Custom Made


My name is Alexandra Maria Evangeline Laurence and I love things that sparkle. Even though I came from a wealthy family, we’re also a hard-working family. My mom Lila owned a spa and has her own line of bath and body products, my dad Michael owned and operated a men’s suit shop, my older brother Anthony’s a pro-soccer-star-in-the-making/ physical therapist, and my younger sister Crystal’s studying to be an entrepreneur so she can start her own cosmetics/fragrance company, aspiring to become the next Elizabeth Arden or Estee Lauder. As for myself, I’m an aspiring fashion/jewelry/accessory designer, currently while I work at Saks Fifth Avenue as a sales associate and a cashier at American Eagle Outfitters. You’re probably wondering why a rich girl like me is working two jobs at two clothing stores. You see I go to design school and I make extra money for tuition, books, an apartment, etc. My siblings and I got trust funds which we can’t touch till we’re 30, but we don’t mind that at all because we all got something to work for.

Even though the economy’s shaky, we kept ourselves busy. We also chipped in to help our parents out. Sometimes, they even borrowed money from us. Other than wealth, we also travel and socialize with a lot of people. Not only do we work, earn, and spend, we even participated in charitable events for the community. For example, last October my mom participated in a 5K run for breast cancer awareness. I recently threw an event called “The Haiti Hop”, which was a dance party/benefit that raised money for the people of Haiti affected by the devastating earthquake. I personally believe that fund-raising should be fun.

Today, I went to Sparkle & Shine, a popular jewelry/accessory shop downtown. My BFF Sadie Valeria Portia Darlington, an aspiring MAM (model/actress/mogul), had a birthday coming up in two weeks. I went into the store to make her a custom-made diamond necklace as a gift to her. While I was there, I took a look at the extensive and exquisite selections the store had offered. I looked at a black satin headband with a red rose and decorated with Swarovski crystals. As I looked at the accessories section, I had noticed a banner that said, “We do custom orders!”

I walked up to the front of the jewelry section, looked at the person up front, and said, “Excuse me, I noticed that you do custom orders here at the store.”

A handsome, young, man looked at me and replied, “Why yes we do. Is there something I can make for you, miss?”

“Yes, actually I was wondering if you can make a necklace for my best friend. Her birthday’s in two weeks.” I said to him.

“Sure thing. My name’s David and I’m the jeweler and I’m also the salesperson here.” He said.

“I’m Alexandra, but you halkalı bdsm escort can call me Alex.” I said to him.

“So what kind of necklace does your friend like?” David asked me.

“Sadie likes a necklace where she can wear low, like down to her belly button. She also loves colored diamonds and her favorite colors are pink, blue, purple, and yellow.” I replied.

David was this nice and handsome man with short, dark blonde hair and green eyes. “Your best friend has good taste. So what’s her birthstone?” He said.

I replied, “Her birthday’s in March, so her birthstone is aquamarine.”

David smiled at me and said, “Sounds lovely. My birthday’s in September, which makes my birthstone a sapphire. What’s your birthstone?”

“My birthday’s in May, so mine’s an emerald.” I replied.

David then got out his sketch pad and started designing my best friend’s birthday necklace. While he sketched out a design for the necklace, I did a little shopping for myself and got a little something for Crystal too. I got her a four-strand freshwater pearl necklace, a red leather headband with black lace on top, and a three heart-shaped diamond bracelet. I got myself that headband that I first saw, a diamond-and-lace choker necklace, and a sterling silver charm bracelet.

After a couple of minutes, David said to me, “Alex, can you come here for a minute? I want you to check out my design for your friend’s necklace.”

He showed me the design he made for the necklace. The design was a five-strand necklace set in silver and white gold. The first strand had pink diamonds; the second strand had blue diamonds, the third strand had purple diamonds, the fourth strand had yellow diamonds, and the fifth and final strand had aquamarine stones which led to a heart-shaped pendant filled with aquamarine stones. Plus, all five strands were in different lengths. I found it very impressive and amazing.

“That’s amazing, David! I can’t wait to see how it would look once it is all finished.” I said with a smile on my face.

He even showed me the design for the back of the necklace, which had a lobster clasp that’s also adjustable. Then, David started looking into my deep brown eyes.

“I’m seeing a twinkle in your eyes that sparkles like the jewels.” He said to me.

I smiled and blushed at his compliment. He slowly walked up to me and softly kissed my lips. His kisses were warm, soft, and sensual. As we kissed, he placed my Kate Spade bag on a hook at the back of the office door. I got a look at David for a brief moment, not only is he handsome, he’s also tall. I returned his kiss on the lips with a much more passionate one. I slowly unbuttoned his black, royal blue, halkalı elit escort and gray striped button-down shirt. OMG! He had a body on him! He was ripped in a Taylor Lautner-type way and his skin was smooth to the touch. David then unbuttoned my dark gray striped vest. Once he took off my vest, he placed his hands on my waist. I unbuttoned the buttons on my white button down quarter-sleeved blouse one by one. David slowly made a caress trail from the top of my dark brown-covered head to my curvy waist. I moaned as his lips then moved down to my neck as my hands stroked up and down his frontal body. His hands gently smoothed down the blouse from my body.

He then kneeled to the floor and carefully took off my Nine West heels. After that, David and his hands slowly crawled back up to me. He deeply kissed my lips again as my hands rested on his shoulders. David reached around to the back of my white lace bra and unhooked it. Once my womanly breasts were freed, David cupped them in his hands. He then lowered his mouth onto my breasts, kissing and sucking them. I let out a soft, deep moan as he orally pleasured them. My hands traveled down David’s body, from the tops of the shoulders to his eight-pack abs. David then picked me up and sat me down on the work desk.

He unbuttoned and unzipped my black stretch pants, sliding them off my womanly, hourglass-shaped body. My moans and groans told him how much I was enjoying it. I was in my white satin panties while David was in his jeans. He kneeled in front of me, pushed aside my panties, and slipped two fingers inside my tight pussy. I felt so tight and was gradually getting wet by the minute. After that, he gently spreaded my woman lips. There, his tongue lightly flickered at my pearl between my thighs. He switched between licking it with his tongue and sucking it with his mouth. My moans reached higher and louder as I held his head into place. He just loves to pleasure my girl pearl.

As he orally pleasured me, David briefly looked into my eyes; seeing my arousal face. After he kissed my lips, it was my turn to pleasure him. I took my time taking off his jeans and then his Ralph Lauren boxer briefs. I softly licked his cock before taking him into my mouth. While I tasted him, David let his hand stroke, run through, and play with my waist-length, dark brown hair. His sighs and moans were vocal sounds of ecstasy, meaning he enjoyed it. Once he got hard, David was ready to explore my woman cave. I took out a lubricated condom from my purse and gave it to him. Good thing I carry plenty of condoms in my purse. David opened the condom and put it on his already hardened cock.

Next, he held on to my hips as he slowly and deeply entered halkalı escort me. He thrusted in and out of my pussy while he held me close to his body. I lightly moaned close to his ear. My hands went up and down his back before resting them on firm backside. His thrusts became harder and deeper by the minute. Our bodies rubbed against each other, causing a lustful, pheromone-induced friction between us. Then, he pulled his cock out with the condom still attached to it. I took off a freshwater pearl single strand necklace from my neck, gathered it in my hand, and rubbed it up and down his still hard cock. I briefly watched him moan and smile at the sensation.

Finally, he came and his man milk gushed inside the condom. I looked up and David kissed my lips one more time. We gathered each other’s clothes and got dressed.

“This was beyond fantastic, it was electrifying!” David happily exclaimed.

“I concur completely.” I replied with a smile.

I took my purse from the hook behind the door and we both stepped out of the office.

I asked David, “So will the necklace be ready in time for my friend’s birthday?”

He said, “I’ll have it ready in a couple of days.”

“Great!” I exclaimed happily as I paid for the order with my platinum card, which was approved.

I took out my Blackberry and added David to both my contact list and the invite list.

“I added you to my contact list and expect an invitation in a few days.” I said.

“Thanks, I look forward to it.” He replied as I paid for my other purchases in cash.

As I received my purchases in a glittery silver and black shopping bag, I said to David, “Thanks, David. I’ll see you at the party. I have more errands to do; some of them are party related.”

“Thanks for shopping at Sparkle & Shine! Have a great day and come back soon.” David said happily.

A couple of days later before Sadie’s birthday, my birthday present for Sadie had arrived in the mail by way of a special delivery package. The necklace was in a beautiful black and silver velvet box with a silver satin ribbon in the front. In the same delivery box, there was another black and silver box. This one had a handwritten note card in front of it. On the front, it said “To Alex…” I took the card and read the inside.

The inside of the card said, “I made this emerald-and-diamond necklace and thought of you. Even though emerald is your birthstone, I’m a guy who believes that diamonds are every girl’s best friend. I look forward to seeing you again. Hope you enjoy this lovely token courtesy of me. With love, David.”

I opened up the box and there was a triple strand emerald-and-diamond necklace, which was set in platinum with a magnetic fastener in the back. The strands were in three different lengths with the last strand down to the décolleté area. The necklace also had an emerald butterfly pendant on the last strand. I loved it and looked forward to wearing it at the party. I also couldn’t wait to see Sadie’s reaction to her present at the party as well.


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