Subject: Daddy the weekend they confessed their true feelings for each other. JJ laid his head on his dad’s bare chest and played with his ring before passing out. John stayed awake a little longer, softly stroking his son’s hair as he had done ever since JJ had been a baby. He was reminded istanbul travesti of the last night JJ had a night terror, and how they had bathed together for going to bed. John was in his briefs and JJ was naked. It was that night, his ex-wife walked in and saw them cuddling. kadıköy travesti JJ had kicked the blankets off of himself, while John’s waist was still covered, giving the impression that John, too, was naked. John and JJ both denied anything had happened, but her suspicions bakırköy travesti turned to bitterness, which then turned to jealousy and anger. She tried blackmailing John, but her efforts failed when JJ turned on her. John fell into a blissful sleep, relishing his total victory over his ex-wife. He not only beat her in her games, but he came out on top with the man of his dreams in his arms. And, once they moved to Chicago to start their new lives, as husbands, there was nothing she nor anyone else could do to break them up. The End

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