Subject: Daddy through the hole part one (catagory-incest) Hey guys this is my first attempt at a story, send me an email ail and let me know how ya like it 🙂 Please dont read if it’s illegal to in your country :). —————————————————————————- It all started one summer, I was going to the home I grew up in for the weekend to see my father. It would only be me and my father there since my mother had passed away a few months ago. I had always gotten along somewhat with my father growing up but I was always deep down a mommas boy, probably because I figured he was never ok with me being gay even tho he had decided to ignore it ever since I had came out to my parents at 16. My father seamed pretty ok since my mother died which seamed weird to me as they had been married for over 30 years but everyone just deals with it differently I guess. I hated the town I grew up in, there wasn’t much going on there and no other gays that I knew of so I decided to bring a toy with me to keep me away from boredom. As I drove into the town which is much bigger now than it was when I was growing up a small alley way store caught my eye pretty quick. “XXX Videoshows”. Not only did it catch my eye but it also caught the attention şişli travesti of my cock in my pants because it started getting pretty stiff. I quickly pulled my car into the fast food restaurant next door to the alley and decided to pop in to see what the deal was in there, I wasn’t expected to be home for atleast an hour so I had some time to kill. When I walked in it looked just the same as every other sex shop around the country, so I walked up to the counter and asked for some tokens to go into the back room. The lady at the desk told me it wasn’t very busy with only a few guys but it didn’t bother me much I still wanted to check it out, she said I could come back later with the tokens if I lucked out this time so that was nice of her. I walked into the back and found an empty stall to sit in, pulled my pants down and popped some coins in to the tv, unfortunatly all the videos were straight but that wasn’t what I was there for anyways. Just being in that stall had gotten my 7in cut cock real hard, so I slowly started to jerk it until I heard the same thing happening in the next stall beside me. I decided to do the finger tap into the hole and this beautiful uncut cock started coming through the hole. Once the whole 8in of that beautiful beylikdüzü travesti thick cock came through the hole I noticed a star tattoo right above his cock and wondered how much that hurt, but more so how much this cock would hurt in my ass. I started by slowly stroking the big cock in my hand, making sure it was rock solid. Then I put the tip of the cock into my mouth, my tongue swirling around the slit of the hole, slurping up all the precum that was slowly oozing out of that cock. I then started having the cock deep in my mouth, hitting the back then pulling out, then hitting the back again while my wet hands would give a good rubdown everytime the cock left my mouth. The intense moaning on the other side of that wall was getting me off just as much as he was from my mouth. So i kept working his cock as well as I could while making sure my cock was attended to also with my lubed up hand. His cock started getting real rock hard and he started pumping his cock into my mouth on his own so I was thinking I would get a reward very quickly. Suddenly I could feel his cock veins bulge up and a course of hot tasty cum started shooting into the back of my throat, I made sure to lick the whole entire mess up off his cock before he pulled his istanbul travesti cock back out. With a mouthful of cum still in my mouth I quickly shot into my hand and licked it all up, swirling this mystery man and my cum around in my mouth before i wiped myself off, and got the hell out of there. Sitting in the parking lot beside the alley I looked at the time and I Still had about a half hour so I decided to grab a bite to eat before going home. I pulled up into my house, my very large father greeted me at the door with a very strong hug, he was always a good looking man but my mother was very conservative and never really allowed for “indecency” around the house if you wanna call it that. Everyone was expected to be dressed properly infront of other people. But my father had greeted me with no shirt on and just short. But I was ok with that. My father asked me if I wanted to go for a dip in the pool and have a beer so I said sure let me get changed really quick, and he says “No son it’s just us, as long as you have boxers or briefs its fine, moms rules died when she did” So I said ” ok hell why not, it’s just us guys.” We get back into the pool area, I take off my shirt and pull my pants down to where I’m only wearing my tight briefs, and he pulls down his pants where hes also wearing very tight briefs. I took a quick glance where I probably shouldnt have and to my surprise he had a star tattoo right above where his manhood was. “is there something wrong son?” “no dad….. I’m happy to be home”

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