Subject: Dad’s Big Dick DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between two men. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Author’s Note: This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for permission. If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic distasteful the please leave now. Copyright 2017 jaywizetoo, All rights reserved. Please contact me at ail if you like. I welcome all feedback. * * * My father was a real son of a bitch. I was sixteen years old when I finally admitted that to myself. I had watched, ever since I could remember, as the selfish prick made my mother and every other member of my family miserable; made my siblings loathe the very sight of him; drove away all of our relatives with his snide, belligerent manner. It had taken another two years before he and I finally had it out. It was the evening of my eighteenth birthday, and I had just watched dad insult mom’s cooking for the hundred thousandth time; watched the look of long-suffering patience on her face before she’d cleaned up and left for her mother’s house with my sisters in tow to spend the evening. Maybe something inside of me snapped at that point, and I realized I needed to start standing up for myself. I stared across the table at him until our eyes met, his a brilliant cornflower blue and mine chocolate brown. I had inherited my eyes from my mom’s side of the family. They were all dark-haired and swarthy. That smirk of his… god, sometimes I wanted to wipe it off his face with a fist. “Got a problem, sport?” his smirk widened. He knew I hated that nickname. For most dads, a name like that was a term of endearment. When he used it, I knew he was reminding me that I had never been particularly good at sports; at least, no sports that he admired. I had always been a golfer. I started when I was in junior high school and took to it naturally. Not that he appreciated the effort it took for me to become good at it. To him, it was a wasted effort and a less-than-manly hobby. “I have lots of problems, Dad. You just happen to be the biggest of them right now,” I said. “Well, what a shock,” he answered. “What’s the matter? One of your faggot golf instructors not paying enough attention to you after those late practices?” My fists tightened. “Why do you have to be such an asshole?” “I don’t have to be, sport. That’s the fun part. It’s so easy to get you upset. You were always too sensitive, just like your mom.” “Why shouldn’t she be?” I spat. “All she ever does is put up with your shit day in and day out.” Dad laughed. “Oh, she gets what she needs from me, don’t worry.” His eyes glittered with amusement. My lip curled in disgust. I knew what he meant. Hell, he’d been bragging about it for years. “Yeah, I know, Dad. She deals with your bullshit because you’re just such a big man. Such a stud.” My voice dripped with sarcasm. “Do you even understand how much of a prick that makes you? Like she stuck around all these years just for sex? Waited on you hand and foot my whole life, just because you were good in bed?” “Pretty much,” Dad said. He leaned back in his chair, stretching out his legs under the table and lacing his fingers behind his head. His biceps swelled and he flexed them both once, his eyes finding mine as he winked. I rolled my eyes, but felt the color rise from my neck and knew I was blushing. My stomach tightened. God damn it. Not now. Dad was built well. For a forty-two-year-old man, he had managed to keep his body in great shape. He had never graduated from college, but he had spent a few years playing football and pumping iron with the other brain-dead jocks he’d hung out with. That was when he and mom had met. He’d been a cocky, self-centered ass; the kind so many women fall for at first, but grow to despise later in life. He had broad shoulders, big arms and a wide chest with heavy pecs that tapered down into a belly no longer perfectly flat. Some things just don’t stick around with age. Dad had always drunk a little too much beer to keep his college washboard intact, but his hips were still lean. I had seen him in swimming trunks out in back of our house more times than I could count. “Why don’t you just stop,” Dad said as he looked at me; at my red face and angry eyes. I looked up, my eyes flicking from his bare arms. I realized I had been staring at them. And now I knew he realized that too. It wasn’t exactly the first time. I had watched him on and off over the years. He’d even caught me a few times, usually using them as opportunity to yell or berate me. “Stop what,” I asked. “Pretending, Eric.” He took a deep breath, then let it out slowly so I could see his chest rise and fall. “You think I don’t escort know? Think I’ve just been missing it all this time? You’re queer. You’re gay as a fuckin’ maypole, and you damned well know it.” I was eighteen now. I didn’t need to take his shit. “What the fuck do you care if I am, DAVE?” I knew it annoyed him when I used his first name. “I don’t have to pretend for you, any more than you should have to pretend you’re a dad to me any way but biologically.” Dad leaned forward, then, resting his forearms on the table. Again, his blue eyes bored into mine. “I don’t care, Eric. You being a cocksucker doesn’t bother me at all. An ass is an ass and a mouth is a mouth.” he grinned. “You want find out what your mom’s been enjoying all these years, don’t you? Just admit it to yourself. Admit it to me.” I opened my mouth to say something snide back at him, but froze as his words sank in. “I don’t… what? Did you just…” “Yeah, I did,” Dad laughed. “Now you’ll act all scandalized. I asked the question just to see you squirm, but I already know the answer. I’ve known what you want for the last three years. I was just waiting for you to figure it out for yourself.” I looked around the room, checking to see if perhaps this were some sick joke; one or two of his jack-ass friends waiting around the corner to jeer and laugh at the gay boy at the table. Just another opportunity for him to prove his superiority. He was a bully, and he had always surrounded himself with guys just like himself. But the house was empty, except for the two of us. Dad pushed back from the table and stood up. He looked down at me for a few seconds, then turned and walked over to the fridge, opened it, and reached in for a beer. Closing the door, he leaned back against the counter, supporting himself with one arm as he popped the top and took three long, slow swallows. “You’re eighteen now. You may be a pussy, but you’re old enough to make up your own mind. Course, that’s all just bullshit. I already know what you’ll do.” I snorted. “And what’s that,” I challenged him. “You really do think you’re God’s gift to everyone, no matter how you act, don’t you?” “To most of `em, yeah.” Dad grinned and took another swallow of beer. “But we’re not talking about everyone, are we?” Now it was my turn to stand up. “Look. I’m really not in the mood for this, dad. You want to mess with someone’s head, mom’ll be home in a while. I’m sure she’ll be more than willing to take some abuse. I have better things to do.” My voice quavered slightly as I spoke and I could tell he’d noticed. He looked at me for a moment, appraisingly. Then he reached down, grabbed the sides of his tee shirt and pulled it up over his head, tossing it onto the flow beside him with an easy motion. I froze again, my eyes wide. “What are you doing?” Dad’s torso was beautiful. Even through my anger, I couldn’t help but admit it to myself. His cock grin widened. He flexed and the heavy pecs bounced once, twice. I swallowed hard. “What am I doing?” he finished for me. “I’m waiting for you to walk over here and suck my dick.” His voice was calm, confident. I shook my head. `Dad, that’s fucked up. Seriously.” “Yeah it is,” he answered, “and you’ve been wanting to do it for a long time. Definitely fucked up, sport. Makes it hotter, doesn’t it?” He ran a hand over his chest, his fingers finding the deep cleft between his pecs, then down and over his bally, finally hooking a thumb over his leather belt and pulling the waistline down, exposing part of his tanned groin. My eyes trailed downward. I had no control over them, it seemed. Why was my mouth so dry? I felt like I couldn’t breathe. And I felt my cock push against my jeans. When had that happened? “See?” Dad look down at my crotch. “You can’t help it, can you? Starin’ at my body makes you horny, doesn’t it?” I nodded slowly. What else could I do? “Now, walk your queer ass over here. Undo my belt and unzip me. We’re gonna unwrap your birthday present.” I hesitated, my mind whirling. Then I took a step toward him, my eyes lowered. I would lose my nerve if I made eye contact with him now. Dad leaned back against the counter again, both arms behind him this time, leaving the lean-muscled chest and denim-covered groin exposed. “Good boy. Come on, you know you need this, sport. You need dad’s big dick, don’t you. Come and get it. I promise I won’t tell anyone. Except your mom.” He grinned, and I swallowed again. Fuck. My cock jumped at the thought. This was so twisted. Reaching him seemed to take an eternity, but at last I stood in front of my dad, my eyes glued to his masculine body. I looked down and gingerly reached for the brass buckle. “Stop.” Dad’s voice was low, quiet. I stopped and looked up. “Lean forward, Eric. You like this chest, don’t you? Why don’t you give it a kiss?” He gestured with his chin. I had no hope of disobeying at this point, so I did as he directed. My lips touched the hot skin izmit escort bayan lightly and lingered there. I inhaled the scent of his skin. “Not there. To the left.” His voice had taken on a huskier tone. I could almost hear my own heart beating. I kissed him again, this time pressing my face harder into the firm muscle of his chest, light fur tickling my nose. “Further,” he ordered. “Further.” My lips touched his right nipple and he hissed. “There you go. Now suck, sport.” My lips parted around the hardening nub, and my tongue brushed against it. I sucked gently. “Mmm,” dad purred. “Good boy. Nurse on dad’s tit. That’s it, baby. A little harder, like your mom does. Your mouth feels just like hers.” My eyes closed and I suckled like a child, letting the air out of my lungs through my nose. I raised a hand and cupped the wide pec, pushing into him, sucking harder, wet noises rising into the kitchen from my lips. A strong hand touched the back of my head, fingers curling in my hair as he held me in place. “Yeah, sport, you like that don’t you,” he encouraged. “That’s’ all you needed, wasn’t it; daddy’s big body, all yours to explore.” Minutes passed. They seemed like hours as I sucked and licked at my dad’s big pec, listening to his soft words of encouragement, his deep breathing. The fingers tightened and pulled down slowly but firmly. “Now, sport. Time to do what you were born to do.” I sank to my knees, reaching out to unfasten his belt buckle. The old leather came free easily. Then I undid the button at the top and slid the zipper down with a slow, deliberate motion. The denim parted before my eyes, revealing bare skin and short, trimmed hairs. He wasn’t wearing underwear. My breath caught in my throat. I could see the root of his cock. It was big. Bigger than I’d imagined. “And that’s just the beginning,” dad chuckled. “Now, slide these down. Slowly. You’re about to meet your new buddy for the first time.” As the jeans slid down dad’s beefy thighs, inch after inch of the wide shaft became visible. I couldn’t believe I was doing this; kneeling on the kitchen floor undressing my dad, my craven asshole of a dad. Why was I letting him get to me like this? Is this how he kept mom in his thrall? At last, the jeans were pooled at dad’s ankles. His cock was massive, thick and weighty, hanging straight down like a horse’s dong. “Touch it,” dad said. “Take it in your hand. Feel how heavy it is. You wanted to know why your mom puts up with me? Lift it and wrap your fingers around it…” I did. The flesh was warm, pulsing with energy and vitality. I lifted his cock away from the low-hanging balls, dangling in their sack. My fingers didn’t quite meet on the other side of the thick tool. The big dick began to grow and stiffen between my fingers. Dad groaned. “Fuck, Eric. Your hand feels good. Bet you never thought you’d do this, did you? Hold your dad’s baby maker in your hands. This is the cock that made you. I think you owe it a little something, don’t you?” I looked up into his blue eyes. They flashed with lust and intensity. He nodded once. “Now, kiss it. Kiss my cock, sport. Right under the head.” He waited. I lifted the heavy shaft further, until I was looking at its underside, then, leaning forward, I touched my lips to the silky skin just beneath the piss hole and kissed softly. My eyes still locked with my father’s, I breathed in, savoring the heat of the big organ against my lips. From the hole, a large drop of clear fluid appeared, running downward onto my upper lip. Dad watched as it ran down to settle between his cock and my mouth. “Taste that,” he directed, softly. My lips parted from dad’s cock and the droplet of precum coated my upper lip. I licked it from the red flesh, tasting for the first time my dad’s sex. I smoothed the clear, slick fluid over my lips like a gloss with my tongue. The salty-sweet taste was intoxicating. “You like that, sport,” dad said. It wasn’t a question. “You want more. Squeeze my cock.” I tightened my fist on the thick shaft, and another dollop of the fluid escaped his hole. This I caught immediately with my tongue, swirling it around the bottom of dad’s cockhead and tasting its unique flavor. “Now suck it. Suck dad’s big dick, Eric.” I let the head slowly into my mouth. The dryness had long since passed, and my cheeks were hot and wet. The heavy cock lay on my tongue as I fed its length into me, an inch at a time. After a few inches, I stopped, so faint that I feared I might pass out from the intensity. Dad’s fingers loosened in my hair. “Good boy. You have daddy’s cock in your mouth now. That’s where it belongs. That’s where it’ll be from now on. Any time we’re alone, you’ll kneel and you’ll put this big fucker in your mouth and suck. That clear, sport?” I nodded. There was no other possible response. I began sucking with a slow, rhythmic motion. Dad’s wasn’t the first cock I had sucked, but it was izmit sınırsız escort certainly the largest. Still, I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of struggling. A few more inches slid into my mouth, until the big, bloated head pushed against the back of my throat. “Fuck yeah, kid. Swallow me. Take it down your throat.” I let go of his cock and steadied myself by grabbing the sides of his hips. My fingers grazed the smooth skin of his ass as I pushed myself forward. More of him disappeared down my throat, and his fingers tightened once again in my hair, pulling me toward him. “Take it… Take it all, baby boy. Swallow daddy’s cock down your queer throat. You must have been practicing on your faggot golf teacher’s pathetic dick, huh? Did he get you ready for me, back in junior high?” He chuckled. “You’ve been doing this a while, but never with the one you wanted.” At last, my lips kissed the base of dad’s cock, pressed against his groin, and he held me there, letting his monster soak in the heat of my mouth and throat. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the sensations. He controlled me completely now. I was impaled on his manhood, the cock that fucked me into my mom’s womb. After a moment, dad pulled back, hauling the wide flesh from my lips, wet and slick with my spit. He left the last two inches in my mouth, then slid back in smoothly. “Fuuuuuuuck. Your throat feels better than your mom’s. She can take most of it, but she’s nothing like this. God damn, Eric.” His cock hit bottom again, and almost as soon as it did, he pulled back, until he began a steady long-dicking rhythm. “I wanted this too, sport. I dreamed about this years ago; imagined what your velvet throat would feel like wrapped around this joint.” His breath had quickened. I could see by the tightening of his chest and arms that he was enjoying what was happening intensely. My tongue dragged over the underside of dad’s cock, pulling more precum from its length and coating the inside of my mouth with the flavor of him. He was making a lot of it now. I reached up and wrapped a hand around the beginning of dad’s ball sack, pulling them down further in their loose skin. Dad gasped and jerked with pleasure. “Oh fuck, sport. You’re getting’ me close. Want to taste dad’s big load? Your mom loves my cum. She has to have it every night before she falls asleep.” His hips moved more quickly now, his thrusts more shallow. “You want it, don’t you, you little faggot. You wanna swallow your little brothers. You’re gonna get it. And you’re gonna eat every last drop.” His fist tightened further in my hair, preventing me from moving at all as he fucked my face. His breath came in heavy pants now, a sheen of sweat forming upon his thick pecs and forehead. “Here it comes, sport. Get ready… Fuck.. here it comes!” He froze, the head of his cock resting directly on my tongue, and the hole pulsed, widened, filled with creamy fluid and gushed its sweetness into my mouth. I could see dad’s huge shaft moving, pumping the big load out of his balls, which had tightened against the palm of my hand as I held them. I left the first couple of shots bloat my cheeks, then I swallowed, and swallowed again. Dad bellowed like an animal, rising to his toes as he fed me what I had wanted for so long; his potent sperm; his male essence. I understood now. I understood how he got away with being such a lousy human being. This part of him…this was perfection. I swallowed and swallowed as dad’s orgasm seemed to go on for minutes on end. His huge chest heaved as he gulped in lungfuls of air. I reached up with my other hand, grasping the throbbing organ and squeezing it from the base forward, milking more of the sweet nectar from him. Minutes passed as I methodically sucked every last droplet of sperm from dad’s big dick. At last, he seemed to come to his senses and slid the softening monster from my lips. It fell and landed against his thigh with a soft wet slap. I could still taste him, feel him inside me. I looked up at him, now seeing him in an entirely different light. Things had changed between us. Of that much, I was certain. Dad reached over and gulped down the last of his beer. “Fuck, kid. That was worth the wait. We’ll have to see how many of those you can suck down into that queer belly before your mom and sisters come home. Or maybe I’ll visit your room tonight when everyone’s asleep. What dad wouldn’t enjoy his own personal cocksucker just down the hall?” I nodded, smirking. “You’re still an asshole, dad. But I think I might be able to put up with it a bit longer this summer. He released my hair from his fist and smacked me lightly across the face. “You won’t have a choice. Faggots like you can’t help it. You like cum, and I make a lot of it. We’ll do this half a dozen times a night. More on weekends. Better get that jaw ready to stay open.” He leaned down and yanked up his jeans, fastening them, but leaving the belt undone. He headed for the living room. “Get me a fuckin’ beer. Cumming down my whore son’s throat makes me thirsty.” I knelt there for a few more minutes, my heart pounding, then got up to get Dad a beer. Fucker. He knew he had me. And I knew it to. Oh well. ***

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