Daisy Cam

April Oneil

You know that girl that you flirt with relentlessly over the course of years? The one you’d dump your current girlfriend for a chance to date? For me, that girl was Daisy Montes. Daisy and I met somewhere in grade school and kept crossing paths over the years. We became friends, then close friends, then fuzzed the edges of friendship a bit with massages and other things that skirted the fringe of what might be considered “friends with benefits.” Daisy is not the girl most guys are thinking of when they pleasure themselves. For starters, her mixed parentage gave her the solid frame of her Scottish mom and the complexion and features of her Latin American dad. This meant broad shoulders and wide hips framed a woman of average height. Her stomach was flat every time I had the chance to see it and her breasts just that little bit too large to fit in a hand.

I’m Cameron Black, and about a year into my time in college, Daisy and I got to talking and decided to give dating a try.

Fast forward to Halloween. I got an invite to a party being thrown by one of the vendors my employer buys from. It was a personal invite, the vendor happened to live near me and I wasn’t influencing what we bought or from whom anyway.

Daisy is a Halloween nut. She loves it. So she helped me get my costume put together. I had a shirt my brother had given me that said “Big Bad Wolf” on it, so we decided that would be my costume. We made a mask that left the bottom of my face uncovered and made forearms and patched an old, shredded pair of work pants with fur. The costume looked awesome and I was actually looking forward to the party.

Daisy asked me to meet at her grandmother’s place and we could walk from there. While the vendor lived near me, his house was around the corner from Daisy’s grandmother. When Daisy opened the door, I stood facing little red riding Daisy with just enough of the naughty element thrown in. We walked to the party and started our night.

The vendor’s house was packed to bursting. Inside, people were dancing with drinks in their hands while outside, people were chatting. Daisy and I grabbed drinks and found our way to the yard so we could say hey to our host and give our thanks for the invite. The vendor was gracious and told us that we should enjoy ourselves.

Back inside, we danced. With all the bodies inside, the house heated up quickly. Couple by couple, the room emptied as people stepped out back to cool off and chat. Couple by couple, the room filled back up again with those who had been waiting for enough space. The whole time, Daisy and I danced, pressing our bodies together in ways that communicated exactly what we wanted. A slow song came on and we danced, Daisy leaning against me with her palms pressed against my chest. My hands rested on the curve of her hips while we swayed back and forth.

After the slow song, I wandered out back again, finding the coolest part of the yard. This also happened esenyurt otele gelen escort to be the darkest and furthest from the house. The guests were starting to dwindle at this point, some folks having decided that going home was the better choice. The vendor, John, said that he and his wife had extra bedrooms for couples who needed to crash and sleep off the drinks, so there might have been some couples doing just that.

While I stood in the cool air, I heard Daisy come up behind me and wrap her arms around me.

“Having fun?” I asked her.


I realized that there wwere a couple cold things pressed against my stomach and looked down to see a bottle of water and a cocktail. “Is one of those for me?”

I could hear her smile. “Take both, if you want them.”

I thanked her and did just that, knocking back the cocktail and chasing it with the entire bottle of water. I knew that both were a terrible idea, but I figured that I could sleep off the worst of it the next morning if it came to that. Since this is actually a cock tale, you should know how it’s mixed. Begin with two generally horny young people – Daisy knew things from experience that I had only read about at the time and I am male. Add alcohol, costumes, a party that had plenty of all sorts of things going on in dark corners, and a dance space too crowded to not be pressed against each other most of the night.

Her breasts were pressed against my back and I was well aware of them.

“Do you have something for me, Mr. Wolf?” she asked, sliding her hands down my stomach to where my erection strained to escape my pants. “Mmm, you do.”

She began to massage my penis through the pants, masturbating me while we were both still clothed. I wrapped my hands behind me and found her rump. Her cheeks felt good in my hands, so I returned the favor of massage while she continued. I slid my hands up and down the small of her back to her butt and back again and realized something as I did – her costume was in two parts. The upper part, a corset, if I had to guess, left just enough gap for me to slid my hands into her skirt and find out one more lovely detail – she wasn’t wearing panties.

With that in mind, I moved a hand around her waist and slid my fingers down. I found heat and moisture without even a little effort. I immeidately started twirling her clitoris between my fingers while still massaging her bum with my other hand. Admittedly, the masturbation through my pants had been distracting, but she took my actions as encouragement and slid a hand into my pants, fondling my testicles and doing what little masturbating she could in that confined space.

Her breath started to come in shorter gasps and she latched on to me to keep from crumpling when her orgasm washed over her. Since her grasp had removed her hand from my pants, I used the moment to turn around and push myself esenyurt rus escort against her. She backed up until her back reached the brick wall, leaving her trapped between rock and a hard on (I’ve always wanted to say that). My hand dropped to her leg and traced its way upward to her waiting labia. Slick from her first orgasm, I had no problem slipping first one finger, then two into her. I fingered her while I used my thumb to rub her clit.

While I was occupied with giving her more orgasms with my fingers (yes, plural, she is one of the fortunate ones), her glided down my stomach to my waistband. She undid the button and dropped the zipper and opened the front, almost tearing my pants as an orgasm hit her. Her hand wrapped around my shaft and began stroking. I leaned down and kissed her, tongues wrapping and wrestling.

We stayed that way for a while – her hand stroking my penis while my fingers plumbed her depths and brought her to orgasm over and over, our mouths locked to one another. My hips were thrusting against her hand, making her struggle to find the rhythm at times.

I broke our kiss. “I’m going to cum.” I said in her ear, punctuating the statement with a nip at her earlobe.

“Do it, Cam.” She said, her tone one of command. “Cum all over me.”

I leaned down and pressed my mouth against her neck to stifle any noise I might make, then erupted in her hand and sent a sticky mess sailing through the space between us to land on her skirt and her legs and the ground and dribble over her fingers. My knees wobbled a bit, but I leaned against the wall behind her and stayed standing that way.

“That was nice.” She said in a purr. She reached into the basket that was part of her costume and produced wipes for us to clean ourselves up with.

“I see you came prepared.” I said.

She smirked.

We walked back to her grandmother’s place from the party, both of our legs just a little wobbly. The windows were dark, but the porch light on.

“Grandma’s not a night owl, hm?” I asked.

“No.” Daisy agreed. “She’s also not home. I’m housesitting.”



I placed my hands on Daisy’s hips and leaned down for a kiss. A few minutes later, we both leaned back breathless.

I grinned. “I don’t think the wolf walked red home and left her in peace in the story.”

Daisy grinned back. “No, he didn’t.”

“Can I come in?”

She turned and walked into the house without answering, but left the door open behind her. I followed. She tossed her basket on the kitchen counter and turned to face me, leaning in for another kiss that took no prisoners. “Cum in where?” she asked, when we leaned back.

I thought about it for a minute. I didn’t have a condom with me and Daisy wasn’t on birth control. So. “What are my odds of a blow job?” I asked.

She wrinkled her nose. “Not good.” She sached over to me and esenyurt türbanlı escort cupped my penis in her hand. “See, you’ve made me too horny to settle for anything less than this inside me.” She squeezed my cock to emphasize which ‘this’ we were talking about.

“I didn’t bring protection.” I admitted, hating that I hadn’t had thought of it.

She pouted a bit and moved to walk away. I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulled her against me, and dropped us both to the couch. With her in my lap, I began trying to arouse her more. I nibbled and kissed her neck. One hand loosened the corset enough to get in and fondle first one breast, then the other; first tweak one nipple, then the other. The other hand caressed her leg, working its way up to her pussy and clit. She didn’t try to stand, but leaned back and interrupted my neck nibbling with her mouth. Her hips bucked and writhed against my fingers and one hand clamped down on my leg tightly as she had yet another orgasm. I was beginning to wonder if she would be able to walk the next day. After a time of this (I wasn’t about to check my watch, I was enjoying it too much), she stood up.

“Stay right there.” she said, then walked out of the room on wobbly legs. When she returned, she was completely nude. She leaned down and fished my erection out of my pants and rubbed lube all over it. “Don’t move.”

I sat completely still and watched in wonder as she straddled my lap and positioned the head of my cock at her anus.

“You up for this?” she asked.

Instead of a verbal answer, I put my hands on her hips and pulled her down against me, putting just enough pressure on her hole to slide the head of my penis in. She took that as a yes and leaned back against me, guiding my cock into her ass as she settled onto my lap. The sensation was incredible. Hot and tight like nothing else. I caressed every inch of her that I could without interrupting what she was doing. Stomach, legs, arms, breasts, back, anything I could touch was fair game in that instant. Then, as if we engaged in anal every day, she leaned back against me and brought my lips to hers. My hands returned to what they had been doing before she walked out of the room. I rubbed her clit with one hand and fondled her breasts with the other. We kissed as if we could devour each other. And all the time she was rocking ever so slightly. As she became accutsomed to my penis inside her and as her orgasms continued, she began to increase the tempo and intensity of her rocking.

I broke the kiss. “I’m going ….”

“…to cum.” she said, interrupting me. “I know. Cum for me. Cum in me.”

That did it. I felt myself spasming; pulsing; filling up her bowels. All the while, she was reveling in what would be her last orgasm of the night.

We sat for a short while, then Daisy stood up and walked into the bathroom. She came back out a minute or two later, leaned down to kiss me, and said that she’d lock up behind me. I nodded, not wanting to ask too many questions about what had just happened. I got myself put back together and head out. I turned at the door to kiss her goodnight.

As I walked to my place, I wondered about what had just happened, then shrugged it off and smiled. I accepted it for what it was – passionate sex between two people.

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