D Day


D DayHer desires played in her head over ,and over as enticing ever.She was on the hunt,and getting somewhat frustrated for lack of a suitable prey ,and circumstances.She preferred a healthy strong male tall and masculine. one who could endure the pleasures he would provide.She saw him pool side. she felt angst toward him for taking to long to be noticed,he would give her a passing glance for consideration on occasion,more importantly he was her type tall strong ,and alone. While he slept she stood over him while he slept in his bed with the warm ocean breeze sweeping over his body.She had found hunted,stalked,and now she would conquer him.She pressed the point of the knife to the back of his neck he woke as if he were struck bye lightning with a jolt.She said “Do what hiltonbet giriş I say” She had him raise his hands above his head as he lay face down ,she clicked the cuffs on ,and had him in a blindfold.She told him not to make a sound he was in shock ,and could not comprehend what was happening never mind talk he felt the cold steel of the knife run down his spine she cut off his briefs threw them away like a used kleenx .He felt her legs slid over his back straddling him she grabbed the hair on the back of his head with one hand, his cock and balls with the other.She squeezed his balls slowly at fist it felt good until she squeezed his balls it felt like they would burst in her vise like grip ,he trashed about now on all fours like a bucking hiltonbet yeni giriş bull,she dug in her heels smiled and enjoyed the ride,he finally collapsed drenched in sweat panting exhausted every bit a broken bull.She told him to get on the floor kneeling in front of her she taping his mouth shut,still kneeling she said” make that cock hard” It was humiliating hand cuffed on his knees being forced to masturbate in front a total stranger ,he was c***ds play for her she controlled his breathing esaliy with just two fingers.He knew he was close to cumming,more importantly so did she.With the eloquence she drew her leg back and thrust he foot deep into his groin ,he went from the verge a ecstasy to agony with out a clue it was coming as hiltonbet güvenilirmi he rocketed forward into a fetal position he was soaking wet he did nt know if it he came or if it was from the sweat leaving his body since this ordeal started.As he lay on the floor feeling far to much pain to remotely consider moving.He could feel her move in the room even when she made no sound the air just seems to shift in the whole room.She put her boot down on the side of his face pushing his face against the floor with her heel on his temple Thoughts raced through his head he knew by her proximity he could spin around on the floor and sweep kick her legs from under maybe? Then what if he could nt pull the blindfold off quickly as she could get up? If he could get the tape off his mouth he could maybe reason with her offer her money,or beg her to stop he would never tell a soul.His flickering thoughts of hope dissipated ,and were replaced by thoughts of horrors as to what she would do to him for any act of insolence?—————————— To be continued

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