Daisy Pt. 02


I found that this story was interested to English-speaking readers, so even though I’m still trying to find a language editor, I decided to post the second part in raw form. When and if I will be able to find a proofreader, I’ll post the corrected version. In the meantime, I wish you a pleasant reading. And I do apologies for the poor transmission of meaning, if you find it.


The guys once again went to Slavik’s bedroom.

“And what will happen now?” I asked my Virgil.

“Nothing special. Just a party,” Tolik said calmly, following the others.

“And what about me?” I still couldn’t believe everything was over. My cock, aroused to the limit, demanded the continuation of the banquet.

“Don’t worry, rules are rules, no one girl will say “no” to you today.”

“Won’t the guys be jealous of that?” I waited, holding my breath, looking Tolik straight in his eyes.

“Come on,” he shrugged, “it’s just a game. Everything that happens is not cheating. The girls just lost and they have to pay, as for the rest everything is under control.”

“By the way, you are very lucky,” he said, suddenly perking up as he got dressed. “Usually they win against girls very rarely, personally I have not been lucky yet, but Vovchik is a real Hercules, once he went through three laps and won! So enjoy this opportunity.”

He patted me on the shoulder and walked out into the living room.

I was left alone and continued to pull on my pants, trying to properly settle the cock that did not want to calm down. I was very worried where is Masha? I was afraid that she completely gone and I lost her again.


When I entered the hall, there was a lot of activity. The two tables were pushed together in the center to form one long table covered with an ordinary big tablecloth; chairs were arranged around it. The girls fussed about filling it with plates of different food brought from the kitchen, and the boys sat down and opened different bottles. At that time, the assortment of food in stores was not very rich, so I was amazed at the abundance that appeared before my eyes. There were cheeses and sausages of various sorts, including smoked ones, red fish and caviar, and fruits. From the point of view of today, there was nothing special at all, but in those days for me, as a student from boondocks, it was unbelievable…

Among the girls, I was relieved to see Masha, already dressed. She looked at me, blushed and pretended not to notice. The mood somehow immediately dropped. The sound of the songs from Dassin’s new album “Si Tu T’appelles Melancolie” poured from the speakers, adding autumn flavor to my mood.

Gradually, everything was ready, and Lila invited everyone to the table. Everybody sat down in well-established pairs, Vovchik sat at the end of the table next to Masha, and I was seated at the opposite end of the table as the “king”. Then a couple of toasts were raised in honor of the winner, and the conversation gradually divided into interest groups: someone discussed student affairs, someone argued whether Dean Reed would come to the USSR as he promised, or it was just rumors and how Elvis felt after the hospital. Vovchik was also talking excitedly to Masha about something. Dassin in the player was replaced by Celentano, the album “Nostalgia”…

As for me, having eaten a little, I could not think of anything other than my prize.

Eventually I broke down and pushed Tolik, who was sitting next to me: “Listen, what should I do to… well… to get my prize?”

“Everything is simple here, choose who you like and take her to bed.”

“Who should I choose?” I asked stupidly, having lost the last remnants of my mind from a ruthless erection.

“Well, choose whoever you want, you are the king here today,” my friend chuckled, patting me on the shoulder encouragingly. “Lucky you!” he added.

For some reason, this made me angry, and I blurted out defiantly: “So can I have Larisa too?!”

“Ask her yourself,” Tolik did not lose his composure, as I expected. “Lara, Sandro wants to know if you are ready to go into the bedroom with him.”

Larisa who was excitedly arguing with Vika sitting next to her, turned to me, smiled and suddenly winked: “So, do you want once more?”

“Why once more… just… in general…” I was embarrassed under her mocking gaze.

“Of course, let’s go,” she nodded encouragingly to me and, leaving the table, she moved to Lilya’s room, looking back at me on the threshold.

I, stunned by this pressure, looked helplessly at the giggling Tolik.

“Come on, come on, never make a woman wait.”

I followed her awkwardly. All eyes seemed to be on me, although no one really cared about me.


The room, dark with closed curtains, contained a rather large wooden bed, a wardrobe, a vanity table, a desk, and two chairs. There was a state-of-the-art stereo system ‘Victoria’ with speakers next to the wardrobe, but I found out about this much later.

Without hesitation, Larisa took off istanbul escort her dress, hanging it on a chair, and then her T-shirt and underpants.

“Why are you standing there like a statue?” she asked me as I followed her in and closed the door. “Come on, get naked.”

I don’t know why, but I was shy again and continued to stand there in silence.

“Well, we have a king today,” my classmate chuckled, came up and, taking my turtleneck from below, pulled it up.

“Don’t do it, I’ll do it myself!” For some reason I whispered in a panic and began to feverishly undress. I thought it was a shame to be undressed by a girl.

When I was completely naked, she came up to me, hugged me tightly and softly said in a deep voice: “Well, calm down, everything will be fine,” then took my face with her hands by the cheeks and pressed her lips to mine in a kiss.

This was the first time I felt a girl’s breasts pressed against my chest, and my penis is sandwiched between our bellies. My head was spinning. Soft music came from the big room, but instead of Celentano there was Armstrong’s album “What a Beautiful World”.

I hugged a naked girl, we kissed, and it was so cute!… Once we were on the bed, and Larisa was lying on her back under me she quietly whispering in my ear: “Kiss my breasts.”

I willingly slipped down, grabbed the swollen nipple with my lips and began to lick it, periodically sucking so that the entire areola was in my mouth. My friend began to breathe more often, pressing my head to her chest, and at the same time ruffling my hair.

“Now kiss below… please…” she asked in a trembling whisper.

I went down, kissing her body, and gradually reached her neat navel, and then moved even further… After a couple of minutes, my lips touched the pubis, a little overgrown with slightly curly hair. Oddly enough, they were much tougher than the ones on her head. Intuitively, I jumped to the inner thighs of the girl and continued to kiss the satin skin of her right thigh in this place.

Still, something was pulling me up, and after another couple of minutes my tongue found a smooth, slippery cleft in her hair, inside which there were folds of leather. A spicy scent emanated from her sex along with the scent of strawberry soap. At the moment, my girlfriend moaned loudly for the first time. Parting the girl’s labia with my thumbs, I ran my tongue up along the slit and back. At the end of my movement, I found that my tongue had fallen into a kind of hole, similar to the one where my penis used to be. The vaginal opening, I remembered the anatomical atlas we had read in high school.

Remembering how Tolik did it, I raised my hands up and, grasping my girlfriend’s tight tits, began to rhythmically squeeze them with my palms, twisting the nipples between the thumbs and forefingers, while moving my tongue inside the hole found and trying to penetrate deeper, pushing apart the walls of the entrance. Larisa groaned loudly again and feverishly whispered, lifting my head: “Come on… come to me… Hurry…”

Just like that first time, she directed my pally inward and it slipped deep into the hot wet vagina again… Now that no one was looking at us and I didn’t have to pretend to be macho, I loved the incomparable feeling of owning a beautiful girl. Our bodies seemed to move independently of us, and we kissed feverishly. Larisa stuck her tongue into my mouth, and I was surprised to suck it in, which caused a wave of spasms in her stomach.

In fact, I liked kissing in SUCH a way, and I myself began to penetrate my tongue into the girl’s mouth, trying to explore it. It was the moment when Larisa began to moan more often and put her pelvis up to meet my thrusts. There was some movement in her vagina, and my penis seemed to increase in size even more. I felt the approach of ejaculation, when suddenly Larisa let out a long howl through a kiss, grabbed my buttocks and pressed me against herself with force. Her vagina, which tightly wrapping around my penis, a series of spasms occurred and I began to erupt semen inside her, being twitched. After that exhausted I fell down on the girl, not breaking hug and not releasing her lips from mine.

So we lay for a while, continuing to hug and kiss, just our kisses have now become tender and light.

“Sasha, you are super!… Deliver such… pleasure… the first time… all the girls will envy… when I tell them.” Her breathing had not yet recovered, and her voice was choppy, as if she had run a long distance. I felt more energized than ever before.

“Lara, may I gift you my album?” I asked, trying to express my gratitude to my first woman.

“Come on, if you don’t mind,” Larissa smiled slyly and, again ruffling my hair, kissed me hard. “Okay, let me go, I need a shower,” she pulled her dress over her naked body and, taking her underwear, flew out of the room.

I was left lying on the bed with my eyes closed, reliving my FIRST kadıköy escort REAL intercourse…


I must have dozed off, because I only opened my eyes when I felt something strange. My penis was in a wet, warm captivity, it was licked and sucked, and it was sticking out again, as at the very beginning of this unusual evening. I quickly sat up, meeting my eyes with Natasha, who just at that moment raised her head. She smiled at me and said: “Lara boasted so much that I could not resist checking the veracity of her words.”

I couldn’t think clearly, so I asked stupidly: “What words?”

“Well, that you are, supposedly, a sexy giant.”

I again did not understand, but Natasha was not going to explain anything else, again returning to my “dignity”, which immediately turned to stone. “Harem,” I remembered the name of one of the “body kisses” in the Kama Sutra. I didn’t know the words “blowjob”, “caress” or “fellatio” then, but I already read the Kama Sutra in printouts in my freshman year, although I never thought that I would ever need it. My ears were thundering again, and a bell was ringing in my head. Sucking my head excited me so much that I was going to shoot, but Natasha, having correctly identified the moment, quickly threw her leg over me and, directing her cock towards herself, sat on it…

Now she behaved differently than in daisy. Buried my penis inside herself completely, she froze, and then began, swaying her hips, to take the most comfortable position, in which it entered the greatest depth. Then she lay down on me and began to move her hips up and down, throwing her head back. Her full breasts swayed smoothly in front of my eyes, and I did not fail to take advantage of the experience I had already gained, starting to stroke them, knead them, and then kiss them.

Oddly enough, this allowed me to distract a little from the wild excitement, while Natasha began to breathe more often, and then moan. She made a few quick movements, and then stopped at the bottom point, completely covering my penis, and turned her pelvis a couple of times. In the silence, one could hear her say: “Ha, ha, ha … ha, ha, ha… ha… ah… haa…”

I, having caught the rhythm, tried to move following it, but at first I was not very good at it. After a while, her movements became faster, and her moans became more frequent, and she began to try saying: “Yes… Oh, yes… Ssash… shaa… maaa… ke it hard… der…”

I began to move more sharply and at the same time felt how her vagina began to suck my cock again, and only a recent orgasm did not allow me to discharge quickly. I felt Natasha’s abdominal muscles tense and vibrate slightly, while spasms rolled inside her, forcing the walls of her vagina to convulsively squeeze my penis… She let out a drawn-out moan, almost howling, and then froze and just the walls of her vagina continued to shudder… and she collapsed on me, wrapping her arms around my neck and pressing her lips tightly to mine in a kiss.

She kissed not like Larisa, but eagerly, as if trying to drink me out, so in a minute I was out of breath. Fortunately, her vagina relaxed at the moment, and she broke the kiss, dropping her head on my shoulder and continuing to breathe heavily…

So we lay there for a while, catching our breath, while my cock was still inside her and not thinking to deflate.

“Yeah, Lara was right, you’re sweet,” she finally said, stroking my head. “There is no such thing with others.”

“Have you been with many men?” I asked curiously, still holding her in my arms.

“No, you’re the third, actually,” she smiled. “Well, except for daisy, of course. There were only Slavik and Vovchik, when the last one became the “king” six months ago. But he endeavours more for himself than for us girls.

“And what about your Slavik?

“Slavik?…” Natasha smiled. “He’s good, and he’s doing just fine but… in a different way.”


Now it is difficult to imagine, but I was lying, hugging the girl, not separating our genitals, and just chatting. And I didn’t even have an idea to continue fucking, at that moment I was interested in something else.

“Who else did win in daisy?”

“You know, I’ve been in the game for less than a year. In my memory there was only Vovchik.”

“How many were there?” I asked, not very clearly, but she understood:

“This is the fourth time. It is better to ask Vika, she has more experience,” continued to satisfy my curiosity the girl being connected with me into a single whole.

“Okay, I guess it’s time to go.” With these words, Natasha took off from my penis, and I heard a soft smack at the moment of its release.

“Oh, someone hasn’t cum yet!” she deftly grabbed my cock and squeezed it with her hand, testing its hardness. “Well, I’ll send an ambulance right now. Who do you want me to send?”

“Masha!” I screamed, but… mutely, when I said aloud, not knowing why: “Victoria”, and kağıthane escort added, as if justifying myself, “I want to ask her something as well.”

“I hear and obey, my king,” the girl laughed, and grabbed her clothes from the chair and ran out the door.

I still couldn’t believe my luck. Yesterday I could not even think of holding a naked woman in my arms, but now… not only one and not only hold.

The door opened and Victoria entered saying: “Who das need help here?”

She stopped in front of the bed and looked at me, smiling. I didn’t know what to say. However, the girl, apparently, did not need in my answer, she slowly began to take off her jeans and blouse… I was sitting in the bed, looking at her. After all, Victoria was really tall, almost a head taller than me. Undressing, she sat down next to me and asked with interest: “Is this really your first time today?”

“What do you mean first time?” I answered the question with a question, feeling the blood rush to my face.

“Well, with girls… Or there are various rumors…”

“Just don’t believe it,” I was even more embarrassed.

“Ha, how can I not believe if my friends continue to talk about a nugget,” Vika teased, and, drawing attention to my protruding penis, added: “We’ll check it now,” and then immediately grabbed it with her hand.

I jerked, and she, as if nothing had happened, kneaded the penis, stroked it several times, exposing the head, and then, without releasing it, casually asked: “How do you want to do this?”

“What do you mean?” I did not understand, although there was only one desire – to enter the girl as soon as possible in order to finally relieve the accumulated tension.

“Let’s do it in such a way,” she said, not listening to me, and then, pulling me along with her, knelt on the bed and, bending her chest down, began to insert my tool into herself. I spread my knees around her thighs, and she protruded a little butt, and our genitals finally touched… When my cock, ringing with tension, plunged into her pussy, she sighed in satisfaction and folded her hands in front of her, dropping her head on them.

I grabbed her hips and began to move steadily, feeling the pleasure of my cock sliding inside the warm and cozy vagina. In this position, it seemed narrower, although the length of the penis was somehow not enough. Her butt cheeks were unexpectedly cool when I touch them, especially compared to the temperature inside her pussy, and I always stoped in this position for a while before starting the reverse movement.

This lasted for two or three minutes, during which we could only hear rapid breathing and the sounds of colliding bodies. Then Vika abruptly whispered: “Wait … let’s do it in different way…” and lay down carefully, not letting go of me, straightening first one leg, then the another.

I also completely lay down on the girl, and putting my free hands under her, I grabbed her tits, which completely fit in my palms, and began to knead and stroke them, continuing to move inside her… Now her vagina, under the effect of her legs pressed together, hugged my penis even stronger, and loudly hitting my pubis on her buttocks, I felt the tip of the head touching something inside.

Gradually, Vika began to get excited, moan, and sometimes scream. I myself, feeling unprecedented excitement, still could not come. I worked feverishly with my pelvis, kissing the girl on the neck, on the ear facing me, on the cheek. To be honest, at that moment I did not think about my partner at all, I tried to cum as quickly as possible, so it was a complete surprise for me when Vika suddenly began to feverishly mutter: “More… more… stronger… yes… yeah… so… maa… mah .. maahh!…” and my penis was again affected by spasms, a little differently than the previous time, but not less exciting, forcing me with a growl to start shooting into the depths of my girlfriend’s vagina…

Twitching a few more times and completely draining all the accumulated semen, I crashed on the girl with no strength.

“God, it feels good,” she murmured wearily, and sighed with satisfaction.

Feeling how my penis begins to slowly deflate inside her, however, I was in no hurry to get out of the pleasant captivity. The hammers of the old tension were still rattling in my head, and questions were already coming to my mind.

“Vika,” I said, still breathing heavily, “can I ask you something?”

“Yeah,” the girl purred back.

“Have you been playing daisy for a long time?” I froze, afraid that she would be offended and refuse to communicate. But the girl calmly replied: “Since I entered the University. Almost four years have passed.”

“Was it often?”

“No, I don’t think so,” she mused. “About five or six times a year.”

“Did the guys win often?”

“That’s what you mean,” the girl chuckled. “No, not often. I saw this only three times: you, here, Vovchik, and another guy, whom you don’t know, from another gang.

“Do you like to play?” I asked cautiously again.

“What do you think yourself?” she asked in surprise. “Of course yes, there is no such pleasure as with own guy, but the prizes!”

“And Sergei, isn’t he jealous?”

“Why should he be jealous?” my girlfriend was surprised. “I don’t want to date anyone, and in any case, he is the best man for me, and he knows it.”

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