Subject: Dad’s Debts Dad’s Debts. If you’re not looking for sex � including rough sexual use � between guys (over age of consent) closely related to each other, then look elsewhere. Nifty costs money to run, it needs your donations if it’s going to keep going. fty/donate.html Feedback more the welcome � let me know if you want some more to this story. ail This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. Personal or private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice. Ed.P. Incest � Authoritarian. ——————————————————————– Dad didn’t look too good, I sensed something was wrong as soon as I arrived � there was something nervous when he answered the door, and he looked tired and stressed. Nevertheless, it was great to see him again � he’d divorced from my mum when I was 12 and she’d got custody of me, but now after the first year of university I’d come to visit him for a week. He was always very guarded around me, trying not to undermine Mum in my mind, but it was clear that her lawyer was getting loads of cash out of him leaving him very little for himself. We hugged, and I brought my bag inside. He had a tiny flat � only one bedroom (he’d said I could have the bed while he has the sofa). We chatted for a bit, relaxing on the sofa. He was so proud of what I’d managed to do at university. After a while, Dad went into the kitchen to finish supper and I went to have a shower and clean off the dirt of travel. The bathroom was off Dad’s bedroom, and when I got out and dried myself, I remembered that I’d left my bag in the lounge; I wrapped the towel round my waist and went to get it so I could get some fresh clothes out. As I went out of the bedroom, there were two guys I hadn’t heard arrive sitting there while Dad stood in front of them � he looked nervous as hell, something was clearly up. All three turned to look at me. “What have we got here?” One of the two guys leered at me. “This is my son, he’s just visiting me � it’s nothing to do with him.” What was nothing to do with me? The leery guy wasn’t put off that easily. “I wouldn’t be so sure. He could help things along nicely.” “What’s up Dad?” The other guy got up, walked up to me, looked me up and down � smiled and nodded to his friend. “You’re right � could help things very nicely.” Then he turned to me � standing less than a foot away. “Your Dad’s fucking useless � that’s what’s up. He owes us, but he’s no good at paying his debts; we’re here to sort something out.” “Look guys, I’m sure we can work something out. Jay � why don’t you go and get dressed while I talk with these guys.” “I think he can stay.” They weren’t talking to me, but it was clearly an order. I felt very odd, standing there just wearing a towel. “Can I grab a shirt from my bag?” “That can wait.” I felt even more naked as he looked up and down. “You should know some details so you know what a loser your dad is. He owes us three grand � you want to pay that for him?” “I’m a student, I don’t even have three hundred…or even thirty quid.” “Well we’ll have to find something else then.” He turned to Dad. “You need to pay five hundred by the end of the week or there’s some real trouble.” Then he looked at me. “You want to help him?” “Of course I do, but like I said I don’t have any cash.” “Don’t worry,” he smiled, a smile that made me worry even more, “there’s always another way.” “Why don’t we have a closer look?” His friend asked him. “Why not? Drop the towel.” “What?” “It’s an easy enough concept isn’t it � drop the towel.” I looked over to Dad. “Leave him alone, please.” “Have you got the cash? No. Then shut up while we sort out the mess you created.” Then taking matters into his own hands, literally, he pulled the towel off. “Yes, that could be very helpful indeed.” “What the fuck?” I was pissed off now. “Listen � your Dad’s fucked up, now you’re going to help him.” I looked at Dad � his head had dropped, and he couldn’t look at me. “The right people pay good money for the right guy…last time we had to do this, your Dad got a hundred quid for a night’s work, and look at him, he’s not like you.” “Why not a double-up option?” “Good idea � could do well out of that.” I had no idea what they were talking about, but then he explained. “So lads, here’s what’s going to happen � we’re going to advertise the two of you as a pair…you should fetch a pretty penny. We’re off now, we’ll be in touch.” With that they both stood up and walked out; leaving the door wide open as they did. Dad went and closed it, I grabbed the towel again, covered myself up and dashed for his bedroom with my bag. I dressed quickly, and came back out � Dad was sitting on the sofa, his head buried in his hands. “Dad � what’s going on?” “You’ve got to go Jay; it’s the only option.” “What do you mean?” “You heard them, I’m useless. I owe them, and they’re after their cash. I shouldn’t have borrowed from them…but I needed it. They’re not good guys Jay; this happened before.” “What happened?” “They pimped me out.” Then it dawned on me what they were talking about. “You mean they’re looking to sell us for sex?” “Yes � that’s what they’re good at.” Then Dad’s mobile buzzed � a text had arrived. He read it out to me. “You guys are lucky � there’s someone gaziantep escort who’ll pay five hundred for a night with you both. Details tomorrow. BE READY!” His head dropped again, and he just kept muttering to himself `Fuck’. Then he starred at me; “See Jay, you need to get out of here.” “What will they do without me.” “I don’t know � won’t be pretty, but I can’t get you involved.” I thought about it for a while. “You’re my Dad � I’ve got to help you.” “What you mean? You’re going to go through with what they want?” “That’s what you need from me right now. I’m here for you Dad.” “I can’t ask you to do that.” “You didn’t ask me to Dad � I’ve said I will.” We hugged, all I could tell was how weak Dad felt. That evening was spent in silence. I insisted on sleeping on the sofa so Dad could still have his bed. The next morning he got another text � it just gave an address and a time. Eventually it was time for us to leave � neither of us wanted to talk about it, but we left together, in silence. Dad knocked on the door of the house, soon it opened � there was an older guy, not exactly desperately good looking; he held the door open and we both went in. “They were advertising you as father and son pair � I can see why, clever guys those lot.” Then he looked us both up and down. “Come through here.” He went into a lounge and sat on a chair. “Right let’s start with a kiss.” We both froze starring at each other � we hadn’t thought about what this would really involve, and now it was becoming clear. “Come on, get on with it.” I looked at Dad and nodded to show I was ready to go through with this. We both moved our heads together, and then sensing that Dad was too nervous I held his head gently and pulled him to my lips. I was treating him just like I’d treated my girl-friends over the years…but this was nothing like kissing them, there was something here that they didn’t give. We kissed, closed mouths at first; then I gently parted my lips, Dad followed my lead � I pushed my tongue into his mouth, my hands now ran down his back, pulling his whole body close to mine. I noticed that my cock was hard � that was something I didn’t expect at all. Good starts lads � now let’s get some flesh on display. Strip each other, keep kissing as you go though. It was a warm evening, and Dad just had a polo shirt on; I pulled this out of his jeans and raised it up to his head � our lips still locked the whole time. We pulled apart so I could get it over his head; as I did so my fingers touched his skin for the first time, my cock twitched � something odd was going on here. I had a shirt on, and Dad started to unbutton it. He kept touching me by accident, each time I flinched. But soon we were both there topless. We kept kissing, but now our hands started to explore each other’s torsos. Dad worked hard, I could tell that from the quality of his muscles; I was trying to work in the gym, and was proud of my work but nothing like what he had. “You guys are good, I’ll give you that. Drop the jeans.” This one made me nervous � the kissing could seem like acting, but once Dad saw my hard-on who knows how he’d react. He didn’t break away from my mouth, but I felt his hands fumble with my belt � soon it was open, and he was onto the buttons. Then his strong hands pushing the jeans down, running over my arse as he did so. I reciprocated, they were the hardest buttons to undo, but soon my hands were flowing over his arse clad only in his boxers. “Right stop the kissing for a moment and get the shoes off.” As we pulled apart I knew Dad’s eyes went down and saw my hard cock through my boxers. I was shocked though, naturally I looked at his � it wasn’t just hard, but because his boxers were light coloured I could see a wet spot…Dad had been leaking pre-cum. “Stand up � let me see what’s on offer then.” We both stood facing him; it felt odd getting eyed up by this guy � odd and nasty, my cock was going soft again. He leered over us both � it felt creepy; but he was clearly enjoying it, grasping at his crotch as he watched. He got us to turn round so he could see all over. “Ok � you know what the deal is?” Dad answered before I could. “Not the details.” “You’re here until midnight � my wife’s due back late and I don’t want her seeing you. Until then you’re up for use � by me, and by each other. We’ll see how much we can fit in.” So he really was a creepy old man. “Time for the final reveal, don’t you think?” It was clearly rhetorical. “You first, get your Dad’s boxers off.” I knelt down and pulled them over his arse � I paused for a moment to stare at it, just like the muscles on the rest of his body I could tell it was well worked out. Then realised that he was hard and I’d have to touch his cock to get the boxers off. Well, by the sounds of things I’ll be touching this cock more than once tonight…might as well go for it. It wasn’t just hard, it seemed to feel hot to the touch � clearly full of blood. It was a big cock, at least so I assumed the only other hard cock I’d seen was my own � this was 8 inches. Uncut, and the skin had pulled back. Two large balls swinging low in his sac. As he lifted his feet to let me take the boxers off completely, it made his cock sway around and nearly hit my face. I stood up knowing it would be my turn now. Dad knelt down and repeated the process. suriyeli escort I was pretty hard again, just from taking his boxers off; but the moment his hands touched my arse I leapt to full mast. My own cock wasn’t too bad, I thought, 7 inches uncut, my balls weren’t as big as Dad’s though. He stood up once he had finished, we looked at each other and smiled. “Looks like you’re totally into each other � don’t worry there’s plenty of time for that. But first you’re here for me.” First he got us to take his shoes and socks off, and then taking a foot each had to worship it. Kiss and lick all over � suck on the toes. Neither us was keen, and it we got softer after a while. Then off came his shirt and we had to do the same to his body � this certainly wasn’t my slim build, or Dad’s muscled; he could do with losing a few pounds to say the least. We kissed and sucked his tits, licked out his arm pits. Finally we were told to pull off, he stood and dropped his trousers; it wasn’t just his belly that was fat, it was clear that his cock was too. The briefs came off too and out it flopped � it was semi-hard, not too long but thick, very thick. Dad was sent to clean the sweat of the day off � he worked round the cock, the balls, and down to the arse crack. The dirty old man was loving it, I could tell that Dad wasn’t though…but he kept going. I was staring at Dad’s arse � it was exposed as he was on all fours. The guy noticed, and decided that I should stick my face in there. As though by reflex I started to lick � soon I was rimming Dad like there was no tomorrow, and he was covered in chocolate. Once he was fully aroused, the old man stood up and started to fuck Dad’s face. He held his head firmly with his hands as he plunged the fat monster in � Dad seemed to know what he was doing, but was clearly being pushed. I noticed a couple of tears forming and dropping down his cheeks � this wasn’t some gentle nicey-nicey sex. Then he pushed Dad off and beckoned me over � clearly I wasn’t going to get let off. He did the same to me � this was the first time I’d had a cock in my mouth, I remembered what I’d enjoyed from girls and tried to replicate. But the reality was that there was a relentless pounding which was out of my control. Finally he pulled out, I thought this was some respite; but clearly he was just going to shoot his load. “Mouth open.” I knew where it was going to go now too. I held my mouth open, it was sore as hell from the face-fucking, but he was obviously keen to shoot into my mouth. He wanked himself furiously, and soon enough it came � it tasted nasty, just like I expected it to. But then he made me kiss Dad and share the cum � suddenly sweetness as soon as my lips touched Dad’s. We were both at full-mast instantly. “Glad that one’s out � we’ll see what happens with another. You don’t seem very experienced � how many cocks have you sucked?” “Yours was the first.” I answered honestly. “Not bad for a first-timer � guess you’ve never been fucked either?” “No, never.” “Well that’s about to change.” He laughed as he walked over to a drinks cabinet and poured a drink for himself. “But first you need some more experience sucking cock � I think that you’re a natural at it.” Then looking at Dad he added. “Show your boy how to do it.” The next half hour was a cock sucking lesson from Dad. Mostly me practising on his meat. He was gently with me, guiding me all around it. Kissing, licking, sucking; not just his cock but his balls too. I sucked out a load of his pre-cum too � it was delicious, pure nectar. My own cock was leaking it more than I’d ever found before. “Well you seemed to enjoy that.” I’d managed to forget about the dirty old man there, but he was there pawing away at his cock � he clearly didn’t have the ability of a 19 year-old to keep going, and wasn’t fully hard. “The next bit might not be so much fun.” Then turning to Dad. “Fuck him � there’s lube on the table, and you’ve got twenty seconds to get your cock inside him to the hilt. Go!” Dad froze in panic for a moment, then poured a load of lube into my hands and told me to get his cock slick. He tried to rub some into my hole, but could tell there wasn’t time. He got me on all fours, kissed my neck and whispered. “So sorry Jay � this is going to fucking hurt loads.” Positioned his cock against my hole and pushed. “Five, four…” There was a count-down going on, and Dad knew he had to fulfil the order; I felt his whole weight on top of me, my hole felt like it was on fire as his cock slid inside me � it was as though he was pulling my whole body apart. He just made it � his legs rested on my arse cheeks. Tears were streaming down my face, I could help crying out � I could tell that Dad was sharing my pain, and just wanted it to stop, but the old man kept playing with his cock with a look of glee on his face. As Dad rested there, slowly, very slowly, my arse started to adjust to him. Eventually he started to fuck � slow and gentle, pulling back millimetre by millimetre, then sinking back in. The pace started to increase. After a while I noticed that my arse had got used to him; his cock was filling me up, but it wasn’t causing me pain any more…in fact I started to admit to myself that I was enjoying it. My own cock started to harden again. Well before Dad could shoot rus escort his load he was told to pull out, and stick his cock in my mouth. At first I thought this would be horrid, it was fresh out of my arse after all, but as it got close to my mouth I just opened it and sucked eagerly. Then it was time for a swap � I got to fuck Dad. My cock was already hard as a rock, but Dad sucked on it to get it lubed up; then carefully pointing it against his hole I started to push. At first nothing happened, but then slowly he started to open up for me and in I slid. I’d never felt anything like this before � I’d fucked a few girls, but this was tighter and hotter than anything I’d tried before. Soon I was pounding away, part of me was worried about being bi � but then part was just enjoying Dad’s arse far too much to try and rationalise anything. I didn’t noticed that the old guy was getting himself ready � he was hard again, and lubing his cock up. He’d got Dad to pop my cherry, but now he decided that my arse was good enough for him too. I had to stop fucking Dad, but keep my cock inside him � and then pretty much without warning he plunged right inside me. He didn’t bother to let me get used to him, but went straight into fucking � and fucking like a pneumatic drill. This seemed to go on for hours � but it can’t have been that long. But then he summoned Dad round, he was going to double fuck me � I hadn’t come across this before, but Dad had and pleaded with him not to…this just made him sound even more interested. By now I was guessing that it meant both of their cocks inside me together. He pulled out, whilst Dad lubed his hand up and then worked my hole � stretching it as much as he could. Then the old guy pushed back in, I sucked Dad’s cock to get it hard again, and then he started to push it in alongside the other. I felt like I was being pulled apart � my hole was burning, tears flowed down my cheeks � but then I felt Dad had got inside me. The pain wasn’t any less, but now I knew I’d achieved something. This fucking wasn’t enjoyable…except for the old guy � he loved it. Eventually he was close to shooting, and decided that this would be easier without Dad in there too. I was cleaning Dad’s cock off while the old man went wild � soon enough he was flooding my arse with his load. He pulled out, and I sucked him clean � while Dad rimming me and sucked his load out. With that, the old guy was done � he gave us two minutes to leave the house, saying that he’d pay the bosses for us. We got back to Dad’s flat exhausted � it seemed like we’d been to hell and back. But it was enough to pay the next instalment. “You take the bed tonight Jay, I’m fine with the sofa.” He clearly wanted to make it up to me. “I’ll take the bed Dad � but you’re not taking the sofa, I think I need you next to me right now.” He didn’t have the energy to argue � we stripped off our clothes, and collapsed onto the bed. I snuggled up to him, and we both went to sleep. The next morning I was woken by Dad moving � I wasn’t used to sharing a bed. But what struck me straight away was that he was hard, just the usual morning wood I’m sure…but what was different was that I was interested in it. I reached down and stroked it a couple of times. “Don’t think that my arse is ready for this again just yet.” Dad pulled away sharply. “What do you mean � I wasn’t trying to fuck you.” “I know.” I turned to look at him, there was the same look as last night when we’d first stripped each other � there was definitely some lust in there…was his denial entirely true? “Look Jay, last night was horrid � best we just leave it behind.” “Sure Dad.” He went off to make some coffee for us both, once he came back he sat on the edge of the bed rather than climbing in again. “Dad, come here.” “Why?” I decided to be honest � well as honest as possible, I had no idea what was going round my head. “I just need your arms round me now.” He obliged and there we were � he lay on his back and I snuggled up to him. Then as he reached to put his coffee mug down his cock grazed against me � he was fully hard again, and this wasn’t just the morning thing. Feeling that made me hard again too, and I ran my hand up his thighs and to the crotch of his boxers. Before long I was wanking him off � I didn’t feel up to sucking and certainly not fucking � but then as soon as he started to shoot I locked my mouth over his cock head and sucked out the sweet sweet cum he gave me. He took a while to calm down after that. “Jay.” “Yes Dad.” “It’s not just me � you enjoyed that, didn’t you?” “I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t.” That was all that was needed � we spent the whole day in bed. He sucked me off twice, and I returned the favour. The next day he let me fuck him, but my arse felt too sore for the other way round. But as soon as I could I got him back inside me. I loved it this time � he was gentle, yet strong. Made me his own, but didn’t make it hurt. I was a totally rimming addict � and would often wake him up trying to get at his arse. We found a few more clients � not as bad as the first, and with the rates that a couple commanded managed to pay off Dad’s debts. But soon my visit was over � at least the planned visit, I knew I couldn’t be separated from Dad any more. When Mum heard I was moving in with Dad she went mad � but when I threatened never to see her again, she agreed to stop the payments from him. He wasn’t making bad money � but she’d been bleeding him dry for years. I never told her that he had a one-bedroom flat � but every university break I’d be down to see him, and we’d fuck like bunnies.

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