“How long you been up?” Renee found me sitting in front of my laptop, yawning and lazily scratching her head.

“Bout forty minutes; couldn’t get back to sleep.” Part of the reason was fear that my crazed cousin would return packing heat to avenge himself on both of us despite Renee’s assurances to the contrary.

“What’re you doing?”

“Messing around with that footage I got from Mintzy; just started editing it.”

I’d managed to cobble together a few teasers as Renee pushed in beside me sitting down to see my progress. I had a brief scene up of a tightly cropped scene of my latest hookup’s massive oil glistened breasts. Renee didn’t react to it one way or the other as I noticed how her luscious thighs bulged out of her pajama styled gym shorts.

“It’s just some fucking titties.”

“It’s a teaser; I made two with the other being this.”

I opened up a second which revealed the same shot abruptly cutting to a wide point of view shot of Mintzy ankles up, legs spread in a human wishbone taking a complete rutting. My cock could be plainly seen slamming powerfully into her backdoor before cutting back to the initial shot of Mintzy’s oiled breasts being massaged. Renee leaned in pushing me to the side replaying the clip a few times before commenting.

“That’s fucking crazy man; you gonna post this?”

“I usually post teasers on the site and let it sit to see how much interest it generates. If it gets any substantial traction, I’ll post.”

“What kind of money you make posting this stuff?”

“Varies, but I been real lucky the few times I did.” I pulled up the site on my phone showing her the activity on a few clips. Renee perused the site silently, intermittently replaying the clips I’d edited a few more times.

“Don’t post this shit with Mintzy.”

“Why, because she’s your friend?” She put my phone down on the coffee table draping an arm about my shoulders.

“No, because I don’t wanna find your head in a box on my doorstep downstairs.”

“WHAT?!!” Renee chuckled at my reaction.

“Man, Shirley Lozano is how you say, connected; her old man doing a stretch upstate but he still kind of runs things, if you know what I mean? Yeah, she got the building in the divorce and a little convenience store but she still paying her tithes, if you get my drift?” Renee raised an eyebrow as I leaned back facepalming making her laugh.

“I would’ve never fucked with her if I knew that shit.”

“Then she would’ve been coming around here trying to make some drama and I don’t need that nonsense. She’s kind of sequestered from the dick by hubby’s boys although I used to see this one wise guy sneaking outta her store for a minute. I guess somebody snitched on his ass because he ain’t around no more.”

“Why you fix me up with her, Renee?”

“I already told you that shit; don’t get excited because that’s why I let you two roll around in my fucking laundry room. Besides, you wasn’t doing nothing with that upgrade I gave you.”

“Oh, are we talking about that stuff you put all over my junk, huh?”

“Relax, don’t get out of pocket.” Renee cautioned.

“Sorry, but now I gotta delete all this shit off my computer and cameras. Man, I know that footage was worth a lot of money.” I went to my laptop, but she snatched my fingers away.

“Keep it.”


“Ah, it might come in handy sooner or later; I want a copy of that shit. Besides, you ain’t making no real money anyway nigga. That fucking website taking most of your profit. You need to make your own shit.”

“Easy for you to say.”

“Oh you own a successful business too; you financially independent, too nigga?” Renee was wearing a homemade wifebeater baby tee made from a white and blue baseball shirt. The undersides of her bare breasts were visible.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“It’s cool; at least you got a little hustle going on and that puts you miles ahead of fucking Jaquan.”

“Yeah, well he gonna put me six feet under when he see me.”

“He ain’t gonna do shit; just talk to him and keep it one hundred. You know, I do feel a little shitty about letting you fuck Mintzy because you can’t use that footage. Tell you what; I’ll get you some more footage if you do me a favor.”

“Sure, what is it?” My hand found itself on her thigh, lightly kneading it.

“I got a little thing where do charity haircuts for kids for forty minutes downstairs in my shop; I gotta get down there in about forty minutes. You sweep up the hair.”

Renee roughly grabbed my thumb yanking my hand away. I favored my thumb as she got up intentionally giving me a view of her decadent cheeks.

“Okay, no problem Renee.” She snapped her fingers walking over to the living room entrance before looking over her shoulder at me. I watched as she slid those gym short styled pajama bottoms off.

“Come on, we got a few minutes.”

I almost ran behind Renee stupidly elated burying my face in her snatch as she sat on the edge of her bed. She reclined supporting her weight on one hand while palming my head. I made yenibosna escort a thorough meal out of her cunt paying exquisite detail to her clit in tandem with her slit, sinking my tongue inside her working her to feverish extremes. Renee slid off the bed turning her huge, heart shaped butt towards my face. I peppered her left cheek with kisses before outright licking a slimy trail up it making her whimper.

I didn’t waste any time parting her cheeks with both hands quickly burying my cock inside her snatch and pounding away at it making her butt jiggle. The sound of us bumping uglies filled her bedroom for all of five minutes before Renee straightened her back forcing me out of her honeypot. Before I could protest she turned around wrapping her arms around my neck with a knowing chuckle.

“Damn you gonna run up in me raw like that; trying to give my daughter a little sister, huh?”

“I’ll get a condom.”

“Fuck that noise; come take a shower with me cause we gotta hurry up and get downstairs.”

I knew there was no use arguing with her following her to the shower where we cleaned up which degenerated into a sloppy mess of soapy lather and frenzied groping until Renee was obliged to get two loads out of me with the hands and rear cleavage forgoing a third with a playful slap to my cheek.

“I wanna film that someday.” I mentioned casually, musing to myself as we dried off.

“Film what?”

“That thing we did in the shower; ass cheek fucking.”

“Funny you should say that.” Renee said quizzically leaving me alone in the bathroom to finish dressing.

There was a line waiting inside her salon with patrons that represented a wide spectrum of her business. Her business was a storefront affair but everything inside was modeled in a decidedly Art Deco esthetic with three stations on either side and two wall mounted flat screens for customer’s enjoyment while getting serviced. The floor proper had a checkered black and white design to the tile that was a bit hypnotic if you looked at it long enough.

Renee had a narrow table with three chairs right outside her window that looked purchased from an antique shop or flea market. This bit of furniture added to the boho atmosphere. There were two sisters sitting outside at the table waiting for their kids to get serviced. Renee even opened up the side fence leading to the back of her building so that errant kids could hang out back their until they were ready to be serviced.

Two of her employees had been pressed into service, this skinny sister name Yoli who had a weird face that reminded me of this stoned cat from a Calvin and Hobbes type comic drawn by Aaron McGruder back in the day. The chick just looked weird with that face over a slender, slightly athletic body. The other I’d already met, rather seen the night before when I was hooking up with Mintzy. Her name was Rashida Sikes and she scoffed when Renee introduced me as we walked inside the salon.

There was no way I could forget the sight of her overly large thighs as she sat on the couch in the living room. I remembered that Rashida was watching the homemade porn on my laptop. She probably thought I was a pervert and from the look of things in her eyes, that would be the correct assumption. I hate to admit it, but I felt some shame at my own assessment of her probable thoughts of me. She’d lingered outside Renee’s laundry room door as I engaged in casual sex with Mintzy.

Rashida was an anomaly in and of herself with a strange looking, bottom heavy figure. From the top of her head to her waist, Rashida was somewhat of a chunky, medium built black woman. Her face was narrow, moderately attractive and angry looking framed with wet looking, shoulder length hair similar to a Jheri curl. I couldn’t tell much about her chest because she was wearing a large, multi-colored dashiki with strong sections of red, orange, yellow and green that fit her upper half like a smock.

Her lower half, however, was covered in some tiny looking jean shorts that clung to her like a second skin. That lower half told the tale of her unique allure in that her legs were urban thick, shapely and abnormally huge. It was hard to keep my eyes off them as I swept the floor clean of hair while the women worked and gossiped.

“DON’T YOU COME OVER HERE!!” Rashida blurted out when I got too close to her workspace.

“I was just sweeping up the hair.”

“You can sweep it up over there away from me, boy!” Rashida snarled earning my silent ire. Some of the women gathered side eyed me because of her response making me doubly resentful.

“Why you tripping, girl?” Renee was braiding a little girl’s hair taking stock of our interaction. The girl’s short squat mother was sitting on a bench near Renee’s area also giving me the stink eye.

“Ain’t nobody tripping, but he ain’t gotta be over here trying to get a look! It’s not that kind of party and I don’t get down like that!!”

“Bullshit.” Renee commented.

“He might be your speed, but I don’t get down with simps!” Rashida zeytinburnu escort reiterated as I considered lobbing a few insults of my own.

“Maybe you should chill; we’re doing our thing here and I don’t need no Sunday morning drama, Rashida; or maybe I should call you Thunda, huh?” Renee raised an eyebrow.

“Oh you gonna put my business out there?”

“Ain’t nobody putting your business out there; we just doing our thing helping these kids out. He’s doing exactly what I told him to do but if you worried about somebody looking at your booty, maybe you should put on a pair of pants for once.” Some of the women and a few children laughed openly at the dig on Rashida’s clothing.

“What’s going on with you girls?” The girl’s mother asked. Renee stopped, covering the little girl’s ears.

“I got Mintzy laid with this nigga, last night.”

“Ew child; you for real, you serious?” The woman sounded like the gossiping hen she most definitely was.

“Mintzy was acting like she needed a release, so I hooked her up. She got, got in my laundry room and he ended up running her out of there, holding her butt.”

“Holding her butt?”

“Yeah, he busted her back real good.”

“Child, sister girl; I know you got that discount on the rent, ain’t that right?”

Uproarious laughter followed making me feel even more awkward with the assembled women’s eyes on me. A third found the explanation humorous while at least two women exited the shop in a huff. Rashida’s expression hadn’t changed.

“Uhm, excuse me Renee.” I took my broom going through the curtain to a back areas used for breaks and lunch. I took a seat right behind the door as the women continued gossiping and doing hair. I was embarrassed and angry at being called out by Rashida.

Since she’d called me out, I felt obliged to take a peek through the curtain at the butt she was trying to hide from view. Renee’s burn regarding her state of dress was well founded as I observed a humongous, positively monstrous Badonkadunk that could stop traffic. Rashida’s ass was bigger than my torso and them some with her cheeks hanging well below the bottom of her skin tight shorts. From my perspective, it looked like she was wearing a thong made of jean material instead of shorts. I wondered how she could walk around like that noticing the shiny nature of her legs, realizing that her legs had been rubbed down with oil of some sort.

I wondered about the name mentioned by Renee unable to control the natural reaction to this woman’s butt. She seemed to know I was looking, starting to peer backwards in my direction. I already had the curtain closed again, getting up and moving to the other side of the break room. This room was unfinished with chalky, light blue paint on the walls. There were somewhat rickety cabinets over a counter that held a coffee maker attached to a power strip with a few chargers connected. An old fifties style fridge completed the room as Rashida opened the curtain staring pointedly at me.

“You peeking at me, boy?”


“Now why don’t I believe you? I know you were looking, so you better keep your eyes to yourself unless you wanna throw hands. Keep your eyes off my ass or I’ll make sure you have one of them workplace accidents, nigga. Trust me, you don’t wanna get on my bad side, boy!”

“I’m not on your bad side, now?”

“You heard me, right?!!”

“How could I not, miss; everybody heard you, okay?” I hunched over sitting at the little table covering my eyes with my hands.

Rashida has succeeded in irritating me enough to not wanna look at her further. I heard the angry woman stomp out of the room wondering how she’d caught me looking. I fished out my phone once I was sure Rashida was gone, checking my messages. There were twenty or thirty from my cousin Jaquan that I was afraid to even open. His paranoia had gotten the better of him throughout the night.

“HEY, COME BACK OUT HERE!!” Renee yelled drawing my attention from the face of my phone before I could even open one message. I made sure to avert my eyes from Rashida as I entered the salon, even turning my back to her.

“Yes ma’am?”

“Hey man, you ain’t got to hide in the back because my girl yelled at you.” Renee was still holding court in her shop.

It seemed like a number of women were just hanging out there watching television and gossiping, but I noticed more than a few eyes on me from these middle aged women, the lot of them around my mother’s age or so making me anxious. I’d certainly been the subject of the day and it made my skin crawl under their gaze.

“I ain’t got nothing to say about that shit; we talked and I ain’t ever looking at her again.”

My retort drew an almost deafening number of catcalls and assorted peer commentary. Renee looked tickled to death with rosy cheeks. It was hard not to look at her symmetrical beauty.

“Okay whatever; I need you to go down to the corner store and pick up some sodas and a couple of two liters for the kids. I ordered a couple of pizzas mecidiyeköy escort for the kids playing in the back, we’re almost finished here.” She pushed some money in my hand, and I was on my way.

I didn’t look at Rashida once, but I could feel her eyes burrowing into me.

“Hey wait up!” The other stylist Yoli, caught up to me a few feet down the block. I was puzzled as she kept pace beside me catching her breath.

“You need something?”

“Yeah, a pack of squares.” She still looked weird in my eyes with a kind of yellow looking, jaundiced complexion which made her large pinkish lips stand out on her face. Out in the open I got more of a physical sense of her long and lean body which was accessorized with noticeably prominent hips.

“I could’ve picked that up for you.”

“It’s cool, you don’t want no company?”

“I don’t mind but I thought you guys considered me a raging creep or something?” She intermittently tapped away on her phone as we strolled down the street. It looked like she was playing some kind of game.

“Probably, but I ain’t like them old ladies back there; half of them wanna get the same kind of treatment you gave Mintzy. That’s why they just hanging out; you know they checking you out, right?”

“I don’t even want to think about that shit.” Yoli smiled at my answer, finding the humor in the situation. She had this stretched out, wide smile with deep dimples in her rubbery cheeks.

“So, what’s it like being a boy toy for Renee?”

“I ain’t no boy toy; she tell you that?”

“Not exactly, but she usually don’t have no guys hanging around the shop. Most of her jump offs usually walk in for a hot minute or wait out on the curb, like this guy she used to talk to a month ago. He had this really kick ass hummer with an awesome sound system. Man, he was hot and almost as pretty as she was. Guess she didn’t like the competition, so he had to go. So, are you telling me you ain’t fuck Renee?”

“Why don’t you ask her that?”

“Smart too.” Yoli was looking for gossip, but I wasn’t stupid enough to answer her questions or cross Renee Kelly.


“I know you fucked Mintzy; you like older women or something?” Yoli pressed on as I gave her the side eye.

“Hey, I gave her what she asked me for; what, you need something to talk about with your friends or something?” We came upon a corner bodega type of store, both stopping just short of the door as the thin girl took stock of me.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you mad; I was just making small talk and I felt bad because Rashida came at you wrong. She mad because her man dumped her after he found out what she was doing.” This piqued my curiosity.

“What was she doing?”

“Oh you don’t know she be camming, showing that giant ass of hers online? Yeah brother, she go by the name of Chi Town Thunda; girl gotta have a side hustle. Harold, that’s her man; he found out from one of his homies what she was doing and gave her the business on live stream in front of an audience of hundreds of horny guys.”

“Wow, that’s crazy.”

“She been on her man hate thing for a minute now; but was just wilding out this morning.” The explained behavior made things clearer as I held the door open for Yoli.

I found the inside of the convenience store somewhat cramped with more shelves of product than likely needed. It was rectangular in shape going as far back as the building it was housed inside. As was the norm, the front counter was elevated requiring you to look upward at the person ringing up your purchase. That counter was sectioned off with thick scratched up plexiglass with adjacent shelving packed tight withal manner of product from cold medicine to cheap bootleg DVD’s and Blue Rays. There was a surprise waiting behind the counter behind the counter in the form of Shirley Mintzy Lozano striking a decidedly different figure dressed differently this time.

Her hair was wrapped in a white bandana, her large bust and thick, block figure hidden behind a flowered, nondescript dress the same color as her bandana. It had the effect of making her deep olive hue stand out all the more. Time froze for a second as we exchanged knowing glances. Before I could greet her properly, Mintzy covertly put a finger to her lips. Yoli took it all in with a knowing grin as the stories she’d heard were confirmed. I walked back to the coolers gathering up sodas and the two liters Renee wanted.

“Damn man, you really put it on her, huh?” Yoli whispered following me back to the wall mounted coolers.

“Chill.” I recalled Renee’s caution about Mintzy’s shady background.

“Just saying, bruh.” I put two liters in Yoli’s hands getting some use out of her as we walked back up to the counter. My discretion was well founded as I found a kid sitting behind the clear entrance to the front counter on a stool.

It reminded me of the entrance to a teller line in a bank. This kid looked all of fourteen sharing Mintzy’s olive complexion with a mature haircut that belied his age. The guy was wearing a long sleeved sweater and skinny jeans, but of importance to me was the fact that he was strapped with a hand cannon in a shoulder holster. I found his predatory eyes bearing down on me through the scratched up plexiglass door. Yoli didn’t seem to notice or she’d seen the kid a number of times before making it happenstance. Mintzy rang me up bagging everything with a sly smile.

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