Subject: Damaged Son (Revised) Please remember its readers like you that keep this site up. Please donate. I was 40 when I got a call. I had been married twice. The first one was annulled she was catholic. She had just married as she was 17 at the time. Wanted away from her family. We were married for 6 months. We had a son together. I used to see him during the summer, when he was younger. He’s now 22 no time for me. My second wife I married at 20 to a gal who gave me 3 kids. Her parents poison her toward me. The kids sort of write and visit. They’re 19, 18, and 17. All over the country at college or a university. Mostly living their lives and don’t need me any more till they get older. The longer they live away from their mother and her family; the more they’ll want to know me. It turned out to be about Yolanda Cortez. I had a fling with her. I couldn’t help it I was when I was 25 and the divorce was still fresh in my mind. Also, she got me drunk the only time I’ve ever been drunk. My parents drank too much and I tried to avoid it. But she was so beautiful and l was into her that night. So, I took whatever drink she handed me. I remember the night fine. But I just didn’t want to stop. Wow, wish she had married me. I asked her four times with four no’s. I didn’t know about the kids. Apparently, she had passed away and son of 14 needed a home. “No other family Bill. He’ll go into the system” I got a note from her too. I should have married you. You were the only man, to love me. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about our son. He so battered just like me. If I’m dead when You read this and our boy is still in need of a parent. I know you do the right thing my love. Yolanda. I kept the note and saved it to share with our son someday. “I take him Al can’t them swallow him up in THAT system. He’ll be bitter most of his life. I’ve wanted to sell this condo for years. I got house money account. I had been saving for years. The market is soft for the part of town I like. Can you find me a real estate agent?” Al was the best. He needed a raise I told him. He even got a paternity test done. The system required it. A gal came by and took a blood sample. Two weeks later he arrived. I was greeted by a lady dress in a dress outfit. Then a shy boy came in behind her. He had two bags. He looked so much like me. The difference was he was clearly Hispanic. That he took from his mother’s side of the family. He mumbled something is what I thought was Spanish. “Does he speak English? Sorry to say I didn’t speak any Spanish.” “yes sir, I do. Am I expected to call you dad?” “you can call me Bill if you want.” “Bill, like me only Will.” I explain My legal name was William. I took his paper work and saw his full name was Alberto William Contero. Same last name. She had given him my last name. I showed him şişli travesti the room he would be in and told him we were moving in a few days to a 4-bedroom place. We’d need the room now that it was us two. He started to smile, but pulled back. The worker said goodbye and left. I grabbed a piece of paper and handed to him. It had Wi-Fi password on it. Telling him the Wi-Fi with our last name was ours. He took it and went into his room with his bags. I wasn’t use to giving kids their privacy and when dinner was ready, I went into his room and saw his computer up with gay porn on it. He tried to hide it, but I had already seen it. “No don’t look. Now you’ll dump me in some home. NOOOOO.” He was rambling in Spanish now. He was crying and then he was bawling a lot. I grabbed him and told him it didn’t matter. He looked up “What?” “I don’t care about that. I should have knocked. Besides you can’t do anything or be anything that I wouldn’t love you son.” “Really? why not.” The was hesitation in his voice. “Because you’re my son. I’ve loved you in my mind when I heard about you. The minute you walked in our home; Your face told me who you were. Your mother’s and mine,son. I can’t Imagin my life without you in it. ln fact to go with the new house. How about a new laptop?” “My mom gave me this one.” “Keep it for porn is you want. But I want to get you an expensive gaming one, to sit beside this one.” “Why, I’m just some kid of yours who you didn’t know about.” “But young man, You’re my kid. You always will be my kid.” He had walked away as we were talking. Now he ran to me and I gave him a long hug. “Oh Pape,” he said. I knew that word. It was Daddy. He cried again; but it was a happy cry. I held him and put him down quickly, he was 14 a lot boy to hold too long. I told him we could go anywhere to eat. I put what I made for dinner in containers in the frig. I wasn’t wasteful We went to a buffet and Roberto as he like to be called ate more than I ever could. I was 40 after all not 14. We then went to a chain computer store and he got a 1900-dollar computer. I got him as backpack to carry it and a mouse with headset with a mic. It was like the one I had. Out the door it was 2500 with all the extra and the protection plan. He set it us and was so happy. I went to bed as I had a lot to do too the next day. He came into my room “Is it OK to sleep in your bed tonight,” he asked. I told him sure, “sure Hijo,” Spanish for son. “OK I didn’t pronounce it right.” He just smiled and just slipped into bed in his briefs. I was dressed the same way. I was awakened by Roberto screaming in his sleep. I grabbed him and held him as he slowly woke up. beylikdüzü travesti “What’s a matter my boy.” He was crying and clinging to me. He muttered “I can’t tell you.” “I don’t want us to die, If I tell anyone he’ll kill us.” “who will?” “The man who killed my mom. O’I shouldn’t have told you that.” I could see terror in his eyes. In the morning I called the police. They listen to all I said and finally Roberto told what had happened. Apparently, a man Roberto named made the officer smile. He pulled out a picture of a man Roberto had named. “That’s him he killed my Mama.” The officer told us he was shot dead. He brother and other members of his family were also dead or headed to prison for multiply murders. Roberto got up and started to dance. I’m not sure what kind of dance but the officers left. It was just me and my boy in the living room Roberto got up locked the front door and ran to his room and came back. I couldn’t see what he was holding. he took off his clothes and pull open my pants and began to suck my penis. “What are you doing Roberto.” “Sucking your penis.” I was rock hard. He apparently knew how to do a good job. “Did I do it wrong?” “No, but why did you do that?” “Why not every man what that from me. even my mom wanted that from me. She just never took it. She had others to do it for her.” He had been rubbing lube onto my meat it was harder than most times I had sex or jerked off. Then I got in my lap and lowered himself on to my meat. I gasped so loud and then I shot into my boy as he worked his butt over my meat. I was panting like crazy as he got down. “How was that? You must have like it you came in my butt.” “Why did you do that?” “Its what all men want from me.” He ran to his room crying. I saw cum from him on my groin. Something had snapped in his head. I didn’t go into his room. I’d let him come to me. It was lunch time and he came out looking tired and flushed. I waited to bring the subject us. “Are you hungry my boy?” “Yes, but I don’t care what it is.” I heated up last night’s dinner. He looked at me and smile. “Are you still mad at me Pape?” “Well, I was never mad at you. He looked up and smile, then got up and hugged me. He was sniffing. “I’m sorry, what I did this morning.” “Why, it was wonderful. You did a wonderful job. I just don’t understand why you did it.” “You really love me for just me.” I took his face in my hands and looked at him. “If that happens again. Don’t do it because you feel It’s expected of you. If it never happens again. I will still love you the same as I do now.” He smiled and cry a happy sound. I took him to couch and held istanbul travesti him as I laid down. I was fully clothed. He had on clothes from when the police had been here. I just held by boy and he dosed off. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and cancel all my appointments for the day. It was quite except for Roberto’s breath as he slept. This boy had been used so much. I just loved him not wanting to use him. I think he knows that now. We moved into the new house. Roberto couldn’t believe how big it was. He ran from one end of the house then back again. “You keep that us and I’ll have to replace the carpets with Astro truffe.” He just laughed and ran to his room. Like a good father I left him to himself. I had told him I wouldn’t enter his room without knocking. I didn’t want to caught him playing with his snake. “it’s called jerking off Pape. I don’t care if you see me doing that,” he said.. I laugh as he was testing me, he told me. We didn’t have another incident like at the old place. I’m not saying we didn’t have sex. But what he had done that day was not my boy. That was a kid who was thinking crazy. That never happened like that again. I saw that boy stay behind in his old life. All that was left was my Roberto. He always left his door open even when he was looking at porn and was going to town and his penis. I even joined him at time. He was so special. I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to share things with my son. It wasn’t uncommon to hear him yell Pape come here. I got there to see him jerking off. “want to join me. That guy is licking that women’s snatch. Then his meat will go into her. Then his best friend will come into the room and poke his butt during that with his meat.” “How many times have you watched this one?” “This is the 4th time,” He spoke. I was tempted to do it. I muttered you almost had me. You enjoy Hijo. “I will pape,” He said. “Don’t you want me to get you off?” I left him to his penis and the porn on the screen. I remember being 14 like it was yesterday. I went to the kitchen. I had Al coming over in 20 minutes. I fixed lunch. I now had a larger frig with much more space. I pulled out left overs from last night and threw them in a frying pan and made a full meal. I could still hear my son as he screamed O’ I’m coming. I just smiled . “Hijo if you’re goanna be that loud close your door. Al’s coming over and its rude to do that in front of others.” I heard an OK and his door closed. I had gotten him lube even thou he had his foreskin like me. Nothing worse when you rub yourself raw. I did it only once when I was a kid. I found something some sort of oil back then. Again, he had so been worked over by the men where he used to live. I didn’t know if he could tell the real world from sexual world. I didn’t know if he could separate life without sex overload. It was one thing to be male and get off sometime. But he had been taught that it’s life to please others that way. Wow, so damaged. I would love him no matter what. Jason Bonerboy support and write to me jasonbonerboy@ or ail

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