dad`s best friend


dad`s best friendMy Dad’s Best FriendAfter I had graduated high school, I used to make extra money byhouse-sitting for my Dad’s best friend when he and his wife were out oftown. Don was his name. He was an incredibly sexy man. Don was about 6’3″with huge broad shoulders, a tiny waist and huge hands. He was a long haultrucker and would be out of town for- a-couple-of- weeks at a time -but-when he was in town he and his wife would get out of town and I would endup house sitting feeding the dog and cats.Don was a handsome guy with red hair and blue eyes and a rich, masculinevoice… Hell, everything about Don was sexy… Especially the way he wouldlook at me and talk to me. At that time in my life, I didn’t recognizewhat cruising was but every time I talked to Don or he spoke to me, I felta stirring in my crotch that frankly kind of confused me. I remember oneday on a Saturday when he rode a bicycle over to our house. My Dad wasn’thome so Don talked to me outside for an hour or so while I worked onweeding my Mothers flower garden. I can still remember Don as he sat on hisbicycle and gave me that dreamy stare and kept on talking.I couldn’t help but notice the incredible bulge in the crotch of hisLevis. His crotch looked like a melon was concealed within the fabric thatwas stretched so friggin tight that the seam threatened to let loose. Toobad it didn’t. Anyway, this is the first time I have ever told anyone thissecret that I am about to tell so here goes… I don’t remember when itstarted ümraniye escort or how, but what I do remember is that at some point when I watchedDon’s house I would end up in his bathroom jerking off thinking about Don.One time it occurred to me that the dirty clothes hamper was against theopposite wall, and so I opened it and found a pair of Don’s dirty underwearsomewhere in the middle of the pile. He wore the JC Penny brand of whitecotton briefs. Fuck, I still remember holding his dirty briefs in mysweaty, trembling hands. I looked at the front of them and there were fourhuge cum loads at various places in the front of them- all dried andcrinkly…I took all my clothes off and put on his underwear and stood in front of amirror and looked at myself in them. Then I sat on the toilet and held hisunderwear to my face and smelled them as I jerked off. I still remember thesmell which was kind of like the smell of cotton candy. Of course, I endedup shooting my load into his underwear and tucked them back under the restof his clothes when I was done.This became a ritual for me every time I was at his house. I could hardlywait to wave goodbye to Don and Jackie so I could play with Don’sunderwear. One Saturday night Don called and asked me to come over andwatch the house for the rest of the weekend so they could go to Windover,Nevada and gamble.Once they left, I went right to the bathroom to do what I could hardly waitto do. I stripped down naked and went to the hamper and to my surprise kadıköy escort Ifound a pair of Don’s underwear right on top of the pile. What made myheart pound was that this particular pair was clean EXCEPT that Don hadshot a huge load of cum in the front of this pair. That load was sofucking fresh that his sperm hadn’t fully absorbed into the material and Istood there trembling holding his underwear which was a thick, creamy mass.I remember sitting on the floor and holding the underwear inside out to myface. I touched his sperm. It was slimy like mine. I smelled his sperm. Ithad a different smell from mine. And finally… I tasted his sperm. Don’ssperm was the first cum I ever tasted. My dick was so fucking hard as Isat there mesmerized by his spermy underwear. As his cum was slowlyabsorbed into the material, my heated lust overtook me and I buried my faceinto the fabric and shot a huge load of my own without even touchingmyself.It was amazing and was the wildest thing that I had ever experienced in mylife to that date. I used his underwear to wipe up my own cummy mess andput them back on top of the heap where I had found them. They arrived homeearly Monday morning and Don gave he gave me a large “tip” for having comeover on short notice. He mentioned that they might go away next weekendbut would let me know.I counted the days as the next weekend approached and was delighted whenDon called and asked me back again to watch their house and as you mightguess, I couldn’t’ wait for tuzla escort them to leave so I could dash into the bathroomto check out the hamper. It was at that point that I realized that Don wasaware of my activities. Right on top of the pile of dirty clothes wasanother pair of his clean, white underwear with another huge load of cum init which was only just beginning to settle into the fabric!I had a wonderful jack-off scene but this time I didn’t hurry. I strokedmy cock looking in the mirror. I dug into the clothes basked and found afew pairs of dirty underwear and laid them at various points on my body. Icould smell Don, tasted his cum and fantasized about him in everyconceivable way.When I came, I shot my load off so hard that I saw stars for a moment.Fortunately I was lying down on the cold bathroom floor. As I laid thererecovering from the intensity of the moment it really sunk into me fullythat Don was aware of what I had been doing. I was kind of embarrassed butmostly it made me tremble with desire and wanting. Now, I hate to admitthat I was a sneaky k** but I became obsessed with Don so I went into hisbedroom and checked out his drawers for anything else of interest.It occurred to me to check his travel bag… so I did. And there neatlytucked into a side pouch was the pair of underwear that I had found lastweek and jerked off into! He had saved that pair and had rescued them fromthe dirty clothes and secretly hidden them in his travel bag. My head wasswimming and I got a little bit scared.At that moment, I knew that Don was not only aware of my fetish for him andhis dirty underwear and I then knew that he felt similarly and that therewas a lot more to Don than just being the hunk of hunks and my Dad’s bestfriend

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