Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 62 Dad Loves Me Part 62 James hoo) I woke up feeling Wally rubbing his hand all over my chest and once in awhile he’d tweak my nipple. Daddy must have still been asleep as his hand remained motionless on my stomach. I needed to get out of bed because I had to pee, and now, thanks to Wally’s marvelous stimulation, I had a hardon. I managed to wiggle myself from under daddy’s arm. I trotted to the bathroom and due to my hardon, I sat down so I wouldn’t pee all over the wall. After I finished, I went back into the bedroom and saw daddy sucking Wally’s cock. I got behind daddy and stuck my face into his butt crack and started rimming him. After a few minutes daddy stopped sucking Wally long enough to say “Fuck me son. I want your cock in my ass so I can be filled at both ends.” Then he went back down on Wally’s cock. I got up behind daddy and shoved my cock into his spit soaked butt. I started pounding away making daddy moan on Wally’s cock. Of course the vibrations made it hard for Wally to hold back his orgasm and he said “I’m really close. Give it to him Benji and we can fill both ends at the same time.” This threw me into overdrive and I started pounding daddy with everything I had and daddy was helping by working his butt muscles on my cock. Finally I was close and locked eyes with Wally. I nodded and gave a big grunt and shot my load deep into daddy’s butt. As I grunted Wally shouted “FUCK!” and shot his load down daddy’s throat. I know Wally always shoves his cock into your throat when he cums before he pulls back slightly to let you taste your reward. I pulled out and daddy kissed me deeply so I could taste Wally’s load as well. He got out of bed and went to the bathroom. We heard his pee hitting the water and then the flush and finally the shower being turned on. I kissed Wally deeply and got up leaving Wally in bed alone. I went to the kitchen to start daddy’s coffee, after all, he had to go to work today. I also got the oatmeal out of the pantry. I decided to cook the oatmeal using the actual oats instead of the instant. Between daddy and gramma, I was a very good cook for my age and knew my way around the kitchen. As daddy walked into the kitchen freshly showered, Wally was pouring himself a cup of coffee and poured another for daddy. Daddy went to the fridge to get some juice for me. The oatmeal was finally done and I split it 3 ways and then istanbul travesti got out some cinnamon and a few other spices. We all fixed up our oatmeal with the spices we wanted and ate. We just chatted for awhile about Marcus and the twins coming tomorrow. Daddy went to brush his teeth and get dressed and Wally went with him. I could go with to drop off daddy at work, but I decided to stay and clean the kitchen. It was time for daddy to leave. He gave me a kiss goodbye and told me he’d see me this evening and to be good for Wally. When they left I finished cleaning the kitchen. Then I got out some of the dessert recipes gramma copied or gave me. I told her I would make dessert for Marcus’ welcome home dinner tomorrow. About 45 minutes later I had narrowed down my design to a couple different cakes, after all, it had to serve at least 8. Just then Wally walked in and said he’d be right back. He left to strip his clothes. He walked back into the kitchen and gave me a kiss that was more than one exchanged between family members. We talked a little about the desserts when the doorbell rang. I went to answer it and when I answered it, Paddy came in and instantly went to the spare room to strip. I took him into the kitchen and introduced him to Wally. I saw the look that Paddy gave, almost a lustful look. Wally got up and walked over and embraced Paddy. They stepped apart and Paddy said how happy he was to meet Wally. “Such a sexy accent. I find accents extremely sexy and most of the men that have spoken to me with them.” We talked for nearly two hours and Paddy told Wally about himself and Wally told Paddy some more than what I told him already. I had told each about the other in phone conversations and pictures. Wally finally said looking at Paddy “I have been told that you have been brought into the family and even though by law my tie to the family is broken because of my divorce. I have also been brought in by the patriarch of this family. You and I are uncle and nephew. Now come show your uncle how you love and want him.” Paddy walked over and he pulled Wally down so their faces were closer and they melted into a very passion filled kiss. Their arms wrapped around each other and their hands rubbing each other’s backs. I walked over and reached up to Wally’s shoulders and pulled him to kiss him briefly then pushed him down to his knees. With willingness, Wally took kadıköy travesti Paddy’s cock into his mouth and proceeded to initiate the first sex act between them. I stood next to Paddy and we were kissing as Wally sucked on him. Then Wally moved to my cock and he started going back and forth between us; however, he concentrated on Paddy more. Then I moved behind Paddy and started rimming him and he started going into an ecstatic high. Not too much longer Paddy started breathing erratically and I knew he was close so I stopped rimming him and stuck my finger in his butt causing him to orgasm filling Wally’s mouth with his teen cum. Once he stopped cumming, Wally stopped sucking and I took my finger from his butt. Wally took Paddy by the hand and led him to the bedroom with me following close behind. Wally had Paddy get on the bed on his hands and knees and got behind him and I started kissing Paddy again as Wally started pushing his cock into Paddy’s butt. He was humming into our kiss and Wally was pushing his cock further and further into Paddy’s willing butt. Wally started a slow thrusting and we stopped kissing and I sat in front of Paddy offering him my cock which he immediately went down on. As Wally was sliding his cock in and out of Paddy’s butt, Paddy was sucking on my cock. Wally and I had our eyes locked and we were both breathing heavy. Wally started increasing the speed of his thrusting and slowly started thrusting faster and faster until he was really pounding Paddy’s butt. Paddy was moaning and groaning on my cock which was causing me to move faster and faster toward my orgasm. Wally and I locked eyes again and he nodded at me and I lost it and grunted and let my orgasm hit and started cumming flooding Paddy’s mouth. Just as I grunted Wally said loudly “FUCK!” and started cumming filling Paddy’s butt. When we all came down from our high and layed together for a few moments. We all needed a shower so I went first and when I finished and returned to the bedroom, Paddy and Wally were passionately kissing. I cleared my throat and Paddy decided to go next and when he returned, Wally and I were kissing the same way. Wally finally showered, and when he returned to the bedroom, Paddy and I were making out like two true horny teens. “If we are going to shop, we need to dress and get going. Hurry your little asses.” We went out to a few shops and then the boys bakırköy travesti went off alone and I went to get a special gift of my own. It was quite a large mall, and people from all around the city and surrounding communities came here. We met near the food court where we had entered and went back to the car and returned home until it was time to pick up daddy from work. I asked Paddy if he’d like to join us and then we could drop him home on our way back home. He liked that idea. We drove out and it was just a few minutes until the scheduled end if daddy’s day. I texted him we were waiting outside. “Be there shortly.” was his reply. About 5 minutes later daddy came out and got into the car. We talked about what happened all day and daddy had said he expected as much, but was glad his family was as close as we were and could feel free to show our affection as well as our sexual attractions. We pulled in front of Paddy’s house and I kissed him saying “See you later Paddy boy.”—“See you later Benji boy.” He got out and we continued home, of course it didn’t take long. Wally asked me about our exchange and I did my best to explain what Paddy had told me about his past relationship with Jimmy. We decided we wanted to go out to dinner so daddy went the check Bob’s schedule and found he was working tonight. Daddy went to clean up a bit and then we went to the restaurant. When we arrived there one of the managers was at the seating station and right away took us to Bob’s section. In just a few moments Bob was at out table and his eyes lit up when he saw Wally. When Bob asked if he was just viting for Christmas, Wally said explanations could wait until the party and then all would be explained. We had a great meal and Wally wanted to pay and leave the tip. He remembered the special tips for our pizza guys and he asked if we did the same here. Upon our affirmation, he handed some cash to Bob when he brought the receipt for Wally’s signature. We left for home stopping for ice cream along the way. We all took our ice cream home and decided on some holiday movies to watch before going to bed. We ate our ice cream while watching the movies. It was an enjoyable evening and by the time the movies were done, it was almost 10:30 so we decided to head to bed. We all climbed into bed with me in between my sexy daddy and equally sexy uncle. I loved being between them because of the feeling of security and love. Daddy turned and shut off the light. We all shared kisses and went the sleep. MORE TO COME…… –Please remember to help support the Nifty Archives to keep it free. You can submit your donations by clicking on the link on the main page.

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