Cynthia Ch. 9


I awoke on Sunday morning to another wonderfully warm, sunny morning. As I came to my senses, I remembered the scene from the previous night and grinned. I reached a hand down to cup my cock and balls, primarily relieved that they hadn’t fallen off from abuse during the night, but also relieved to find that most of the soreness had left them. It was amazing what a good night’s rest could do for a man.

The second thing I became aware of, was the fact I was alone. I looked around the room, but didn’t see Cynthia or Sara anywhere. I lay back, tuning my ears to the silence, and finally heard muffled whispering coming from somewhere in the house. Most likely downstairs, I thought, sitting up. I stretched some of the soreness out of my tired muscles and slowly got out of bed, grabbing my robe from the back of the chair.

My knees were still wobbly as I stood up and walked to the window. I took a deep breath and stretched, arching my sore back and thrusting my hips towards the new day. The trees were bathed in sunlight and the birds were chirping away madly. I figured it must have been close to ten o’clock. As I awakened further, my sense of smell kicked in.

The wonderfully homey smells of coffee and bacon greeted me and I grinned, realizing I was famished! Yesterday was not a very good food day, having gone most of it without eating at all except for the late snack that the girls and I had wolfed down. My stomach growled it’s appreciation as I hastily put a robe on and shakily made my way to the stairs.

I looked into the living room when I reached the first landing. Both girls were sitting on the couch. Sara was wearing one of my dress shirts and seemingly nothing else, and Cynthia had on one of my thin cotton sweatshirts that looked huge on her. And marvelously sexy!!

I stood there, silently watching them…feeling like the luckiest person on the face of the earth. They were sipping coffee and watching the television. The screen wasn’t at an angle to me that allowed me to see what they were watching, but I had an idea as I watched them and listened to their whispered comments. I made my way quietly down the stairs and snuck up behind them…

My heart began to beat a little harder as I focused on the screen. At first it seemed a bit odd to see my own hard cock on the 42 inch television screen, but after I acclimated myself to what I was seeing, a big grin spread over my face. The full screen was taken up with the image of my cock as it slid in and out of Cynthia’s pussy. I felt my cock slowly expanding under my robe as I watched her pussy lips grasping my pole, gripping my rod as tightly as her mouth had as I pushed in and out. The volume was down, but I could still hear her moans as I fucked her. As well as my own. I could also hear Sara in the background playing director.

As the camera pulled back to allow me a full view of Cynthia’s writhing body, I realized all over again how gorgeous this woman was.

The girls must have been watching for a bit, for as I continued to stare at the screen I saw my cock pull slowly from Cynthia’s wet pussy. It was covered with a thick layer of her cum and I grinned as I saw a large bead of pre-cum form at the tip and drip over the head. I remembered the feeling of her pussy the night before and how badly I’d wanted to come.

The view pulled back again as the camera began to jitter and move. I remembered how Sara had walked over to us, handing the camcorder to Cynthia as she suggested a “cum shot.” My cock bobbed up and down, both on the screen and under my robe as I watched and remembered. As the angle changed and Sara’s smiling face moved into the screen, Cynthia turned on the couch and grinned at me.

“Well, good morning, sleepyhead…” she laughed. Sara then turned in my direction, also smiling.

“You’re just in time….” she whispered. “I can’t wait to see how this came out! This was my favorite part…” Turning to Cynthia she added, “ONE of my favorite parts…” She grinned and placed her hand on Cynthia’s thigh, sliding it high. Then she moved over and patted the couch between them.

I have to admit. I was actually torn between joining them and responding to the smells of coffee and foor emanating from the kitchen. But only for a moment or two…

I grinned and moved around to the front of the couch. As I did, my amost hard-on bobbed and swayed under my robe, catching the attention of both girls. Sara grinned as I sat down and she reached over for the belt, pulling it apart and flipping my robe open. My cock sprang up and slapped against my belly.

“Ah….the star of the show…” Cynthia laughed. I grinned, happy to be the center of attention for these beautiful females. On the screen, Sara was taking her shirt off, posing for the camera with her legs wide spread, her gartered thighs opening and closing as she danced to some erotic tune in her head. Her hands cupped her breasts and she grinned into the camera. I felt a slight moan escape my mouth as I watched her slowly get to her knees in front of me.

“Well, now that you’re awake, we can have a little volume…” She reached for the remote and turned the volume up until the sounds of Sara’s efforts from last night poured from the stereo speakers. I turned back to the screen, feeling my cock twitch at the images there.

Cynthia had angled the camera directly across from Sara’s face, and zoomed ucuz escort in until just her face and my cock filled the screen. I groaned as I saw Sara smilingly begin to lick my cock, her eyes fixed on the camera lens. It was as if she was in two places at once and it was crazily erotic.

The three of us watched silently, our breathing increasing as we watched the video of Sara sucking my cock. The digital clarity was awesome, and I was impressed with Cynthia’s abilities behind the camera. Transitions were steady and smooth and her composition was awesome.

“I want you to come in my mouth…” Sara was saying on the screen, teasing my cockhead with her tongue. I sighed as I watched her take my cock into her mouth, sucking wetly and noisily. I watched in amazement as my hard pole slid effortlessly into the deepest recesses of her mouth….again and again.

As I watched I began to relive the moment…how wonderfully lustful it was to know I was about to fill this girls mouth with my cum. My hard-on was standing up straight and proud as I watched, and Cynthia reached her hand over to cover it. I groaned at her touch, and she squeezed me gently, keeping her eyes on the screen. We all moaned a little as we watched Sara take my entire cock into her throat, teasing me and taking me to the edge.

We watched as Sara sucked and licked, then closed her lips around my cockhead. I remembered the feeling of coming in her mouth and relived it as I watched her cheeks billow on the screen as my cum spilled forth. I sighed as she turned to the camera and opened her mouth, showing us the thick pools of cum on her tongue. Her mouth looked full, but I continued to shoot until my semen overflowed her lips, spilling over her chin. All the while, she was smiling erotically into the camera. And out at us…

I heard Sara moan lightly, then felt her hand on my thigh. “That was so hot…” she whispered, sliding her hand higher. It joined Cynthia’s, wrapping gently around my hard shaft. They began to stroke me together, each of them wrapping their fingers around half a cock.

On the screen, she was swallowing my cum noisily, sucking my cock deep into her throat. I turned to my left to see her looking at me with a grin.

“I loved sucking you off….god, it’s so hot to see it on video…” She looked down at my cock, then back into my eyes. “Kind of makes me want to do it all over again…” She smiled as she felt my cock buck in her hand. I would have liked nothing better than to begin the day with a blow job from Sara, but Cynthia interrupted.

“Hold it, you two…” she laughed. “Sara, I want this boy to have a good breakfast before we begin to play. Growing boy’s need their energy, you know…” Her hand was playing up and down my cock, and I didn’t think I could grow any more, but Cynthia continued to insist on breakfast first. Sara sat back, her pouty lips turning to an exaggerated frown, but she finally agreed. Then she released her hold on my pole and stood up. Her firm tits pushed out from the fabric of my shirt as she stood before us.

“Well, then let’s hurry up and eat! You’re the ones who convinced me to let my slut flag fly.” She grinned and turned towards the kitchen, pausing behind the couch. She leaned over and whispered into my ear. “And it’s flying high, Jack… Last night was just the beginning…” Her tongue snaked out, licking around my ear and teasing inside. “And I’m loving the video thing. Watching you come in my mouth was soooo hot…. I really hope you have a lot of tapes… I want to just suck and fuck all day…let’s hurry…”

I grinned as she walked from the room, wondering just how many blank tapes I had. It was only a fleeting thought however, as I knew that I’d gladly tape over any and all vacation videos I’d shot in the past… Cynthia turned to me with a smile. Her hand staying on my cock.

“I told you you’d like Sara….” she said softly. “I think she likes fucking you as much as I do… And she loves sucking your cock…” She leaned forward and kissed me, sliding her tongue into my mouth. She pulled away, grinning. “But I’m better at it….right??”

I smiled and properly nodded. To be honest, they were both the best cocksuckers I’d ever met. I’d never had a woman suck me off with such glee and abandon, but I agreed with Cynthia. After all, she was my date for the weekend. Although I was beginning to imagine a much longer affair…

“You’d better agree…” she laughed, kissing her way down my neck and chest. “Besides…I’m the one who taught her how to do this….” She used her tongue to tease my belly, then flicked it over the head of my cock. Wetting my cockhead completely, she opened her lips and took me inside. I groaned as she pushed her mouth down on me, effortlessly taking the full length of my cock into her throat and holding me there as she rubbed her lips into my pubic hair. She began to bob her head slightly, fucking my cock with her throat and I groaned again.

“Hey! That’s cheating!” Sara yelled from the doorway. She held a spatula in her hand, and had replaced my shirt with just an apron tied around her waist. I grinned at her and shrugged my shoulders as Cynthia very slowly pulled her mouth off my rod.

“Cynthia, you are such a cocksucking slut…” Sara laughed, walking over to us. Cynthia laughed and stood up, leaving me alone on the couch, ümraniye escort my wetly gleaming hard-on bobbing back and forth.

“Yeah, I am, aren’t I…” she said to Sara. “Sorry, Sara…I couldn’t resist. I’ll be good…” She linked her arm through Sara’s and the two of them headed into the kitchen. I groaned and followed, trying to tuck my cock back into my robe. It was a losing battle and my rigid staff preceding me as I walked. I grabbed the remote and turned the video player off. I figured we could watch the rest after breakfast. I especially wanted to see Cynthia’s masterful fingering of Sara… I sighed as the screen turned blue and then turned for the door.

In the kitchen, the table was laden with food. A large plate of scrambled eggs was surrounded by about three pounds of bacon, and a separate plate held steaming hash brown potatoes and vegetables. On my plate there was a huge steak, cooked rare and red. Cynthia took my hand and made me sit down, handing me my fork and knife.

“You’ll need this for your stamina…” she said grinning. I cut a big chunk of the steak and popped it into my mouth. It was so tender it almost melted against my tongue.

“But what about brunch?” I asked after I swallowed. “Did you forget we invited the neighbors over?”

Cynthia laughed as she sat beside me. “There’ll be plenty left for them…” she said. “I want to be sure you eat to maintain your energy. Knowing you, you’ll be sliding this into Anne before you have a single bite…” She reached under the table and gripped my cock again. She squeezed it gently, then released it, smiling up at me. She turned to her own plate and began to wolf down her food. I grinned and continued to eat ravenously. The girls also wallowed in the moment, alternating bites of eggs and potatoes and occasionally stealing a bite of steak from my plate. As I ate, my eyes danced from Cynthia to Sara. I was looking forward to eating them as much as I was this breakfast!

When we’d finished, we cleaned up the kitchen and ran upstairs to shower. Cynthia turned the water on, getting under the spray as I helped Sara with the knot on her apron. I untied the back and slipped it over her head, tossing it on the bed as I let my hands cup her tits from behind. She sighed and pushed her ass back against my semi-hard cock. She leaned against me, moving her hips from side to side.

“I loved your hard cock in my ass, Jack… it was so fucking hot…” she whispered, resting her head on my shoulder as I fondled her breasts. “It felt wonderful…” She continued to rub her ass against my cock, then moved forward, turning to face me.

“Did you like fucking my ass, Jack…” she breathed, staring into my eyes. “Not a lot of guys have fucked my ass…” She looked down at my cock, then grinned up at me. “But your cock is soooo nice and hard…” She reached between us, curling her fingers around my now hard cock as she ran her tongue over my lips. “And I loved it when you pulled out and jerked off on my tits….mmmm….and my face….I want you to fuck me that way tonight…” she said softly, her eyes glowing with lust. She slowly stroked my cock as her smile grew. “I want Cyn to film you fucking my ass tonight, Jack… After everyone goes home…. Okay? I want to feel your big cock in my ass while your girlfriend gets a close-up… damn! Just thinking about it is turning me on!”

Sara sighed and looked down between us, watching her hand move up and down my shaft. Then she grinned again and slowly sank to her knees. I groaned as she looked up, then engulfed my cock with her lips, sucking me deeply inside and moving her head up and down on me. I held her head gently, my fingers curling in her long blond hair, as she gently licked and sucked. Her mouth felt as if it were on fire….

Then, just as suddenly, she pulled her mouth from me and stood up. Her lips glistened wetly.

“Deal…?” she asked with a smile. I nodded and grinned. “Deal.” I replied.

“Well, let’s go get wet…” she said, taking my hand and leading me into the shower. “We’ve got a full day planned. Tom should be here soon, and I think I’d like to meet your neighbors…” As we walked into the bath, Sara paused and turned to face me with a questioning look.

“Jack…?” she said hesitantly. I stopped in my tracks, my eyes moving over this blond beauty as I replied with my eyes. Sara looked up at me as her mind obviously whirled.

“Last night…” she whispered, “Did you get off watching Cyn and I play?”

The question took me aback a bit, but I grinned back at her as I nodded.

“Sara….that was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen in my life.” I replied. “Did you forget how hard my cock was afterwards?” I opened my arms and Sara melted into them. I saw her smile as she hugged me close.

“Yeah…” she sighed, “You cock was very hard… And we made you come again, didn’t we…?” I sighed as I recalled the image. I hugged her close, pressing my hard-on against her belly.

“Yeah you did, Sara…” I panted, “Watching the two of you was a major turn on for me. I love watching you come like you did… And watching Cynthia tongue your pussy put me over the top… Way hot…”

“Just wondering…” Sara said with a smile. She stepped away, walking to the shower.

She slid the door open and stepped back, allowing me to üsküdar escort precede her. She caressed my butt as I moved beside Cynthia under the hot spray. Cynthia looked down at my raging red hard-on and grinned.

“So what have you two been doing…?” she said, lightly running her fingers over my cock.

“Just practicing…” Sara laughed, sliding the door closed. “Warming up, so to speak…”

I was beginning to enjoy showers more and more these days. As I washed the film of the previous evening off my body, I watched the girls as they soaped each other up, their bodies shimmering and wet. My cock didn’t go down a centimeter as I enjoyed the sight of them rubbing their soapy bodies against each other. I rinsed myself off and moved behind them, sitting on the small bench at the rear of the shower as they moved under the spray.

Sara kissed Cynthia passionately and their washing became more and more sexual. Their hands moved over each other’s bodies, squeezing a breast or an asscheek, as their pussies ground together. Cynthia whispered something to Sara and they both turned towards me, their arms still around one another.

As I watched with sexual glee, each girl slid a soapy hand over the other’s belly and down to their pussies. They began to masturbate each other, standing in front of me and looking directly at me as they each placed a foot beside me on the benchseat. Their fingers began to slide in and out of each other’s pussies, and I leaned back and began to stroke my cock as I looked on. I watched as their passion increased. Cynthia began to moan low in her throat, squatting down onto Sara’s probing fingers. Her head tilted back as Sara finger fucked her and she began to groan as her orgasm overtook her. Both girls kept their knees cocked to the side, making certain that I had a clear view of their mutual masturbation. The sight was amazing as I watched the girls open their pussies for me, teasing outside, then slowly fucking fingers inside. Cynthia began to groan, her hips fucking back against Sara’s two fingers and Sara was grinning as she brought her friend off, her eyes on my cock as I worked my hand over it.

“Don’t you dare come…” she panted to me. “We’ve got plans for that stuff….” I nodded with a smile as she crouched lower, fingering Cynthia fast and hard, then she mouthed the word “Watch” to me with an evil grin. Reaching behind her, she grabbed the bar of soap we’d dropped and brought it up to Cynthia’s crotch, rubbing it over her hand and Cynthia’s pussy. I watched with growing fascination and lust as Sara brought a third finger, then a fourth into play, moving them in and out of Cynthia’s writhing cunt. Cynthia could feel the pressure and she groaned loudly. Sara whispered something into her ear and Cynthia grinned, suddenly realizing what was going on. I also grinned as I saw Cynthia move her hips lower, urging Sara to continue and Sara chuckled. She looked over at me and smiled as she leaned forward, sliding her tongue in and out of Cynthia’s ear.

“Jack’s watching me fuck you, Cyn…” Sara panted, “Look how hard his cock is…” I smiled and shrugged as I saw Cynthia’s eyes drop to my cock.

“Mmmm….yeah, baby….you know what I want to do….don’t you, baby…” She was twisting her hand as she fingered Cynthia, more and more of her fingers disappearing with each movement. Cynthia was groaning over and over now, her thighs spread as wide as the shower would allow, and moving her hips in an opposite circular motion. Sara was grinning. Her eyes had moved from me to the task in front of her and it was my turn to join in the moaning as I watched the last of her knuckles disappear between Cynthia’s lips. Cynthia gasped as Sara pulled out for a moment and curled her thumb inside her palm before sliding back inside.

Cynthia released a long low scream as Sara’s fingers slid deeper…. Almost to the wrist before she pulled out and repeated the movement. Twice….three times… then Cynthia’s knees began to shake as her orgasm washed over her.

“Oh….fuck…yeah….fuck….oohhhh….” she chanted as Sara continued to fuck her. Her hand reached up to grasp the top of the glass enclosure and she began to work her hips back and forth. She turned to face me, spreading her legs wider as I looked on in lustful amazement. Her face was contorted with lust and I could hear the sound of her cum around Sara’s hand even over the sound of the shower. The sight and the sound was incredibly erotic and bringing me dangerously close to coming myself. I don’t know if the girls had planned this little show for me, but it was definitely working. I had to release the hold on my cock before I shot all over the shower! I contented myself just watching the incredible scene in front of me, letting my hard-on bob under the hot spray as Cynthia came again and again on Sara’s hand. She wasn’t entirely inside Cynthia’s pussy, but I knew it must have been enough to make her feel completely full. Slowly, her screams became whimpers as her orgasm waned and Sara turned to me with another evil grin. Then, winking, she slowly withdrew her fingers and leaned forward, pushing her face between Cynthia’s wide-spread thighs and noisily slurping the cum into her mouth. This made Cynthia begin to moan again and her hips began to fuck back and forth on Sara’s tongue. I knew she was coming again and grinned as I watched Sara fight to swallow every drop of her juices, even though it was obviously a losing battle. I had to grasp my cock again as I watched Cynthia’s cum flow over Sara’s chin, hanging thickly like a beard until the water from the shower washed it away. And after about three full minutes, Sara finally pulled her face away from Cynthia’s pussy….

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