue met hers and agilely danced around it. He placed her right hand on his hard cock and encouraged her to squeeze it. She felt her pussy flood when she thought how wonderful his black cock would feel between her legs. She ran her hand up and down the length of his shaft and thought to herself that it was no myth. Tyrell definitely had a very large cock. It was everything she had hoped it would be. When Tyrell suggested they go upstairs to his private quarters, she didn’t hesitate.

They entered a huge bedroom that had a large private connecting bath. There was an oversized circular bed with satin sheets in the middle of the room. All four walls had floor to ceiling mirrors. There was even a mirror on the ceiling. Abby immediately unbuckled Tyrell’s belt and pulled his trousers and boxer shorts down below his knees. She wanted to see for herself just how big his cock really was. His cock pointed directly at her parallel to the floor. She took it in her hands and examined it. She estimated it to be at least ten inches long. He was uncircumcised and she felt a thrill as she moved the foreskin back to reveal head of his cock. She traced the veins and muscles with her index finger. She could feel his heart throbbing in his cock. They gazed into each other’s eyes as she stroked his cock and he proceeded to unbutton the front of her dress.

As her dress fell away to the floor she slipped off her high heel shoes and kicked them away. Tyrell leaned forward and kissed her breast just above the lacey white bra. She felt a warm wave move through her as her panties filled with more moisture. She was anxious to have his cock in her, but Tyrell took his time unveiling the treasure he had before him. She was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen and he wanted to take his time and savor the moment. He carefully removed her bra and took her pale pink nipple in his mouth. As he sucked it and rolled it in his mouth she experienced her first orgasm.

He quickly discarded his shirt and T-shirt then laid her back on the bed. He kissed each inner thigh and then nuzzled her panty covered clit with his nose. She let out a soft moan. He slipped her panties off, held them to his nose and sniffed her aroma. She was a true blonde. Her pussy was covered with thin silky blonde pubic hair. He blew his hot breath on her vagina and watched her clitoris slowly emerge from its hood. He sucked her clit into his mouth and vigorously swabbed it with his tongue. She had her second orgasm. She pulled his face up to hers and tasted her juices on his lips. She grasped his cock and pleaded with him to put it in her. She was ready to finally feel a hard black cock in her creamy white pussy.

Tyrell rubbed the head of his cock over her clit several times before slowly easing it into her sopping wet canal. As he pushed it in, he could feel the muscles in her vagina gripping his cock and sucking it deeper. She looked in the mirror to her right and admired the view of his chocolate complexion against her milk white skin. It was like a dream she thought. I’m having sex with a black man and I don’t care that people say it’s wrong. I love the fact that it is forbidden and I love the feel of his big black cock inside me.

Abby loved having sex with her first black man. Yes that’s it baby keep going like that, she softly pleaded. She wrapped her white legs and arms around his black body, crushing her milky white tits against his chest.

“Tyrell, kiss me please, kiss your white slut as you make love to her.”

Tyrell leaned down further catching her lips tüyap escort with his own, they were now both gyrating their hips into each other as they kissed. The room reeked of sex, and the soft sounds of sweaty bodies slapping away could be heard inside of it. Abby’s juices were now flowing out of her pussy, soaking the bed with every movement they made. Both were far away in their own shared world, not caring about anything that happened outside of it or anyone that would judge their relationship; a southern white woman and a southern black man connected physically and mentally, making love together.

Her white legs were wrapped around his dark hips as she pulled him deeper and deeper. When he finally touched bottom, he still had a couple inches unused. He slowly withdrew his cock dragging it across her clit. The sensation was breath taking and she could feel another orgasm boiling up. Tyrell slow fucked her like that for about twenty minutes; during which time she had no less than four magnificent orgasms. When Tyrell felt his orgasm coming on he began to quicken the pace of his strokes. She could feel his balls slapping against her ass and it felt like the head of his cock was entering her cervix. When he exploded in her she had another orgasm that caused her to convulse and pass out.

When she regained consciousness a bit later, Tyrell was fully clothed and standing there with a short naked black man in his early to mid fifties. His cock was at least as large as Tyrell’s. Tyrell introduced him as Chester; a CEO at a major corporation in the area. Before she could voice any concerns, Chester was on her and in her with long slow strokes. Within minutes she was enjoying her first orgasm with Chester. He fucked her for about ten minutes before the first signs of his own orgasm. The closer he got to his orgasm the faster he pumped his cock into her. When she felt the first blast of his hot semen explode in her, she began to tremble and shake with the most amazing sensation. She felt like she was unable to catch her next breath. She tingled all over and it was like floating through a misty fog.

Her mind was muddled and she could just barely understand Tyrell as he introduced Reginald, a prominent local litigation attorney. Before she realized it she had allowed herself to be flipped so she was face down on the bed. Reginald pushed his large black cock into her pussy with long lazy thrusts and she couldn’t help it but she started to meet each thrust with one of her own. It was so gentle and slow as he kissed the back of her neck and shoulders. He just held her tight against his body, wrapping his arms around her. She had several small orgasms back to back. He kept going through her orgasms and was sliding deep and then pulling the tip of his cock out to the opening of her vagina and then back all the way inside. Sometimes he just held her while his cock filled her. It was what she had wanted. She was completely filled with black cock.

And then…without warning he took his thumb and pressed it into her asshole. She could NOT control herself anymore. He was pounding into her and she was meeting him, pushing against him with her arms and face pressed down on the satin sheets. She was screaming. His big cock hurt, but it also felt sooooo good. They were sweating profusely. Her hair was wet and sticking to the side of her face. She could hear his cock sloshing into her wet pussy. They were loudly slapping together. She could feel her pussy opening wider every time he pushed into her. He was asking if she liked the feel of his big black cock slamming into her. She started to breathe faster and panting like a thirsty dog.

She screamed, “Oh my god, I love your big black cock in me.”

He asked if she wanted him to stop or keep going.

She squealed, “Oh god…yes…keep going.”

And she started to scream and cry and push against him. She was wiggling her hips; grinding into him, crushing into him with her slender white body. He was just about lifting her in the air each time he slammed into her pussy. They both came at the same time in wave after wave after wave. Over and over her pussy was squeezing his cock so hard. Her pussy was raw. She was sure it would never be the same again. It felt like a raw open wound, sucking and pulling him inside, drinking his cum. She could feel her whole insides opening up. She collapsed into the mattress. She felt like she was still falling, when Reginald collapsed beside her.

She whispered, “You have to stop it! I won’t be able to walk.”

He laughed and kissed her. They were both laughing. They were tangled together and trying to untangle themselves. Their bodies were slippery with sweat. His chest was wet and when he laid his hand on her stomach she was soaking wet. And he pressed his lips to hers while they kissed. They just molded together. He slid his hand right down along her abdomen lubricated from her sweat and began to press tuzla escort his fingers into her pussy one last time.

She moaned, “Ahhhh…No, no you can’t it’s too raw and sensitive.”

He gently tickled the lips of her raw pussy with his finger tips and they fell asleep. Just like that she was out of it and totally satisfied. When she woke up Reginald was gone and Tyrell was sitting in a floral wing-back chair watching her sleep.

“You need to take a quick shower and then get dressed. It’s 4 AM and your husband gets off work at six o’clock. I am more than sure you want to beat him home.”

Abby bolted upright in the bed. Her expression went from anxiety to indignity to panic to bewildering to puzzling; all in a matter of seconds.

“Wait a minute…I never told you who I was. How in the hell do you know who my husband is and how do you know he gets off work at six o’clock?”

“Abby my dear, as soon as you parked in the Club’s driveway my staff went to work identifying who you were and every other essential fact about your life. We do that with everyone who comes here for the first time. A simple check of the vehicle registration in your glove box told us all we needed to know. In your case it was easy to get a background. You are married to the Police Lieutenant in charge of the Vice Squad.”

Abby was dumbfounded by his remarks. Then it dawned on her. The note the doorman had slipped to him while they were having drinks. She thought she would anonymously drop into the club and satisfying her curiosity about how it would feel to fuck a black man and then be on her way with no one the wiser. She was wrong.

“What are you going to do with that information?”

The panic in her voice told him that he owned her. She would agree to any demand he made of her.

“After you shower and get dressed, meet me downstairs for a cup of coffee.”

Tyrell strolled nonchalantly out of the room and a very apprehensive Abby Fontaine hurriedly took her shower and then joined Tyrell downstairs in his private booth. There was a steaming hot cup of coffee waiting for her. She nervously took a sip while waiting to find out just how much trouble her curiosity has gotten her into.

“Well…was it as good as you had imagined it would be?” He asked with a smile.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Sweetheart…don’t play dumb with me. You are just one of a hundred white women who come to my club every year to find out what it’s like to be fucked by a big black cock. I am beginning to think it is every white woman’s fantasy to have a big black cock shoved in every orifice on their body.”

Abby didn’t say anything. She couldn’t even look him in the eyes. She blushed, toyed with her coffee cup and fidgeted in her seat.

“You liked it…didn’t you?”

Abby didn’t answer. She kept her head down and she didn’t dare meet his gaze.

“Even though you are frightened to death right now I bet you are still probably wondering about how soon you can come back here for more…aren’t you?”

Abby blushed again and stared down at the table. She took casual a sip of her coffee and ignored his comment. She almost jumped out of her skin when Tyrell slammed his hand down on the table and shouted, “Damn it…you liked it and you can’t wait to come back here for more black cock! Answer me right this minute.”

Abby kept her head down and answered in a low frightened voice, “Yes.”

Tyrell reached across the table and seized her arm. He snarled, “Speak up so I can hear you, Bitch.”

She jerked her arm free and growled between clenched teeth, “YES I liked it and YES I can’t wait to come back here for more black cock! Are you SATISFIED now?”

Tyrell smiled and pushed fifteen hundred dollars across the table to her.

“What the hell is this?” There was fire in her eyes.

“That’s your cut from last night. Chester and Reginald each paid a thousand dollars for your fine white pussy. I took five hundred dollars for my cut. The rest is yours.”

She shoved the money back across the table to Tyrell. “Do you think I am some kind of common whore?”

“Honey…there is nothing common about you. You are ‘Class A’ piece of white pussy and rich black men are willing to pay a thousand dollars each just to sample your fine white ass. Chester and Reginald both said they would pay an additional five hundred dollars just to eat your blonde pussy.”

He shoved the money back across the table to her. She stared at the money a long time as she drummed her manicure nails on the table. She was deep in thought. Tyrell could see she was seriously thinking about his proposition.

“You do know my husband is in charge of the Vice Squad.”

Tyrell nodded his head yes.

“What would happen if he came in here one night and caught me selling my pussy?”

“You don’t have to worry about that, my dear. Our Black Mayor is a frequent customer and comes in here several times a week. He has standing orders that no Cop can set foot on these premises without my permission. We are protected…you are protected. However; you may have to fuck the Mayor for free occasionally, but that’s part of doing business in Memphis.”

“What about you, Tyrell? Did you enjoy my fine white pussy?” She asked.

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