Daddy I cum.


Daddy I cum.It had been many years since I had seen my daughter, her mother and I split when Samantha (sammy) was 7yrs old and moved to another country, It hit me hard and drunk every night sleeping with whores that where willing to give it away.I recieved a letter from sammy first contact in 14yrs, she was comming upto her 21st birthday, she informed me that her mother had past away and had always told her that she had no idea where I was.She sent me a picture she was stunning a tall blue eyed blonde that had a knockout figure she was comming to town and would love to meet for a coffee and get me to fill in the gaps of her past. I sat on the bed thinking of Samantha not knowing how she coped with growing up, from getting boobs to kissing a boy to her first date, I remenist as I remeber her cheeky grin to her sitting on my knee saying she loved me.The day arrived and I set off we was meeting in town, I bought her a bunch of flowers and a teddy bear I always remeber she loved them. I sat nervouis my hands sweating like a boy on a first date. I looked up to see a beautiful young girl walking towards me, she was stunning I stood up and said Sammy she nodded her head as I kissed her on the cheek.We sat and had our coffee and chatted she said she had to go and do some shopping but would love to come to my house later I said I would cook something and made arrangements for later. I rushed betsobet yeni giriş home and tided the house with only sammy on my mind I had ashower and as I thought of her and that sexy body I was hard and horny I hadnt had a good wank in ages, I stood in the shower rubbing my cock for ages all of a sudden I shot a huge load My cock went limp, what was I thinking of I had a image of my daughter naked in my head and I had just jacked a load off.The time arrived and she rang the doorbell, I had cooked a curry I was always a decent cook and was happy to see her, she smiled as I opened the door and she said hi Dad those words melted my heart. She came in and I took her coat she smelt gorgous I looked as she walked infront of me her body was stunning a cute bum that I remeber spanking when she was 6 for smashing her mothers glass jar, she asked what we was having as it smelt lovely I said curry, naan bread, rice she said it was her favourite.As we sat and eat and drank wine we filled in most of her past I said why didnt she stay the night as I would make up the spare room, she agreed and we opened another bottle, she made a few calls one to her mate saying she wouldnt be back tonight as she was taying at her dads.I went up stairs and made up the spare room and rejoinned her she sat there sipping her wine and we chatted more. It was getting late she said betsobet güvenilirmi she was gonna take a shower and then sleep and would see me in the morning to fill in the rest of her past, my mind was racing thinking of her in the shower, I could not get her out of my head.About 5 mins later I went up to see if she was ok, all I could hear was moans comming from the bathroom I knocked onthe door to see if she was ok, she carried on moaning I said I was comming in, as I opened the door I saw her in the shower fingering her pussy she screamed out a orgasm, and looked up in horror. I appoligised for looking but heard her moaning and thought something was wrong, my cock was rock solid as I loked at her naked body.She stood there saying she was horny and had to do it and looked at my lump in my trousers saying daddy do you like what you see I nodded and she beconned me towards her I was transfixed by her as I stripped off and got in the shower. she grabbed my throbbing cock saying it was huge and her recent boyfriend was no way as big, she knelt down and slowly sucked my rod, her tounge wrapped around its head as she drew it into her mouth.I lifted her up by the waste and slid my cock into her, I should of stopped but I couldnt she shok as she cum again and again she whispered daddy I cum im a bad little girl, with that cheeky smile, I fucked her like a randy betsobet giriş old mutt, making her cum again and again, we got out the shower and she bent over saying fuck my ass I had never done this but I did it my cock dissapering into my daughters hole. as i fucked her I spanked her young ass telling her not to be so bad she said she was and needed spanking more.I fucked her for a while then pulled out as she knelt down whilst I jackedof over her beautiful tits. We went to my bedroom and laid on the bed I felt ashamed I had fucked my own daughter I told her this she laughed and said it was ok and kissed me pushing her hand onto my cock stroking it making me hard again.She laid on the bed legs wide open as I started to lick her smooth young pussy drawing her clit into my mouth flicking it with my tounge, she begged for me to fuck her like a wild a****l with my huge cock I was reluctant but she begged so much I gave in, we made love all night long making her cum multiple times as I errupted into her pussy like never before.The following morning I could hardly look at her I had fucked my daughter and felt ashamed she said it was fantastic to be fucked by a real man that knew what he was doing, and had had a few boyfriends but it was a case of hit or miss.Sammy stayed a extra day as we slept together again, she had come to say she was getting engaged and wanted me to meet her fella, she phoned him and told him to come over, a nice guy trainee doctor I suppose she is happy tho. She left kissing me saying it was great to meet and fuck and will never forget how big her daddy was in that department with a cheeky grin she left.stay tuned for part 2 soon the wedding

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