Daddy gets daughter pregnant

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Daddy gets daughter pregnantHe came in late after watching the game with his buddies at the bar. He was feeling good, feeling a good buzz but he didn’t think he was to drunk. At this hour he knew that his wife would be asleep, as usual. Seemed she was always asleep, or not at home, when ever he wanted to have sex. He quietly moved up the stairs and noticed some light flickering through his babygirl’s partially open bedroom door. He gently pushed it open and found her asleep and that one of her artsy styled lights was on over in the corner. When he moved inside the room he noticed that his babygirl was laying out from under the cover and started to pull it back over her when he saw in the dim light that she was sleeping in a tiny pair of panties. So small that a lot of her ass cheeks were showing.Ass cheeks that looked firm, smooth and good enough to sink his teeth into.He shook his head, tried to look away. He shouldn’t think about his babygirl’s ass like that.He couldn’t think of her ass like that.But his cock swelled quickly in his pants.It throbbed to life so fast.Got so fucking hard so quickly.He found himself pulling the cover completely away from his babygirl’s body. He licked his lips looking at her trim legs, her sweet ass that made his mouth water for a taste. He moaned and fumbled at removing his pants, nearly falling on the bed before he finally kicked them off his feet.As he crawled up the bed, carefully wedging his body between her legs and gently forcing her legs open, he only planned to rub his covered cock against her tiny panties. That was all. He placed his hands kocaeli escort close to her sides and began to rub himself on the small patch of her panties. After a few minutes of frustrating dry humping he pulled his underwear down to his thighs and once more stroked his cock on his babygirl’s panties.He couldn’t stop the moan that escaped him when he rubbed his cock against the silk of her tiny panties. In his excitement his strokes got faster and his cock slipped between her legs and rubbed against her silk covered pussy.“Fuck yeah,” he growled, feeling the warm heat of his babygirl’s pussy through her panties on his cock. She was so hot. He had to feel her bare pussy.His cock was twitching in the air as he leaned back on his heels and slowly worked her panties down to her thighs. He was to far gone to stop from reaching out and rubbing his fingers over her little pussy, pushing them between the slit and feeling her wetness.He licked his fingers and nearly came from the taste.He leaned over her again and pressed his throbbing cock against his babygirl’s bald little cunt, groaning as he split her lips apart and her wetness coated him. He pumped his hips, stroking his meat against her slowly.Slow enough he could feel her clit rubbing against the head of his cock.“Yeah, let Daddy rub that little pussy.”Her little pussy was getting wetter from all the stimulation his hot cock was giving her. He could hear how juicy her little cunt was as his cock moved between the lips. He could feel all of her cream coating his meat making it easier to slide against her konya escort little pussy. He could smell the cunt cream in the air.He gasped and his hips froze as his cock head lodged at the opening of her little cunt.He babygirl moaned beneath him, her ass wiggling her pussy against the head of his cock driving him crazy.He pressed forward and felt her hole stretching open, the head sliding into her little cunt. God it was so fucking tight and sucking on him so hard.He slid a hand under belly, pulling her upward and fucked the head of his cock in and out of her little hole, gasping at how it gripped him.“Umm… Da… Daddy?”He quickly started stroking her clit.“Please, babygirl… Let Daddy… oh god… let Daddy have you… have your little pussy.”He pumped his cock in deeper as he stroked her swollen clit. Her little cunt swallowing more of his cock as he forced it through the tight walls, making her whimper.“Daddy… oh god… please,” she moaned, squeezing her pussy around his cock.He couldn’t stop himself. Her tight little cunt clasping down on his cock sent a wave of pleasure to his gut and he pulled her into his thrust, driving her completely down his shaft until he was deep into her belly and making her cry out.“Fuck… oh fuck… quiet b-abygirl… oh god… got to be… fuckkkk… quiet,” he grunted, leaning over her, driving her face into her pillow. His cock was to hungry for his b-abygirl’s young, tight cunt to stop rutting on her. Now that he was balls deep with in her little hole he wasn’t pulling out until he filled her with his cum.Faster and harder he impaled his cock escort bayan into her little cunt. Slapping sounds filling the room, mixing with the grunts and groans coming from deep within his chest and the moans and whimpers that somehow worked their way out from his b-abygirl’s pillow.Then he felt her pushing back on his cock. Pushing her sweet, sucking cunt back to meet his plowing cock and he knew that his b-abygirl little cunt was his.He let her head up from the pillow, put his hands on her hips and pulled her harder and harder on his cock.“Daddyyyy… fuck… meeee,” she moaned as he buried his cock up against her womb. Her little cunt soaking wet and coating his balls with her juices.He pulled her up onto her hands and knees, hunching her deeper, feeling his cock swelling within her sucking walls.“Daddy… gonna… cum,” he growled, his balls tingling and his gut getting tighter.She slammed her body backwards and her little cunt contracted around his cock. He pumped and pumped, driving his cock faster into her sucking hole until thick, creamy, i****tuous ropes of his cum sprayed deep into his babygirl’s belly.He fell on to his side, taking her with him. His cock still buried deep inside her cunt, getting sucked by her gripping hole.His babygirl wiggled her hips, grinding her cunt around his cock making him moan. He reached around and stroked her clit.“Still horny, babygirl?”Her only answer was to moan and slide her cum filled hole on his semi hard cock.“Want Daddy to fuck your little cunt and fill you with more of Daddy’s hot seed?”“Yesssss,” she hissed, reaching down and caressing his balls, pushing her cunt down on his cock.It was dawn when he finally pulled his cock out of his b-abygirl’s cunt. He didn’t even bother to put his clothes back on. He walked down the hall with his cock still semi hard, dripping cum and his b-abygirl’s cunt juice.

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