Cyberlovers: The First Meeting


Ann glanced again at the directions printed out from e-mail. Maneuvering her car along the winding road leading to the resort cabin, she thought about what was coming.

For the past two years, she had been corresponding on the Internet with a man from a neighboring state. In her thirties and married for nearly 10 years, Ann had found herself surfing one night when she came upon an adult chat room. While she had been an eager and regular viewer of porn sites since her first Internet connection, Ann had never gone in for one-on-one chat or e-mail before. But there was something about this man. He seemed intelligent and friendly, and when he initiated a conversation with her, she hesitantly responded.

Chatting nearly every day turned into e-mail and finally telephone conversations. Gary was several years older than her, also married, and with grown children. Early on they seemed to connect, engaging in phone sex and cyber sex regularly. Ann eagerly shared some of her deepest fantasies with Gary, and he was equally eager to satisfy her any way she needed. After countless times together on IRC and the telephone, it was inevitable that talk turn to a face-to-face meeting.

And that time had come at last. Gary had rented a cabin in a remote area, and Ann had made an excuse to be gone for the weekend so they could be together. They had agreed beforehand that this would be a weekend for fulfilling all the fantasies they had talked about. No inhibitions, just the raw sex they both craved and neither seemed to get in their everyday life.

As Gary had instructed, Ann was wearing nothing under her raincoat except for a tight bustier, tiny matching silk panties, and stockings. She could feel her wetness on her panties. “Oh well,” she thought, “that’s what driving for three hours while thinking about nothing but a man’s cock will do to you.” And a lovely cock it was. Pictures and Gary’s web cam had proven that. Not all that long, but deliciously thick. Ann thought about all the times he had stroked his cock in front of the camera for her, moving his big fist up and down faster and faster until he shot his cum in great pulsing spurts. Ann licked her lips in anticipation, and pushed the accelerator down.

Finally she spied the sign for her turnoff. Driving down the narrow tree-lined road, Ann made her way to the rear of the resort until, around a curve and set back in a wooded area, she found the cabin where her lover waited for her.

Quickly checking her makeup and hair in the mirror, Ann opened her car door and stepped out, relieved to be stretching her muscles after the long drive. Opening the trunk to pull out her small suitcase, (“You won’t need much, sweetheart. I plan to keep you naked and ready for me.”) Ann nervously approached the front door. Before she had a chance to decide if she should knock, it opened and her lover stood before her.

A big man with longish hair and a full beard, Gary smiled as he stared at Ann. Without saying a word, he reached for her and pulled her into the cabin, taking the suitcase from her and dropping it to the floor as he wrapped his arms around her and brought his lips down to hers for their first kiss. Pushing his tongue into her mouth, Gary moved his body against Ann’s, making sure she could feel his hard cock. Breaking off the kiss, he untied the belt to Ann’s raincoat and, with a leer, pulled the coat from her and tossed it on a nearby chair, leaving Ann standing there in her lingerie. “Oh baby,” he said, “I’ve been waiting for this for so long. You look delicious, but there’s just one thing.” Gary reached both hands inside Ann’s bustier and pulled her large breasts free, leaving them obscenely exposed. Ann gasped, feeling the heat of embarrassment. “None of that, baby” Gary said sternly. “You’re mine this weekend, and I intend to enjoy you every way possible. You better get used to being exposed to me.”

Gary moved his hands to Ann’s nipples. Through the weeks and months of their cyber lovemaking he knew exactly the kind of treatment she craved. Taking both nipples between his fingers, Gary pinched them hard, pulling them away from Ann’s chest until the pale pink nipples, already erect, turned dark red. Ann stood there, her eyes closed, afraid to move as Gary squeezed and pinched her nipples. Still holding them between his fingers, he lowered his head and put her left nipple between his teeth, biting down and flicking his tongue over the sensitive skin. Raising his head and laughing softly, Gary noted the flush to Ann’s face. Stepping back to admire the large, pale breasts of his red-haired lover, he turned and picked up a gym bag lying on the floor.

“Know what’s in here, honey?” he asked. When Ann looked at him blankly, he unzipped the bag and, pulling Ann over to the nearby bed, began removing his treasures. “I’ve been shopping, Ann. Look what I have for you.”

Ann’s eyes were glued to the bag as one by one he began removing his purchases. First came silk scarves. Ann couldn’t tell how many…Two? Three? “These are to tie you up with while I fuck you,” Gary said casually. He watched Ann’s eyes widen as more items were pulled from the bag. A large black vibrating cock, even thicker than Gary, and longer. Then a second, equally large and made of a jelly-like material. An anal plug, starting out narrow then widening impossibly before tapering back to a slim base. Gary laid it on the bed and pulled a tube of KY from the bag. “We’ll need this if I’m going to use your ass the way I want,” he said. And last but not least, Gary pulled a set of nipple clamps from the bag, heavy silver and connected with a silver chain. “Ah, here’s what I’m looking for,” he said. He walked up close to Ann, and pausing to squeeze her breasts, first one then the other, Gary stared deeply into her eyes and said only “Ready?”

Ann’s head was spinning. Yes, she had wanted this, but now that the time had come she found herself nervous and embarrassed and self-conscious. “Look at me,” Gary said. As she raised her eyes to meet his, Gary watched the shock and pain appear on her face as he fastened the clamps to his lover’s nipples.

“Oh god!” Ann gasped. She loved her nipples Ankara escort pinched and bitten, but they had never felt anything like this pain. Ann looked down and saw the clamps cruelly fastened to her nipples as they turned an even deeper red. She started to reach for the clamps, and Gary said softly “No, I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” He reached his big hands under her breasts and lifted them up, holding them tight, squeezing them. “Jesus, these are beautiful,” he said, as he casually flicked the clamp on her right nipple. A wave of pain and something else shot through Ann. “Yesssssss,” she moaned.

“I think we need to get more comfortable,” Gary said. Pulling his t-shirt off over his head, Ann watched as he removed his shoes and socks. Her eyes were glued to him as Gary reached down and lowered his pants and briefs to the floor. Stepping out of them, he moved his hand down and cupped his heavy balls, then moved his hand up and over his erect cock. He was dripping precum…had been for the entire time he had been waiting for Ann…and he ran his fingers over the head of his cock, wetting them. “Here, baby” he said, as he moved his fingers to Ann’s lips. “Open,”. Without thinking, Ann obeyed and let her lover push his cum-soaked fingers between her lips, giving her the first taste of his juices. Ann sucked them greedily into her mouth, savoring the delicious wetness. Pulling the fingers out, Gary reached for Ann and moved her body up against his. He covered her mouth in a kiss, reaching both hands behind her and slipping them inside her panties. Squeezing her ass cheeks hard, Gary ground up against her, making sure Ann’s clamped nipples rubbed roughly over his chest. Releasing her mouth, Gary whispered quietly in her ear “I love this ass, baby. And I can’t wait to see my cum dripping out of it.”

“Jesus, Gary,” Ann gasped. The pain in her nipples was now a dull ache, and she could feel his hard, wet cock pushing against her stomach. Gary pulled her closer, moving his fingers between her ass cheeks, teasing her asshole. Ann pushed back against the fingers, hoping to feel them push inside her. Gary laughed. “Not yet, lover. We have to get you nice and ready.”

“So,” Gary said. “Which toy would you like to begin with?” Ann glanced at the bed, licking her lips as she considered the items laying there. Gary waited for an answer, then said impatiently “This won’t do, Ann. I asked you a question. Now answer me, or you’re going to have to be punished.” Without giving her another chance to speak, Gary took Ann’s hand and led her over to the bed. Picking up a silk scarf, he wrapped it around both of Ann’s wrists, tying them together. “On your knees,” he said. Without hesitation, Ann dropped to her knees, kneeling before her lover. His thick cock rubbed over her face, leaving a trail of wetness. Ann inhaled deeply, loving the smell of his cock and balls.

“Suck it.”Ann had waited so long for this. Opening her mouth, she slid her lips down over the head of Gary’s cock. She heard him gasp slightly, and was pleased with herself as she felt him push his hips forward. She enjoyed the taste and feel of the thick cock as it pushed to the back of her throat. Teeth clamped lightly around his cock, she scraped them over the shaft as she sucked as much of him as she could into her mouth. Ann pulled her head back until just the head of Gary’s cock was trapped between her teeth. Her tongue pushed at the hole on the tip, trying to dip inside and pull out more of his precum. Gary groaned, his head flung back. Reaching forward, he entwined his fingers in Ann’s hair, pulling her down again on his cock. “That’s a good little bitch,” he whispered, as he began pumping into her mouth.

Sensing he was close to shooting, Gary backed away. His cock pulled from Ann’s lips, and she found herself moving forward on her knees trying to capture it again. Losing her balance with her hands tied, she fell forward to land on her hands and knees in front of him. Gary looked at the tiny black panties stretched thin over Ann’s ass. Picking up the anal plug, one of the vibrating cocks, and the KY from the bed, Gary moved over to sit in a chair. “Come here,” he said. Ann started to get up, but Gary stopped her. “You don’t need to stand. Crawl.”

Ann crawled over to her lover, and he stared deeply into her eyes as he reached down to pull her to her feet. Not understanding what was expected of her, Ann stood motionless. “Over my knees,” Gary said. With that, he took hold of the chain connecting Ann’s nipple clamps and brought her forward. Down she came to lay fully over his lap, her head and big breasts hanging down and her ass up high.

Gary stared at Ann’s ass. She moaned slightly as he ran his hand over the silk. He pushed his fingers down between her legs, feeling the wetness that had seeped through the crotch of her panties. He caressed her there while casually moving his other hand down to squeeze her breasts. A groan escaped Ann’s lips as she waited for her lover’s fingers to probe deeper. Moving to the leg of her panties, Gary slid his fingers inside, searching for the center of her heat. Ann closed her eyes tightly as Gary’s fingers slid over her cunt. She could feel her face grow hot as she realized she was soaking wet. Ann heard Gary laugh. “Ready for me, aren’t you?” he said, as without warning he pushed two big, beefy fingers into her cunt.

Ann felt herself clamp down on the invading fingers. “Oooooh God,” she groaned. Gary moved his fingers out, but found them inhibited by the silk of her panties. “We need to get rid of these,” he said, as he pulled his fingers out of her cunt and grasped the waistband. Quickly pulling them down, he threw them to the floor and admired the pale skin of the ass offered up to him.

Ann felt a cold breeze between her legs and moved them together slightly. She yelped in surprise and pain as she felt Gary’s hand come down on her exposed ass. “Don’t do that. Ever.” he said. “Your ass and cunt are mine. Now open your legs.” Ann pushed her legs as far apart as she could, flaming with embarrassment as she lay there. Gary moved his hand slowly over her ass as he admired the red welt developing. Raising Ankara escort bayan his hand again, he brought it down with a crack. Ann groaned, but kept herself open. Again and again the hand came down, until Ann’s ass was red and burning.

Gary could feel the wetness from her cunt on his lap. He knew she craved the ass beating, and if he had had any doubt there was his proof. Ann moaned and ground her pussy against his thigh. Gary reached with both hands to spread Ann’s ass cheeks and view the prize he had waited so long for. “Such a sweet little asshole,” he said. “Imagine how much it’s going to have to stretch to take my cock.” Pushing his fingers into her cunt again, he spread the wetness he found there over her tiny bud, using the fingers of his other hand to keep her cheeks spread wide. Ann felt herself consciously relaxing her ass, waiting eagerly for his fingers. “He’s taking too long,” she thought to herself. She squirmed as he moved his fingers away from her asshole, teasing her. Then suddenly, without warning, she felt his thick fingers shoved roughly into her tight asshole.

“I’m glad this cabin is remote,” Gary thought to himself, as Ann’s scream pierced the air. He pushed his fingers in deep to the knuckle, enjoying the heat of the tight opening. Ann groaned as he began moving them side to side in her ass. “Like that, baby?” he asked. “Mmmmmmmm” she moaned between clenched teeth. The combination of pleasure and pain and the shame of her position had left Ann unable to speak. She tried to imagine what she must look like there, her breasts hanging down, connected by the chain on the nipple clamps, and her pussy and ass pushed up and open to Gary. His fingers were moving in and out of her now, faster and harder. Pulling them from her asshole completely, Gary admired the redness and swelling that had already appeared around the little hole.

Ann waited, adjusting to the emptiness. Gary picked up the tube of KY and squeezed a generous amount on his fingers, and more onto her ass cheek. He spread her open again and began massaging the jelly into her ass. One finger first, then two. When the third finger entered her, Ann gasped in pain and lust. Gary made sure the lubricant was deep in her ass. Holding her open with one hand, he removed his fingers from her clenching rectum and picked up the anal plug. He rubbed it over the KY on her ass cheek, liberally covering it. Breathing heavily, he bent down close to her asshole, rubbing the tip of the plug over her little bud. Putting just the tip up against her, Gary moved it in a circle. Slowly he began putting pressure on it, causing about an inch of it to enter Ann’s waiting ass. Ann realized she was holding her breath, knowing her lover was going to use her ass hard. They had talked about it so many times. How she wanted her ass fucked raw….wanted to offer it to Gary for his punishing. Gary stared intently at Ann’s little hole, and slowly began pushing the plug inside.

“Oh God it’s too big!,” Ann gasped, instinctively trying to raise herself off of Gary’s lap. With her wrists tied in front of her, she had no way of protecting her asshole. Gary pushed her back down and growled “Stay right where you are. I’ll let you know when you can get up.” And with this he roughly spread her ass cheeks once more and pushed the palm of his hand against the flat base of the plug.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned, as he watched Ann’s asshole spread open to accept the invasion. “Gary, it hurts!” Ann screamed. Her cries just egged him on, and he pushed his elbow down on her back to hold her in place. He let a couple of inches of the toy enter her, then held it still. Ann’s tender asshole was stretched around it, and Gary couldn’t take his eyes off the sight of it. He pulled the toy back out until only the tip remained, then held her tight as he pushed it back in quickly. He barely noticed Ann’s scream as he watched her asshole widen. He had never had a woman in this position before…totally defenseless…spread out in front of him for his pleasure. Gary’s cock was like stone as he rubbed it against Ann’s body, loving the scratchy feel of her bustier. Deeper and deeper the anal plug pushed into her until the widest part was at her opening. He held it there for a few seconds, then forced it the rest of the way into Ann’s tight ass.

With the widest part inside her, Ann’s asshole closed around it, leaving nothing but the flat base outside her. Ann was whimpering now, and Gary reached a hand down to pull at the chain connecting her nipple clamps. A louder groan…beautiful…came from the redhead, and Gary stared down at her. His eyes were glued to the plug buried in her asshole, amazed that the whole thing had fit inside her little hole. “Like it, baby?” he asked? Ann moaned in response, still not recovered from the shock of the anal assault. “I’ll take that as a yes,” he said, as he fondled the base of the probe, twisting it slightly. Without warning, he slapped the flat base with the palm of his hand, sending a shocking jolt of pain through Ann’s ass. “Oh yeah,” he said. “You’re loving this, aren’t you?” His thumb moved down to her cunt, roughly stimulating her clit before ramming into her. Ann was soaking wet, and he could feel her grind down and clamp her muscles around his thumb, groaning as the movement caused her ass to twitch around the anal plug. Gary fucked in and out of her hard as Ann moaned her pleasure. Noises of protest greeted him as he pulled his thumb out quickly, not wanting to allow her an orgasm yet. Letting her ass cheeks close around the anal plug, Gary raised his hand and brought it down sharply on her ass. Ann screamed as Gary began spanking her hard, punishing her tender ass cheeks and causing the anal plug to ram a little deeper with each strike. Ann lost count of the number of blows, just knowing that pain and pleasure had mixed together. Then as suddenly as the spanking had started, it stopped.

Reaching down, Gary picked up one of the thick vibrating cocks. Without warning, he spread her open and placed the cock against her wet cunt. Flipping the switch to start the big toy humming, he rubbed it over Ann’s clit. Ann pushed her ass up high, wanting Escort Ankara to impale herself on the toy, but Gary moved it back just out of her reach. “Beg for it,” he said. “Oh God please,” Ann cried. “I need you to fuck me.” “What will you do for me if I give it to you?” he asked. “Anythinnng,” Ann gasped. The corners of Gary’s mouth turned up in a smile as he thrust the rubber cock forward, burying its entire length in Ann’s waiting cunt.

Ann howled, unaccustomed to having anything the size of the vibrating cock inside her. The thick anal plug made her passage that much tighter, and Gary reveled in the sucking noise the vibrator made as he fucked it in and out. His eyes were glued between Ann’s legs as he quickened the pace of his fucking, Ann’s cunt juices wetting his thigh evidence of her pleasure. Moving the vibrator harder and faster, Gary suddenly took hold of the anal plug buried in Ann’s asshole and pulled it out. “Eeeeeeeee,” Ann screamed as she was stretched wide by the exiting instrument. Gary continued fucking Ann’s cunt, as he tossed the anal plug to the floor and moved his free hand back to Ann’s ass. Spreading her ass cheeks, he admired his handiwork, Ann’s asshole red and swollen from his assault. His cock was impossibly hard now, throbbing and demanding satisfaction. Gary pulled the vibrator from Ann’s cunt and tossed it aside. “Stand up,” he instructed.

Ann could barely think, shocked by the sudden removal of the anal plug and vibrator. She tried to stand, stumbling as she fought to make her legs work. Gary put his arms under her and helped her to her feet. Pain shot through Ann’s abused ass. Pain, and something else. She looked down at Gary’s cock, deep red and standing nearly straight up. Pausing for a moment to squeeze her breasts and flick his thumbs over the nipple clamps, Gary guided Ann, wrists still tied in front of her, to the bed. “On your hands and knees,” he said. Ann knelt on the bed, starting to crawl toward the middle. “No,” Gary said. “I want you on the edge of the bed.” With this, he pushed Ann’s head down until it was resting on her arms, leaving her ass and pussy exposed. Gary stood at the side of the bed, and grasping his thick cock in his hand began rubbing it over Ann’s cunt. Ann held her breath, knowing what was coming and craving it like she had never craved anything before. Gary moved the fat cock head to her opening, and with one thrust buried the thick tool in Ann’s cunt. Ann groaned as she was pushed forward from the force. Grabbing her hips with both hands, Gary pulled his cock out just to the opening and paused for a moment, feeling Ann squeeze him. “Oh Christ you’re tight,” he gasped before shoving his cock deep into her again. Moving his hands to wrap them around her upper thighs, Gary lifted Ann slightly off the bed as he began an insane pumping, his big balls slapping rhythmically against her clit. Ann was panting, animal-like grunts escaping from between her lips. She squeezed her cunt muscles, making the passage even tighter and increasing their pleasure. Gary could feel her twitching and throbbing inside, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer before pumping his cum into her.

Gary loved the idea of filling Ann’s cunt with his cream. But not this time. Not when her tender ass was open and waiting for him. Gary pulled back, letting his cock slip from between her cunt lips. “Nooooo,” Ann groaned. “Don’t stop!” Gary reached forward with one hand and wrapped his fingers around Ann’s hair, pulling her head back towards him. With his other hand he grasped his cock, wet with Ann’s juices. Positioning the head up to Ann’s asshole, Gary took a deep breath and thrust his hips forward, burying his thick cock inches into Ann’s tender asshole.

Her scream sounded sweet to his ears, and fueled his lust even more. “You know you want this, bitch,” he snarled. “Take it.”

Waves of pain and unbelievable pleasure shot through Ann’s ass, and she found herself pushing back, impaling herself on Gary’s thick cock, grinding into him. “Yessssssss,” she groaned. “Fuck me. Take my asshole!” Gary held her hair in his hand like the reins of a horse and began a furious pounding into Ann’s ass. Pulling his cock nearly all the way out, then shoving it back hard. Faster and faster, his head thrown back, wanting nothing more or less than to use Ann’s ass beyond its breaking point. Glancing down at the bed, he spied the jelly vibrator laying there. Picking it up and pushing the on switch, Gary reached under Ann and began running the vibrator over her clit and cunt. The sudden extra pleasure took Ann’s breath away, and she realized she was panting and moaning over and over “yessssss.” Gary quickened his pace, feeling the churning start deep in his balls. Positioning the vibrator at the opening to Ann’s cunt, he thrust it up into her.

The combination of the vibrating toy in her cunt and Gary’s big cock rutting into her ass was too much for Ann. Eyes squeezed tightly shut, she arched her back and began screaming with her orgasm. “Oh fuck YESSSS, Fuck me fuck me fuck me” she cried. Feeling her ass convulse around his cock pushed Gary over the edge with her, and he cried out with his own orgasm, ramming his cock deep into Ann’s ass, holding it there while he pumped what felt like gallons of cum into her bowels. He realized Ann had raised her ass even higher, offering herself up to his thrusts, still crying out her own pleasure. Until finally, after what seemed like hours, his balls had emptied themselves into her willing ass and he felt his cock start to soften and slip from her.

Gary stood behind Ann, unable to speak or move, trying to catch his breath and recover from the mind-shattering orgasm. His eyes were fixed upon Ann’s asshole, and he watched as his cum began slowly dripping out. “Christ,” he thought, “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in my life.” Ann gradually began regaining her senses too. She made a move as if to stand when she felt Gary’s hand firm on her back. “Did anyone tell you you could get up yet?’ he asked. “I’m not done with you, Ann. Not by a long shot.” Ann lowered her head back down onto her arms and held her ass and cunt up high for his inspection, closing her eyes moments later when she heard the clicking of Gary’s digital camera and a soft knock at the cabin door.

To Be Continued…..

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