Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 69 Dad Loves Me Part 69 James hoo) I woke up cuddled next to daddy with my hand on his chest and my cousin/brother was on his other side and his hand was on top of mine. I have grown to love my new dads and my cousins/brothers. Tonight though I was going to proclaim my love for Paddy not only on front of my family, but his as well. Only his brother Alan knew what I had planned. I slipped my hand from under Jim’s and from daddy’s chest to go use the bathroom. When I got back to the bedroom, I looked at the clock and it was 9 am. I decided to go to the kitchen and start getting breakfast ready. I stopped by the spare room, opened the door just a crack and peeked in. My other cousin/brother was sandwiched between my new dads with a sleepy, goofy smile on his face. I can only imagine what all went on after what we heard in our room. I closed the door and continued to the kitchen. I started the coffee and got things ready for French toast. I even got all the table ware and the syrup from the pantry. I started thinking about later tonight with our new prospective in-laws coming for New Year’s Eve. We didn’t have any of the meat tray left but plenty of the veggies and salads from the party a few nights ago. I got some ground beef from the freezer to start thawing. Just as the coffee was finishing Marcus, Wally, and Tim walked in. While the men were taking their first sips from their coffees, daddy and Jim walked in holding hands. I smiled because our family was so closely bonded. I loved everyone with all of my heart, yet I’m sure they all knew daddy was number one in my heart. I loved him even more than Paddy. While daddy was starting to sip some coffee, I started making the French toast. Within 30 minutes I had 3 slices for everyone. Jim got 3 glasses and poured milk for himself and his brother and juice for me. As we ate, we all talked about our sexplay last night. We loved hearing how the other group compared to what everyone else did. When we were done eating, the dads went into the family room while we cleaned everything. Marcus got his pipe and tobacco so daddy and Wally got themselves cigars and they all went out back to smoke on the deck taking in the morning sun. The twins and I joined them and I took daddy’s cigar and took a big drag and exhaled the smoke into the air. The air was still so it wasn’t cool at all. After I exhaled Tim stood next to me and “I never realized how sexy guys smoking cigars is. Dad smokes a pipe so I knew I liked pipe smokers, but there’s something about seeing a man with a cigar. You, pop, and istanbul travesti Unc look so sexy.”—“Well I was never around pipe smokers so watching dad smoke his pipe is extremely sexy to me.” We all chatted a little while the dads finished their smokes with me occasionally taking a drag from daddy’s cigar. I did notice Jim take a couple puffs on Marcus’ pipe. After we went back into the house, the family went to the family room and I excused myself. I went to the bedroom and went to one if my drawers in the dresser. I took out a small ring box I got from one of the local jewelry store for a very small fee. Then I got out a small package and got out two blue acrylic rings. I placed them in the box like you would find a set of engagement rings. I made sure everything would be ready for tonight. I went back out to join the family. We all enjoyed conversation. Mostly what we talked about was the move the other half our family would be making in the summer, especially about the kind of house they wanted. They wanted a house similar to ours except 3 bedrooms 3 larger full baths and a half bath, a large eat-in kitchen like ours, family room, living room, home office, a possible bonus room (but not required), and a large secluded backyard with a deck, possibly a screened in porch. They also discussed budget and I was amazed at the figure daddy was given. Then the phone rang. I went to answer it and I noticed the area code was the same from where Marcus lived. I answered and they asked to speak to Marcus Schmidt. I told them to please hold. I told Marcus he had a phone call, he said he’d take it in the office. Only a couple people knew he was here. About 35 minutes later Marcus came back into the family room with a displeased look on his face. “What’s wrong bro?” daddy asked with concern. He explained that it was his boss that called and needs Marcus back earlier than planned. He needed to be back next Wednesday. There was a project that they needed him on and the start couldn’t be delayed. Daddy then went to the office and called Aaron, his lawyer, and asked how the contracts were coming. He said there were only a few more legalities to take care of to make sure all the I’s were dotted and the T’s were crossed. They would be ready Monday morning for all the dad’s signatures. Then Marcus called the airline to change their return flight. We were all kind of bummed that they had to leave early, but that was life. Marcus then called the branch of the business he would be working for and found the people in the office he needed to see were in today kadıköy travesti so he made an appointment to drive down immediately since his departure had changed. It took two hours to get there so he had to leave right away. He got dressed in nice business clothes, kissed the boys and took off. It was 11:45 so he would get there around 1:45 and then however long it would take there, then 2 hours back. Marcus said he would call before starting back. The twins were really upset about the change of plans. They were looking forward to going with their dad, but now it would all have to wait about 6 months. I told them at least they won’t have to miss any school, although that didn’t help. About 3 Marcus called to tell us he was on the way home. The time seemed to drag by but he finally got home just after 5 and we all greeted him. He went straight to the room to strip, at least until he had to get dressed for our guests later. We chatted about his meeting. About 5:45 I went to the kitchen to start preparing a casserole I was making for dinner. All the prep and cooking the beef took about 30 minutes. Then it had to bake for 55 minutes. We would be eating on chinette plates as our dinnerware was only a setting for 8. We did however have a second silverware set serving for 4. I also put a kettle of water on a very low heat as I knew Sadie would want tea. We had a few blends she could choose from. We got out the 2 leaves for the table to make it big enough for all 11 of us. About 6:30 the doorbell rang. Wally went to answer the door. He asked Paddy and his family in. Daddy made the introductions as I was still in the kitchen doing things. They talked about their lives back in Ireland and what made them move to the US. They were worried about the kids, but Alan started college, although it was kind of far away, Susan was young and made friends her age really quickly, and Paddy met me so all the kids rebounded and they were all happy. They said they were especially glad Paddy was able to meet someone special. Sean said “We know they’re young, but who knows how long it will last. It might go throughout the year and it might last longer, but all we want is for our son to be happy, and being friends with Benji, JJ, and Gary has made him very happy.”—“All I want is Benji to be happy too.” I walked into the room to see everyone smiling and then looking at me. “Did I leave my face in the kitchen?”—“The parents were just talking about how happy we are together.” Paddy said. I asked the twins if they could give me a hand in the kitchen for a few. bakırköy travesti Paddy and Alan offered to help but I told them they were guests. “What are we, chopped liver? protested Jim. “No, you’re family.” and started laughing and Jim shoved me into the kitchen. When we were out of sight if the others, he swatted me hard on the ass. Soon we had the table properly set and asked everyone to come in to eat. We got everyone’s drinks including tea for Sadie. Everyone complimented me on my meal which made me happy and I could tell daddy was proud. We spent the rest of the evening with the families really getting to know each other, but of course not everything about our family. While the adults talked all us kids started a game to keep Susan occupied and quiet. All of us were taking turns going to the family room to snatch some snacks and when I went out this time, Wally said “Just take the bowl already.” We played games until about 11:45 when we went back to the family room to get ready for the countdown. We bought party poppers for everyone at midnight. We turned on the local station where the reporters were downtown where they had a small replica of the ball in New York. Finally the countdown-“10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Everyone started hugging or kissing someone and after I kissed daddy first, I grabbed Paddy and pulled him into a long love filled kiss. After everyone settled down, I asked Paddy “I know we’ve only known each other for about four months, but we have become really close and I couldn’t ask for a better friend so I want to ask you, will you be my boyfriend?” I pulled out the box and opened it. “You bet Benji. I’d love to be your boyfriend.” I took one ring one put it on his right ring finger and he took the other and put it on my right ring finger and we kissed again. Our families were giving us hugs and kisses. I turned and turned on the stereo and “We’ve Only Just Begun” by the Carpenters started playing and I asked Paddy to dance with me. It was a great end to the old year and an even better beginning to the new year. Paddy and I decided not to ask to spend the night with each other, but I saw Jim and Tim talking with Alan. After Paddy and family left for home, I asked the twins what they were talking to Alan about. “Since we have to leave early, we asked to spend tomorrow night with Alan. This way since we asked him, it won’t count against his coupon.” We all spread the blankets out in the family room again and cuddled together. Tim cuddled up withe me which I didn’t mind at all. Jim cuddles with Wally. And daddy and his brother cuddled together. 3 men and 3 boys, who could ask for anything better? MORE TO COME…… –Please remember to help support the Nifty Archives to keep it free. You can submit your donations by clicking on the link on the main page.

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