DADS BABY AND LOVERIt was raining outside, Cats and Dogs, so Thomas Baxter sat on the porch, knowing Angel would be home soon. She hated thunderstorms, they had terrified her ever since she was a little girl. Even when Grandma would tell her thunder was just “Angels bowling, honey”, Angel would roll her eyes back in her head in disbelief.Bethany came out on the porch and smiled at her son. “Waiting for Angel to come home early from work, dear?” she smiled, putting her hand on his shoulder. He looked up at his still-beautiful mother and smiled.”Yep. Lucky for her she works for Uncle Carl, he’ll let her leave the job early.” Angel had begun working for her father’s uncle 2 years previous, in an Anime rental store, which suited her nicely. She’d gotten into Cosplay and even occasionally would sneak some Hentai into the house – thinking her father didn’t notice.Angel was no trouble though, she never was. From birth, she’d been a lovely, good-natured c***d. Thomas had fallen in love with his daughter immediately, she would coo at him or grab his finger with her chubby little hands and his heart would melt. He’d pinch her button nose, she’d squeal and clap her hands and he loved her even more.As she grew older, Thomas continued to dote on his only c***d. Angel got most everything she wanted, not that she was spoiled. Far from it. Angel was a perfectly obedient c***d who did as she was told, worked hard at school, did her chores and helped her parents out when and wherever she could.It surprised Thomas greatly when, after nearly 9 years of marriage, Lorraine asked him for a divorce. Her reason came as even more of a shock.”I think you love me Tom, but I don’t think you’re in love with me, do you understand?” she said, tears streaming down her face. “I don’t know if you ever were, I think I was just a silly 20-year old you got knocked up and married. I want to be loved Tommy, I’m not 30 yet. All of your love is for our daughter, that’s good Tommy, she’s a wonderful girl. Take care of her, tell her Mommy loves her.” With that, she kissed Thomas on the cheek, picked up her suitcases and got into her car, driving out of his life forever.Thomas was shaken to the core, Angel seemed to take it all in stride. “I’ll be your girl Daddy!” she said defiantly, hands on her hips and chin jutting out. “I can help you and do the dishes and cook and … “Heart aching, he took Angel in his arms and cried. He knew Lorraine was right, it hadn’t been much of a marriage. When his mother called an hour later, she heard it in his voice.”What’s wrong?””Lorraine left.””Left? What do you mean, Lorraine left?””She’s left me Mom, she wants a divorce and she’s given me custody of Angel. Oh Jesus Mom, what am I going to do?” he wailed.It broke Bethany’s heart to hear her son in such distress, but it didn’t take her but a minute to think of a solution. “Sell the house. You never liked it anyway, move in with your father and I. Your father is never around much, working hard on our Landscaping Business. I could use the help around here, Angel will be with family and you can use the money for whatever you need.””Mom, I can’t — “”Thomas, what have I told you about arguing with your mother?”He laughed for the first time that day. Bethany was a strong-willed Irishwoman, he knew better. “Okay Mom, you win. It’ll take a few weeks to settle up things here, will that be enough time on your end?”He could almost hear Bethany grin on the other end of the phone. “It will, and enough time to tell your father, argue with him, convince him in my way and make preparations. I’ll talk to you soon, love you. Love to Angel.””Love you too, Mom.”That had been over 9 years ago. Angel, in her own stoic fashion, had taken immediately to the idea of living with “Grams”. It was only 20 minutes away from her old neighborhood, she took the bus to school now, but stayed with the same friends. It was hard to believe she’d graduated last week and would begin University in the fall.”It’s really coming down out there” Bethany said, giving her son a peck on the cheek.”Heard from Dad today, Mom?” he asked Bethany as she turned to go back into the house.”Mmm-hmm. He’ll be out of town looking at new Sods for at least another two days or so.”He hugged his mother from behind, marvelling at how lean and firm she looked. She was 58, but her appearance belied that, she didn’t look much past 45. Tom knew it was from all the work at the Nursery that she had started as an adjunct to his father’s Landscaping Business, “Bethany’s Blossoms”. It wasn’t uncommon for his mother to put in a 50+ hour week, some of the labor considerably arduous.”You still give a great hug” she said, kissing his cheek again.””That’s because I’ve still got a great Mom” he chuckled, letting her go and patting her butt lightly. “Who is still quite the looker” he added. “Oh, away wi’ ye!” Bethany grinned, mimicking his Grandmother’s Irish brogue to a “T”. Good genes ran in the family, Granny Siobhan was still kicking at 90. They heard the door slam and a soaked-to-the-skin Angel ran into the house. “I hate rain, I hate rain, I fucking HATE rain!” his daughter cursed, throwing her coat on the chair beside the door.”Young lady – language , please!” Bethany chided her Granddaughter.”Oops, sorry Grams!” Angel apologized. She kissed Bethany on the cheek and hugged her father. “How’s my Pops tonight?””Umm – wet?” he grinned at her. She pulled back with a sheepish grin.”Oopsie Daddy, forgot I was soaked through.” Angel spun around, her tiny skirt clung to her tushie. “I’m going to go upstairs and get out of these wet clothes, seeya later, Gator.” She scampered up the stairs, out of view of her family.”Did you get a good look?””Mom? I beg your pardon?””At Angel. She’s not a little girl anymore Tom, not by a long shot. She’s a young woman, a very sexy, curvy young woman. Don’t tell me you don’t notice these things.”Thomas turned around and his mother grinned at him. “Ah, I can see you did notice, wee scamp!” she teased. Her son was sporting a very obvious erection.Thomas looked down at his feet, then up at his mother again, seeing the teasing look in her Emerald-green eyes. “Well, it is kinda hard to miss. The way her soaking-wet silk blouse clung to her boobs. And you know, she wears those short, short skirts – you know we’ve argued about them – and now she’s started wearing high heels. I’m only human, Mom.”Bethany smiled a subtle grin. She couldn’t blame her son for noticing her granddaughter’s charms, they were hard to miss. Angel was warm and friendly, but she was also inadvertently sexy. She was never willful or disobedient – the only time Angel and her father argued was over his daughter’s predilection for sexy clothing. Angel paid for all her own clothes, so there wasn’t much Thomas could say about it, as she was also over eighteen.Just then, Angel called down. “Grams, what time’s dinner? And what are we having?”Bethany yelled back up. “Dinner is in 2 hours and we’re having Chicken Fajitas. Sound good?””Sounds great, Grams. Daddy, I’m gonna take a little nap, we were really busy today. Can you give me a shout when dinner’s ready, please?””Will do, punkin.”Bethany turned and looked at her son. “Tommy, we’re going to have to do something about that girl, you need to have a talk with her.””About her job? Mom, she works hard for Carl and she — “”Lord have mercy Thomas, sometimes you’re so obsequious, it’d drive me to drink!” his mother snapped. He knew he had angered or upset her when her educated side showed up. “Tommy, your little girl loves you!””Oh Mom, all little girls love their daddies, it’s no big —“”Thomas, think about what you just said – and what you said earlier. Angel is no little girl, she’s a grown woman. Who is socially immature. She rarely goes out, if she does, it’s with friends. When was the last time she had a date? For all we know, she could be a virgin!””There’s something wrong with that?”His mother reached out and flicked him on the forehead. “Of course not, but she’s a very sensual young woman and she should be out in the world and enjoying herself. You need to let her know that whatever her body desires, it’s normal and natural.””So, what do you suggest I do about all this, Mother?””Talk with the girl, Tommy. Tell her she’s beautiful, she needs to hear that. Tell her that her Daddy loves her. Encourage her to be forthcoming with what it is she wants!””What is it you think she wants?”Bethany sighed. This wasn’t an easy conversation to have, but in for a penny —“I think she wants you to take her to bed, to make love to her, to fuck her brains out and to make her your woman, in that order.”Thomas flopped in his favorite easy chair, flabbergasted. This was all so much to take in, but his mother had always shot straight from the hip. She was not, by any means, a conventional parent.”And just how do you suppose I go about bringing all of this up with her? Migod Mom, she’s my daughter! She’ll freak out, that’s i****t !”Bethany smiled at her son. “I think tomorrow, your Aunt Eryn and I will go away for a ‘Spa Day’. She tells me your Uncle Carl has been putting in too many hours at the Video Store.”Thomas grinned and felt his body respond again. “Oh, so? Do those ‘Spa Days’ of yours still entail the same thing?”His mother pinched his cheek and grinned at him impishly. “If you mean by that, do my sister and I check into a fancy Hotel, have room service and eat pussy, the answer is yes, wee lad!” she purred softly. “Come on Tommy, I can’t leave you in that state — ” she pointed at his returning erection ” — let’s go down to the den and your mother will take care of that wonderful staff of yours.”The taboo of i****t was non-existent in Bethany’s family. Bethany was fairly certain her mother had frolicked with her cousin Sean when they had been younger. Bethany and her sister had played sex-games together for many years, lezzing it up [ Eryn’s phrasing ] whenever their respective boyfriends or lovers were unavailable. Bethany had introduced her much-younger sister to the joys of muffdiving, to Eryn’s everlasting gratitude. Perky blonde Eryn had not told her husband Carl about their relationship, nor had Bethany shared this detail with her husband. The only person who knew their secret was Thomas – with whom Bethany had a secret of her own.Thomas had been an awkward young man until his late teens, excelling in arts but being hopeless at sports. He dated rarely and when he did, girls took advantage of him, making him spend lavishly on them. He would come home sullen and morose, it broke Bethany’s heart every time. Bethany decided enough was enough, she was going to “take matters into her own hands” – so to speak.One evening, Thomas had come home from a date with his newest “girlfriend”, a sometimes-snotty cheerleader named Lorraine. Bethany was sure that the girl was going out with him because his parents had money – although Thomas was filling out, with his father’s assistance, he had begun weight-training and bicycling. “Another bad date, son?” Bethany asked him. Thomas nodded and went to the fridge for a Pepsi.”I don’t think Lorraine’s a bad girl Mom, but she looks at me and sees Dollar Signs. I’m a man now mother, a man has needs. Oh geez, I really shouldn’t be talking about this with you!””Oh boyo, why not? I know all about sex, where do you think you and your sister came from?”Terry, his 2-years older sister had gone to the same High School. She was a cheerleader on the same squad as Lorraine, it’d been she who had set Thomas up with her.Thomas chuckled at that. “Yeah, I guess. And you and Dad aren’t exactly quiet.”A demure woman would have blushed, but that was not Bethany. She roared with laughter. “Darlin’, your father is still a tiger in bed. Not that he shouldn’t be, he’s barely 40 and I am a very demanding woman.””And sexy too, Mom. All my friends think my Mom is hot!””Do they, now? What about you, Tommy? Do you think your mother is hot?”Thomas turned beet-red, but he nodded. His mother leaned in close, her low-cut blouse revealing a vast expanse of cleavage. Her musk perfume overwhelmed his senses, his head was spinning.”You’re a lovely, sweet, intelligent young man Tommy. You should find a girl who can appreciate that, but we have to build your confidence. Would you like me to help you with that?”Still silent, he nodded. His mother sat on his lap and wiggled a bit. She could feel his cock stir under his pants. “Mother is going to teach you to fuck baby. You and I are going to screw, I am going to teach you all sorts of tricks. You’ll be beating them off with a stick, I promise. But I won’t do anything if you aren’t willing. Do you want to do this with me, Tommy?””Jesus Christ Mom, you’d really let me fuck you? You’re gonna show me how to fuck a girl?””Fuck a woman Thomas, and make her squeal. Have you ever had sex, baby?”He shook his head, but his mother took his face in her hands and pressed her lips to his. He may not have been sexually active, but her 18-year old son was a naturally good kisser.”Whew, Thomas, you are a wonderful kisser, I sure won’t have to teach you anything about that!” Bethany sighed, nearly breathless.Thomas chuckled. “Yeah, Lorraine says that too. She says it’s one of the reasons she goes out with me.””Where did you learn to kiss like that, Tommy?””Promise not to freak out?”Bethany nodded.”Well, I think part of it is natural, and I love to kiss, but I learned my technique from watching Terry and her girlfriends.””Her girlfriends ?!” Bethany stated, incredulous. She has not been aware her daughter, now living away from home with her roommate, swung that way. Like mother, like daughter , she supposed.”Sorry Mom, I didn’t mean to offend you or bug you. I caught Terry making out with her friend Gail, and Gail’s got that gorgeous black skin and I –“”You couldn’t help watching?”Thomas shook his head and turned nine shades of red. Laughing, Bethany kissed her son again. “I’m not offended or bugged Tommy. Girls experiment, there’s nothing wrong with two women having sex.””Really?””Really.””Have YOU ever had sex with another woman?”Truth-telling time. She’d already instigated sex-play with her son, if she wanted to bolster his confidence, she knew she had to be honest. Besides, it might help turn him on, add some more heat to the mix.”Let’s just say your Aunt Eryn doesn’t like to sleep alone on cold nights.””Wow. You and Aunt Eryn. That’s just so — wow!”Bethany smiled at her son. Something told her once he got past his initial shyness, he’d be a magnificent lover. She took his hand. “Come on upstairs darlin’, to Mama’s bedroom. We’ll have lots of privacy and plenty of room. I’ll teach you what sex is all about.”Thomas followed eagerly behind his mother, still sexy at nearly 37, hips swaying underneath the short skirt she wore. She had a great figure, nary a blemish, long sexy legs – and he’d get to kiss them, feel them wrapped around him, she was going to let him fuck her. Oh God, he hoped he wouldn’t disappoint her.He needn’t have worried. Bethany recalled that afternoon of passion, nearly 20 years earlier, with distinct fondness. He’d done everything she asked of him, and more. If she wanted him to eat her pussy, he did so with pleasure, kissing her pussy lips with almost as much asyabahis yeni giriş skill as her mouth. He had the hands of an artist and they brought out the most exquisite sensations as he caressed her body. His hands played her body like an instrument, Bethany responded in kind. His stamina, as he moved in and out of her clenching vaginal walls, was nothing short of incredible. They fucked for over an hour until she insisted he cum. His horny, wildcat mother took every drop.She made them both a lovely meal, then they fucked again, Bethany riding his dick Reverse-Cowgirl, letting him caress her body and play with her tits. In their final fuck, he took her from behind, stuffing her so full of his big staff she thought she’d die with pleasure.They fucked for nearly the entire week while his Dad was away on business, ending the week in a manner that Bethany remembered fondly to this day. She invited her sister over for a “surprise” lunch, then let Thomas fuck his aunt with his newfound skill. Between rounds, the women put on a Sapphic show for the younger man and romped for the entire weekend.While Thomas was showering, Eryn snuggled with her older sister in bed. Cupping one of Bethany’s breasts, she licked and teased her sister, saying “He’s a truly gifted lover darling, you trained him well. I hope you won’t mind me borrowing him every once in a while.”Bethany purred softly as her sibling-playmate sucked her tits. “He is wonderful, but he didn’t need much training. He seemed to have a natural instinct for sex, he’s both gentle and passionate. Maybe it’s the artist in him – who knows? And don’t forget to ask permission before you borrow my things!” Bethany teased. All these years later, despite his marriage to Lorraine – she could never make him see Lorraine wasn’t right for him – Bethany found her son sexy. He was no longer lean and lanky, he’d kept to the workout regimen he and his father had designed, even all these years later. His hands were even more skilled, whether it was from painting and sculpting, or just the desire to pleasure his partner. Bethany and Thomas stopped having relations the day he married Lorraine – she understood, of course – but the minute he and his wife split up, Bethany happily climbed back into his bed. They spent the night he moved back home fucking until dawn. Even in her 40’s, Bethany was proudly, happily sexually active and her husband’s frequent absences didn’t help. She’d had Eryn to play with, but having her son back in her bed on occasion was icing on the cake.Once in the den, Bethany made a show out of undressing. Thomas was still very visual, he liked a nicely-lit room, he liked to see lacy and silk, the gleam of light from a stiletto-tipped shoe. Even now, under her work clothes, Bethany wore frilly underwear. Her husband thought it was because she was “girly”, but she knew it was because neither she nor her son knew when the urge would strike – as it had today.Thomas had pulled out the sofa bed that was intended for company – but more often than not, used for the i****tuous couplings between him and his mature, yet undeaniably hot, mother. Bethany teased her son by plucking at a few of his shirt buttons with her teeth, her ruby lips full and inviting, teeth glistening white. She ran her hands all over his tanned skin, he loved being outdoors for a few hours each day and his skin had just the right amount of bronzing.Their lips joined together, knowledgable after many years of practice. Thomas’s hands got his mother’s bra off with ease, her breasts were full, soft and supple to his touch, the hardening pegs of her nipples familiar to his fingers. He could hear the breathy little sigh his mother made, a sure sign she was already in the moment.Playfully, they tumbled on the bed, like erotic wrestlers. First, Bethany was on top of him, playing with his chest and raking her nails all over his sides – one of his turn-ons. She had his cock, ready and eager, in her lips, sucking and whorling her tongue around the tip, then down to the base, gliding her now-flattened tongue back up. “Oh God Mom, suck that dick, you know how I love your mouth, you hot whore of a mother!”Bethany merely grinned and did as her son requested, at this point, she could deny him nothing. He came in minutes, shooting large dollops of cum down her cum-hungry mouth, but she knew his stamina and he’d be ready again soon.byBrettJ©Thomas returned the favor, it was the only gentlemanly thing to do. His mother’s pussy was remarkably tight, after many years, lots of hard fuckings and two k**s. It was still ripe and wet, with dark lips and a heady smell he still found intoxicating. He sipped, licking, sucked and stroked his mother’s cunt until she was snarling in erotic rage.”Fuck me, you big-dicked son of mine. Fuck the shite out of me, fuck that cunt the way you know I like it, fuck it hard and don’t stop until I tell ye!” Thomas always found it sexy that some of his mother’s brogue would slip out when she was at her hottest. He pulled her to him, her long legs resting on his shoulders, and proceeded to fuck her as hard as she could. He always took his time with Bethany, she liked to be brought to the brink, but once there, she wanted it hard, deep and intense – so he gave her just what she craved, a hard dicking with all the power he could muster!Odd how she and Eryn were so different – Eryn liked it slow and sensual, almost like a massage with sex as an afterthought. Although judging from his Uncle Carl, perhaps that was because it was a contrast. Carl wasn’t a cruel man, but he was very no-nonsense, so would almost say brusque. Only Eryn and Angel seemed to be able to temper that quality in him.This was not the time to be thinking about the rest of his family, this was time to fuck the wild, sensual, mature she-cat beneath him, the snarling, feral fuckstress that was his mother. Bethany hissed and yelped, feeding him as much of her cunt as she could manage to hunch forward, loving it all, wanting it all, needing it all. One time, she had managed to position herself so that he was fucking her like a piledriver – ramming it into her so hard, she was seeing stars. Bethany had loved every minute of it.Her strong hands held on tight, nails digging into his flesh – leaving little red marks. Thomas was glad he worked at home most days, it would be hard to explain those marks to people. On the few occasions he did enjoy the company of another woman in bed, he merely grinned and said, “Well, y’know …” Usually the woman would demand proof of the skills that earned him those marks, which he was only too happy to provide.His dick always seemed harder, he always seemed to last longer, when he was fucking his mother. She knew every trick to keep him hard – she’d slow down the tempo of their fucking, or move in a certain way, or clench her pussy muscles around his cock – and he would last. Thomas often wondered why his father so often went away on business, neglecting this mature wildcat – but the one time he asked, his mother had given him the simplest of explanations. “Your father and I — well, ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ probably covers most of it, Thomas!” she said with a subtle grin.Somehow, he couldn’t imagine his father with a mistress, but perhaps that was his own innate predjudices. He could feel Bethany’s body tense beneath him, like it always did, the onset of her orgasm triggered his own. He let himself go, not fearing cumming in her pussy, she wasn’t about to get pregnant. Bethany followed suit moments later.Snuggling with her son on the bed for a while, she grinned. “It’s too bad your Aunt Eryn isn’t here, you know how she loves to clean me up after you’ve cum in my pussy!” she said, tousling his hair and teasing him. “Oh well, I’d better clean up, dinner will be nearly ready and that daughter of yours needs to be fed. Promise me, you’ll put my time away tomorrow to good use!”Thomas indicated he would. He was still incredulous that his daughter found him sexually desirable, but it was time to put this demon to rest once and for all. Angel needed to know that the lines of communication were always open, that she could talk to him and then she could move on with her life.Bethany was up bright and early the next morning, joining her son for a quick shower and “rub and tickle” session, then off to start her day. She teased her son that his aunt had been disappointed in not being invited last evening, so she expected a rain check in the near future. Thomas grinned and told Bethany that Eryn was welcome in his bed anytime.”That is, if my granddaughter doesn’t monopolize your time once she gets her claws into you” she said, kissing him as she went out the door.Thomas sat at the kitchen table, finishing his waffles and sipping a coffee. This was going to be an epic day, no doubt of that. His relationship with Angel was going to change for good, but he knew they’d weather the storm.Angel bounded down the stairs minutes later, wearing the Rose Velour robe he’d given her for her last birthday. Hair slightly unkempt, cheeks flushed, she was beautiful even just awakening. She gave Thomas a peck on the cheek and poured herself a coffee with a large serving of cream, sitting beside her father.”Morning Daddy. Where’s Grams?””She’s gone for a Spa Day with Aunt Eryn.”Angel giggled.”What’s so funny?””Is that a Spa Day or a Spa Day , Daddy?””I don’t get you, hun.””I know what goes on during those Spa Days Daddy. I’ve seen Grams and Aunt Eryn sneak a kiss when Gramps or Uncle Carl aren’t looking – then I put two and two together, often when Gramps is away too long, Grams and Auntie Eryn go away for a day. I’m not a c***d Daddy!” Angel said dismissively.”It doesn’t seem odd to you?”Angel walked over to the toaster and put an English Muffin in. “No Daddy, they’re both women – not as if they’re gonna get pregnant or anything. Besides, I’ve kissed a girl, it’s no biggie!”Thomas tried to remain calm and not choke on his coffee as his beautiful young daughter spoke so matter-of-factly about kissing another woman. These were modern times and she was a sophisticated woman in some ways, but still —“You’ve kissed another girl?”Spreading G**** Jelly on her muffin, Angel nodded. “Mmm-hmm, a few of the cheerleading squad made out once. Her name’s Tia, don’t think you know her. We played and kissed and fondled a little, no big whoop.” Angel sat back down at the table and crossed her legs, her robe parting. Her legs, long and sleek and smooth, were now on display.”Angel, we need to talk.”Something in the serious tone of her father’s voice upset the girl. “Daddy, what is it? Is it Mom?” Despite the only periodic contact Lorraine had with her daughter, Angel still worried about her welfare.”What? Oh no honey, sorry. Your grandmother and I were talking about you yesterday and she told me I needed to talk with you.””What about?””Your social life – or rather, your lack of it.””Daddy, I have friends, I go out … “Thomas put up his hand. “According to your grandmother – and I concur – not enough. You don’t have a boyfriend, never have, to the best of my knowledge. And now this little confession. Angel honey, are you gay? Do you like girls? It’s okay if you do, no one will judge you.”Angel sighed and leaned in to her father, brown eyes wide. “No Daddy, I’m not gay – and I don’t like girls – well, I do , for fun at times – but I mean, they’re only a diversion.””So – the question becomes, why aren’t you dating more actively?”The question hung in the air for a minute before Angel answered. “Daddy, I think maybe you know the answer to that question.”He looked at Angel quizzically. She sighed again and came over to her father, sitting on his lap, her arms around his neck. She looked down at her father with nothing but love and admiration. “The answer is, silly Daddy, because no boy can measure up to you. You’re smart and kind and easy on the eyes. You have a big heart and you’re intelligent – even if you are blind to what’s right in front of you.”Thomas looked at her, unblinking. Angel took the bull by the horns. She leaned forward and slid her tongue into his mouth, Thomas barely cognizant of what was going on.”You’re the only man for me Daddy, I have always wanted you as a lover. I’m not waiting any longer Daddy, it’s all out in the open. I want you to take me to your bed, make love to me, fuck my brains out and let me be your woman!”Thomas’ heart felt as if it was going to pound through his chest. It was, almost word-for-word, what Bethany had told him yesterday. Angel slid from his lap and stood up, in front of him.”I think you want this too Daddy, if those admiring glances you’ve been shooting in my direction the last little while are any indication. Want to see what you’re getting, Daddy?” she flirted.Thomas couldn’t form any words, so he just nodded. Giggling, Angel let her robe drop to the floor. She stood in front of him, a vision in pink lace, her top matching the tiny panties she wore, skin dusky and lightly tanned. Her long brown hair falling halfway down her back, lips full and inviting. She leaned in and pressed her soft lips to his, then moved away.”Give me 5 minutes Daddy – finish your coffee – and then come upstairs to your bedroom. For today though, it can be our bedroom Daddy – although sleep isn’t on the agenda.” She slid her finger against his lips and sashayed away.Thomas sat there, unable to move. He fought with himself – could he really do this, have sex with his own daughter? The subject had been broached, so there was no going back to the Status Quo, but still — hell and be damned, she was old enough to make her own decisions – just as he had been when he’d began sleeping with Bethany. He gulped down the remainder of his coffee, barely noticing it had gotten cold, and made his way upstairs.In the space of less than two minutes, Thomas figured he thought about backing out, oh, say – one hundred times. This wasn’t right, every instinct told him he was wrong for doing this – but his own common sense overcame them. It was no different than his own experiences with Bethany, he rationalized. She had told him in on uncertain terms that she wanted it, nor was she a c***d. She was a woman – a sexy, voluptuous, slinky, desirable young woman who he would have slept with in the blink of an eye, had she not been his daughter. He had lived an unconventional life up to this point, why stop now?He opened the door to his bedroom and saw Angel lying on the bed, reclining on a pillow, the top of her lacy nightie pulled to one side. For the first time, he saw one of his daughter’s breasts, unencumbered by bra or bikini top. It was round and soft, with a wide, dark nipple. She smiled when she saw him.”I prepared myself for you, Daddy darling” she purred in a tone he’d never heard her use before. He moved closer to the bed and saw she’d done just that. She wore a smoky mascara on her eyes and had lined them, her brown eyes looked even richer and more inviting. On her soft lips, she’d donned a dark red lipstick, they glistened and beckoned for a kiss. She smelled of a Jasmine scent he liked and on her feet, she wore lacy, sexy little socks and very naughty, clear-plastic “fuck me” shoes with a high heel. She smiled at him.”I asyabahis giriş wore all this for you, I’ve been saving some of it. Like?” she cooed.LIKE? Words failed him. She was devastating. She was sexy personified. She was every man’s dream, sexy, impish, lovely, naughty – Thomas figured that at any minute he’d wake from a dream.”Mmm-hmm” was all he managed to croak out as she sat on the bed beside her. She pulled him close and kissed him – a most-undaughterly kiss, he sweet little tongue slipped past his teeth and into his mouth as one of her gentle hands caressed his cheek.”Silly Daddy” she chided him gently. “You can’t do anything with all those clothes on.”Thomas smiled at her – adorable, beautiful sexy Angel – and figured it was time he started contributing to the pleasure. “If you want the clothes off babydoll, why don’t you get them off for me?”Angel grinned impishly, moving closer. It was going better than she had ever dared dream – and she had dreamt of this moment, many, many times. There were lots of boys who’d wanted a date with Angel, lots who wanted to get into her pants – but to her, they were all losers. No one compared to her Daddy, who’d sacrificed so much to give her a good life. She stroked his neck and ran her fingers through his hair. “You need a shave Daddy, but I kinda like it. Now, about those clothes …. “She fumbled a bit with the buttons on Thomas’ shirt, her nervousness was evident. Angel was going to tease a bit, with every button she undid, she stroked his chest and kissed and nibbled behind his ears. He wondered how the hell his daughter knew that was a place he was particularly sensitive – his ears and neck?He swung his legs onto the bed so Angel could tug them off – leaving only boxers and dark socks. The boxers followed after she rubbed his fly for a second – getting his cock to do a little happy dance for a second. Only the socks were left.”You look like an actor out of a cheesy 70’s porno movie, Daddy!” she chuckled.”Hey, have a little respect for the old man!” he retorted, kicking off the socks.She moved near him and he could feel her breath on his skin. “Oh, I have respect and love and desire and a bad case of the hornies for my old man!” she purred as she moved on top of her prone father. From where Angel was situated, it was easy to grab the naked breast – soft, round, full and his to take. He took her tit into his mouth and suckled the brown nipple.”Ohhh, Daddeeeeee …. ” Angel sighed, as her father finally broke the long-standing taboo between them. He was caressing her as a lover at long-last and she practically melted in his arms.Thomas pulled the top of the nightgown to one side, now both breasts were out in the open. He touched the other one and suckled it as well, feeling his sexy daughter shiver at his touch.”This little outfit is very sexy” he commented to her as she squirmed upwards, her panty-covered pussy rubbing his naked cock.”I bought it with the birthday money Grams gave me!” she replied, her voice barely a whisper. “I hoped I could wear it for you some day, a day like this where we could be intimate and loving. More Daddy, please, I love what you’re doing to me!”Seeing his daughter’s face contorted with lust was an overwhelming feeling for Thomas, he knew he would be able to recall it until the day he died. Her name was apt, he knew, for despite all her passionate sighs, she still had the face of an Angel.But she had a body made for sin – they were way past that now, as she moved upwards on her father, Angel’s smooth, flat tummy came into contact with his kissing lips. She had a navel ring, he’d never noticed it before. He pulled it between his fingers, it was a tiny silver trumpet.”Where’d you get this honey?” he asked her.Angel snickered at the memory. “Tia bought it for me – she said it’s because I make her horny !” Angel groaned at the horrible pun.Her father ran his hands over the smooth contours of her ass and legs. “She isn’t the only one – God knows, I resisted this body long enough!”Angel nuzzled her father’s neck and murmured “God Daddy, you should have said something, anything, I would have come to your bed a lot sooner than this! All the time we wasted, my darling Daddy!” She reached down and grabbed his cock, with was already showing signs of growth.”God Daddy, you’re so virile. Why haven’t you been out using this on all the sexy ladies in the neighborhood?” his daughter purred as she lovingly stroked his cock.”Maybe I was just waiting for my sweet Angel – for the chance to make her mine!” Thomas groaned as she began arousing him.”I’m always ready for you Daddy, always!” Angel flirted as she continued manipulating his staff. “But lots of my girlfriends say I have such a sexy daddy, you could’ve had half of them naked in here and blowing you, any time you wanted!””Really?” Thomas was incredulous, he certainly didn’t think of himself as stud-like.”Really Daddy – you’re an artist and you sure don’t look your age. Plus you’ve got that whole mystery-man thing going – heck, I bet you could even have found a mother-daughter combo, if you looked around.”All his daughter’s sex-speak was arousing him, a fact which did not go unnoticed by the sexy teen. “Oho Daddy, having a mother and daughter turns you on, huh? Did you ever do it?””A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell, young lady.””A gentleman doesn’t let his daughter play with his dick either!” Angel teased, giving his dick a squeeze. “C’mon Daddy, truth-time!”Thomas found himself powerless to resist anything the little sexkitten wanted. He sighed as she stroked down towards his balls, then back up again. “No Princess, no mother & daughter for me – although I wasn’t really looking. How about you?”His daughter got a winsome, far-away look in her eyes. “No – not yet, anyway. Although I have this odd feeling about Tia and her mom. Her mom’s a single parent, Tia doesn’t date much and she’s way too good at eating pussy.” Once again, Thomas’ cock jumped in his daughter’s caressing hand. “Oooh daddy, hearing about me and other girls turns you on, huh? We’ll have to do something about that later on, but for now tiger, you’re all mine!”She moved over her father, letting her dark brown hair trail all over his skin. It was a sexual act that stimulated the horny parent, but when he saw her at the precipice of his cock – then looking at him with those doe-eyes of hers – Thomas nearly lost all control. Her mouth slipped over the head of his shaft, engulfing him in the sweet, wet warmth of her lips. She had her gentle hand cupping his balls, but her mouth and tongue were swirling to and fro, taking in full measure of his meaty cock.He held her in place, hands running through her thick hair, as Angel bobbed her head up and down on his cock. She was talented, if he’d known what a good little fellatrix she was, he’d have been unable to resist all urges to take her to bed. Angel was skilled beyond his reckoning, Thomas felt his cock grow harder by the minute.Angel was doing her level-best not to let her father see how petrified she was – but from the blissful smile on his face, her tongue was certainly pleasing him. Good, her Daddy deserved all the happiness she could provide – and she was going to be providing lots of happiness from this day on, if she had anything to say about it!Man, my daddy sure has a thick, wonderful cock! Angel thought to herself as she continued sucking dick. It filled her mouth to capacity, she was trying hard not to choke, but she wasn’t giving up now.”Come here baby, let Daddy see you!” Thomas implored. She grinned and let her mouth come off his cock with a “Pop!” and moved close to her father.”You truly are beautiful, do you know that?” Thomas smiled as he hefted one of her round tits in his hands, kissing and licking it gently. She shimmied out of the top, now wearing only the pink lacy panties and shoes.”You make me feel beautiful Daddy, I feel so sexy and desirable, with you loving me like this!” Angel just let her mind drift into an erotic nirvana. Somehow, through the erotic fog, she sensed her father-lover was removing her panties, but she wasn’t concerned, anything he wanted was fine with her.Vaguely aware, still drifting, she felt his strong, yet gentle, hands part her thighs. He kissed each side sweetly, adoringly, then zeroed in on her dark brown bush. She was glad she kept it neat and trimmed – for there was no doubt in her mind about what Daddy was going to do next. He was going to eat her pussy – suck her clitty – and she knew it would send her over the edge. Gingerly, Thomas pried the lips of her pussy open. It was just like her, pink and sweet, with a neat brown triangle on top. He rubbed at it for a moment, then in he went, his tongue darting this way and that, first flat, then he made it into a cylinder and blew gusts of air over her pussy and clit. From the loud shrieks that emanated from his daughter’s lips, he was pretty sure she liked it.”OhhGodddOhhGodddOhhhGoddDAMN!” Angel squealed as her father ate her out. Whoever said women were better at eating pussy was wayyyy off – Tia was good at munching muff, but her Daddy was masterful. He kept her soaring on the precipice, just when she was about to cum, Thomas would move away and pat her pussy with the palm of his hand or kiss down her thighs and back up again. It was torture of the most delicious kind.”Ohhh Daddy, my darling Daddy, you magnificent fucker, keep that UP!” Angel screeched as he continued to eat her. Her hands were on his shoulders as he sucked her off, painted nails digging into his flesh, keeping him focused on his task.She needn’t have begged, Angel’s pussy was sweet to the taste, juices flowed freely. He slid a crooked finger into her cunt, she was tight – virginal – did he really want to take that away from her?She knew what he was thinking and grabbed his face in her gentle hands. “Daddy, you aren’t taking anything, I’m giving it to you. For years Daddy, you’ve been my protector and friend, now I want you as my lover. Get that hard cock of yours Daddy, and FUCK me with it, okay?”Thomas beamed at his beautiful daughter and pulled her close. She loved him and he loved her back, that was all there was to it. “I want you to straddle me babygirl, and lower yourself slowly on my cock. Ease it in, then move down quick – it’ll only hurt for a minute, then your Daddy will make you feel good, promise!””I know everything you and I do will feel wonderful, Daddy-lover – I trust you!” Angel purred as she moved overtop of his prone body. She saw his eyes look up at her as her sexy, curvy frame moved erotically over his. Inch by inch, knowing this was likely torture for him as well, Angel moved her pussy down. She could feel the tip of his rod touch her pussy, then seconds later, it was inside of her. Inch by inch, she moved down, feeling the hot cock inside of her – then, with determination, she pushed herself fully down on his cock and felt her hymen go.It hurt – but within minutes, the hurt was replaced by a wonderful, burning and sensual feeling, her pussy gripped the cock and she began to take full measure of her father’s fucking. While he moved upwards and sent his cock deep inside her cunt, Angel moved back against it, bracing herself against him, bouncing her ass against his body. “I’m fucking you Daddy, I really am!” she yelped.”You sure are, Angel love!” he groaned as her pussy clamped around his cock. She was amazing, it was as if they’d been lovers all along – she rotated her body around and leaned forward, her lips parted and they kissed, then she moved away and began bouncing again.He watched Angel move, fucking him, her hair flailing about, tits jiggling – god, those gorgeous tits, that ass – she’d been driving him crazy for months, now she was here, a living, breathing, loving, i****tuous fucking daughter!She had the sweetest face, but as he looked at her more intently, Thomas saw the undercurrent of sensuality that played across her face. Had it always been there? Angel threw her head back, her eyes closed as she wriggled and humped on her father’s prick. She wasn’t a virgin, she was being fucked, it was lewd and wild and wonderful and Angel was loving every fuckin’ moment of it.”Fuck me, Daddy darling, fuck your Angel, fuck me, it’s been worth the wait, ohh Goddd Daddy, fuck the hell out of me!” Angel moaned as she felt her father surge forward, burying more of his cock deep within her. Her words fanned his flame, Thomas screwed her harder now, it was as if she anticipated his fear of hurting her. He knew his daughter was as much of a wildcat as her “Grams”, far from hurting her, his fucking was making her enjoy the best feelings she’d ever known.”I am fucking you baby, I’m fucking my best girl, like it?” Thomas groaned through clenched teeth.”Fuck Daddy, don’t ask such stupid questions!” she snapped. “You’re fucking me Daddy, I love it, fuck me harder, give it to me, fuck the piss out of me!” Angel bellowed as he packed her cunt with his cock. He saw an expression come over her face and he knew Angel was climaxing, it was a beautiful, sensual face he was looking at.Panting, not able to speak for a minute, Angel leaned forward and kissed her father. She looked down, his cock was still hard.”Oh, did I pick the right man!” she teased as she kissed his chest. “You didn’t cum yet Daddy?” Thomas shook his head.Angel clapped her hands together and laughed. “Daddy, you’re one amazing fucker. Omigod!”Angel had looked down and saw the small puddle of blood that stained the bedsheets. Thomas reached over and took her hand and kissed it.”Nothing to worry about baby, that’s normal. I’ll get a washcloth and help you clean up, we have time – there’s no rush.”Thomas got up from the bed, knees wobbly. She had drained him, his still being hard was partly desire, but equal part sexual bravado. Once she had mastered her skills, she might just be the best lover he’d ever known. He could feel Angel’s eyes watching him as he moved about.”I love you, Daddy” she smiled and blew him a kiss.”I love you too, Angel” he said, catching the kiss. He sat beside her on the bed, she snuggled into his chest.”A girl couldn’t have picked a better man for her first time” she praised him, taking his hand and kissing it softly. She looked up at him with her big brown eyes and any guilt Thomas felt was assuaded. This was meant to be, Thomas knew it was his destiny to teach his daughter about the delights her own body could bring – although, he noted, she’d done some “prep work” of her own.”What’s next, studly?” she teased, running her hands up and down his arms. Angel felt as if she could go on for hours, she was a little sore, but that was a small price to pay for feeling so good.”You up for another round honey?” Thomas asked, only slightly concerned. From the way Angel was behaving, he knew the answer to that question. She was already moving up on the bed, wiggling her ass at him.”You know it, Daddy!” she turned her head towards him, grinning. “I know you can fuck me this way, while I’m on all fours. You can fuck me any way you want Daddy – understand? – any way! I’m yours Daddy, body and soul, do whatever you want, whatever makes you happy!” Thomas felt an overwhelming rush of love for the sexy teen. He looked at her and asyabahis güvenilirmi realized that she was sheer perfection. Nary a blemish marred her silky skin. Her hair was long and silky, legs smooth as silk and sexy. Those gorgeous tits – he loved playing with them and from the squeals she made when he did, they were sensitive to his touch.Angel looked over at her parent and she put on a mock-sad face, with a sweet little pout. “Oh Daddy lover, your poor cock is wilting. I think maybe I had better give it a little kiss and remind it to stay awake. I’ll be needing it soon.”She crawled over to her father on her hands and knees, bed sagging beneath her weight, tits dangling provocatively. She reached out and took his cock in her soft hand and slid it eagerly into her mouth. She loved sucking cock, it turned her on almost as much as having her pussy licked or being fucked – Angel knew that anything sexual made her happy, it was as natural to her as breathing.”Baby, wow – you’re just – oh Angel, there are no words!” he groaned as she sucked him off, fellating him with a skill she shouldn’t have yet.”Those’ll do, Daddy” she giggled as she licked him from base to tip, slurping his balls and tracing the veins with her tongue.”Don’t make Daddy cum yet sugar, it’s too early – besides, you don’t want me to cum in your mouth!” Thomas cautioned her. She moved from his cock and beamed at him.”I wouldn’t mind Daddy, I want to swallow your jizz, but okay – for now!” she teased, moving back up towards the headboard.”Okay hon, Daddy’s going to fuck you from behind, also called Doggy Style. Let me know if I’m doing it too hard, all right?” he warned her. He gripped her hips and stroked her pussy lips, she was wet and he went in with little effort.”Oh, so fucking good!” Angel groaned. It took Thomas aback, to hear his daughter talking like this, but it also turned him on more than he could have ever imagined. To see that sweet face mouthing such perverted thoughts, it incensed him to a fever-pitch.”You’re a hot little bitch, aren’t you?” Thomas hissed through clenched teeth as he began fucking her with renewed strength. She threw her head back and grinned at him.”I’m one fucking hot bitch, your bitch Daddy!” Angel squealed, yelping when he slapped her ass, she moved it back against his invading dick. Angel knew full well what her filthy talk was doing to her kinky Daddy, it was turning him on something fierce – so she kept it up!She felt a pleasure wash over her with every glide of his cock that went inside of her. Her girlfriends were right, fucking was so damned good, but it couldn’t beat fucking combined with the thrill of i****t. Nothing could be better than fucking someone you’d loved all your life. For Thomas, who had overcome all his initial reluctance, this was one of the sweetest fucks he’d ever known. She was better than her mother, yielding and a giving lover. She was almost a match for Bethany, she seemed to sense what her father wanted and how to give it to him.Angel listened to the slapslapslap sound their bodies made as they moved together, colliding in erotic rhythm. She loved her father’s cock moving in and out of her wet pussy, it’s juices lubricating his dick so it moved in and out with ease. There were only minor sensations of pain as Daddy fucked her, but they were constantly overcome by spasms of lustful desire as the man she loved took her as his own.”Fuck me Daddy, fuck the hell out of me, I love it, screw me good lover!” Angel moaned as she felt his hands grip her buttocks and his dick piston in and out. The headboard of the bed occasionally bumped the wall, keeping time with their coupling.Thomas could see the juices flowing from his daughter’s aroused cunt, it gave him a thrill to know he was the cause of all of this. He’d never felt this alive, he felt as if he could hold on forever, to make sure Angel experienced the climaxes he wanted to bring to her. He lewd mouthings just spurred him on. His cock was sunk deep into his daughter’s welcoming pussy, when he would slam into her, it was buried up to the hilt, emerging glistening with the juices from her heated twat.Angel felt her body convulse in pleasures hirtherto unknown, having him deep inside of her was a feeling she wanted over and over and over again. She could feel Thomas’ cock pumping and thrusting, gliding and stroking, screwing and fucking — it was good, so fucking good !As she felt her body jolted by yet-another climax, the considerate teen realized something. “Daddy, you haven’t cum yet, have you?” she asked with a worried tone. “Don’t hold back for my sake Daddy, let it go, I want you to!”Thomas grinned, the look on his face was almost out of character. “Okay baby, but how do you want me to cum?”Being an extremely bright and sensitive yonng woman, Angel knew immediately what her father’s hint meant. “In my mouth Daddy, I want you to cum in my hot, slutty, cocksucking lips! Do it Daddy!”Spurred on by Angel’s lewd intonations, Thomas pulled out of his daughter’s pussy, teasing her by doing it as slowly as he could. She grunted and groaned, but when his turgid cock crossed her lips, the young woman was in heaven. Alive and pulsating, she slithered her tongue all over it and was rewarded by a flood of jizz.Greedily, Angel swallowed as much as she could, her inexperience slowing down her skill, yet not diminishing her enthusiasm. It was nice to be doing this, her Daddy’s cum was like Ambrosia, an aphrodisiac she dearly wanted more of. “More Daddy!” she demanded, her tongue catching the remaining drops.”Sorry hon, you’ve drained the reserves for now!” Thomas teased her, lying back on the bed. “It’ll take me an hour or so to regain my strength, you little vixen!” he beamed at her.She snuggled up with him, looking at the bedside clock. “It’s nearly lunchtime Daddy, why don’t we go eat something and spend the afternoon having more fun?”Thomas tweaked her nose. “Sounds like a plan, what do you fancy?””Grilled cheese – use the extra-old cheese and the spicy mustard!””How about Welsh Rarebit instead?””Ooh, that’s perfect. Yeah, let’s have that!” Reluctantly, Thomas dragged his ass out of bed and went downstairs, getting out the bread, cheese, mustard, eggs and other ingredients while he listened to Angel fussing about upstairs. He’d just about finished lunch preparations, brewing a pot of tea when he heard Angel descending the stairs. Thomas turned around a got a very pleasant surprise.Angel scampered down the stairs, she was wearing a very decadent pair of high-heeled “fuck me” shoes and cute ankle socks with a very short, tight pink robe. It was quite obvious that she was naked underneath, as he could see her nudity through openings in the too-tight garment. She came over to her father, who wore his robe and PJ bottoms, squeezing his ass.”Hello there, studly” she teased him.”Hello yourself. That robe doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Where’d you get it?”Angel laughed as she told him “This is my old one, the one I wore when I was 12. Obviously, I’ve grown a bit since then. But I think it serves its purpose.””Which is …?””To get your attention, silly Daddy!” Angel giggled as her father dished two plates of rich, cheesy goodness onto the table.”Daddy, can I sit on your lap?” We can feed each other …” Angel said with a raised eyebrow.”Young lady, you’re incorrigible!” Thomas laughed. He didn’t refuse her request, she snuggled on his lap and began feeding him bits of the Rarebit, while he did the same for her. She wriggled a bit on his lap, knowing full well what her naked buttocks were doing to him. She stroked his chest through his robe and “accidentally” flashed her otherwise-naked body at him. Angel stroked his cheek and neck with her fingernails – didn’t she know she was driving him crazy? She certainly did – Angle could feel his “approval” as they finished the last bites of their lunch.Thomas figured he’d enjoyed the meal his wanton little daughter had been feeding him, but he couldn’t be sure. He couldn’t remember what it tasted like, nary a morsel, for he just wanted to get her upstairs and fuck her again. She hopped off his lap and swished her tight little ass away from him, enticing him to follow her up the stairs and fuck her once more. She was a captivating little creature, she seemed to just live for hedonistic pleasures – and Thomas couldn’t object to that. It was going to be tricky to carry on their liasons – his mother wouldn’t mind, but his much-more conservative father would freak. Still, Thomas knew that he was going to fuck Angel over and over again – she had that profound a hold of him. The sexual euphoria he’d experienced while screwing her was a sensation he longed to feel again.Angel lay in the bed, propped up on one elbow, robe askew. Thomas could already feel himself stirring, he wanted to feel her soft, warm lips on his dick, he had a flash of erotic inspiration.”Baby, want to learn something new?” Thomas asked as he sat beside her on the bed and took her in his arms. She nuzzled into his chest and looked up at him with those dark brown “Bambi” eyes of hers. “Daddy darling, at this point if you told me to stand on my head, I’d do it!” she beamed as he cupped one of her soft, round tits and squeezed it gently.”I somehow have a hunch you know what sixty-nine is, don’t you?” he grinned at her. “Want to try it?””I’m game for anything , daddy lover!” the horny teen purred. Thomas wondered what a hot little piece of ass he’d unleashed, but he had no intention of going back now. He showed Angel how to position herself on top of him and soon he felt her lips engulf his cock again. She was a natural at giving a blowjob, it was hard to concentrate, but he wanted to show her how much fun being creative at sexplay could be. He began to swab at her wet cunt with the flat of his tongue and soon she was feeding him all the juices that flowed from her pussy.” Fuck Daddy, that’s wonderful, keep eating me, suck my cunt !” Angel howled as her father continued to devour her. She sensed that the nastier she talked, the more turned-on her father became, so she wailed her desires aloud to spur him on.”Eat it daddy, suck me off, ohhh God, you’re good, so fucking good, keep it upppp!” Angel moaned, meanwhile trying to pleasure her loving daddy. It was hard to concentrate, but she did her level best.Thomas’ cock twitched and jump like a living thing in his daughter’s mouth as she fellated him. He didn’t want to cum, he wanted to stave that off, so he let his mind wander – unfortunately, he thought of his mother and Eryn wrapped in each other’s arms, and his cock jerked even more.Angel moved away from her father, she could feel him nearly cumming, and she wanted his cock buried balls-deep inside of her. She was a mite sore, but that wasn’t going to stop her from fucking him again, she wanted that more than anything.”It’s time for you to fuck me now – again – Daddy, darling!” she smiled as she lovingly stroked the big cock she desired to feel inside of her. He beamed back at her.”Which way?”Angel cocked her head and tried to think. Every way they had fucked had been wonderful, but she had to admit she liked riding him best. She asked him a question.”Can I ride you, facing away from you so you can see my tushie bounce and play with my tits?” Angel questioned.”Sure. That’s called Reverse-Cowgirl. Climb on, pardner!””Yee-Haw!” Angel joked as she lowered her pussy down, down, down onto Thomas’s big dick. She felt full again and yelped as he stroked and manipulated her tits, his hands moving downward. While she rode him, Thomas reached over and rubbed her pussy with the palm of his hand.Angel’s entire body was on fire, her father’s knowing hands had just added to her delight. If she’d known he was this good in bed, she’d have done her best to seduce him a long time ago. No matter, he was here now, fucking her, and that was all that counted.Thomas looked intently at his daughter as she rode his cock, the sunlight from mid-day streaming in through the bedroom window. It lit her body and gave an almost-ethereal glow to her caramel skin, she was a wondrous sight to behold as she rode him, taking more and more of his cock into her body.”Oh God, oh God, it’s so good, fucking is just so good !” Angel moaned. Her entire body was suffused with a warmth she’d never felt before, she knew she should likely be sore and achy, but all she felt were waves on pleasure rippling through her. Thomas’ fingers continued stroking her pussy, her clit and her thighs and every time he did so, she felt her body respond in kind.Angel was contributing much more to their fucking this time around, she was riding her daddy for all she was worth, throwing her body back at him with a frenetic pace. From the groans and grunts she could hear Thomas making as she fucked him, she assumed – correctly – that she was doing a good job.Faster and faster, harder and harder, Angel bounced her supple young body against her father’s harder, muscular torso. Her daddy’s cock was in her, he was her lover now, and she was never going to let him stop. She wondered if she should tell him about her cousin Stacy’s suggestion that they get an apartment together when they started college? It would certainly give her and Daddy privacy when they wanted to fuck – that is, when Stacy wasn’t around. Or, maybe if she was Angel thought with an evil little giggle.I’m pretty close baby, how’re you doing up there?” Thomas said to his daughter. She reached back and stroked his thighs and responded.”You can cum anytime Daddy – make it a good one for your naughty little girl, okay Daddy-lover?”That was all it took to send him over the edge. Thomas hunched his body up one final time, driving his cock deep as it would go into Angel’s cunt. Involuntarily, her pussy muscles clenched around it and she felt spurtspurtspurt jets of his cum shooting into the recesses of her horny pussy. That warm fluid seeping into her triggered her own climax, she screeched loudly and came, collapsing backwards on top of Thomas’ prone body. She slipped off him, still weak, and lay beside him on the bed, secure in her father’s adoration of her.”We’re going to have a lot of laundry to do this afternoon” she teased as she rubbed his chest.Thomas sighed. He could have spent the entire day screwing his nymphette-daughter, but she’d unwittingly made a valid point. He helped her gather up the wet sheets and blankets, throwing them in the washer. It was still early enough that Angel and Thomas didn’t feel the urge to get dressed – and they certainly enjoyed looking at each other’s naked bodies.Thomas made coffee for them both, they needed the caffeine jolt to recharge their batteries. Angel scampered upstairs and got changed into a considerably more demure outfit, a small blouse and shorts, although a good portion of her body was still revealed, it was no more than most girls her age wore these days. Thomas went upstairs and changed as well, knowing his mother would be home in about an hour. Then, the two of them set about the task of making dinner, tired, but content and happy. Thomas wasn’t going to let Angel on in the naughty little secret he and Bethany shared – not just yet – but he knew his mother would be thrilled for them both. “Daddy?””Hmm?””Do you think next time, I could go with Grams and Auntie Eryn on their Spa Day?”Thomas wondered if kinky ran in his mother’s side of the family – but he knew he’d likely be finding out very, very soon. Thomas made a mental note to stock up on vitamins – just in case.

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