Curious Jade Ch. 01


It was always the same for me growing up. Everyone compared me to my sister: Jennifer, the smart, beautiful, head cheerleader. Standing at a flat five feet and being a late bloomer didn’t help my odds in filling her glamorous lifestyle and to top it off I always struggled in my studies at school. Finally my embarrassing high school years were over though and suddenly I found myself packing all my belongings for my first year at college.

I’d already heard stories about the dorm life and couldn’t wait to meet my roommate. We had already talked on the phone a couple of times and gotten all of the boring small talk out of the way, so I felt I already knew her. Lynn was an only child and came from a wealthy family. When I arrived she was already moving the room around. I was pleased with how she had started decorating our room, but most of all I was pleased to see that Lynn was as attractive as she sounded over the phone. I’ve never even so much as kissed a girl before, but it never hurts to have a pretty girl to share stories and best of all clothes with (Lynn has larger boobs than me but the same waist and shoe size). I helped her finish setting up our room and we started talking about plans for that night. She told me that she had heard about a Frat party going on that night with free beer. Not wanting to seem like a prude or nerd I agreed to go, after all it was our first night of our new lives.

We decided that it would be a good idea to pre-game for the party and Lynn got one of the boys down the hall to buy us some wine. She poured us each a glass and we started to drink and loosen up. After a few glasses we got to talking as all girls tend to do, and got on the subject of sex (again as all girls do). She admitted to being somewhat open sexually and that she had experienced with both boys and girls before. She must have sensed that I was a little embarrassed.

“Oh come on,” she teased. “You’re telling me you’ve never even thought about what it would be like to be with a girl?”

“No, I’ve thought about it,” I admitted blushing. “There’s just never been any girls I’ve been interested in.”

Lynn gave me a little laugh and filled up my glass again.

“Come on, we’d better start getting ready for this party I think we’ve loosened up enough” She says as she gets up and walks over to her closet.

I’m not sure if it was the wine or the steamy conversation but I decided it would be a good idea to open the window. When I turned back around Lynn was taking off her shirt and I couldn’t help but steal a couple glances. She took out two shirts and held them up to her looking into the mirror, eventually deciding on a little black crop top and putting the other back. She placed the hanger on the bed and walked to her dresser and picked out a short denim skirt and laid it on the bed. I sat at my computer trying not to be too obvious about stealing looks at my gorgeous roommate stripping down in front of me. She slipped her gym shorts down along with her panties and stepped out of them and unhooked her bra and tossed it on her bed. She then turned and caught me looking at her.

“Hey, come on girl. We gotta get ready, it’s already ten o’clock” she commanded.

She must not have cared too much about me staring at her gorgeous naked body because she made no bahçeşehir escort effort to cover it. I got up and walked over to my closet and picked out a cute t-shirt and got out a pair of capris pants. I looked over at Lynn and she had started putting on her make-up still standing stark naked, obviously trying to tease me. I started to become aroused and could feel my pussy start to moisten and looked down and saw that my nipples were poking through my shirt even though I was wearing a padded bra, and instantly blushed and turned away from Lynn trying not to let her see what her show was doing to me. She didn’t help at all as she walked by and slapped my butt and told me to get a move on. I decided to just get it over with and took my shirt off and pulled my t-shirt on and changed my shorts quickly. Lynn turned and did a double take.

“What the hell are you wearing?” She asked.

I looked down and stammered out “What, you don’t like it?”

“Honey, it’s your first night at college. We’re not going to a frat party for the beer, we’re going to flirt with boys” she matter of factly states. “Here, let me help.”

And with that she strolled over and took off my shirt and threw it on my bed. She stood back and smiled at me.

“Aww look, you can see your little pink nipples,” she teased as she pinched my left nipple. I slapped her hand and she looked at me in the eye. “alright, I was just teasing geez. Now let’s see what we got for you.” She strut over to her closet and picked out a very low cut shirt and held it up against me. “Perfect,” she said and threw it on my bed. “Now take off your bra.”

“What do you mean take off my bra? Look at that shirt, everyone will be able to see my nipples right through that.”

“That’s the point, you’ll get your drinks ten times faster. Plus, it’ll be a lot easier to get guys attention.”

I thought about this for a couple seconds and started to see what Lynn was getting at and just as I was about to take off my bra…SNAP! Lynn snuck behind me and unclasped my bra letting it fall to the ground. I looked back at her with a scowl.

“There, that’s much better,” she said as I bent down. “Oh no you don’t,” she said as she quickly grabbed the bra and held it behind her back.

I ran and tried to get it and we wrestled for the bra. I slipped on our carpet and we tripped and landed on top of one another on the floor. Lynn looked up at me and we locked eyes for what seemed like minutes. I stirred out of my daze and slowly started to get up. All of a sudden Lynn grabbed me and pulled me back on top of her and kissed me. I pulled back and looked at her in shock. No one had ever done anything like that to me before, much less a girl, I was overwhelmed. Something in me snapped and I decided to just go for it and passionately kissed her back. Lynn, being the more experienced of the two of us, took control of the situation and struggled to get on top of me which I let her do. She broke our kiss and started to gently kiss my left breast while massaging my right with her hand. She started giving me light kisses all over my chest and lightly pinched my nipples with her hands. Slowly he kiss trail turned southward and made it’s way to my toned stomach and she flicked her tongue against my pierced bakırköy escort bellybutton. She then looked up at me and again we locked eyes as she slowly unzipped my capris shorts. I laid my head back and breathed in deep letting her know that I wanted her to keep doing exactly what she was doing. She wasted no time and unbuttoned my shorts and slowly slid them down as I lifted butt off the floor to allow her to remove them. She gently slid them off and continued her gentle kisses starting at my calves and working her way back up to my pleading little pussy. She slid her tongue along the edges of my skimpy white cotton panties and teased my lips by gently kissing them through the soft material. I placed my hands on her head and slowly ran my fingers through her hair begging her to continue. She slipped a finger under each side of my panties and slowly slid them down my legs.

I thought she would never get those damned things off but finally she slipped them off my feet and playfully tossed turned and tossed them on her bed. I sat up and jerked her head to mine to interlock in another passionate kiss as we were both now completely nude laying on our dorm room floor. She broke our kiss and pushed me back down slowly, returning to what she had started. She licked up and down my pussy lips three times and my body was already shaking in anticipation. Sensing my desire she took her pointer finger and middle finger and spread my lips apart and slid her long wet tongue into my moist pussy. At first she used long slow licks up and down my entire slit then she quickened the pace as she heard me moan for more. I came in about a minute as I’d never received that much loving attention to my pussy before. She continued her assault on my pussy and I realized that I had began to play with my own breasts, pinching and kneading them. Lynn took her middle finger and slowly stuck it all the way into my now soaked pussy, then slowly pulled it all the way out using a “come hither” motion. This sent me into another mind blowing orgasm and It felt like there was an earth quake in my body. She looked up at me and slowly licked her finger and then licked her lips.

I looked down at her lovingly and asked “When do I get a taste?” She looked kind of shocked and I could tell she didn’t expect me to get so into it. Taking the initiative and catching her off guard, I rolled her over so now I was on top. I reached down and fingered myself with two fingers then held them up to her mouth and she opened her mouth to lick them clean. I pulled my fingers away and slowly licked both of them then grabbed her and jammed my tongue into her mouth. She let go and we both lustfully kissed each other enjoying my sweet pussy juice along with our collective saliva. After about ten minutes of fiercely making out with her, I pushed Lynn to her back and greedily began to assault her tits. They were slightly larger than mine at about a 34c bra size but were slightly less perky than mine as well. As I was teasing her nipples with light nibbles I moved my hand down to her completely shaven vagina. I slipped in a finger and felt Lynn squirm under me. Then I pushed another into her dripping wet pussy and started fingering her vigorously. I couldn’t wait to taste her pussy juice and wasted no more başakşehir escort time, lowering my head between her thighs. My tongue took my fingers place and I tried to lick up as much of her moistness as possible. She was thrusting her hips into my tongue and had placed her hands on my head pushing my face closer to her and my tongue deeper inside of her. I kept up my violent attack with my tongue while starting to tease her clit with my left hand. I could feel her body start to quake and knew she was orgasming, I didn’t le up at all and her whole body went into a spasm and she pulled my hair and let out a loud moan letting me know that I was doing just fine for my first time being with a woman.

All this acclaim was turning me on even more and I felt another orgasm building up inside of me too. I began to tease my own clit with my right hand and kept torturing hers with my left. Our body’s both started to shake and we came together each letting out moans, I tried to silence mine by creating a suction on Lynn’s pussy but her louder moans sent me over the edge and I couldn’t help break it to let out some of my own. Our bodies were both starting to glow with sweat but neither of us seemed to mind and kept up our passionate affair. Though I was enjoying making Lynn squirm with my every lick in the back of my mind I was hoping she would put that expert tongue to use other then to let me know I was making her cum with her heavy breathing and mumbled

“Oh fucks,” and “God yes.”

Lynn must have sensed this as she pulled me up to her face and kissed me again and told me to spin around so we could 69 each other. I quickly obliged and we began licking each other’s pussies and moaning louder with each flick of the clit. I was still on top and hovered my pussy up above Lynn’s waiting tongue. She started out licking my whole slit again and I drove my pussy down onto her face forcing her to delve deeper into my waiting hole. I felt her hands come around my butt and firmly grab my cheeks, then without warning she gave my ass a sharp slap. I had never though of myself as someone who would like spanking or pain during sex but for some reason I wanted more and harder slaps.

“Yeah, slap that ass,” I breathed back before returning to my work on her clit.

She slapped it a few more times then roughly massaged my cheeks. I started to move my pussy away from her face slightly so she had to lift her head up to lick my pussy and found that when I did she focused more on my clit and brought me closer to another orgasm. She grabbed my hips and pulled me back so she could lay her head on the floor and I moved back up again. We continued this tug-of-war for a little bit before she slapped my ass very hard and made me yelp.

“Now you be a good little slut and get what you got coming,” she teased.

No boy had ever talked dirty to me before and for some reason it turned me on like I never thought it would.

“You mean like this,” I said as I drove my pussy back into her face making her tongue dive deep into my hole. “Is this the kind of whore you want me to be for you?”

She started moaning loudly and slapped my ass a few more times and pinched it hard. We kept up our assault on each other for another half hour or so until both of us were too tired and sore to continue anymore. When we finally regained our composure I got up and climbed into my bed exhausted, and Lynn got up, turned off the light and jumped into bed with me, both of us naked.

“Oops, we forgot all about the party,” I giggled. “Looks like you’ll have to teach me how to pick up frat boys some other time.”

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