Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 74 Dad Loves Me Part 74 James hoo) I had set an alarm last night to make sure we were up on time since Marcus and the twins had to be at the airport fairly early for their flight back home. I looked over at my new dad and admired him as he was waking up. As soon as his eyes were open, he looked over at me and we smiled in fond reminisce of last night. We kissed. Even having morning breath, I didn’t care because I loved this man. I excused myself to use the bathroom. As I came out of the bathroom, Marcus came across the hall and went in. He came into kitchen right after I finished starting the coffee. He grabbed a pan saying “In the movies this is how they wake them up in the military. Follow me.” I followed him into the other room and watched as Marcus proceeded to bang the pan with a wooden spoon yelling “RISE AND SHINE! EVERYONE UP!” Daddy said groggily and loud “DAMN MARCUS. YOU COULD HAVE JUST WOKE US UP QUIETLY BY SHAKING US.”—“What would be the fun in that?” We returned to the kitchen while the others woke up and did what they needed. Daddy came in first and grabbed me and dipping me as if we were dancing, kissed me. Tim was next, then Jim, and finally Wally. Daddy got out the Bisquik and made pancakes, something to hold the guys further into their flight. I washed the dishes quickly and left them in the dish drainer to air dry. A short while later I was helping my brothers pack. I was really going to miss them and dad. I asked daddy if I could ride in the rental car with dad and my brothers. He looked at Marcus and he nodded. I enjoyed sitting in back talking with my brothers about when they got back. We already had each other’s phone numbers but I gave them Paddy’s also. Daddy went to park the car while Marcus drove into the rental car return area. After he finished the paperwork, we joined daddy and Wally waiting for us inside. Marcus and the boys went through check in and we all sat together chatting waiting for the time they could go through security before going to their gate. Daddy promised he would look and find something for them. He knew what they wanted and would keep it in mind. They were stressing at the idea of moving out of the house they were in ready for the main move. All too soon it was time for them to head through security. We watched as they went through and just like Alan, they walked through and with a final wave, they went around a corner and were out of sight. As we got into the car, I started crying because I was going to miss my family. Gary turned around and said “Son, don’t cry. After all they will be back in 6 months and we will be reunited for good. Besides you can call them anytime. They’ll be waiting to get back with us too.” When we got back home the three of us sat on the couch and they comforted me by holding me. Daddy excused himself. I didn’t know at the time he called Paddy asking him to come over, but he had a better idea and to give him a few minutes and he’d call back to talk to me. Daddy came back to the room and winked and nodded to Wally. About 15 minutes later the phone rang. Daddy answered it, “It’s for you son. It’s Paddy.”—“Hello.” He could hear the sadness in my voice. “Hey Benji istanbul travesti boy. I know you’re bummed with your bros leaving and all. How’d you like a night with the boys? I know we got school tomorrow but I called JJ and Gary and papa Tom has agreed to let us all stay there and he will take us to school in the morning. Just bring what you need as far as clothes for tomorrow, any school stuff you took for holiday, and your sexy self.”—“Just a minute. Daddy, Paddy wants to know…”—“I know what he has in mind and I think it’s what you need.”—“OK Paddy boy, you got a deal. What time?”—“Stop by my place around 4 and we’ll walk over together. See you soon love.” I sat down with daddy and Wally again and told them what was up. Wally said “Sounds like what you need son.” We talked for a short while and about 3 I got into the shower and cleaned myself inside and out. I asked daddy if I could take a couple movies and I chose Blazing Saddles and Spaceballs. About 5 til 4 I walked over to Paddy’s house and he opened to door and started coming out yelling inside “I’m going now, see you tomorrow after school!” He walked out, hugged me, and we walked the few blocks to Gary’s house. We walked up and saw another car besides Tom’s. It looked familiar but I couldn’t place it. We knocked and JJ answered the door and when we were inside he grabbed both of us for a three-way hug then kissed us each on the cheek. We walked into the living room and Tom and Gary and Mike were there, all nude as usual like in our home. JJ took us to a spare room where we stripped and went into the other room. Tom said “I hope you don’t mind but I invited Mike to keep me company while you boys are busy tonight.” I said “It’s your house, you can have anyone you want. It’s not for us to say. By the way, Paddy and I have some news.” We held up our hands with matching rings. JJ joked, “I saw it when I first met you.” We watched the movies and ordered pizza. Steve delivered it and wished us all Happy New Year and gave us all a hug and kiss. Mike handed him the tip. Tom tipped the three delivery guys like we did as they were part of the family. We ate and I had to admit I felt better. Tom said “Excuse us, don’t stay up too late as you do have school tomorrow.” Tom and Mike walked down the hall with their arms around each other. I smiled. We all came together in a four-way hug and started kissing each other. We were also groping each other’s cocks. I pushed JJ down and Gary pushed Paddy. I started sucking JJ’s big teen cock while Gary sucked Paddy. We were all just horny teens at this point. The fact that Paddy and I were in a relationship and Gary and JJ were basically a couple didn’t stop us from doing what we wanted. We were all so horned that it didn’t take long for Paddy and JJ to cum in our mouths. Right after they turned the tables and started sucking us. JJ really knew how to suck. Even with the short time we had known him, we had sex a few times and I knew he was a great lover. They sucked us as enthusiastically as we sucked them and it didn’t take long for us to cum. We rested a few minutes and Paddy said “I want JJ in my ass, it’s been too long.” Gary then said he wanted kadıköy travesti to fuck me. We had a great time. One couple fucking the other. We used lube to grease our holes. Gary and JJ slid into our asses at he same time. Paddy and I held hands as our asses were being used. Gary was really good and I remembered back to those first times when daddy and I were helping him and Tom get comfortable with fucking each other and his fist time. I kept thinking how much he had improved and how happy Tom and JJ must be when he fucked them. Since Paddy was moaning I am assuming that JJ is making him feel just as good if not better. I heard JJ “Oh shit I’m cumming.” I knew he was giving Paddy a good load. Then I heard Gary. He looked into my eyes and said “Benji, you got a great ass and I’m gonna cum.”—“Do it stud.” He started convulsing with an orgasm. After he came down, he pulled out of my ass and I felt something dripping out of my hole down my ass crack. I reached back and fingered my ass a little feeling Gary’s cum. “When did you start cumming?”—“New Year’s Day. Dad swallowed my first load and JJ swallowed my second and took my third up his ass. I wanted to surprise you.”—“You sure did.” Their main bath wasn’t as big as ours so we could only fit one at a time. We took our turns and Paddy and I did our best cleaning our asses since they didn’t have an ass washer like we did. We all curled up and set an alarm for 5 am. I said to them “Thanks guys. This is what I needed.” I kissed them. Paddy said “Isn’t that was family and a boyfriend are for?” We all cuddled, me with Paddy and Gary with JJ. We all went to sleep satisfied. TOM I had only been with Mike a few times so I was still not familiar with all his fetishes. We started by making out. He was such a good kisser. He got on his hands and knees as I got behind him and started rimming. He layed his head down on the bed and then reached behind himself and spread his ass cheeks saying “Get your tongue deep in my ass Tommy.” I shoved my tongue in as deep as I could. He was moaning a lot and groaning. Finally he said “Please fuck me. I need your cock in my ass. Bang me good.” I just shoved my cock into his ass and didn’t give him any chance to adjust before I started pulling back again and then really started thrusting. I started pounding my cock and making him beg for more. After about 10 minutes of constant deep dicked fucking, I felt my orgasm hitting me and I started saying in a gasping manner “Here…I…cum…you…hunking…fucker.” and I shoved in as far as I could like I was trying to crawl into his ass. I blasted a huge load in powerful shots. After my orgasm subsided pulled my cock from his ass and he turned quickly and went down on my cock sucking for all the last bits of cum from my cock and covering my cock. Afterwards we rested for a few minutes, I rolled over on my side and Mike slid his cock into my ass. He didn’t fuck me as hard as I fucked him, but damn he was good. He knew how to fuck and gave it his all. He went back and forth between long dicking and short rabbit thrusts. He touched so many parts of the inside of my ass the way he was thrusting. “I’m about to cum you sexy fucker.” bakırköy travesti He started thrusting really fast shooting his cock inside my ass. After he was done, he pulled out and got down to eat my ass and suck his cum from my ass. I never really got into that but if that’s what this stud liked, so be it. We went into the bathroom to shower and clean up. Mike also gargled cleaning his mouth. I didn’t mind making out with a guy that has cum in his mouth, but not cum from a freshly fucked ass. He was OK about it though and was accommodating. I went and checked the boys really quickly to make sure they were OK. After seeing them all cuddled together, I joined Mike in bed and we were soon snuggled together and going to sleep. ADAM I was alone in the house with my sexy stud of a brother-in-law who I now considered just my brother after giving him parental rights over my son. I have loved Wally for many years. It started as just two men that became relatives and friends through marriage to my wife’s sister. We found we had much in common, then finding we were both bi and started having sex when we started doing friend and brother things. We had sex so many times, especially this past summer and since he announced his divorce, but there was always another with us. It’s been a long time since it was just us. We made out with passion. “I’m so glad you’ve come to us Wally. Technically you’re not family anymore, but you’re family in a different way. I love you and I know Benji loves you, my parents love you, and my brother and nephews love you. All of our friends really like you too.”—“I love you all too. As you know I was an only child and my mom died when I was in my early 20s and dad died a few years later. I was so alone until I met Susan and then her family including you. You were my real saving grace.” We kissed passionately again. I said “Fuck me bro. I need you in me now. Forget the rimming and lube, just shove your cock in and make me your slut.” Wally did just that. I got on my hands and knees and he got behind me and worked through all the fur in my ass and shoved in. It was a little uncomfortable but I wanted in me and I didn’t want to wait. He started gently thrusting, not just fucking me, but making love to me. It made me think back to when I described the difference between fucking and making love to Benji, and I definitely had those feelings for Wally. As he was making love to me, he would occasionally bend down and kiss my neck or lick my earlobe. I could always feel our love whenever we were together. After about 25 minutes he said “I’m about to cum. Take the essence of my love inside you. Here is my gift my brother.” He started cumming and shot load after load deep into my ass. When he was done cumming, he pulled out and rolled me onto my back and dove onto my cock deepthroating me. He sucked my cock like it was his last meal. I was so horny from the sex, that I was moving more quickly to my orgasm than I wanted. He wasn’t having any of it. As I approached my climax, I said “I’m about to cum. I took your load, now you take mine.” I grunted loudly and fed him a very large load. We went into the bathroom and we cleaned up and he helped my clean my ass out. After we were done, we returned to bed and cuddled tightly falling asleep rather quickly. MORE TO COME…… –Please remember to help support the Nifty Archives to keep it free. You can submit your donations by clicking on the link on the main page.

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