Subject: Daddy-Knows-Best-Part-3 The following story depicts sex between members of the same family. All participants are at least 18 years of age. If you object to this type of sex, go now; if you like it, tell me about it. Please consider making a generous donation to the Nifty Archives. “Daddy Knows Best” � Part 3 So, our Spring Break trip was so much better than I had imagined it would be. Uncle Chris and Billy shared secrets and built a new bond. We all had fantastic sex, with each other and with my roomie, Tony. It was time to go back to reality, however, so we packed up our stuff and we all hugged. We agreed that family camp outs needed to be a new tradition. Then we all drove home. Tony and I went back to school. We decided not to share our Spring Break experience with our friends, so we made up a lame story about how we stayed on campus and went to see a bunch of movies and studied most of the week. Nobody bought it, but they didn’t challenge us either. I got a text from Billy about a week later. Billy: “Hey, `Cuz, I had a great time over Spring Break and I wondering if we could maybe get together more often, just you and me?” Me: “Sure, Cousin, watch got in mind?” 🙂 Billy: “Fuck you, man, you know what I want.” Me: “Oh, you want that fantasy rape scene, don’t you?” Billy, “Fuck, yeah, man. Mess me up, motherfucker!” Me: “I’ll think about it and let you know.” So, I got to thinking about how to fulfill Billy’s fantasy. He lives alone, and I know he keeps an extra key in a flower pot on the back porch. I did some “research” and found out his work schedule from a guy I know that works in the same welding shop as Billy. Then, I planned a weekend trip to Billy’s house and didn’t tell anyone where I was going. I arrived in town about two hours before Billy got off work. I hid my duffel bag in the bushes behind Billy’s house and I parked my car about a mile away in a busy shopping mall lot where he’d never see it. Then, I walked back to Billy’s house, grabbed my duffel, and let myself in, careful not to disturb anything. Billy would come in the front door when he got home, parking his truck in the driveway out front. Once inside, I went to the basement and got ready. I changed into black leather chaps and a black leather cup. Over top I wore a wife-beater t-shirt. I had a black ski mask ready to put on when the time was right. Mu hairy ass is hanging out of the leather chaps and my chest and arm hair is sticking out all around the wife-beater. I’m sure I look hot and kind of threatening. I know Billy’s boring routine is to come home from work, drink beer till he falls asleep in the chair in front of the TV. His intent is to nap for a bit, then get up and eat some dinner, and then watch gay porn and jack off. Tonight, will be a little different. I hear Billy’s truck pull up out front and Billy lumbers in. He takes his boots off at the door and drops them there with a thud. I can hear him walk into the kitchen and I hear his pop the top on his first beer. izmit rus escort I can also hear the scrape as he drags the whole six pack out of the fridge. He walks into the living room, clicks on the TV and plops down in his chair. I just sit and wait. In about a half hour, I hear Billy snoring and know it’s time. I quietly pad up the basement stairs and let myself in to the main house. I’ve brought a rope and some handcuffs and duct tape with me. I sneak into the living room, walk up behind Billy’s chair, and loop the rope around his midsection. He wakes with a start and leans forward. That’s what I hoped for. Now I continue to wrap him with the rope, holding his arms to his sides. I tie him off and throw him back in the chair. He starts to yell, and I cram a sock in his mouth and cover it with duct tape. Billy is trying to move, but I am stronger, and I have him off-guard. Next, I tie his ankles together. He can’t tell who I am because of the ski mask. But, I think maybe my leather outfit is a hint. So, Billy fights back, but only a little. I yank the rope and pull Billy to his feet. Then, I push him down on the floor, landing hard on his knees. I tell him that he has two options, be a good boy and do what I say, or get the shit kicked out of you first, and then do what I say. I ask if he’ll be a good boy, and he nods yes. So, I rip the duct tape off his mouth and pull the sock out. Then I pull my cock out and shove it into his mouth. I push in hard and skull fuck Billy. He gurgles and gags, but I force him to take my whole cock until he almost passes out from lack of air. Then. I trade the rope for handcuffs and cuff Billy’s arms behind his back. With the rope out of the way, I take a long hunting knife and cut the front of his shirt open from belly to throat. Then I cut from his neck down his arms. I scrape his hair skin just a little with the sharp knife, leaving small scratches. Then, I rip the fabric off his body and reveal his hairy bear torso that I love so much. I drag the hunting knife through his thick chests hair, pausing at a nipple, with just the slightest hint of a threat. Then, I move on down to his belt. I pull him to his feet and undo his belt, then I whip it out of the belt loops and spank his ass with it. Through his jeans, it doesn’t hurt much, but it startles him. Then, I unbutton his jeans and pull them down, untie his ankles and pull his jeans off. Fortunately, he is not wearing briefs, or I would be cutting them off. Now, I have Billy where I want him, naked, vulnerable, afraid. I push him down on the floor and get behind him; I push him over, so he is now in doggie position in front of me. His hairy ass is quivering at the thought of his fantasy coming true, and my hard cock want to fuck my cousin hard and brutally because he made fun of me. We both get our way tonight. I spread his cheeks apart and spit into his crack. Then, I spit on my cock. That’s all the lube he gets. I ram my hard fuck stick into Billy’s izmit escort cunt and drive it through without warning or finesse. Billy screams in pain as I violate his cunt. I spank him and tell him to shut up. He screams again, and I hit his ass even harder. Now, Billy only whimpers like a puppy as I assault his cunt with my huge rod, pumping in and out as hard as I can. I pull all the way out, and slam back into his guts, over and over. Billy is whimpering and begging me to stop. But, he also says, don’t stop. Billy is a slut and he loves this. It’s his rape fantasy, I am just the fucker willing to do it. I keep after him, and Billy settles into the fuck. He starts to moan, and he calls my name, begging me to fuck him more. I oblige. Finally, I can’t hold back. I thrust deep into his bowels with a grunt, and I explode a monster load of hot cum inside my cousin’s hungry cunt. He screams in pleasure this time, and I dump my load into him for what seems like 8 or 9 surges. At last, my cock stops pumping, and I pull out of Billy’s ripped asshole. I can see that it is red and starting to swell from the pile driver I just gave him. I slap his ass and tell him to lie face down on the floor and not to move. He says, “Yes, sir!” I go downstairs and take off the leather and the stocking cap and throw them in my bag. I pull on my jeans and boots, keeping the sweaty wife-beater on. I grab all my stuff, walk back upstairs and place my boot in the middle of Billy’s back. “Stay face down on the floor for the next ten minutes. Don’t fucking move, and do not call for help. If you do, I will come back and use my knife skills to skin your ass.” Then, I ran out the back door and walked back to me car. After that, I need to see my Daddy, so I drive across town to his house and tell him about what I just did to Cousin Billy. I Walked up to Dad’s front door and rang the bell. It was nearly 10:00 PM. I knew he wouldn’t be expecting company. In fact, he came to the door wearing only his boxers. Dad: “Son, what are you doing here? Is something wrong.” Me: “Oh, no, Daddy, I just wanted to see you.” I wrapped him in a big bear hug and kissed him on the mouth. Daddy shut the front door and led me into the living room. Then he went and grabbed a couple beers. Daddy sat down next to me on the sofa and I told him all about what had just happened with Cousin Billy. I knew he’d asked for it, but I felt bad that I had done it so eagerly. Daddy rubbed my back softly. He understood because he was a victim too. After I got that all off my hairy chest, I said, “So, I’m here in town and it’s too late to drive back to school. Can I stay here tonight?” “Are you fucking kidding me? Of course, you can. You can sleep with me or you can have your own room.” Me: “Really, Daddy? Do you even have to ask?” I grinned big and pulled my wife-beater off and growled at my Daddy Bear. He ran down the hall to his room and I followed. I stripped off my boots and jeans; Daddy was out of his boxers halfway down the kocaeli escort hall. Daddy laid on his back in the middle of his king-sized bed and I pounced him like the baby bear cub I always wanted to be. I grabbed his enormous hair cock and suckled it like a bottle, drinking in his smell and the faint taste of his last piss. The harder I sucked, the more piss dribbled out of his tip. “Yummy, Daddy! You just pissed, didn’t you?” Daddy: “Yes, not long ago. Now, after the beer, maybe I should go again.” Me: “Please, Daddy Bear, please let me help.” So, I followed him into the bathroom and I sat on the commode. Daddy stood in front if me and stuck his cock in my mouth. He started to piss, and I tasted the hot nectar flood my mouth and run down my throat. When I had drunk enough, I pulled him out of my mouth and aimed his cock, so he pissed on my chest, matting my hair with his hot piss and his manly smell. Daddy finished, and I sucked the last drops from his tip. Then, I stuffed my cock into the commode and pissed into the bowl like a child or a little girl, not a man. When I was finished, Daddy took me back to bed. I laid on my back, my hairy chest matted with Daddy’s piss; Daddy pulled my legs up over his shoulders and raised me up by my hips. Then he stuck his monster cock shaft into my hungry pussy. I felt him pop into me and I drew breath through my gritted teeth. “Oh, yes, Daddy, fuck me. I want you to fuck my boy pussy and show me you’re my boss bear. Fuck me, Daddy! Dump your load into my tender pussy, Daddy.” Daddy thrust in deep and invaded my gut. He loved to pump me hard and deep, thrusting into my gut wall with enough force to tear me up. He took my cock in his hand and started to stroke me while he fucked me. “Oh, Daddy, fuck, yeah. Stroke my cub cock. Squeeze me in your hard, strong hand. Make me cum too, Daddy! Fuck me, Daddy! Fill me with cum, pop my load out and feed it to me.” Daddy gets moving faster and I see the sweat start to form and drip down his hairy muscled chest. I love to see my hot Daddy sweat. I wish I could lick the sweat out of his hairy armpits, but that will have to wait. Daddy starts to grunt and roar deep down in his gut. His cock is hard against my gut, his head is swollen and throbbing. Than, all at once, I feel a giant blast of explosives inside my pussy. I arch my back and push back to receive my Daddy’s cum. “Oh, fuck, yes! Daddy, yes! Fuck me…oh fuck me deeper. Oh fuck yesss!!” Then, my load shoots out of me, flying up and landing on my chin and chest, adding to the mess in my chest hair. Cum and piss mix together, and I rub my chest to combine it all and rub it around all over my chest and abs. Daddy finishes and pulls out. He lays next to me and I raise up to take his arms and raise them over his head. I dive into an armpit, licking the sweat and musk from my Daddy’s pit. Then I move over and wash his stinking pit with my tongue. Finally, I go down and clean Daddy’s cock with my tongue, getting every drop of piss, cum, and ass spunk for myself. We are both finished for the night. We cuddle together and fall asleep in each other’s arms The smells of manly sex are intoxicating and we drift off together and sleep like bears in hibernation. [END PART THREE]

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