Subject: Daddy Straighten’s out Bull of the Woods. ( Incest)(adult/youth) Chapter 3. This story is true, there was a piece of shit, that transferred into my Daddy’s unit. Basically he was a Bully who just didn’t give a tinkers damn about anyone or anything. One of my readers said I was a slut and he really enjoyed me being abused. He also said he got turned on by my tears. You know what, I really feel sorry for this reader if he really thinks like that. He will never know love, he will never hold a son in his hands, smell his hair and vow to God above to always protect him. If he can manage to find someone willing to lay down for him it’ll probably be rape. And God help his children. Enough about him I have a chapter to right. *************************** This story will have descriptions of Gay sex, intergenerational sex, and Incest. There will a Rape discription like you hear about happening in Prison. A fully grown man with a virgin ass, will find himself the victim instead of the monster. **************************** Please, please, please, give a donation to Nifty so they can continue to bring us really great Friction Fiction. **************************** Daddy looked at me with Mikey’s arm around me and I swear I thought I saw a light go out of his eyes. He stood up and looking at his men, this was a Squad, only 15 Soldiers. Guy’s eyes on me, the first thing that’s going to happen is Jerry I want you to go pick up Dr MacEvers at his house it’s only a few houses down from here. I’ll call first hold on a sec, Daddy dialed and said Angus? Yeah it’s Mac I’m sending Jerry down to pick you up. Well it’s Bubba yeah bring your Doctor’s Bag, I will tell you everything when you get here. Daddy hung the phone up and nodded at Jerry said go get him. Daddy was just staring at Bull. I prayed Daddy would never ever look at me like that. He didn’t knock, the Doctor barreled in through the door, Mac what the hell walking straight to me. I need to examine you in private, can you walk? Mike said step back Doc as he bent and carried me to my bedroom. As Doc walked past Daddy’s bedroom he saw all the blood, he asked is that Bubba’s blood? Yes it is Doc, didn’t you see the big ugly bastard tied up? You mean that horse hung behemoth with the guys guarding him? That’s the one, slimy piece of horse shit. Mike laid me on my bed as gently as he could. First Doc looked all over my head finding only some lumps but no cuts. After checking and writing down all my body parts that took abuse. Mike asked izmit escort bayan do you want me to help turn him so you can check his you know? Mike I said, yes Bubba what’cha need. A new ass please, help me lift my legs back please? Blushing Mike whispered to me even after what happened you still have the prettiest ass I have ever seen. Looking Mike up and down I asked have you ever seen your own ass? The Doctor took my ankles and Mike took over and lifting me back gently. Doc gasped and took a handful of gauze pouring peroxide soaking it. Bubba I’m sorry about this but I am trying not to hurt you further. It’s ok Doc do what you need to do. Then he poured peroxide directly on my hole, and I swear I couldn’t stop it but, I let out a blood curdling scream. My eyes were squeezed shut, I heard my Daddy voice asking Baby are you ok? I’m sorry Daddy I couldn’t help it. Mac comfort your son, I’ll be right back. I was being held by Daddy, and he told Mikey to follow Doc and make sure he doesn’t do something stupid. So Mikey well Doc was squatting in front of Bull and was talking so softly Mike couldn’t hear his words. Doc stood up drew back foot and kicked Bull square in his nuts Bull fell over crying like a little bitch. He turned and cut his eyes at Mikey walking past said I’m going to kill that som bitch. He went back to Bubba and Mac. I asked Sean a very big soldier with more muscle than even Bull, what did he say to Bull? Whatever he said I saw fear in this bastards eyes for the first time. Leaning towards me he whispered if Mac doesn’t kill you I am. Mikey eyes grew large. Jerry spoke up and said we all feel the same way Mikey. I have to agree, unfortunately because when it boils down it’s ultimately Bubba and Mac’s right to decide his final fate. At that moment Mac walked in with Bubba wrapped in a blanket. I’ve cleaned all the torn flesh and cleaned him up, Doc said. God only knows how it could’ve been a lot worse. Bull weather you know it or not, the fact that you didn’t permanently damage Bubba may have saved your life. Bubba spoke and said what are talking about? Mac spoke up and said I will discuss that with you after the punishment. Wait Daddy what are you going to do? You will see son please let me talk now okay? Pick Bubba up Sean please, take him outside and sit him in on the chaise lounge. Doc spoke up and said let me please you’re going to need all of them to encircle you are Bull. Ok didn’t know if you wanted to stay for this. You think I’m going to miss you giving izmit sınırsız escort that pile of shit his punishment? Ha ha hell, I think of Bubba like he’s mine. Thank’s Doc and he too me in his arms. **************************** Daddy looked at Bull and said I am going to give you a chance. A chance you didn’t give my boy. I had never heard my Daddy use that voice, it made me feel scared of Daddy. He said we’re going into the back yard. Doc I want you to sit with Bubba on the lounge chair okay? I gave him the okay symbol ????. Guy’s when we get outside I want you to form a circle with one arm length separating the guy next to you. Sean go to my room and in the top drawer you will find two brand new jock straps. Next to them pick 2 cups, bring them here. He returned quickly. Daddy told Bull put them on or not, but be warned I won’t spare your nuts if you don’t. He was putting it on, before Daddy could finish. Okay guys take him outside and obey my orders. They were both naked except for the jocks and cups. Daddy kissed me and said if it gets too much for you go back inside. Okay? Yes Sir. Daddy walked into the circle and walked up to Bull, to his credit Bull had the good sense to back up a pace. When this is over, we will move to the next step in your punishment. I also expect you to apologise to Bubba. I was just going to kill you and destroy the remains. But my Boy inherited his heart from his Mama. He begged me not to kill you, so I’ve had a inspiration and that will be for after. Oh I was wondering have you ever been fucked in ass? Bull said No cus I’m not a faggot. Oh I see because you raped my Son that makes him a faggot? Well we will see weather you’re a faggot or not. Daddy dropped into a fighting stance. The circle of soldier’s started making cat calls and it was working on Bull’s nerves. Boy you are so going to regret touching out little Bubba. Bull looked over at the Soldier who spoke and for the first time showed real fear. I asked Doc why were the guys saying that? Bubba have you never seen your Daddy fight? No Sir I haven’t why do you ask? I think I will let your Daddy just show you. Daddy struck first and with a move I had only seen in a Martial Arts movies, his bare foot made contact with Bulls neck. Bull never saw it coming. Daddy didn’t stop his foot was flying making contact with various body parts. My Daddy was amazing I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Bull tried to fight back but Daddy was moving to fast. Doc leaned kocaeli escort bayan in and said you’re Daddy was professionally trained by the very deadly Mossad. Who are they? Well you have heard of the Nation of Israel? Yes Sir Daddy really admires them, he said their Unbeatable. He’s right about that but they are surrounded by enemies. They can’t afford to be lazy. Even their finest Soldiers still train everyday to remain the Best. You’re Daddy teaches them every day also. Daddy had Bull on the ground and was pulling his hand back ready to kill Bull. I jumped up and ran to Daddy holding his hand back Daddy No don’t kill him. Daddy stood up and looked at me. He’s not worth it, you are a Damn site better Man than he will ever be. Besides who will take care me if you go to prison? **************************** The fight was over, Daddy walked over to Doc and whispered to him. Nodding his head I heard Daddy say once he’s out come get you a piece. Doc grinned and said thank you kindly Mac. Doc took me to my room and asked can you be a brave boy? Nodding my head I saw him pull out a loaded syringe. All this is a load of penicillin to fight off infection. It seems like I became very sleepy. Doc checked the boys pulse. Pulled the covers over and closed the door and went to the living room. What he saw took his breath away. Bull was trussed up like a human sacrifice, with his butt stuck up for easy access. Every man there was butt naked. Doc stripped his clothes off. Soon his cock was fully erect like the others. So what’s the plan Mikey? Well it’s simple we draw numbers and we get to fuck the hell out of Bull. Give him a taste of his own medicine, pardon the pun Doc. It’s okay so who first, and they all looked at Mikey who thanks to his silicone cock ring increased his cock size from 9″.5″ x 7″ girth upto 10″.5″ x 8″, it was only slightly fatter but not by much than Daddy’s he already 10″ x 6.5 girth. Mike called for attention, turning to Daddy he said Mac with all due respect, it wasn’t our son’s who was violated, but yours. Therefore you go first, but I do have a suggestion! Everybody looks surprised at that, was Mikey giving up his spot in line? No fellows I’m not giving up my place just trading it for second place. Uhh Mikey your suggestion ? Oh yeah right well it came to me when I examined Bubba. But first, Bull I want to ask did you use any kind of Lubricant when you Raped Mac’s Son? He looked puzzled, Yes I did. You fucking liar if you had been honest I would’ve asked Mac to use some lube. But now I’ll tell Mac, Doc told me that’s what tore Bubba anus. If I was you I would plow his ass and no lube. In fact no one is allowed to cum inside him so that way he will feel pain for every thrust. **************************** To be continued in chapter 4.

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