Daddy’s Little Pet, part 1 (Kitty edition)

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Daddy’s Little Pet, part 1 (Kitty edition)You wake up your very own cat bed, on the bedroom floor next to daddy’s own double bed. You’re naked, apart from your tagged little collar with your name tag on it, and you’re wearing a decent size plug in your tight little ass.. A plug with a long, fur tail on it… You’ve been sleeping well. Having some wet dreams… The room is hot enough that you can sleep comfortably naked, just like daddy does on the bed. You can feel the sticky wetness on your fingers, and you know you’ve touched yourself in your sleep again. You’re horny, but that’s not why you woke up. You have to pee, and you know the rules… You’re not allowed to open the bedroom door yourself…You’re trying to fight it, to let daddy sleep a little longer… You even try to distract yourself with a little light fingering… You can feel the plug filling your ass up good.. No wonder you’re having so wert dreams lately. You take another look up ay the bed, and you see daddy’s cock is in the process of slowly rising… His usual morning wood… It’s geting harder and harder, and you can see the veins covering it’s surface… You know that this is a sign that you are allowed up on the bed, to do your morning duty. You eagerly get up on all fours, crawl onto the bed, take a long look at daddy’s hard cock, inhale the scent of his cock, then begin to lick it… You lick the shaft.. the balls… the underside of the cockhead… daddy begins to moan a little in his sleep. You continue, like the good little pet that you are… You open your mouth, and put daddy’s big, purple cochead in your sluttly little mouth. then you begin to suck daddy off.. you start moving your lips up and down on my cock, using your little slut tongue all the time.. daddy is beginning to wake up.. you notice a change in my breathing… you continue.. take it deeper into your little fuckdoll mouth… your really need daddy to cum, so that he can take you out to pee… your bladder is almost bursting.. You work harder, and you see daddy’s eyes open.. I moan and look down at you, and you can see the pride I have in you little princess…Daddy leads you out of the bedroom, down the corridor, down the stairs and to the backdoor. You crawl on all fours, leashed in front of daddy all the way. You occasionally look back over your naked shoulder and meow like the impatient pet you are… Before opening the door, daddy grabs one of your toys from the box on the shelf, and puts in the pocket of his robe. The door is then opened, and you are let out in the backyard, which is surrounded by a fence of tall hedges on all sides. As daddy leads you to a corner of the lawn, your usual place, the little princess can hear some neighbors messing about in their surrounding gardens etc. It is a nice summer day outside, and you can feel the warm sun on your naked skin…As you get to the corner, you can barely hold back any more, and you flip your fur tail up on your back, the spread your legs, and with a blushing face, you begin to pee… While you are relieving yourself, you hear a k** in a neighboring yard get on and start to jump on what sounds like a trampoline. You can’t stop peeing however, and before you’re done, you see the head of the neighbor’s teenage daughter come up over the hedge, but luckily, she is not looking in your direction. You are just about to breathe a breath of relief, when you see her head come up again, and she sees daddy and begins to say “Hello Mr…” but as she sees you, her sentence dies out, before she drops down again. Daddy answers as if nothing out of the normal is happening, “Hello Nathalia dear”. You’re already blushing, but now you feel your cheeks burning, and it doesn’t help that her head comes up a few times more, almost as if she has to double check that she actually saw what she saw… You catch a glimpse of her, and she obviously blush a little as well, but you also see a look of curiosity. Then she dissapears…You finish peeing, and your cheeks are burning with embarrassment. illegal bahis You also feel what being humiliated like this does with your little pussy, and you know that daddy knows this perfectly well too… Daddy then pets your head, and asks princess if she wants to play? You crawl to daddy’s legs and rubs your cheek against it and meow again… Daddy strokes you playfully over your sexy body, and then unclips the leash from your collar. Daddy then pull out your favorite toy, a pink rubber mouse, then throws it across the lawn, and you eagerly run after it on all fours. As princess plays with her little toy on the lawn, daddy sits down on the porch steps in the sun and just watch, enjoying the sight as his sexy little pet slut is showing off her playfulness in the sunlight. Daddy watches as his pet plays, rolls around, throws her toy in the air etc… After about five minutes of playing, princess comes crawling over to daddy, toy in her mouth, and daddy can see the pride in his playful young slut’s posture. Daddy strokes her head, causing her to meow and drop her toy. Daddy picks it up, places it his pocket, then rise and goes to the door. Princess eagerly follows on all fours, tail dangling…Daddy opens the door, and you impatiently run in on all fours. Daddy goes to the kitchen for some breakfast, and you meow, indicating that you are hungry as well. In traditional norwegian fashion, daddy makes himself some sandwiches for breakfast, then cuts one into dice shapes for you, and pours a little milk over them. Daddy then place them on the floor in the corner for his princess, while he sits down and eat breakfast. You know that with the food in the corner, you can’t eat without exposing your sexy ass to daddy, which you know is also just the way daddy likes it… You crawl over to it, bend down and begin to eat… Princess can feel her pussy is bordering on dripping, and is quite happy for the tail that conceals her state of arousal.. Not that daddy doesn’t know from experience anyway., and the scent is also giving his sexy Kitty away…Daddy eats his breakfast, while reading today’s paper, occationally glancing over at your firm little ass, enjoying the nice view… Daddy can hear Princess eating out of her bowl, then lick it clean with her tongue. Daddy then sees you turn around on all fours, crawling across the floor to daddy while licking your lips clean… You purr a little as you get close to daddy’s leg, and you begin to rub yourself against daddy’s calf, begging for daddy’s attention, begging for daddy to quench the fire between your legs… You meow, purr and even whimper a little bit, desperate for daddy to make you cum. To make you cum like the good little pet slut you are…Finally, daddy is done with his reading, and his hand stroke your hair, behind your ear then your smooth cheek… The scent of wet pussy is strong in the air. Daddy then looks down at his sweet, slutty pet slave, and says: “Does Daddy’s little pet need Daddy to make her feel good, hmm?” You eagerly meow again, showing your impatiens. “Very well then, you’ve been a good little pet slut today after all…” Daddy rise from his chair, then walk into the living room, and slaps his thigh, as a sign for you to follow. Your cheek flush up again at being threated in such a way, but you can’t stop yourself. You obediently crawl after daddy, just like you love to do…Daddy leads you to the big living room, over to the leather couch, and motions for you to crawl up on it. You hesitate a little, trying to be playful, but daddy grabs you by by the collar around your little neck, and makes you crawl up, leaving you on all fours, with your plugged ass facing daddy. Daddy then grabs your tail in one hand, lifts it, exposing your pink, puffy pussy-lips, coated in your slick juices, which has also smeared parts of your inner thighs… “Poor little pet, how you must be aching for Daddy’s cock to satisfy your wet little pet pussy…” You look back over your shoulder, at daddy’s gaze, and illegal bahis siteleri meow, while moving your firm as from side to side, and you can glimpse daddy’s hardening cock making a bulge beneath his robes…Daddy places his other hand on one of your firm butt-cheeks, stroking it gently… Rubbing it… Tracing his fingertips in small circles, closer and closer to your wet little cunt.. Suddenly daddy slaps you ass, making you tighten all your muscles and moan. Daddy spanks your ass again… And again… And again… Daddy then grabs your hair at the back of your neck, opens his robes and takes his hard, thick, 8.5″ cock, and rubs it against Princesses dripping wet slit, back and forth over her whole slit, over her sensitive clit, coating the surface of his big cock in her juices, before suddenly impaling her tight, wet little hole, forcing the hard cock all the way in, making the pet slut’s juices dripple out around the shaft of daddy’s cock…Daddy then begins to fuck his little slut good… Deep.. With determination… Daddy sees Princess moan in pleasure, her slutty mouth wide open, and she begins to whimper a little as daddy’s big cock fills and stretches her tight, warm pussy, made even tighter by the presence of the fur-tailed steel plug in the Kitten’s tight little ass. Daddy proceeds to fuck his little pet hard and rough, just like the slut likes it, until she comes… Once.. Twice.. Then finally a third time, before daddy pulls out his now dripping wet cock from the now gushing pussy, forces Princess down on her back, head on the sofa edge and her legs spread out and resting on the back of the sofa. Daddy sees Princess open her willing, whore mouth, taking daddy’s dripping cock eagerly all the way in, down her throat. Daddy sees his little fuckdoll’s throat stretch from the inside, and feels her tongue lick of her own juices like an eager slut. Daddy pumps his cock in and out of the eager slut’s mouth and tells her to open her dripping pussy with her hands, to display herself for daddy…After a few minutes of deep throating Princess, daddy feels he is getting closer to cumming. Daddy’s balls tighten… Rise… Daddy then moans louder. Breathes harder… Daddy then look down at his pet slut, pinches her nose, then erupts deep down her throat, shooting the first loads directly down into Princesses belly, then slowly pulling the cock backwards, continuing to squirt, in your mouth, then on your lips, then your pretty face… Daddy then catches is breath, then orders his pet to lick his cock spotlessly clean like an obedient little pet that she is…Later the same evening, Daddy and his little princess in on the couch in the living room, in front of the tv, relaxing. Daddy is wearing a black bathrobe, having just come from the shower, while his little pet is wearing her cute cat-ears, her collar and her fur-tailed plug. Daddy is leanig back, enjoying a home-made brew, watching a football game on tv, while his little pet has opened his robe and is slowly and gently licking at daddy’s hard cock, sucking on his balls, just enjoying the taste and feeling of daddy’s big tool. This goes on for a long while, which is not unusual. Daddy’s little pet is a good little cock worshipper, and not much interested in football. The little pet is obviously enjoying herself, keeping daddy hard and tasting the build-up of pre-cum on the tip from time to time… Daddy keeps stroking his little pet’s hair as she is enjoying herself… Petting her…The doorbell suddenly rings. Daddy glance down at his little pet, whom shrugs her shoulders, clearly not expecting anyone at this hour. Daddy takes a sip of his beer, gets up and closes his robe. He then walk down the stairs to check who it is. The little fuckdoll is left alone, and uses the time to lie down on her back, spread er legs a little, then begin to rub her wet little shaved pussy… Moistening her own fingers… Then taking them to her cute little mouth, licking and sucking them clean.. Again and again. canlı bahis siteleri While she is enjoying the sweet taste of her own pussy, she can hear muffled voices for a litle while downstairs, then the outer door is closed. The Pet can hear daddy coming back, and she is pleased.. Eager to display herself for him as always…”It seems we have a visitor princess”, daddys says as he is coming back into the living room. Daddy’s little fuckdoll opens her eyes in a bit of a panic, hands immediaely trying to cover herself up. The visitor is apparently the neighbour girl, Nathalia… She is standing there, blushing… She is slightly taller than average, with a runner’s type atheltic body. She is a cute, dirty blonde, big brown eyes, with B-cup breasts, long shapely legs and a firm little ass. She is wearing a short little black top, a black skirt, a little choker, high heels and black fishnet type stay-ups. She has obviously dressed for the occation… Daddy sees how embarrased his litle pet gets.. How red her cheeks are… He also sees how hard her nipples has become, and knows what she likes…”Come say hello to our guest princess”, daddy says, motioning his pet to crawl over… After a bit of hesitation, his pet obediently obeys… She slips down on all fours and crawls over the floor, stopping a few feet in front of daddy, where she sits down, hands on the floor, not quite ready to look up yet due to being so embarrased. Daddy speaks to his pet, saying “It seems Nathalia here got really curious when she saw you in the garden earlier princess, and that she liked what she saw… She professed to have been thinking about it the whole day and then decided to take a chance to come and visit us, to see if she could learn some more… Doesn’t that sound like fun little princess? To get to show her how to be a good little pet…”Daddy’s little princess is still a bit overwhelmed, but also determined to be daddy’s perfect little pet as always.. Besides, Nathalia does look quite tempting to get to explore, and she is already here so… Daddy’s little pet nods eagerly. Daddy orders you to look up. To look at her and meow if you want another pet to play with.. You look her over one more time, lick your lips, then meow… Blushing profusely… Daddy then looks at Nathalia, and ask her if she’s sure she wishes this, and she just keps staring at the sexy princess on the floor, before nodding, clearly fascinated… Daddy then orders her to remove all her clothes, apart from her fishnet stockings and choker, and get on her knees next to daddy’s little princess. She hesitates a little, but her lust is clearly in control… She removes her top, revealing her firm breasts, with small but hard nipples… Se lets her skirt fall to the floor, along with her white panties… She is clearly a natural dirty blonde, as she has a small strip of hair still left above her glistening little pink pussy… Her panties on the floor also have a big, wet stain in them.. She has clearly been quite horny for a while… She then gets down on all fours, next to dadd’s kitty, and tries to imitate your posture…Daddy takes a good long look at the both of you, then grabs his phone from the table. “To make sure all you learn stays within these four walls, I’ll be taking pics and possibly filming a little. Needless to say, it will also be for our later enjoyment… Still sure you want to do this Nathalia?” She looks at daddy, then at you, before nodding, clearly embarrased and having to push herself. Daddy orders the both of you to assume the begging position and stick your tongues out… You comply quickly, while she takes a look at you first, before imitating you… Daddy then snaps a few pics, from various directions… You can smell the scent of Nathalia’s wet pussy, as you’re sure she can do the same with yours… Daddy then commands you to crawl to the bedroom, and for Nathalia to follow you. You eagerly comply… Finding it a thrill to show the girl your firm little ass as you’re crawling… To show her your own smooth, glistening pussy… To show her why daddy finds you to be perfect… Daddy picks up her wet panties from the floor, and follows both of you, enjoying the sight as you’re both crawling on all fours to the bedroom…

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