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Subject: Daddy through the hole – Part 9 (Gay incest/urination) Daddy through the hole part 9 *Please be sure to donate to if you can!* I am loving all the emails and tweets I’ve been getting on my account of your guys pics and hot stories, keep it up at @canadiancubof or ail) PART 9 – The Cabin God damn, I can’t believe we both just nutted in our new brother, my sister would flip if she ever find out, hopefully this never gets out to anyone. We definitly need to be more careful that’s for sure. But this will definitly be an insane weekend. We finally pulled up at the cabin. It was nice, secluded by trees and a hottub in the back. “This is my cabin, the closest neighbour is a kilometre away so we are all alone” Derrick said as he welcomed us in. “Now, you boys go wash up, I will get some wood ready for a fire so we can grill some dogs.” Me and dad walked up to the room, so tired from the drive but excited for tonight. We şişli travesti threw our bags onto the bed and went into the bathroom. We both took off our clothing and stepped into the shower. Dad looked so hot with the water running down his hairy chest all the way down to his plump cock. “Here son, let me wash you ” He soaped up his hands and started rubbing them all over my chest getting me nice and soaped up. I started doing the same to his big strong arms. Daddy started rubbing my ass with soap, slipping his fingers into my crack while pulling me in for a hard kiss. His hard cock was pressing hard against mine. I started cleaning his cock with my hands, stroking back and forth while making sure to get his balls at the same time. ” Guys, everythings ready for ya down here” we heard Derrick yell up at us. “Damn, we will finish this later boy” Dad said stepping out and drying off. Derrick had set up a nice fire beylikdüzü travesti in the back yard, a large cooler full of beer and a bunch of hotdogs to cook on a stick. ” Wow this is nice man” I mentioned as I sat down in between him and daddy. We had our usual man chats, ate some hotdogs but the beer was really getting to me and I got up to find a tree to relieve myself on. “Son, why don’t you piss on your new brother?” Dad suggested. “Ok, works for me” I moved over to derrick and let it rip right onto his chest soaking his shirt. “Ya you like that Derrick you pig don’t ya?” I said while I aimed it a bit higher. I got the stream going into his mouth and pulled his head onto my cock so that I was pissing directly into his throat. “Fuck man,that was tasty but now I am full too.” He said wiping his mouth clean. Dad stood up and we all started to piss all over each other while swapping spit with each other. We all ran out istanbul travesti of piss, but not excitement so we pushed Daddy down onto the log we were sitting on. “Get on his face Derrick” I demanded, so he sat his hot pink hole onto my dads tongue while I began to stretch my hole onto my dads rock hard cock. We rode him so hard with every few seconds Id grab his face and spit a wad into his perfect mouth. “Get up, I want that cock in me” Derrick begged, so we switched sides. God dads tongue really worked my now stretched hole. Derrick was jerking me off while hopping up and down on dads cock. I was very close too cumming all over dads cock and with the way my dad was starting to squirm I assumed he was too. I pulled Derricks head down to my cock to shoot my load into his mouth. Dads hard cock started pulsing cum deep into his hole. We filled him up in both ends again, thank god my sister didnt marry a prude, this one I definitly approve of him. “Damn, how many more days till we head back?” *please be sure to donate to if you can!* I am loving all the emails and tweets I’ve been getting on my account of your guys pics and hot stories, keep it up at @canadiancubof or ail)

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