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Enjoy. ***** *Previously…* Dan’s eyes flared and he kissed Ian hard, growling lustily into his mouth when Ian’s other hand found the big throbbing curve of his father’s cock, and gave it a slow, soap-slick reverential stroke. They kissed long and loud as they cleaned each other’s most intimate spaces, Ian moaning as Dan’s thick, slippery fingertip slid inside of him, working its way around, probing and exploring and getting him all squeaky clean, and the longer he went at it, the closer he got to Ian’s prostate, and the more Ian knew what his father had in mind for him, and for his ass too. He shivered in the man’s grasp and found himself pressing at the tight knot of his own father’s hole in return, the two of them moaning to each other through their kiss as the man opened up to him with surprising ease, his cock twitching in Ian’s soapy slow stroke as he went inside of him. Sooner than he wanted, Dan’s finger extracted itself from him, and then his big, strong hands found each of Ian’s wrists and gently, but firmly, broke their grip on him. “Buddy, I knew we could make each other cum all over this fuckin’ shower,” his father said with lusty heat. “But there are better places to do that, am I right?” Ian couldn’t help but shiver at the hot, hungry intensity his father was emanating, enveloping him with it. He nodded and let the man out of his grasp, and was rewarded with another lusty, tongue-swapping kiss. * * * * * They weren’t even properly dry when they hit Ian’s bed, the frame banging against the wall at their sudden combined weight falling onto it, all wrapped up together, legs and arms, hands and lips, tongues entwined as they explored each other’s naked, half-wet skin. Their cocks pulsed hotly together as Dan slowly rolled him onto his back and ground against him with the full length of his handsome body. Ian had never been so turned on, so eager, so full of the hot lust that lived down deep inside of him. The hot lust he’d inherited along with everything else from his Dad, it seemed, as the man pinned his wrists above his head with one hand and moved slowly against him. “You’re fuckin’ beautiful, son,” Dan murmured, and the heat and the pride and the love in it combined to do a number on Ian’s head and heart and cock all at once. “Jeez, Dad,” Ian said, suddenly short on words. “I…” he started, trying to grasp for something, some right thing to say to that, and then found it. “You made me this way,” he murmured, leaning up to kiss his father’s smiling lips. “Damn glad I did, buddy,” Dan murmured back, letting his wrists loose so they could embrace while they kissed some more. They could have gone on like that all night, and Ian sure would have been OK with it, but he had other things in mind too. Things he’d been thinking about for a long time now, that he urgently wanted to try, now it was clear he and his father were feeling all the same kinds of ways about each other. Free to explore, ready to roll, deeply into each other and the hot vibe between them as their new bond got deeper and stronger by the minute. A hot, heady sense of freedom at last, the blinders off, the rules tossed happily out the window as they went deep together. “Lay back,” he said, shifting from out of his father’s lusty embrace, helping him roll onto his back. Dan propped himself up on the pillows and watched Ian with an amused, but hungry look as his son spread his long, strong legs and slid between them, looking up the firm stretch of Dan’s inner thighs, lingering on his cock with a little grin, then up to meet his father’s gaze. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time,” he said. “Happy Father’s Day, Dad.” Dan’s grin widened and he tucked his hands behind his head and watched, grunting encouragingly as Ian took his handsome, hard length in hand, licked his lips, and then licked the cock that had made him twenty-odd years ago. “Ah buddy,” Dan grunted warmly as Ian licked him slowly, from the base of his shaft, all the way up the underside it to the head, fat and shapely, moist from the shower and wet from the precum that was flowing again, or still, or all night long, as far as Ian knew. Didn’t matter — he savored the taste all the same, rich and mineral, a lot like his, but with its own tangy character too. He let out a rumble of appreciation as he worked his tongue all the way around the firm yet spongy flesh of the tip, adding the wetness of his spit to it, then took a readying breath, opened his mouth, and started to swallow his father’s cock. “Buddy, *yesssss*…” Dan groaned, wriggling his hips a little as he watched his son take him down, slow and steady, inch by inch. Ian had sucked bigger, and he’d sucked smaller, but in his limited experience so far, Dan’s dick was the Goldilocks ideal, handsomely big in its own right, but not too big to handle comfortably. Ian could feel it pressing its way back towards his throat, and he sucked in more air through his nose, trying to stroke the underside of it with his tongue as his lips caressed the rest, slipping wetly down to meet his fist at the base. He’d studied Troy intently earlier when the man had swallowed them down, particularly his father, and he found himself copying the things the skilled older man had done, on his flesh and his Dad’s too. Dan sure seemed to like what he was doing, grunting and murmuring hot encouraging words and praise down to him, as Ian’s lips found their limit, setting a marker of sorts on his father’s shaft. He was pleased to find he’d gotten almost all of the man down without too much strain, and he filed the spot he’d reached away in his memory, turning it into a target to beat for the future. And with that happy, horny thought, he ran his lips and tongue back up, all the way to the tip where his father was feeding him thick, tangy precum, met Dan’s lusty gaze again, and began to suck his own father’s cock. “Fuck yes, kiddo,” Dan growled as his son worked on him, wetly and well. There was that aspect of worship to what Ian was doing to him, of course, that and the give and take of pleasure. But more than that, this was all about connection, respect and desire and intimacy, and all those thoughts came together in Ian’s head, the desire and the mechanics and the pleasure of sucking another man’s cock, making his work stronger, hungrier, better. His free hand shifted down to cup Dan’s big, furry balls, drained once tonight and all full again, and thought, ‘Fuck, what a *man*.’ Dan moaned, one hand clutching the back of Ian’s head with a mix of hunger and tenderness, the other reaching up behind him to grab the headboard, his biceps bulging, his face working, becoming even more handsome as he gave himself over to the pleasure of it. He was flowing pre even more heavily into Ian’s mouth now, the taste of it thick on his tongue and down his throat as he sucked and lapped and coaxed and swallowed. ‘Sucking your Dad’s cock, dude,’ Ian thought to himself, feeling the high of that adding to the remnant high of the ecstasy and the intense, connected vibe between him and Dan, and if he could, he would’ve smiled around the man’s cock. Fuck, how far they’d come — how far *he’d* come, from the horny teenager jerking off in bed imagining all of this, to the man who was doing it. All these years dreaming of it, and now he was doing it with his Dad. Ian caressed his father’s big balls, looking to coax even more precum from him, and Dan hissed and growled, clutched the headboard even tighter. Ian felt the head of his cock pulsing harder against his lapping tongue and grunted, his father’s hazy gaze locked on him, and then he saw the flare in the man’s eyes, felt the guiding, encouraging hand on the back of his head clutch tighter against his skull. “Whoa, easy there, buddy, easy…” Dan hissed. “Not yet, son, *fuck*…” Dan’s big hands stroked the back of his head and shoulders and upper arms, then found his pits and got hold of him, pulling him up. Ian really didn’t want to let go, and he gave it his all on his way up, working his lips and his wet, thick, trailing tongue up the throbbing flesh, savoring every last inch. And then he was being pulled off, sucking in fresh air as Dan pulled him easily up his chest, replacing the flesh of his cock with the flesh of his tongue, thrusting into Ian’s mouth. The man growled as his tongue lashed Ian’s, tasting himself, wrestling his son’s tongue hungrily with his own. “Fuck, Dad, I could’ve…” Ian moaned, coming up out of the kiss after a couple hot, intense minutes. “Yeah you could’ve, and you were gonna, any second there,” Dan growled back, taking a hot, hungry lick at his mouth, his hand reaching down to find Ian’s cock and stroke him, slow and strong. “But I got more in mind for you and me, stud kid.” Ian’s cock pulsed at that, in tune with his insides, and he couldn’t help but grin excitedly. Dan growled and smiled and licked up the side of Ian’s throat, tasting the new sweat already starting to accumulate on his flesh, up to his ear, nuzzling there and making Ian wriggle with pleasure. “You hot fucking kid,” Dan growled into his ear, the words boring into his brain and his loins at the same time. “Always knew you had it in ya, son.” Ian was born to be a little bit of a wiseass, and couldn’t help himself. “Not yet, big guy,” he said, wrapping his hand round his father’s spit-sticky cock again, feeling it pulse in time with his own. “But that’s definitely one of the things I’ve been thinking of.” Dan chuckled, thick and dirty, and fuck Ian was hot for his father, more than he’d ever been before. Out in the open with it, too, and finding his father just as hot for him, if not more so. That just made it even stronger, and deeper, and made his cock pulse even harder in his father’s stroking hand. “Yeah, son?” Dan grinned at him. “Figured it might be. Just like it’s been for me. One of the many things.” Ian sucked in a quick breath, wanting to ask Dan a million questions, needing to know all those taboo things his father had been thinking of them doing together. But instead of his words, he used his mouth, his tongue and his grip working on his father’s flesh, the two of them firing each other up even more. “What do you like, bud?” Dan asked a little bit later. “I mean, y’know, in bed.” Ian blushed real hard all of a sudden. It was such a sexy question, and it felt somehow even more exposing to tell his own father what turned him on, what he loved doing with another man, and having another man do to him. But then they’d already been pretty thoroughly exposed to each other. Dan hadn’t been shy with Ian, and Ian knew there was no reason to be shy with him. Just the opposite — he’d long known how much his father’s son he was, and tonight especially he could feel that in him, that boldness, that openness to new possibilities. To adventure. “Jeez, where to begin,” Ian laughed, biting his lip at the slow, experienced stroke of his father’s hand on his cock as the man held him comfortably close. “Just… being with another man, I guess, and seeing where it goes.” “Yeah, it’s pretty fuckin’ good, ain’t it son?” Dan said with a knowing grin, and Ian felt the hot curiosity about his father surging in him once more. “Guess it’s all an adventure, and I’m still discovering it,” Ian said, and Dan nodded understandingly. “That’s what it’s all about, son,” he said, sneaking a quick, intimate kiss from him. “Being open to the adventure, and trusting each other. You trust me, right buddy?” Ian nodded, feeling like a little kid and a man all at once, and cupped his father’s face. “Like nobody else,” he said. “Always. I love you, Dad.” “Aw buddy,” Dan murmured, low and deep, his eyes rich with warmth. “I love you too, son.” His father kissed him again, this time the tenderness really flowing through with the passion, and of all the ways he’d been made to feel great all day and all night, so far, this was the very finest of them. “Like nobody else, kid,” Dan murmured against his lips, smiling, and then kissed his way down his neck, over his chest, through the fine little spread of fur that was starting to set in between the firm squares of his pecs, picking up the trail of hair and following it over his son’s tautly muscled stomach. Ian gasped softly, knowing where this was all going, but still unable to really believe it. His own father was gonna… ah *fuck*, yep, there he went, oh *Jesus*… Dan’s big, warm hand took hold of Ian’s cock with the same natural, intimate ease he’d been showing him all night, blue eyes crinkling around the edges with his warm smile as he looked up at him, then ran the broad flat expanse of his tongue up the underside of Ian’s throbbing cock. “Fuck, Dad…” Ian whispered, and Dan just murmured warmly in reply as he slowly lapped his up to the head, rotating his wet tongue around on that especially sensitive spot that he just intuitively seemed to know was there, right on the underside of Ian’s cockhead. ‘Same place it is on him,’ Ian thought, and felt that rush inside all over again. He gasped and squirmed and his precum flowed a little thicker, but he kept his eyes open and locked on what the man, his own father, was doing to him. Dan gave his strong young thigh a slow squeeze and pushed it open a little wider, letting him nestle in closer as he worked his tongue around the underside of Ian’s head like an old pro, and then wrapped his smiling lips around the glossy, throbbing tip of it, and went down on him. “*Ohmygod*…” Ian hissed, and Dan rumbled back at him as he slid down, slow and easy. Not as effortlessly as Troy had, sure, but with a natural talent all his own. A man didn’t suck dick like this his first time out the gate, and he sure didn’t maintain eye contact the way his father was doing, either. Ian flashed on those old pics around the old house, his father as a young man, the age he was now. Ian bet that big, handsome young man in the pics knew how to do this. Christ, he wished Dan had taught him how too… That thought made him moan, then deeper still as Dan’s lips slid back up him, his cock looking impossibly izmit escort thick and glossy, shining in the low bedside light, streaked with his own father’s spit. Dan’s tongue worked a series of intent circles on that spot on the underside of his head again, giving him a wink as he did, one hand holding Ian’s cock fast, the other down underneath him, playing with his own. Ian just gasped and stared at him, the way his father’s easy confidence with his cock increased, lips dipping low and slow down his shaft again, followed by the velvety slide of his tongue right behind them. He watched the man’s handsome head dip, and raise, then dip and raise again, picking up a slow but steadily more assured pace, starting to get wet now, real wet, noisy and lewd and hot, and *fuck*, this was his *Dad*… “Stop, shit, stop!” Ian gasped, grabbing for the back of Dan’s head. “*Fuck*!” Dan slid his lips back up, dragging them slowly over the meat of his cockhead, suckling as he went, exquisite torture that was making Ian’s cock pulse and his balls churn. His lips came free with a loud *pop* that would have been kind of hilarious any other time, but right now all Ian could do was grab hold of the sheets and clench his core. His orgasm had come on crazy fast, all the shit he was thinking in his head, while watching the object of so many of his fantasies come to hot, vivid life right before him. His father licked his lips slowly, swallowing spit and Ian’s precum with a satisfied grunt. “Well shit, I thought I was good,” he said, his eyes twinkling as he wiped his lips. “But I didn’t think I was *that* good, kid.” He gave Ian’s slick, hard cock a real light stroke, and winked at him again as he did. “Jesus, you’re killing me here, dude,” Ian moaned. He needed something to do, something else to focus on besides his own pleasure, and the fact of his father giving it to him. Otherwise it’d all be over, too soon. Even though they’d been at it in one way or another most of the night, it still wasn’t ever going to be enough. It might never happen again, so he couldn’t just let it end. “C’mere,” he said, reaching for the big, warm, smooth muscles of his father’s back, trying to get a hold of him. Dan grinned and swiveled his hips with that old athlete’s grace, putting them top to tail, making Ian’s heart race at another fantasy about to be realized. Dan chuckled at Ian’s big-eyed, kid-on-Christmas look of awe and desire as he reached for the man’s strong, furry thighs, sliding his hands over them again, up the powerful muscles that had always made the man stand strong in his adoring eyes. Ian’s hands found their way naturally to his father’s hips, through the thickening fan of manly fur across them, and then to his cock, still just as hard and wet-tipped as ever. “God, this fuckin’ cock,” he murmured, more to himself than anything, blushing when he looked up and met his father’s gaze, deep and direct and warm, like his smile. That aura of mature, easy confidence that he’d always craved so much, a man at home in his skin and with his desires, and wanting nothing more than to share all that with a guy who was eager to know them, and learn from them. “It’s all yours, if you want it, buddy,” Dan said. “Again,” he added with one of his playful little winks. “Now who’s the smartass,” Ian scoffed, then took the throbbing length of the cock that had made him back in his hand again, and leaned in. “Fuck yeah,” Dan growled, reaching down with his free hand to tousle Ian’s hair proudly as his son slid his lips down the length of him, smoother than before, humming happily to himself as he found that marker he’d set the first time around, then slipped just a little more past it. “Good boy,” his father said, and that made him moan as he started to suck, and then even more as Dan returned to sucking him, too. Ian’s free hand explored the solid, mature terrain of his father’s body, the warm skin still taut on firm flesh, over the hard muscles beneath that. He touched his father like he’d dreamed of touching him since he was in his early teens, sucking on him as slow and smooth as he could while his hand roamed, over the man’s hip to the powerful curve of his ass, up the swell of it to the flare of his lat, then back down his spine to stroke the meat of his glutes again, flexing tighter at his touch. Dan did the same to him, a practiced, appreciative hand over the younger, tighter swells and stretches of his son’s athletic frame, and the whole time, his lips and tongue did more expert work on his cock. Working together, falling into a similar rhythm on each other, slurping and sucking and stroking and squeezing. This was what Ian had needed to make things last longer, a way to show his father how mutual this all was, something to focus his mind away from the powerful feelings the man was stoking all through his thighs and his core. Gradually Dan eased slickly up off Ian’s cock, giving it a nice even, solid stroke as he licked his lips. Ian grunted around his father’s inches as the sensation of the man’s tongue lapping over his balls, all around them, like velvet and wet fine-grit sandpaper at once. Then he moaned as he felt Dan’s hot breath over the skin he’d just made wet, following his nose as it nuzzled up over the underside of his balls, and into his taint. Ian’s thighs opened automatically to him, and if he wasn’t so busy, he might have been embarrassed. But they were moving beyond all that too, not hiding from each other anymore, but laying themselves bare and fully open to one other. Dan lapped at Ian’s taint with a husky rumble of satisfaction, tongue working through the fur to the skin beneath, making it tingle and then hum with each slow, loving lick. His hand held steady on his son’s cock, keeping it firmly secured as he turned his attention on the deep space before him, his other hand squeezing the muscles of Ian’s ass, opening him up to get at more of him. “Holy shit,” Ian gasped, coming up off Dan’s cock for more air and to try and see what he was doing, amid the sweaty tangle of their flesh. “You do *that* too?” Dan rumbled a deep-chested chuckle all over Ian’s spit-damp flesh down there, and when he came up out of his cleft to look him in the eye, the wetness of his lips and the gleam of spit in the silvered stubble on his jaw hit Ian with another wave of brute lusty force. “I was in the Navy,” he said. “Of course I eat ass, kid.” Dan winked at him again then dove back in, tongue-first, and Ian clutched his father’s thigh and his cock and let out a low, grunting moan and just enjoyed the ride for a minute. His father’s tongue swabbed him up and down and all around, then lapped directly at the tight clutch of his hole, the man grunting lustily as he found it, making Ian shiver and moan in reply as that wet muscle targeted him and went in for the kill. Fuck, he loved getting his ass eaten, and he’d had it done enthusiastically to him a bunch of times, but rarely, if ever, this well. And as much as he loved getting his ass eaten, he loved doing it just as much, maybe even more. He guessed he was his father’s son to the very core, then, and he grinned at that thought as he licked the man’s big, cum-heavy balls, and followed his Dad’s lead. It was more work to do each other like this than it was to suck each other’s cocks, but they made it work, together. It’s what they’d always done, father and son working together, and they always seemed to get it done right when they did. They buried their heads between each other’s thighs and matched each other stroke for stroke, long wet licks over and around the humid, musky flesh, teasing the tight rings of muscle, then probing insistently inwards together, inside each other. Both men growled with happy hunger, Ian even more so when Dan’s stubbled cheeks nuzzled at his thighs as he worked his jaw and extended his long, talented tongue up inside his son. But Ian was right behind him, and he could feel Dan’s luxurious moan echoing up inside him when he swirled, then thrust his tongue against the man’s spit-dripping ring and licked his way into him. Ian could tell from the way Dan’s big arms tightened round him, the arch of his back and the squeeze of his strong thighs around his head, that he was doing right by his father, making him feel good. He’d had compliments before, the relatively few times he’d been able to get inside another dude this way, but getting that approval from the man whose approval meant more than anything just inspired him to try to do him even better. For his part, Dan was showing him the way, devouring and exploring inside his humming hole with a passion Ian never would have expected from his big, manly, string-of-hot-girlfriends Dad. Maybe he ate them out like he was eating Ian out, but who gave a fuck about them — it was him in bed with the man, riding his father’s long, talented tongue, not anybody else. Nobody else could ever have the deep, bonded erotic connection that the two of them did now. They went at it long and deep, lusty and loud and wet, Dan’s square stubbled chin grazing endlessly against Ian’s taint and tickling the underside of his balls, the hard stretch of Ian’s cock nestling into the warm, abundant fur at the top of the man’s chest, painting streaks of precum all over the firm flesh beneath. He could feel it rising in him again, that steady surge of his orgasm, and from the way his father’s big cock throbbed and leaked against his own smoother flesh, he knew Dan was feeling that same rise within himself too. “God *damn*,” Dan growled thickly, coming up out of Ian’s ass, making him shiver at the sudden absence of all that incredible attention it had been getting. He felt wet and warm and pleasantly… *stretchy* down there, very open to ideas he didn’t often consider with other guys. “I knew you had a lot of me in you, but boy…” Dan said, wiping his lips and giving Ian a lusty but amused look. “You’ve got some fuckin’ *skills*, kid.” Ian gave his father one more long lick, then got a gently warning squeeze from the man’s big thighs either side of his head. He laughed against the man’s spit-wet flesh, then extracted himself from the tangle of his legs, pushing up just in time for his father to loom in close, take hold of the back of his head, and kiss him, hot and deep and slow. Yeah, his lips and tongue tasted funky, but in a good way, the taste of a man — the taste of *him*, just like he was giving his father a taste of himself, too. There was something deep and essential and very male to the taste and the faint scent of each other’s deepest parts, and it just cranked up the heat inside a little more. Primal, lusty, intense — they were all great words for it, and for all of this, tonight. “Sure felt like I had a lot of you in me just now,” Ian said between long-licking kisses, Dan chuckling against his lips. “Did it now,” his father said, wrapping his arms round him and pulling him closer, kissing him lustily again. “Could be more, if you wanted…” Of course that had always been an option. One of many, but maybe the biggest of them. Ian didn’t get fucked much, hadn’t seemed to really acquire the taste for it yet; the relatively few times he’d done it so far, it had been more about wanting to give the other guy something. He was starting to wonder if maybe he just wasn’t built for it. He’d Googled around, he knew that was a thing. But with Dan, with Dan’s just-right cock, maybe… “Maybe,” Ian said. “There’s a lot of stuff to do, right? Doesn’t have to be *everything8… at least, not all at once…” “Damn right there’s a lot,” Dan nodded. “And buddy, there’s nothing I want, if you don’t want it too. This is hot, you and me, no matter what. Night of my life, so far.” Ian felt a deep relief at that, smiling at the man. Hungry and horny and lusty, sure… but decent, too. That had maybe been the part of his father that he’d vibed to the most his whole life, even now, in this craziest of times between them. Dan gave him a deep, serious look. “You still good, buddy?” And there it was again, the father in him coming through. “This can be another fork in the road, if you want it to be.” Ian was shaking his head before he knew he was going to do it. “You’ve been showing me a damn fine time tonight,” he said. “Nothing I expected — just the opposite — and I’m glad. I’m hoping I’m showing you one too.” “*Beyond* fine, bud,” his father said with a grin, squeezing him warmly. “Loving every bit of it, like I always knew I would.” God *damn*, the things this man could say, and the way they could make him feel. He kissed Dan slow, softer but just as warm and moist as all the others, and reached down for his father’s cock, feeling it throb slickly, and his own throbbing in response. “So I guess that means we can keep going, Dad,” Ian said, watching his father’s eyes flare, grunting as Dan’s hand wrapped around him too and gave him a lazy, deliberate stroke that made him leak even harder. “Then let’s go, son,” he said, and kissed his son back, like a man should. Ian pulled him up so they could lay alongside each other and kiss some more and touch each other more easily. His tongue was gonna be sore tomorrow, but hell, like always, it was worth it. Dan’s big hand found his ass right at the same time as Ian’s fingers dug into his, and they chuckled into each other’s mouths as they got their handfuls of flesh, and then some. Their cocks clashed together, hot and hard and leaking, turning their laughter into a shared grunt that eased into a moan, as Ian’s hips rocked instinctively and drove his hardness against his father’s, Dan grinding right back. “Yeah, I always loved this too,” Dan growled to him as they rocked together. “Nothing quite like it, you and a bud, face to face, right?” “God yeah,” Ian grunted. “Shit, you really have been around, haven’t you?” “I like to think of myself as a well-rounded man, son,” his father grinned. “Stick with me, kid — you might learn a thing or two.” “Yeah yeah,” Ian scoffed. “Teach me your ways, O Great One.” “Shut up,” Dan laughed, then kissed him again and ground his cock even more intently against his son’s. “Where you keep your lube, bud?” Dan grunted a few minutes later. Their cocks were flowing hard, their precum mixing together, thick and slick, but the heat and friction of their flesh was building too. Ian reluctantly let go of Dan’s fine, tight ass and leaned over him to grab at his bedside drawer. Dan took the opportunity to lick up and down his neck, humming happily, drawing the wide, flat, warm, wet muscle of his tongue all over Ian’s throat in slow, lazy swirls that made him shiver and grunt as he fumbled the lube bottle out and uncapped it. “Same place you used to keep it when you were a kid,” Dan murmured, and that had Ian gasping all of a sudden. Fuck, so much unspoken history between them. He wasn’t going to let Dan leave town again without knowing more of it. “God, you’re a sexy fuck,” he grunted, and Dan growled out a lusty chuckle and gave his ass a playful yahya kaptan escort smack that turned into a deep-squeezing grab. “Yeah, that’s my boy, alright,” he said, and the next kiss was hot and hungry and even more intense, as Ian shot a stream of lube into his palm, then greased up his father’s cock and slid his own back up hard against it. Dan took the bottle from him and applied the second layer, all over his son’s cock, rolling onto his back and drawing Ian up on top of him. He laid the lube down on his flesh even as Ian rocked it against him, making the sounds filling the air between and around them even wetter, lewder, that much more exciting. After coating the sliding length of his son, Dan’s big hand wrapped tight round them both, or as much of their grinding cockflesh as he could. Ian shifted his knees under him and reached down to help, covering the rest of them and making their grip nice and tight together. “Yeah, kid,” Dan grunted, reaching up to swirl his lube-slick thumb and fingertip around Ian’s nipple, and Ian gasped and rocked his hips and his cock harder and faster, Dan lifting his ass as much as he could to match his grinding frot strokes. Ian could have done this all night, or as long as his orgasm held off, which really wasn’t going to be very long at all, at this rate. It felt awesome, connected and intense, their hands wrapped tight together around their thrusting cocks, Dan’s other big hand stroking over his fuck-pumped young muscles — “Yeah, God, look at you, kid, *fuck*…” He felt fucking amazing, and clearly his father was absolutely loving the ride as well, but then, too, it almost felt like Ian was getting even more pleasure out of it. Maybe there was more he could give Dan, as part of all this. It was Father’s Day now, after all. Father’s Day, and still Daddy Night. He’d been thinking about it most of the night, some small, horny corner of his brain wondering, imagining, picturing… His instincts were telling him that if it was gonna be any guy, it should be Dan. The man who surely had that just-right dick to make Ian finally *feel* it inside, the way he’d always thought he should. His father. *Fuck*. Maybe anything more than this might be too much. There were lines you could cross and still get away with it, excuse it all away the next morning — the X, the booze, the crazy heady summer vibes of Pride and the club and the testosterone-drenched air of the whole night. They’d sure crossed a lot of them, if not just about all of them, together. Maybe they shouldn’t push it any further. They might not be able to cross back once it was all said and done. But Ian’s instincts were moving ahead of his brain, his gut taking over, his hips already moving, breaking their joined cock-grip and fucking up hard against the sensitive spot on the underside of his father’s cockhead, the same spot in the same place it was on his. He reached for the lube again, and he knew there was no backing down. This was where things had always been meant to go between them, tonight and maybe for years now. “I don’t do this much,” Ian said, sliding his greasy cock off Dan’s, replacing it with a fresh layer of lube. “But for you… I want to do it with you, Dad.” “Son…” Dan said, reaching up to grasp his biceps, but Ian just smiled at him, despite the trepidation he was starting to feel, as he reached behind to slide a slick of lube over his hot, pulsing, tingling hole. “This is for you, big guy,” he grunted as he rubbed the stuff against himself. “Then let me help you, stud kid,” Dan said, and there was that lusty fire in his eyes as he swiped up some lube for himself, reached around Ian’s hip, and helped get him good and wet and ready. “Fuck yeah,” Ian moaned, lips searching for Dan’s as his father slid a slick finger in alongside his, inside his hole, and the man kissed him firmly as their fingers worked inside him, already starting to negotiate the next one’s entry. “That’s right, buddy,” Dan grunted, as Ian gasped and let himself be opened up. Dan’s fingers were long and skilled, and they seemed to know Ian’s insides better than he did himself. He’d tried fingering himself while he jacked off, used toys and other guys’ fingers too, and it had always felt alright, but never as amazing as he’d been led to believe. His father’s fingers touched him inside in new ways, though, and all of a sudden, it was like the curtains had been drawn open and the sun was glowing through, inside of him, starting to warm him up all over. “Yeah, that’s my boy,” Dan said, and Ian moaned some more and kissed him again as he let his father show him how it could be, how good and deep it could all feel. “C’mon, Dad,” Ian panted. “I’m yours…” and that was all Dan needed to hear. “I’m yours too, son,” he murmured. “All of me.” He slid his talented fingers out of his pulsing hole, and then Ian felt the heat and pulse and pressure of something bigger. Much bigger, and thicker, but he knew, deep down, that he could take it. He *wanted* to, in a way he never had before, and that made the tingle and hum and throb inside of him kick up another notch. He pushed back, and Dan pushed up, and the pressure intensified, harder and harder until Ian was starting to think maybe this wasn’t meant to be after all. And then they both moaned, loud, as Dan’s thick, pulsing cockhead breached his muscle, and pushed up inside his son. “Oh *Jesus*,” Ian moaned. “Aw *Christ*,” Dan growled. And then he was inside of him, really inside of him. Ian clung to his father’s broad shoulders and bore down, as Dan clutched tight to his hips and pushed up, the two of them meeting each other in a slick, steady slide and thrust, together. “*Fuck*,” Ian hissed about three or so inches later, coming to a halt. It wasn’t that he couldn’t go any further, just that it had been a good while since he’d had more than some fingers or a tongue up there. He just needed to get used to it again, that was all. He let himself focus on the throbbing, of the stretched muscle of his hole, and the fainter, but insistent throb of his father’s cock, pulsing impatiently inside of him. He’d been real close to it a bunch of times tonight, touched it and felt it and worked with it in all kinds of ways. He could see it real clearly in his mind — the fat, bullet-shaped head of it, the way it tapered out to the flared base, then the solid girth of the shaft itself. Dan was a good-sized man, just like the rest of him, and he’d felt good in Ian’s hand, and in his mouth too. Not too big, not too small — just right, in his somewhat limited youthful experience. No reason why it shouldn’t feel good up his ass too, he told himself. Ian focused on the throb of his hole again, the sense of strain. It was like lifting, he told himself. You wanted to feel some strain, respect the work of the muscle and what it could do. It might be uncomfortable, but it meant you could still do more. Push further. Yeah. That was the way to think about it. Most other times he’d had another guy inside him like this, he’d found himself reacting to the strain by gutting it out, gritting his teeth, just ready for it to be over. Focusing on the discomfort, not the potential. It was like an epiphany to his still half-high brain, and he quickly thought ‘Shit, you should have done X years ago.’ Between the sudden urge to smile at that, and the new perspective, and that insistent hot, fleshy pulse of his father’s cock inside him… *fuck*, his father’s *cock*, *his father’s cock*… Ian started to realize the discomfort was falling behind him, like his father’s handsome cock was throbbing it out of him, almost, and then the epiphany continued and all of a sudden, *fuck8, he was feeling good, real good. Dan’s hands stroked over the bulging muscles of his son’s thighs, up and down, nice and slow, down to his spread knees, up to his hips and over the flexed muscles of his ass. His father smiled as he traced over the curve of his glutes, a real light touch that turned into a stronger squeeze along his quads. Yeah, his father knew how to touch a man, alright, but more than that, he knew how to touch *him*, and the look of pride and desire and love on the man’s handsome, mature face, coupled with the warm pulse of his flesh inside Ian’s, the way he was touching him, made Ian’s insides relax in a new way. He gasped as he felt himself sliding slowly the rest of the way down his father’s cock, feeling proud and happy and all of a sudden *seriously* turned the fuck on. “Yeah, there you go, buddy,” Dan rumbled easily, voice rich with pleasure, seeing the way Ian’s cock was rising back to its former hardness now as he vibed with the cock inside him. His father reached over and stroked his son’s cock, slow, warm and easy, and gave him another encouraging wink, as Ian reached for the man’s solid, furry pecs and rode him down. “*Fuck, Dad*,” he moaned, and Dan just nodded and murmured wordlessly back to him, stroking his cock and his thighs and his hips and his insides too. “You feel so fucking good, son,” the man murmured, his hand moving up from Ian’s thigh, over his flank and exploring his chest, continuing his slow, easy stroke of his cock, taking the measure of his son’s athletic body yet again. It all just encouraged Ian more, as he started to work his hips and his hole on the man, hearing the slick, greasy sound of the lube easing their way deeper, helping make his father’s cock a part of him now too. The cock he’d made him with. Shit, he couldn’t believe any of this, all these years of fantasies and stroking himself imagining it all, and now here it all was, happening in real time, dreams made flesh. Ian rode his father like that, until the remembered discomfort before was all gone, blown away by pleasure and heat, radiating out from his Dad’s cock and through him, making his insides pulse and his cock leak and his skin start to glow with fresh sweat. Then Dan’s fingers found his tit, stiff and humming, going for the right one first, like he knew that was the more sensitive, the hot button that Ian always stroked to bring himself home, and of course he knew, Ian realized hazily as the electric pleasure sparked through him. Because it was the same spot for Dan too, and even as he was thinking it, Ian was tweaking his father’s big stiff peak, making the man growl and buck his hips up, plant more of his flesh inside his son. “Fuckin’ *stud*,” Ian gasped, riding the man like he’d never ridden another before, into it and himself and the feeling of the cock thrusting inside him. They’d been going all night, pretty much, and he couldn’t last long, which sucked, because he’d just finally found out how to do this right, how to make it work and feel as amazing as all the bottom dudes said it could. ‘Maybe we can do this more,’ he thought hungrily, and he knew for sure that no matter what they said or how they felt about all this afterwards, things were going to be different between them now. They’d always know this feeling between them, remember it, hopefully come back to feel it again and again. Yeah, doing this had changed them. They’d taken the fork in the road, there was no going back now, and he didn’t want to anyway. Maybe for some other guy and his Dad, this would be bad and wrong and ultimately wreck them, but not for Ian and Dan. He knew it, just as sure as he knew Dan was thinking and feeling it too. “Yeah?” Dan growled back at him, heat in his eyes as he throbbed and stroked and tweaked Ian, inside and out. “I’ll show you a fuckin’ stud, son…” Dan pushed up and wrapped his arms around Ian, an intent and lusty look on his face that gave him a shiver inside, even more so as the angle of his cock shifted inside him and rubbed up against his spot in a whole new way. The bed rocked and quaked and banged the wall behind it as Dan held him close and fucked up inside him, fast and urgent and controlled. Ian wrapped his arms round his Dad’s strong neck and pushed in close to the man’s handsome, sweating, determined face. They met in a hungry kiss, tongues slashing as they grunted and swapped spit and rode each other intently for a good couple minutes. They were both a lot sweatier when they pulled apart again, Dan grabbing him under his hamstrings, biceps bulging big and hard and handsome as he started to lift his son up and off his cock. Ian didn’t question it, just went with it. You always had a good time with Dan, when you did that. He knew that well, and even better now, and he let his father out of him and let the man move him around. Tonight was for him, after all. His Dad could have anything he wanted, anything Ian could give him. Everything he had, if he wanted it. Dan did. He looked over Ian’s head and smirked, then focused his intent, but smiling face on his son again, another sock to Ian’s guts, the good kind. Dan’s hands were big and hot and quick on him, over his thighs and up his flanks, grabbing hold of him and moving him up and around. It took his hazy, horny brain a second to catch up, and by the time it did, Dan had him on his knees again, turning him around on the bed to face the other way, and all his brain could do was just shrug and accept it and let it all happen. “Huh,” he grunted stupidly at the sudden sight of himself, reflected in the full-length mirror hanging on the inside of his open closet door. Holy shit. Naked, sweating, his muscles gleaming and pumped like he’d just finished a workout, his face high and happy and confused all at once, his cock gleaming with lube and precum and looking big enough for porn. And Dan looming behind him, his buzzcut hair and two-day growth glinting silver and brown in the light overhead, his shoulders broad and tan, his eyes intent on Ian’s in the mirror, hungry and heated and powerful. He felt, and watched, Dan’s hands slide up his flanks, over his muscles, and then the warm, wet graze of his tongue up his spine. Ian shivered and moaned and felt the throb of his father’s cock as it slid up between his glutes, slick and hot and wet and feeling twice as thick now as it pulsed in the cleft of his ass. Dan’s big hands stroked over his muscles, cupped his pecs and drew Ian back up to him, as he licked up the back of his neck and the side of his throat, a warm wet wide trail that left him absolutely shivering, his cock beading precum even more now. Dan squeezed his pecs, stroked over his nipples, then slipped his arms round him and held him fast, close, tight to his big chest as he nuzzled the point of Ian’s jaw, right under his ear, and held his gaze in the mirror. And fuck, yeah… now Ian could really see just how alike they were. Inside and out. “Now *that’s* a fuckin’ stud right there, kid,” Dan growled hotly in his ear, one hand sliding down his stomach to retake his cock, and the words and intent and desire and pure goddamn *heat8 of his father made Ian moan, right over the slick, wet sound of his Dad stroking his cock. “Just like you made me, Dad,” he gasped, the words coming up out gebze escort of that place in his head he usually kept pretty locked down. Until tonight. The way his father’s eyes flared, lips attacking the edge of his jaw, he knew he was right to let them out. Dan’s other hand disappeared, and then Ian felt that slick-headed pressure again, firm and insistent, considerate but undeniable, against his hot, lube-wet hole. Dan’s hands retook his hip and his flank, and fuck, Ian could feel the pressure and the push, but God he wanted it now. The pressure of his father’s cock against him, wanting back inside of him, and there was no way Ian was ever gonna deny the man that. Dan pressed up close against him, and then inside him, and Ian groaned and opened himself up to the man who’d made him, smiling at himself and his father and the mirror as he let him back in. “*Fuck*,” he growled, as the steady thrust of Dan’s cock up into him pushed the man’s head over his prostate, and Dan shot him a wicked grin and held there, gave his humming spot a couple of back and forth strokes that made Ian’s insides sing, then pressed on deeper into him. Ian grabbed onto the footboard of the bed, white-knuckling it as Dan nuzzled at his ear, held him close and hot and tight, and took his son, hungry and deep. It was all the pleasure of before when he was riding him, but a hotter, more powerful energy with it now too, both of them scaling the peak together, urgent and eager. The room filled with their grunts and moans, panting breaths, the urgent, solid *slap-slap-slap* of Dan’s powerful hips against Ian’s ass. The whole time, they held each other’s gaze on the mirror, nodding, saying everything wordlessly to one another. How good this was. How hot they each were. How fucking deep and *right* it felt to be together like this, father and son, after all these years flirting at the edges of this kind of bond. And now it was theirs, tonight, and for as long as they wanted to keep taking it, and each other. When that started to get real intense, maybe too intense, Dan took a firm hold of Ian’s jaw and turned his face to meet him, and it was kind of a jolt to be looking him in the eye, in the flesh, his breath hot and lusty and faintly rum-tinged on Ian’s face, blowing across his lips and into his mouth. His father’s eyes were still hot, but his gaze was more open now, a little easier, less intense, and Ian knew the moment had just about arrived for the man. He’d never been more ready to follow Dan into something. Maybe the greatest adventure of all, together. “So fuckin’ good,” Dan grunted. “Love you, buddy. You’re my guy.” “*Fuck*, Dad,” Ian gasped, making Dan grunt deeper. “You’re my guy too. Fuckin’ love you…” It was probably Dan who pushed hungrily into the kiss first, but it was a close-run thing, their tongues slashing at each other as their lips crashed together, moist and full and ready, a hot wave of lust that flowed into something incredibly passionate, long wet broad swipes of their tongues together as their lips sealed and they went deep. A hell of a kiss, the cream of an incredible crop tonight, one Ian would remember the rest of his life. But of course he would — it was the pinnacle of an experience he’d been dreaming of since he was 14, and he just hoped it wouldn’t fuck up sex with other men from now on. But the now was pretty damn spectacular, hot and wet and deep, close, so fucking close now, as their tongues danced and their spit flowed together, sweat soaking the fur on Dan’s chest and dripping down Ian’s back, down along his spine, joining his own being channeled down the long indent of it to the cleft in his ass, where his father’s cock sawed rhythmically, intently up inside of him like a piston, up inside the hot pulsing slick tightness of his ass, over his humming prostate again and again, and fuck, *fuck*, FUCK… “Ungh Dad I’m gonna…” Ian moaned breathlessly into Dan’s mouth, and his father nodded and slipped a hand around Ian’s hard, slick, pulsing cock. “Yeah buddy, cum for your Dad,” Dan gasped, and Ian half-wailed, felt his insides tighten up, and the intense feelings inside his cock and balls and hole coalesce into a supernova of pleasure, and then he was cumming. God, was he fucking cumming. His breath hitched in his chest, his wail turning into a choked, gasping series grunts as his cock pulsed and pumped hot streaks of cum in his father’s strong, slick, stroking hand. “Good boy,” Dan rumbled into his gasping mouth as Ian’s cumload hit the footboard, at least one hard jet of it shooting right over it and hitting the mirror on the closet door across from them. Ian took a moment to look at their reflection, the rare sight of his own face locked in a powerful orgasm, as his father nodded at him over his shoulder, behind and beside and *inside* him, and his body was wracked with post-cum shivers all over, making Dan growl as his son’s flesh contracted rhythmically all around his cock. “Aw man, *fuck* buddy,” Dan moaned. “Gonna cum too, son…” Ian gasped and moaned at once, and fuck, nobody had ever gotten that reaction out of him. He held tight to the footboard, feeling suddenly weak all over, but wanting to hold firm and fast for his father. Wanting to give the man the one thing only his son could give him. All of him. “Yeah, do it Dad,” Ian huffed. “Cum in me, big guy.” Dan let out a low, rumbling sound that filled his chest against Ian’s sweaty back, rolled up his throat, then directly into Ian’s mouth as the men met in another kiss, Ian swallowing the sound and his father’s tongue and spit and giving all his own back to him. His father’s hips snapped hard, once, two, three, four, deep thick thrusts that made Ian grunt and moan at once, and then the big guy’s whole body tightened up, locking into breeding position as he growled into his son’s mouth, and filled him with his load. Dan’s heavy breathing slowed, his mouth falling away from Ian’s, sliding down his neck as he panted, his lips and tongue still moving against the sweat on his son’s skin. They stayed there, locked in place, joined together, coming slowly down from the insane high they’d just shared. The culmination of a night-long high together, and a years-long circling of each other. It all led to this, cocks heavy and spent, their sweat all over each other, lips and tongues thoroughly worked out, holding each other close as their orgasms slowly ebbed. A hell of a place to come to together, and an awesome feeling to ride out, too. Ian could have stayed like this forever, but Dan was a big guy, and even though Ian was in good shape and plenty strong too, the man’s solid frame draped all over his back was a lot, in his newly weakened state. “So I love this,” Ian said, “but you’re heavy as fuck right now, dude…” “Watch it,” his father said, with a mock scowl, giving him a playful slap on the ass. “I’m a trim 190, thank you.” “Uh huh,” Ian said, rolling his eyes. “I guess all that hot air doesn’t weigh anything. But still…” Dan chuckled and kissed his shoulder, and their gazes locked in the mirror, looking at each other for a long, warm moment. He tightened his arms around Ian’s torso again, giving him a squeeze, then eased back off him, and Ian was suddenly real aware of the absolute carpet of sweat all over his back. It felt fucking awesome, and he shivered a little at the sensation, and then a little harder as Dan slowly worked his cock back out of him, grunting softly as the fat head of it cleared his well-fucked ring. “Damn,” Dan grunted, and he felt his father’s fingers graze over his tender hole, through the thick slickness all over it, and starting to leak from it too. Ian groaned and felt his hole tense up, and then after a moment’s hesitation, Dan dropped out of view in the mirror, and now Ian gasped as his Dad’s wide, warm tongue lapped at him almost tenderly. “Ah god *damn* Dad…” he moaned, and Dan just grunted back and licked at him a little more. Just a little, they weren’t going full porno or anything, but fuck, it was such a hot, lewd, yet connected and intimate moment, on top of all the others tonight. “I knew if we were gonna go for it, we should really go for it,” Dan said when he loomed back up over Ian’s back, big hands squeezing the meat of his ass, licking the light glaze of his own load from his own lips. Fuck, that was one of the hottest things Ian had ever seen, and he shivered a little more again. Dan grinned and pressed another slow, soft, moist kiss to his shoulder, then folded his arms warmly round him again. “Well, we sure as hell went for it,” Ian sighed happily, leaning back into his father’s embrace, getting another lingering kiss on his neck, tender and sensuous at once, as his father’s gaze held his in the mirror. Ian reached back for whatever parts of his Dad he could, finding his thigh and one of his big biceps, and squeezed them in reply. “Feel good?” Dan asked, and Ian smirked. “Quit asking stupid questions,” he said, but yeah, he was. Still processing it all, but it was all shaping up real nicely in his head and his heart. His instincts felt satisfied. “Quit deflecting,” Dan said, more seriously, and when Dan was being serious, Ian had long ago learned, you paid attention. “I’m not talking about your cock, and everything else. I mean *you*.” His hand tapped Ian’s stomach for emphasis, and Ian covered the man’s hand with his own. “Yeah,” he said, nodding. “Yeah, I feel good. In all kinds of ways, but you and me… this?” He nodded at their joined reflection in the mirror, their sweaty nakedness, the flush of deep sexual satisfaction all over their skin. “Yeah, I feel good, Dad. About *us*. Do you?” Dan stroked his stomach and his hip, looking at him, at the two of them, in the mirror, the silence stretching, making Ian’s insides start to tighten with apprehension. Had they fucked it all up? Pushed it too far after all? Christ, he hoped not. Dan had always been the most important person in his life, in his *world*, and if they’d damaged that connection between them for the sake of a few hours of pleasure… His father reached up, gently cupped his jaw, and turned it to face him directly. Ian saw the warmth in the man’s eyes, something deeper and more profound than the heat that had been flaring in them for a good part of the night, and immediately felt the tightness inside him easing. The heat was a fine thing, but it was fleeting, too. The warmth between them, though… that was lasting, stronger and binding them. It was an incredible relief to him to see it in his father’s gaze just as strongly as ever, and he sure hoped Dan could see it in his in return. “Yeah, son,” he said, his voice a little warmer to go with his gaze now. “Always felt good about you and me, buddy. This doesn’t change it. I meant what I said — you’re my guy, kiddo.” “Jeez, Dad,” Ian said, unable to find anything else to express how powerfully he loved his father in the moment. He settled for a kiss, joining his lips to Dan’s, slow and tender and deeply connected, different from all the ones that had led them to this point. Dan murmured warmly, cupped the back of his head with a big, gentle hand, and they let the moment play out together, easing into a warm, languid dance of tongues. When their intimate, deeply connected kiss came to an end, Ian felt the weight of the long day and even longer night on him, the comedown from all the highs and the after-effects of two powerful, intense orgams, along with the heavy energy that had been flowing between him and his father all night long. But Dan insisted on another quick shower, and as always, he was right. “I can tell you’ve got nice clean sheets on your bed,” he said, arching one eyebrow, “which makes me wonder what happened to the son I used to know, but anyways. It’s always good to wake up fresh, right?” The cool water felt great on Ian’s still heated flesh, as did Dan’s hands coursing over his skin and muscles, and his own flowing over Dan’s in return. They fell into another long series of quietly deep, slow kisses as they washed the day and night off one another, and this time when their cocks thickened back into steady, throbbing hardness, they just smiled, gave each other a slow, appreciative, affectionate stroke, and let them be for awhile. Back in his bedroom, Ian felt a sudden weird shyness from out of nowhere, as they stood beside the bed, towels wrapped loosely around their waists. Exposed, somehow, which was pretty rich, given all that had gone on between them tonight. Unsure of what to do, or say. But of course, Dan knew. He gave his son an easy grin and his shoulder a manful squeeze, then tugged on the towel around his own waist, letting it drop to the floor, before undoing Ian’s too. Now they were naked and clean, facing each other, fully exposed, and in that simple gesture, his father showed him it was OK. Better than that, it was good. *They* were good. “I don’t really want you to go,” Ian finally said, blushing, and Dan just smiled, put his arms round his waist and drew him in for another slow, quiet kiss. “I don’t want to go either, son,” he said. “Not if you’ll have me.” “Think I already showed you that,” Ian replied, unable to resist that innate little bit of smartassery, making Dan snort. “And how,” his Dad said, giving him another kiss, this one more openmouthed and gently heated as his tongue glided along Ian’s for a hot, sweet moment. “Besides, now it’s technically Father’s Day,” he continued when they pulled back from the kiss again. “And the one thing I want, more than anything else, is just the time with you, kid.” Damn it felt good, to glow inside like his father could make him do. He squeezed Dan’s solid, powerful hips, gave him a quick, tender kiss, and reached for the top sheet to pull it back, opening the bed to them both, inviting his father in with him. “Guess it’s really Father’s Weekend,” he said, feeling that subtle heat deep down inside him again. “Nothing more I’d like to spend the rest of it with you too, Dad.” “That’s my boy,” Dan murmured, as Ian took him by the hand and led him into his bed. He let out a soft, happy sigh as his father snuggled in close to him, big and strong and tender, kissing the side of his neck and then his lips again, hand rubbing his son’s flank as the cool, crisp sheets settled against their warm flesh. “Love you, son.” “Love you too, Dad,” Ian said. “Thanks for… everything. Tonight, and all of it. The adventure. Us.” “All I ever wanted,” Dan replied. “For you to be happy, buddy. Everything else is a bonus.” “Mission accomplished, big guy,” Ian chuckled, feeling sleep coming on, feeling safe and loved and incredibly satisfied, just deeply *right*, in a way he hadn’t felt in a long time. Already Dan’s breathing was slowing down too, in sync with his, their smiles as lazy and slowly drifting as their eyes on each other. Their legs entwined and his father’s big arms squeezed him again. “Then I’m happy too, kid,” his father murmured, lips pressing to his temple. “Get some sleep. Still plenty more time for you and me.” That was all they had left to say, as Daddy Night came finally to its end and sleep came over them, easing them into Father’s Day, and all the adventures together still to come. ***The End***

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