Subject: Dad’s New Suit – Part 2 My stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults. This story deals with relationships among male family members. If that fantasy bothers you, stop reading. If you like this story, check out my Patreon! Lots more content eon/jayspearstories The Nifty Archive has been a fantastic resource to all of us! Please consider supporting them with a donation. Dad’s New Suit – Part 2 (Steve) By Jay Spear Kissing my dad was like flipping a switch. I had never thought about him that way before. He had always been my goofy, kind, supportive dad. But in the past 24 hours I had seen him flirt with Tyler and come alive as a sexual being. I saw him growl, watched him thrust, heard him call Tyler filthy names as he slapped the kid’s ass and pumped a load into him. And I had felt him too. I felt Dad’s cock as I guided it into Tyler. I felt Dad’s lips as they probed mine and my mouth opened up to the novelty of our tongues exploring each other. It was just one kiss. But it was a real kiss, an amazing kiss. With my dad. Something I never expected. Something I never knew I wanted. But now…. Now the switch had been flipped and I couldn’t get it out of my head. My Dad was hot. I’d had a taste. And I wanted more. But him? What did he want? It would be a while before I could ask, because Tyler dragged us out to dinner. He talked and giggled and rubbed Dad’s arm while he ordered more wine for all of us. Dad was polite and listened to all the blather. I searched his face for some kind of sign as to what he was feeling. Each time I caught his eye, he broke into a shy grin and my face flushed red. We both felt something. Had to; I could see it. Like when you’re on an awkward first date, unable to speak directly but both looking for and reading all the signs. The dinner for me was compressed into just those moments when I’d lock eyes with Dad and catch my breath while while we stared at each other–and Tyler prattled on and played with Dad’s shirt collar. After dinner and the too much wine that went with it, we stumbled out of the restaurant. Dad slung an arm around each of us, giving the appearance of an affectionate trio stumbling back to the hotel room. “I gotta piss before anything,” Tyler announced. Before what? Were all going to fuck some more? Couldn’t Tyler go home to his own room? Dad handed him the key card and Tyler disappeared into the room. Dad signaled for me to stay back in the hall with him and he leaned in close to my face. I could feel his breath on my cheek, see each individual blade of stubble in his scruff. Even the yellowish hallway light couldn’t mar his handsomeness and my lips automatically parted. Was going to kiss me? Out here? “I want to talk to you about the sleeping arrangements,” he said. “Yeah Dad?” I could barely get it out. How should we sleep tonight? Entwine ourselves in just one of the two beds, crowding ourselves together in a sweaty sticky mass while gazing over at the perfectly made, unused bed? Or maybe he’d say he wanted to call down and get them to move us to a King, where we’d have space to spread out and explore each other at a leisurely pace. Would we finish what we had started when I wrapped my hand around his cock? Would we be able to explore each other’s bodies as he and Tyler had just done? “I want to ask Tyler to stay over.” “Oh.” “Will that bother you? Different bed, but I know it’s in the same room, so I want to be considerate.” My heart fell. Not what I expected at all. I swallowed hard, a dry lump in my throat. “Yeah, sure. No worries.” “Thanks, son. I knew you’d get it.” “No problem, Dad.” “Get in here, mister!” Tyler popped into view. He had finished in the bathroom and was now pulling Dad from the hallway. Dad laughed and allowed himself to be dragged inside. I followed. They collapsed onto the bed şişli travesti and rolled around giggling while I brushed my teeth in the bathroom. “I turned the light out for you, Sport.” Dad called out. “We’ll be quiet.” “Thanks,” I replied, pulling back the covers and climbing into the bed next to theirs. We’re they going to sleep? Fuck again with me right there? My heart was heavy but my cock throbbed. I wrapped my hand around it and squeezed. Would it ever go back down? I lay there and closed my eyes, willing myself to ignore the distractions. They were being quiet. Trying. But I’d hear little whispers. The small smacking sound of lips breaking part from a kiss. The rustle of sheets as someone moved and pulled a body closer to him. I struggled through 15 minutes of that agony–maybe 20 at best–before I got up and pulled on underwear and shorts. I grabbed a T-shirt and my key card and I quietly opened the door. “You OK, son?” The crack of light spilling in from the hallway illuminated his face. He looked concerned. Tyler just looked sleepy. “Yeah, I’m fine. I could use some fresh air. Going out for a walk.” “Be safe,” Dad called out. I let the door click behind me. I didn’t want to hear their giggles or groans as I walked down the hall and out into the night. *** I wandered the paths of the resort and out onto the beach. The moon shone on the water. I kept walking, and 15 minutes later I was at the paths for the adjacent resort. The lounge chairs had changed from white to blue. I continued walking, winding my way around until I came across someone else who was also out at this late hour. “Josh?” I peered into the darkness. A tall man, tufts of chest hair spilling over his tank top. “Steve?” “Yeah. Hey buddy. What brings you over here?” “Just a walk. Clearing my head.” “Me too.” He took a draw on a vape pen and exhaled. “A little pot to wind down. Want some?” “No thanks, I’m good.” “Night go OK for you?” “Yeah. I think. I dunno.” He laughed. “Sorry bud. We’ve all been there.” “I doubt you have.” “Try me.” I sighed. I told him a little of what happened. He listened without judgment, nodding occasionally and taking another hit of the vape. “And so they’re back there in your room?” “Yeah.” “And now you’re over here with me.” “Yeah.” “I guess I’m sorry. But I’m also glad to see you.” “You are? What happened to your red headed boy?” He laughed. “Cute guy, right? And good chemistry between us too. We had a nice couple of kisses. But he’s here with his boyfriend. And not allowed to play.” “I’m sorry.” “It’s all right. It’s nice to meet new people regardless of what happens.” “His loss.” “You think?” “Yeah. You’re a sexy guy. I was just caught up with protecting my dad before. Or trying to.” “Not sure your dad needs protection. Or that there’s much you can do now that Tyler has his hooks into him. That silly bitch is very persuasive.” “I can see that.” “Tyler has what he wants. Seems your dad does too. And what about you, Josh?” “I’m not sure what I want.” “OK.” “But you look pretty good, Steve.” He laughed. “I don’t want to be your substitute daddy.” “I don’t think you’re a substitute anything. You’re a very handsome daddy all on your own.” “OK, kid. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t wanted to fuck you since I saw you on the beach. But I don’t want to complicate things.” I thought a minute, then spoke. “There’s nothing to complicate. Dad is off with Tyler. You and I are here. I was a fool to pass on it before, but now….” “Now?” He raised his eyebrow at me. “Can I kiss you, please?” “Of course, Josh. If that’s what you want.” “I do.” “Then come here, baby.” He pulled me to him and I pressed my head into his chest. Sweat and musk. I sighed. I angled my head and rose up on my toes. He brought his head to mine and kissed me. It felt good. Was I using him? Did I care? Did he? My cock had been hard beylikdüzü travesti all through dinner, those few minutes in bed, and the entire walk over. And Steve? I felt his hard cock pressing up against me. I took it in my hand. “I think you want this too.” He nodded. “I do. You want to come back my room?” I nodded. He took my hand and led back down the paths and into a nearby complex and back to his room. There was no need to beat around the bush; we came to his room for a reason. He stripped off his tank top and pulled my shirt up over my head. I pressed up against him, my smooth chest nestled into the thick mat of his chest hair. He nibbled on my neck and slid his hands down to rest on my ass, cupping and squeezing my cheeks. He kneaded and pulled them apart. “Shhhh…” he whispered. Daddy’s here now.” Back on campus I was usually the more active guy, out on the prowl, scoring some hot guy and dicking him down. But now, here, it was different. I put myself in Steve’s capable hands, followed his lead. We kissed and groped and tumbled onto his bed. He soon had my clothes off, then his. Our hard cocks ground into each other as if they wanted to dig a tunnel to the other side. Steve pushed my legs up and apart and slipped his hand under my ass, drawing back slowly with a single erect finger to trace the line of my trench and tease my hole. I was dripping pre onto my stomach and Steve bent down to lap it up. “You want me to fuck you, baby?” Steve asked, locking eyes with me as his finger teased every nerve ending in my nether region. “Yes, Steve.” “Yes what? You can call me Daddy.” I swallowed hard. “Yes, Daddy.” He growled. “That’s it, baby. That’s what I like to hear.” He reached over to the nightstand and fished out a bottle of lube. He squirted some on his finger and worked it into my hole, opening me slowly and patiently. He was slow and deliberate, massaging my pucker–legs spread apart, gazing up at him, occasionally coming in for a deep kiss, letting the bulk of his weight rest on me for a minute or two–and I then I felt myself open up to him completely. I thought of those Georgia O’Keefe paintings from art class, feeling that my ass had just unfolded for him like some luscious flower that begged to be pollinated. He grabbed the bottle and squeezed more lube into his hand, slicking it up and down his cock, which he positioned at my flushed and winking hole. It was an amazing prep job and I took note of his technique for the next time I was topping some grad student. “You ready, baby?” I nodded. “Give me your cock, Daddy.” It pulsed and throbbed at my ass entrance. “Please.” Steve grunted and pushed. He had loosened me up a great deal, but he was thick and I was not a regular bottom, so a slow, deliberate push was required, the full weight of him holding him at my hole, yielding nothing, until millimeter by millimeter I slowly took him inside of me. He slid in slowly and surely, patiently waiting until he was buried to the hilt, and then he lowered his chest to mine and kissed me deeply. “Feels so good in there, baby boy.” “For me too, Daddy.” It did feel good. Connected. Filled. Fulfilled. Adjectives couldn’t really describe it; it just felt right. Like just what I needed right now. “Yeah?” he asked, beginning to draw himself up and down the length of my hole. “Yeah, Daddy. I need this.” “You need this thick daddy cock?” “So much,” I moaned. I had done this once before, this kind of role play, when I took a break from fucking the jocks at school and I bent over for one of my professors. The role play, the talk; it had been a lot of fun. But now I leaned into it hard. “Oh, Daddy…”Although what did it mean now that I had discovered some kind of connection with my own dad? Some new interest he had awakened in me? “Does it feel like you expected, kid? How long have you wanted it?” “Ever since I first istanbul travesti saw you on the beach.” “No, baby. Sooner than that. Years ago? Tell me about it.” Truth was I had never really thought about it. But I could play this game. Come up with something. “Been needing you a while, Daddy. Probably first thought about it when I was 16 or 17, home alone one day after school. I wanted to jack off before you and Mom got home. I went to your bedroom.” “Yeah, baby?” he said while thrusting. “Why is that?” “I ran out of lube. I knew you guys had some in your nightstand. So I went in to get it. But then I got excited about doing it in a different place. Spreading out in your big king size bed to jack off, instead of being stuck in my little twin.” “So you lay there in my bed.” He was picking up the pace now, pushing in and out. I felt my hole open and close around his cock every time he pulled out. “Yeah. I spread myself out in your bed. Pulled my pants off and began stroking. I was pretty hard and I’d edge for hours in those days, so I needed the lube to keep from chaffing. And it was cool doing it in that big bed. Maybe me feel like being more of an adult. Being more like you.” Steve’s cock stiffened and he pushed in deep. “You wanted to be like me?” “Yeah, Dad. Still do.” “Good boy. Go on.” “So I lay there stroking and I could smell you on the sheets. Sweat. Cologne.” “How did that make you feel?” “Comfortable. Curious. Turned on.” “Did you breathe it in?” “Yes, Daddy. I turned my head and buried my face in your pillow so I could smell you while I jacked.” “Nice, boy.” “A few times I looked up, looked over at the nightstand. Picture of you and Mom at your wedding. So young, so handsome.” “You thought I was handsome.” “Still do, Daddy.” He grunted. “And I saw that picture of your wedding, and I lay in your bed, and I thought about you consummating the marriage. I thought about you fucking in this same bed. Thought about this being the bed in which you pumped out enough sperm for me to come into the world.” “Ah, Jesus that’s hot.” Steve was like a jackhammer now, pistoning in and out. “Then what?” “Then I came. I exploded with cum from the thought of it, from the smell of you. Just like this, Daddy. Just like I’m doing now.” It was true. Between the hot talk and Steve’s cock I had worked myself up to a gusher of an orgasm, and it spurted and sprayed across my chest. “So fucking hot!” Steve growled as he pushed in to the hilt, held himself there, and unloaded inside me. “Take my load, boy! All of it. You can finally have what you’ve been wanting so long.” I locked eyes with him as I felt his cock pulse and throb and pump a copious load into me. Minutes passed just feeling him flow out into me. “Whew!” Steve finally said, collapsing onto me. He pressed his sweaty chest to my sticky one, not yet pulling out. “That was amazing.” “So great,” I agreed. And he kissed me, soft and deep. I relished the kiss and the feeling of him still being inside me. I delighted in the release this had given me after hours of being worked up and fully loaded across from my dad. We lay there for a good while, silently holding each other, kissing occasionally, until his cock softened so much that he had to pull out. I felt empty without it. “That’s always the worst part,” I told him. “I agree. But it felt so great until then.” “It did.” “You’re pretty great at the role play, Josh. Really got into it. Did any of that really happen?” “Kind of. It did happen. I mean, I jacked off in my parent’s bed a couple times when I was in high school. But that wasn’t what I was thinking at the time. So it was less my telling you a memory than it was creating a new perspective on the past.” “I get it. Super hot to talk about.” “Yeah, it was.” I had surprised myself by how easy it was to go there. “So listen, Josh. If this is what you’re feeling, maybe you should tell him. If you’re feeling it, he probably is too.” “You think so?” “I don’t know. But he kissed you, right? A real kiss?” “Yeah.” “So tell him. Find out where his head is at.” I knew Steve was right. I needed to try. I was going to explode otherwise.

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